Brickbat: Here's a Finger for You


Credit: TheChanel / photo on flickr

Officials with Stratton Meadows Elementary School in Colorado suspended Elijah Thurston, 6, for one day after he pointed his finger at another student and said "You're dead." An administrator also spoke to him to make sure he knows what "dead" means and the difference between fantasy and reality.

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  1. He’s six? I’d be more impressed if he did know the difference between fantasy and reality.

    1. I’d be impressed if school officials did.

      1. WINNER!!

  2. Elijah Thurston?

    He is history’s GREATEST MONSTER!

  3. When I was 6 we were playing with cap guns at school. Maybe that’s why I ended up reading H&R

    1. When I was 6 were playing a game we called “Neat Falls”. You took turns running, “getting shot” by your buddies, and doing a neat fall as you “died”. Maybe that’s why I ended up reading H&R.

      1. Neat Falls, where the whiskey cascades down pristine granite cliffs amidst a foggy canopy of oak and maple.

  4. Fictional Lives Matter

    1. Lets see what good a hash tag does when the judges come rollin’ in on the block.

  5. Teachers and cops?used to be so respected and held up as solid pillars of our society.

    But now, both have become loathsome faces of evil, not to be trusted and best avoided if you can.

    1. My grand father always told me not to trust cops.Then again,he bootlegged whiskey in the 20’s and 30’s.

  6. “Your career is really dead, Elijah. You understand that, right?”

  7. well at least they didn’t make him sign a form promising not to murder anyone.

    1. WHY oh why won’t we teach our kids not to murder?

  8. Charles-

    That was a very well-written summary. Putting in the bit about “An administrator also spoke to him to make sure he knows what “dead” means and the difference between fantasy and reality.” was perfect. Leaving the irony unstated but painfully obvious was just the right touch to underscore the level of cluelessness involved.

    Well done.

    1. I appreciated Mr. Oliver’s cleverness as well.

      Well done.

  9. I don’t even recognize this country anymore. Its not the country I grew up in some 50+ years ago, and very little about it resembles that country that still held onto the freedoms that we were provided for under the Constitution. Oh I know, things weren’t perfect, and there was a lot of turmoil but we had ways of working through things back then that have now evaporated from reality. I don’t envy children growing up in this day and age, worse yet, I wonder what their children and grandchildren will face, 50+ years from now, and I don’t get a good feeling about it at all.

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