Charlottesville PD Find Zero Evidence to Support UVA Rape Claims

Jackie was uncooperative, will not face charges for making false statements.


Timothy Longo

Charlottseville Chief of Police Timothy Longo told reporters that a lengthy and comprehensive investigation of the sexual assault claims made in a groundbreaking Rolling Stone story last November yielded no evidence that could corroborate any aspect of Jackie's story.

The police have suspended the sexual assault investigation, but will not close it—leaving open the possibility that evidence could be brought forward at some point in the future. Longo displayed considerable sensitivity and declined to brand Jackie's charge a false accusation. Nevertheless, that's the undeniable conclusion one reaches after hearing everything the cops did to try to verify it.

Longo revealed that Jackie came to the police about a non-sexual act of violence that was perpetrated against her in the spring of 2014. (She claimed someone threw a bottle at her on the street, though even some of the details of that story were disputed by her roommate.) That was when she first mentioned her 2012 assault to police. According to Longo, the details of the 2012 assault were very different from the ones that ultimately appeared in Sabrina Rubin Erdely's story in November. Jackie ultimately declined to pursue either the 2012 or the 2014 matter with the police at that time.

After the Rolling Stone story broke several months later, the detectives who had spoken with Jackie previously in the spring attempted to reach her again. Jackie agreed to meet with the police but declined to give a statement or provide documents and was generally uncooperative. She stopped responding to police requests as of December 10, 2014.

The police did interview Erdely; she was cooperative, according to Longo.

Phi Kappa Psi, the accused fraternity, also cooperated. Police interviewed most of the members who lived at the house at the time of the alleged assault, and established conclusively that no party could have taken place on the night Jackie claimed.

Police also interviewed members of other fraternities and could turn up no evidence that "Haven Monahan," Jackie's alleged date, existed. Longo provided no additional thoughts on text messages allegedly sent by Monahan that are thought by many reporters (including this one) to actually have been sent by Jackie herself.

Several reporters at the press conference asked whether Jackie would be prosecuted for making false statements; she will not face charges, according to Longo.

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is also investigating the story; its report is due out in April. Hopefully, it will shed additional light on how this travesty of journalism came to be. But for now, we will have to make do with this: An exhausting (and likely expensive) police investigation concluded that there is no evidence the accusations as detailed in Rolling Stone are true.

Read my initial reporting about the UVA fiasco—among the first news stories to cast doubt on Jackie's assertions and Rolling Stone's reporting—here.

Edit: Fixed misspelling of Chief Longo's name.

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  1. Lungo displayed considerable sensitivity and declined to brand Jackie’s charge a false accusation.

    Hmm. Depends on how he did it, I guess.

    If he said “Well, there is no evidence whatsoever to support her accusation. Still, its the nature of “he said, she said” criminal complaints that you generally won’t find any evidence that the complainant knowingly and willfully falsified her accusation, so we really don’t have an evidentiary basis for bringing charges against her for filing a false report.”

    That would be OK.

    If what he said was all squishy PC muck, then not so much.

    1. If what he said was all squishy PC muck, then not so much.

      Unfortunatly though anything other than squishy PC muck would bring out the SJWs. I don’t know exactly what he said, but I wouldn’t blame him for going that route to keep the harpies at bay.

  2. Haven Monahan, free at last!

    She should be arrested and charged for making false statements. I wouldn’t go so far as some do, to say the penalty for a false charge of X should be the same as a charge of X, but I want some punishment for fabulists like this. They disrupt many lives, and it would give the SJWs pause before they use every false rape charge and fake hate crime as a club.

    1. I want some punishment for fabulists like this.

      How about for starters she pays for all of the taxpayers’ money wasted pursuing this nonsense?

      1. That would be a good start.

    2. She should be arrested and charged for making false statements.

      Why would false statements between non-governmental parties be subject to criminal charges? I don’t think I should face criminal charges for telling my now wife I’m 8.5 inches. Jackie never filed a criminal charge, or pursued a law enforcement angle in any way.

      She is responsible for quite a bit of disruption, along with Erdely, Rolling Stone, and UVA (especially Sullivan). If the fraternity and members suffered losses this seems best addressed via civil action.

      1. +this.

      2. Jackie never filed a criminal charge, or pursued a law enforcement angle in any way.

        FTFA: Jackie came to the police about a non-sexual act of violence that was perpetrated against her in the spring of 2014…That was when she first mentioned her 2012 assault to police.

        Imagine what the criticism would be if she was ignored then. That’s right, we don’t have to.

    3. I don’t think that would stop those affected from bringing civil litigation against her.

    4. it would give the SJWs pause

      No it wouldn’t. Nothing gives them pause. Ever.

  3. the college rape epidemic seems to be greatly comprised of things that are not rape and rapes that did not happen. I denounce myself.

    1. Look there’s rape out there, lots of it! And we’re damn sure going to find it even if we have to invent it!


      1. There are lots of Haven Monahans out there, we are sure of it !!!!!!11

        1. “The Haven Monahans”

          Now there’s a great band name.

      2. Maybe the rape is hiding in the deep ocean?

        1. Yes, it’s that! And we have to burn the deniers!

        2. That would imply lots of tentacles in the rape. what are you Japanese?

          1. Guillermo del Toro was saving those Kaijus for “Pacific Rim 2: The Quivering Member.”

            1. Are you sure it’s not pron parody: Pacific Rimjob?

              1. I think you meant “porn” but when I read “pron” I thought “prawn” and laughed out loud. Well done, either way.

    2. Oh, there are college rapes, but generally they’re not perpetrated by the white frat boys the SJWs want to target, so they tend to get little publicity.

      1. I’d be curious about the level of sexual harassment, to the point of “coercing” (for some values of coercing) sex from students, engaged in by faculty.

        If there’s any kind of sexual abuse epidemic on campus, I’d bet that’s where you would find it.

        1. I was reading a blog last (I wish I could find it again) about a teacher who said that most of the faculty-student relationships he/she was aware of were female teacher-male student?

          1. Here it is:


  4. I watched the thing (thanks to Steve G for posting link earlier)

    my take =

    Katie Couric is trying to get past all this “facts”-stuff and ask the more-important questions about “how can police make it easier for people to come forward and report sexual assaults”, which as we all know is the looming ‘silent problem’ . Basically, ‘lets not dwell on the fact that this ‘victim’ was completely full of shit. because girls don’t lie,’

    To her credit, she just asked a question about whether universities should be in the position to “investigate and adjudicate accusations of crimes”, and the cop was basically, ‘they’re not capable and it presents conflicts of interests….’

    wow = common sense. On TV no less.

    ah, now she’s bringing up the ‘black kid hit by ABC cops’. Implied Racism! Because context matters. Cops are yucky and they hate blacks *and* women.

    The cop is a political pro. He seems to have mastered the ‘repeat people’s question back at them in 6 different ways’-tactic that makes it sound like they’ve “listened’ even though they don’t actually answer any question.

    About the “False Claims” part – as noted, neither of them talked about that at all – after he said there was zero evidence, she immediately jumped to

    “its hard for people to come forward about sexual assualt = how do we fix that?”

    because obviously that was the reason for having this police officer on TV, not to put the nail in the coffin of Rolling Stone’s credibility

    1. its hard for people to come forward about sexual assualt

      “Katie, I really can’t say whether that’s true or not. Why do you believe that its hard for people to ask the police to deal with someone who has raped them?”

      1. Does Katie Couric have a masters in journalism from Columbia? Because we all know that is the factor that matters on whether you can question if someone lied about being raped.


    2. thanks to Steve G for posting link earlier

      Hey!! So this is what a hat-tip feels like!

  5. The police have suspended the sexual assault investigation, but will not close it?leaving open the possibility that evidence could be brought forward at some point in the future.

    How nice of the police. The police can open the investigation back up and make some guy’s life or guys’ lives hell based on a false accusation.

  6. If the intent behind making it a crime to file a false police report is to keep people from wasting the time and effort of police and prevent the misuse of the police to persecute the innocent for the filer’s personal reasons, how can you decline to press charges against this woman?!

    1. Simple answer. The police like to have their options open when it comes to ‘persecut[ing] the innocent accused.”

      /Nobody is innocent: Police One

    2. Because it will deter rape victims from coming forward, you sexist!


    3. Because apparently she never filed charges with the police. It was all media all the time.

      1. Ah. Makes more sense. What doesn’t make sense is why, sans police report and complaining witness, the police wasted God knows how much time and money on this garbage.

        1. I dunno why the cops didn’t say, right out of the gate, “We’re here to investigate crimes. If the alleged victim wants to file a criminal complaint, we’ll investigate it, but without a criminal complaint, we got nothin’.”

      2. If she never filed charges with the police, that makes it doubly ridiculous that the police are leaving the case open.

  7. The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is also investigating the story; its report is due out in April

    Well, thank goodness for that. Finally we can get some Qualified Journalists to weigh in.

    1. i’m investigating yr story, dragging my mattress around

      1. That really needs a lolcat image. Get on it.

        1. Are we really sure we should be encouraging SF to start adding imagery to his, um oeuvres? My imagination is bad enough.

          1. I already imagined SF dragging a mattress around. If I think too hard about it, though, I see stains on the mattress, and my mind goes to dark places…

            Dark horrifying places with low ceilings and cobwebs and things scurrying in the corner. Over there, lies a timesuit, and Nancy Pelosi’s leathery…

            gahhhhh!!!!!! *screaming into unconsciousness*

        2. That really needs a lolcat image.

          “I can haz fake owtraje?”

  8. Undaunted, on Twitter feminists like Jessica Valenti and the Jezebel crowd are holding out hope that somehow a young woman was brutally gang raped. Wonderful people, those lot.

    1. You are a braver man than me. Those folks are bad enough when they get RT’d into my timeline, I can’t imagine tracking them down myself.

    2. Or that some young guys life is ruined by false accusations.

    3. Wait, really?


      Valenti: Police Chief: The UVA findings “doesn’t mean that something terrible didn’t happen to Jackie in 2012.”

      Idiot feminist: A lot of focus went to the date of the party, yet there is an easy & innocent explanation: simply forgetting the exact date.

      1. Prove that nothing awful and patriarchical ever happend to her, I dare you!

      2. Jessica Valenti’s twitter feed is a continuous stream of idiocy:

        “Also, older people snarking on students just serves as a reminder that WE DID NOT FIX THIS SHIT. So let the young people do their thing”

        Translation: Never criticize young people even when they deserve it.

        A retweet: “For all this talk about overly coddled college campuses blah blah blah, I have YET to visit or teach at one.”

        Translation: Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe whatever I tell you.

        “Didn’t it seem to anyone else that while Durst [SPOILERS] was making this ‘confesssion’ he was perhaps, er…jerking it? JUST SAYING”

        Deep thoughts from Jessica Valenti.

        “Companies run by women perform better http://qz.com/361602 via @qz”

        Translation: It’s not sexism when women do it.

  9. If there is no basis to her charges, she needs to be punished for making a false police report. I know there is no way in hell she will be, but the fact of the matter is, potentially ruining someone’s life for some attention is horrible and sociopathic.

    1. The important thing is whether she ever filed a report before she was questioned. IIR from the article, her friends talked her out of doing so. If she didn’t make a police report before she was questioned, she’s just exercising her 5A right bot to give testimony against herself.

      1. Testifying about a crime she claims to have been the victim of is not “testimony against herself”. The 5th amendment doesn’t protect her there. The 1st might, though.

    2. She won’t be because the feminists will scream bloody murder and claim that any woman making an accusation that doesn’t lead to conviction will be charged. But in a truly just world she’d be working a minimum wage job to make restitution and spending non-work time in jail for a year.

  10. False claims of rape and sexism, false claims of racism with the “whites only” stickers… I realize it’s not going to happen, but I’d love to see more cult of victimhood members take their schtick to somewhere else where real oppression of that nature occurs rather than bogus attempts to “raise awareness” in the industrialized first world civilization they just love to hate.

  11. Of course she won’t face any legal consequences for upending the lives of so many people without cause. True feminism has been achieved.

    1. Men are second class citizens who should look at being falsely accused of rape as an opportunity to explore the feelings and trauma of rape victims and examine their male privilege.

      1. This is what SJW’s actually believe!

    2. I htink she bears responsibility here, but I’m not sure how much of it. How much of the life-upending was caused by Jackie or people who were obligated to investigate her claims (the police), and how much of it was caused by people who rushed to judgment and took ill-conceived actions that they were NOT obligated to take? I think the parties that did the most damage here chose to do so.

      1. I would suggest, however, that the outside parties’ actions and the consequences of them were entirely foreseeable. You make a rape accusation to police and the public, you’re going to get the reaction she got. Especially in the current climate, which she (among others) seemed to be taking advantage of.

  12. Charlottseville Chief of Police Timothy Longo is clearly a Rape Denier!

  13. I couldn’t watch the presser, did Longo say what was different (everything?) from Jackie’s initial story to the CPD in spring 2014 and the story that eventually appeared in RS? That seems relevant.

  14. It’s obvious to anyone with a vagina or a neutered penis that this police department is a weapon of the patriarchy.

    1. You know what else is a weapon of the patriarchy?

      1. Hitl… wait a minute, are we doing this right?

      2. My dong?

        1. Ever since I got married, not so much. Its just my wife’s tool now.

      3. The back of my pimp hand?

      4. The Male Gaze?

      5. gold plated privilege access cards?

      6. Emperor Wang’s Sex Robots?

  15. “The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is also investigating the story; its report is due out in April. Hopefully, it will shed additional light on how this travesty of journalism came to be”

    How hard is it to figure out that Rolling Stone isnt a credible news source?

    1. Hopefully, it will shed additional light on how this travesty of journalism came to be

      Isn’t it already obvious?

      1. Is it that Robby didn’t go to Columbia Journalism School for 10 months, which apparently makes you an expert in journalisming? Because that’s what I think the problem is.

    2. How hard is it to figure out that Jon Stewart is not a serious source of political news?

    1. Not sure how you can “rape” or commit violence against a corpse since it is without human agency. Maybe Warty has done some, uh, in-depth, research on this?

      1. Hmmm, perhaps NWA was encouraging police rape all along!!

    2. We’re going to fuck a whore? Well, that the hell else do you do with a whore?

      This entire thing is getting beyond absurd. When these schools no longer have paying customers, they’ll wonder why, they’ll never figure it out on their own. But I’m sure Obama will want to bail them out with tax payer money.

      1. “We’re going to fuck a whore? Well, that the hell else do you do with a whore?”

        Rhymes with “honey”

      2. Well, that the hell else do you do with a whore?

        If you’re a Secret Service agent, don’t pay her.

        1. +1 How to make a Hor-mone

    3. It’s amazing how hard SJWs have to struggle to find examples of the horrible things they tell us are endemic and everywhere.

      1. +10 Hours of a chick walking around trolling for catcalls

      2. It’s the same way with all “reform” movements. At first they have legitimate gripes, but as they win battles and get what they want they have to look harder and harder for things to be outraged about. And the leaders always need to be “moving things forward”: they won’t stay leaders if they say: “OK, we won, we can all get back to our regular lives now.”

        1. When your self-identity revolves around being aggrieved, you can never be “done.” x10 when this is how you pay your rent.

          1. Exactly. The last person who wants racial justice is Al Sharpton.

            1. The last person who wants racial justice equality is Al Sharpton.

    4. That chant looks like a cautionary tale, the conclusion of which is “never f___ a whore.”

      They sound like a bunch of SoCons.

      1. Really, Mr. Prostitution Destroys the Sacred Bond of Marriage?

        Eddy, you’ve descended into the abyss of self-parody.

      2. A moral lesson by means of getting the clap doesn’t have enough self-flagellation over our inherent role in oppressing the WOMYNZ.

      3. Never fuck a whore contribute to sexual trafficking

      4. That’s not even all that rough a rugby song…

        Anyone know “The S&M Man?” (sung to Sammy Davis Jr. “The Candy Man”)

        1. I *love* that song! And I honestly can’t remember any of the songs we sang on the field, at the clubhouse, or anywhere else we gathered, that were any more polite than the lyrics posted. Hell, we once scared all the (little girl) cheerleaders and their moms out of a restaurant in Huntsville with our crudeness. It was fun!

      5. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

    5. Das Privileg der Anderen

    6. Hmmm. I am guessing that they would have had much more to be outraged about, hearing my old club in about…Fall of 1991 … singing the Ballad of Jeffrey Dahmer.

  16. The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is also investigating the story;

    That seems hilarious. I had no idea that they viewed “investigating others’ journalism” as part of their charter.

    Besides, I thought one of their trained agents already weighed in on this?

  17. Congratulations on yet further vindication, Mr. Soave!

  18. Now, yet the yummy, delicious lawsuits against Rolling Stone and UVA begin.

    1. Seconded. I would vastly rather see these parties held accountable for their actions in this.

  19. Anybody heard from Sabrina Rubin Erdely recently? She seems to have gone into the witness protection program. I’ve seen some (non-pro journalist, web-only) attacks on some of her earlier “OMG rape culture” reporting, but nothing in the MSM. I wonder if the Columbia people will be looking at those as well.

    Fun fact: Erdely was a school buddy of Stephen Glass.

    1. IIRC she actually worked for Stephen Glass.

  20. “yielded no evidence that could corroborate any aspect of Jackie’s story”

    Rape Culture! Rape Culture!

    1. You have exceeded your blog-pimping limit for the day.

      1. They were good posts and on-topic.

  21. Are there any other Reasonites in Charlottesville?

    1. I used to live 30 minutes north in Madison. I seem to remember a few commenters around here saying they were from Green or Albemarle.

      1. Yeah I remember someone said they were from Nelson County also.

        I live in Charlottesville and work over in the valley.

        Where did you escape to?

        1. Lucky bastard. That’s one of the prettiest parts of the whole country, IMO.

          1. I really like it here — except for the limousine liberals in Albemarle County, it is a great area to live in. ;p

            I want to buy a farm in Nelson County.

    2. Ron Bailey lives in Albermarle county. I think.

      I visit down there regularly. My dad lives outside the city.

    3. I would move up from Richmond if I had the chance, but it’s a limited job market over there. Loved living in Cville back in college though.

      1. I constantly find great jobs in Richmond but I can’t bring myself to commute that far or move out of this area.

  22. “Longo displayed considerable sensitivity and declined to brand Jackie’s charge a false accusation.”

    Why is someone found lying not called a liar?

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