Scott Walker

Matt Welch to Talk About Scott Walker Firing Liz Mair Tonight on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes

Can the GOP tolerate well-respected campaign consultants who have mildly libertarian views and have said impolitic things about Iowa?


At 8 p.m. ET, I will appear on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes to discuss the fabricated GOP nontroversy of the day, and what that says about the campaign of Scott Walker for president.

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  1. Good week for the 90’s retreads.

    First Fred Durst getting busted for murder and now Liz Phair getting canned by Walker.

    1. If Fred Durst murdered somebody, it would be the coolest thing he ever did outside of the Playboy mansion.

    2. I haven’t been this excited since Lance Armstrong biked on the moon.

  2. Yet another reason to dislike Scott Walker.

    He lost me awhile back when he proclaimed he wanted to drug test welfare recipients. Sure, I understand the knee-jerk reaction whenever this topic is broached. Why should I have to piss into a cup for my paycheck when some welfare queen doesn’t? But the approach should be to test LESS people, not MORE.

    I appreciate how he stood up to the unions, but he has too many negatives qualities to seriously consider as a candidate.

    1. Since welfare recipients are recipients of public monies, and representatives are paid with public monies, I have no problem drug testing public officials and representatives.

    2. I think that’s a very minor issue. Overall, he looks like the best hope to prevent another 4-8 years of a Democrat in the White House. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, unless you really like Obamacare and whoever Hillary would appoint to the Supreme Court.

  3. I don’t see how you can keep somebody on your campaign staff after she badmouths Iowa.

    Your opponents are going to use that against you.

    Why wouldn’t they?

    The motive of the people who brought it to light is beside the point.

    And we don’t pretend the facts are something else just because we don’t like their implications. That’s part of what makes us libertarian. And if you don’t want to get fired for dissing Iowa voters that are incredibly important to your boss’ campaign, there’s an easy way to avoid that.

    1. If Iowa had any relation to the eventual Republican nominee it might be defensible. Winning Iowa virtually assures you will not be nominated.

  4. I’m sure Chris Hayes will get the libertarian take on Walker.

  5. Who hasn’t wanted to tell Iowa to eat a bowl of dicks? But for a campaign adviser to do it publicly is pretty idiotic.

    1. “Who hasn’t wanted to tell Iowa to eat a bowl of dicks?”

      Slipknot fans?

      Are they still around?

  6. She’s pretty hot.

    1. What, no pics?

        1. uh.

          looks like a dude in a wig. not that there’s anything wrong with that! Not my type.

          1. She’s a card-carrying cosmotarian to boot!

            1. I think i could probably out-cosmo her in a dual. I lived in williamburg. I’m probably half-hipster, but in denial about it.

        2. She looks pretty when she smiles

  7. a simple question that should be raised anytime anyone goes in public to talk about policy

    – why can’t we repeal the ethanol mandate?

    Everyone agrees it sucks. Its amazing how many people on different sides of the political spectrum will suddenly live in the same reality and agree on every fact = its shitty for the environment, its a shitty energy source, its economically destructive and harmful across the board, from distorting land prices to food costs to damaging small-engines and on and on and on.

    but! it benefits a small number of people in a key state.

    So = impossible to change.

    Dwell on this for a moment, and then think about the size of ‘real problems’ in our economy. And realize what useless cunts politicians are. That’s really the only conclusion to all the different issues = everything is bullshit, and politicians… all they do? is jockey for the opportunity to create *new* boondoggles like this…. because undoing the old ones? UNPOSSIBLE.

  8. I think Mair’s problem was less about Iowa and more about her full-throated support for amnesty, which greatly ticks off the Tea Party wing of the GOP. (Sorry, I don’t think open borders is a “mildly libertarian” position. I think it’s an inherent internal contradiction and suicide for libertarians.)

    1. She’s a consultant, not the running mate.

    2. “I think Mair’s problem was less about Iowa and more about her full-throated support for amnesty, which greatly ticks off the Tea Party wing “

      Maybe so.

      But i think we should be honest that terms like “amnesty” and “open borders” are pure, meaningless bullshit by people who don’t actually want to talk about policy and just want to demonize any proposal that isn’t some hysterical shrieking about “SEKURE THE BORDER!!” and sending the national guard to go patrol the Rio Grande while most illegals continue to simply overstay visas, etc.

      1. I think you are quibbling about terminology, but OK, then change that to her “full-throated support for the last failed ‘comprehensive’ immigration bill, which many Tea Party people saw as a sell-out to the ‘more immigration is always better’ advocates.”

  9. How come Welch doesn’t get a laptop, too? DISADVANTAGE.

  10. Voters aren’t going to care whether Scott Walker fired this woman. That’s the bottom line. On the other hand, journalists would rake him over the coals if he didn’t.

    1. Good point. I think the decision made sense for him.

      1. lap83, It’s just a fact that politicians can’t operate a campaign if their staff can’t stay on message. The trouble here is not that he’s firing staff who aren’t en point, but the message itself. In my opinion, the neocons are right that a bit of political and moral flexibility is necessary to win, but this 180 is just too transparent.

    1. What tie was he wearing?

      1. Attire Review: Surrogate Barely Paying Attention Edition

        Grey suit. White shirt (non-button down collar, I believe) and solid red tie. Poindexter glasses. Or maybe that was Hayes. An altogether acceptable if bland affair. If he was even wearing pants is anyone’s guess.

        Valar dohaeris.

        1. Charcoal grey or light grey? Gods man, you might as well have said “he wasn’t naked”

          I assume the former. I’d expect the red tie to be required as an MSNBC guest since they only understand politics as Team-Color-Coding anyway.


          1. G’nite.

  11. I couldn’t watch this shit because I had some fucking shit to ride but, Matt Welch, I hope you did Not act like a bitch with these Cretinous cancerous dismaying turds… I just fucking hope your motherfuckin g ass Matt Welch ass kicked some into great worlds…

    peace out, Matt Welch… rollin real, nigga

    1. He does what a lot of libertarians do: He’s advocating a principled position which reasonable people can support, even if they don’t agree otherwise, and he doesn’t insist on undermining himself buy launching into irrelevant tirades. He did a good job.

  12. As kind of an aide on Breitbart, I was really disappointed to see, instead of becoming a rally against big government, become a mean-spirited arm of the republican establishment. His friends want to use him as a puppet without having the respect or the imagination to see how little their caricature resembles him.

    1. For the record, I have no idea what word I intended to type, but in no sense was I an aide to Britbart.

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