Reason Nominated for Four Maggie Awards

Western Publishing Association gives nods for best magazine, cover, video channel, and long-form video


Remember when the Huffington Post called this sexist for about a half-hour? Good times. |||

I'm happy to announce that the journalism juggernaut you are currently consuming has been nominated for four annual awards by the Western Publishing Association, which covers magazines and weekly newspapers and websites headquartered west of the Rocky Mountains. And the nominations for excellence in the production of journalism are:

* Best (Consumer) Magazine, Politics & Social Issues. For the October special on Millennials. The hated competition? Mother Jones, Sierra, Ms., and Pacific Standard. This is our seventh consecutive nomination in this category.

* Best (Consumer) Cover, Under 75,000 Circulation. For the "Video Game Nation" issue, pictured.

* Best (Trade or Consumer) Video Channel. That would be your Reason TV, also available at YouTube.

* Best (Trade or Consumer) Use of Video in Editorial Long Form. For Zach Weissmueller's chilling "Police Shoot, Kill 80-Year-Old Man In His Own Bed, Don't Find the Drugs They Were Looking For," which you can watch below:

Over the past seven years, Reason has been nominated for 54 Maggie Awards, winning 5 (last year we were nominated for a record-tying 12 and won two). Such industry recognition is only possible due to your support of the Reason Foundation, the 501(c)3 nonprofit that publishes all of our journalism here. So thank you!

You could, if feeling celebratory, donate more (including in Bitcoin!) at this link, or merely go on a shopping bender at some of our affiliated stores. To obtain a more direct journalistic high, you can subscribe to either our digital or print editions for a mere $15 a year. BUT IF YOU CALL RIGHT NOW you can get both editions for a discounted $25.

As a matter of fact, the digital edition (which current print subscribers can obtain for a mere $10 upgrade), is brand spanking new, and includes all kinds of cool features. Such as:

  • Early full access to the new issue of the print magazine—days before the print magazine is mailed to print subscribers and weeks before the content is published online for nonsubscribers.
  • Instant access to the newest print edition articles in a variety of mobile and desktop-friendly formats, including regular text web pages at, your choice of two interactive "flip style" digital readers, and downloadable PDF files for reading in the applications of your choice online or offline.
  • Instant access to all Reason archives going back to 1968 in interactive reader and PDF formats. 

Let me repeat that last item for the hearing impaired: ALL ARCHIVES DATING BACK TO '68, PEOPLE. You know what to do.

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  1. Congrats. If all you had was Jacob Sullum, Reason would still have the best writing staff of any political magazine.

  2. Nice work.

    You guys are the shit (I mean that in a good way).

    Instant access to all Reason archives going back to 1968 in interactive reader and PDF formats.

    Does your search tool work better than the one on this site?

  3. Wait, the year that gave us 2001: A Space Odyssey and Planet of the Apes also gave us Reason Magazine?

  4. It’s only because we have the best comments here.

    1. We all do our part.


        /not really

        1. Complaining is futile, else we’d have an edit feature.

          1. Maybe if we called it a “shame button” or a “second chance button”.

            1. While I strongly favor an edit button, I’d prefer some indication that the original had been edited. Maybe provide access to the original…

              Imagine Tulpa or Assplug with the ability to change what they wrote.

              1. I’m loathe to praise them for anything, but Vox/SB Nation does this well (on top of having the best overall commenting system I’ve seen on the net). Once you post, you have 90 seconds to edit. Plenty of time to fix silly errors, not enough time for Tulpa/PB/etc. to cover up their own idiocy.

                1. Where is my damn Z key and live updating?

                  And I want to embed GIFs!

  5. This is going to make the progs even more frightened. Can they sue us for triggering them and making them feel unsafe and afraid?

  6. Remind me again why I donate to you guys?

    No! Wait! Don’t….more likely I’ll keep giving, out of inertia if nothing else…

  7. What’s a magpie award?

    1. It’s for when you bake the best magpie.

  8. Woulda been better had you left the middle finger.

  9. As a matter of fact, the digital edition (which current print subscribers can obtain for a mere $10 upgrade)

    Shouldn’t the digital edition cost less? Somebody might want to check the books, I have a feeling Matt is building quite the slush fund.

  10. I tried to subscribe, but when I clicked the “subscribe” link above, then filled in my acct number and email address, then clicked “Renew or gift”, I got teh 404!

    I run noscript, but everything was enabled, even the dreaed taboola, except facebook and twitter.

    I guess my $10 just isn’t good enough. *sniff*

  11. Y’all would probably win real awards, but you’re so infested with Republicanitis that you never will.


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