Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Excuses For Her Use of a Personal Email Account While At State Are Falling Apart

She claimed she sent her emails to government email accounts that were auto-archived. They weren't.



In attempting to explain her decision to rely exclusively on a privately run personal email account to conduct all of her business while serving as Secretary of State, Clinton said earlier this week that one of the reasons she didn't think it was a big deal was that she always emailed other State Department staffers at their government email addresses.

"The vast majority of my work emails went to government employees at their government addresses," Clinton said at a press conference on Tuesday, "which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system at the State Department."

There's no doubt that she meant to say this, because she repeated the line almost verbatim several times throughout the interview. 

But there's a big problem with this excuse: According to a government spokesperson today, the State Department didn't start automatically capturing and preserving emails to most of its employee addresses until last month. The Associated Press reports:

The State Department said Friday it was unable to automatically archive the emails of most of its senior officials until last month, which could mean potential problems for historical record-keeping amid criticism of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's use of a private email server while in office.

On the same day the department announced that it was temporarily shutting down parts of its unclassified Internet-linked systems, including email, to harden security in the wake of several hacking attacks, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that only Secretary of State John Kerry's emails had been automatically retained before February of this year. Kerry's emails have been automatically stored since he took the job in February 2013, she said.

…Psaki stressed that the department's inability to automatically archive emails does not mean the documents are no longer available to be produced for the public record in response to congressional demands or Freedom of Information Act requests. There are numerous other ways that documents, including emails, can be retained, although all require separate action on the part of employees.

So, to recap:

  • Clinton said she used one email account so that she could carry just one phone for "convenience," but just two weeks ago she said she now carries two phones. 
  • She said that she didn't send any classified information over her personal account during the years she spent at State, which experts are skeptical about.
  • She dodged a question about why on State Department ambassador was fired in part for using his personal email account by telling a reporter to read the Inspector General's report. In fact, the report specifically mentions the fired employee's "nonuse of commercial email for official government business."
  • She won't let any independent examiner look at the server that stored her email, in part because of Bill Clinton's communications, which is interesting given that Bill Clinton reportedly doesn't use email.
  • And she said she sent emails to government accounts that would be auto-archived, but which apparently weren't.

Clinton had months to come up with a response to this issue, and yet this is apparently the best she can do. Like I said yesterday, it's no wonder Democrats are nervous. 

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  1. Next up: Did Hillary sign a separation statement swearing she turned over all government info before leaving State.

    If not, why not, since its required of everyone.

    If so, where’s the perjury charge since we know she lied because she turned over those 55K pages of admitted government emails months and months after she left State.

    1. I believe “FYTW” is going to come into play in 3…2…1…

      1. You know that would have been the best answer she could have given. Fuck, I’d be sort of impressed with that amount of honesty. And it isn’t like it would change anyone’s vote.

        “Yeah, I fucking used an outside server, so fucking what? What are you needle dicks gonna do about it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You fucking pussies in the Congress and the press are even worse than the gutless retards in the administration who tried to tell me what I ‘had’ to do.”

        She might even pick up a few votes. I mean why not vote for the out and out Tyrant?

        1. she should have said the above, dropped the mic and walked off the stage – with a little gangsta hand gesture for good measure.

          1. Hmm. I almost want that version of Hillary to be president.

            1. almost

          2. She could have pulled an Eminem-at-the-end-of-8-mile thing and I would actually have some respect for her.

            “Fuck the beat I’ll go acapella
            Fuck y’all if you doubt me
            I’m a piece of fucking white trash and I say it proudly”

        2. Stop that, Jimbo, just stop that. Part of her appeal is the domme thing. That’s one of the many undercurrents of the election.

          1. See! (Referencing Zeb and Beach Dude, above)

          2. You think you’re kidding, but look up instagram.com/bottomforhillary

            1. You just made the list, pal!

              1. I just sent a screenshot of that to Jesse too.

      2. Another ‘What difference ? at this point, what difference does it make?’

    2. Psaki was asked about this recently ( whether Hillary signed a Form OF-109) and she uh……….said she would have to get more information.

      (meaning, no, she didn’t).

      I’m beginning to think the D’s are going to get Chief Lieawatha to start warming up in the bullpen. That’s all they have left right?

      Maybe they go with Biden too. Biden debating Warren, doesn’t that just sound delightful?

      1. They have to know Warren does them more good being a scold in the Senate where she can pick and choose her moments to speak. She’d get demolished on the politics of business in any debate with a kid that’s ever run a lemonade stand or car wash. There’s no way in hell they can really want her to run for president and get to the general election. They know their ideas are stale as fuck and wildly unpopular.

        Hell, on her union-fellating alone, any competent GOPer will destroy her on legacy costs from pubsec unions. And they’ll destroy her on “the marketplace of ideas and free will” when it comes to RTW vs forced union membership in the private sector. Other than that, she’s just gonna run on stealing from other people? No fucking way it works.

        1. I can’t imagine the GOP will run a *competent* candidate.

          1. JEB! JEB! JEB! JEB! JEB!

            1. Yeah, that’s the problem.

        2. Warren’s other hobbyhorse has become student loans. She’s gotten a lot of mileage out of some things I actually agree with–allowing them to be discharged in bankruptcy, penalizing the schools as well when it happens, and even allowing refinancing at lower rates–but when asked about the core issue, which is how to control rising tuition rates, she completely avoids the issue.

          Those things will help, but until someone actually confronts the exponentially increasing cost of tuition they’re ultimately just band-aids, and it’s telling that Warren doesn’t even want to come close to tackling it.

          1. when asked about the core issue, which is how to control rising tuition rates, she completely avoids the issue.,/i

            Oh, c’mon. Her answer to that is the same as the proggie answer to health care costs: Nationalize the system. What possible downside could there be to making federally-owned and -funded colleges your only option for higher education?

            1. Oops. italics off.

      2. “Biden debating Warren, doesn’t that just sound delightful?”

        Will he be groping her while they debate?

        1. Eeeeeewwww!

      3. “Biden debating Warren,….”

        You mean an actual, honest to god, no shit retard fight?

        I’m in.

        *checks on popcorn stock*

        1. They can carpool to the debate in a short bus.

      4. Maybe they go with Biden too. Biden debating Warren, doesn’t that just sound delightful?

        if by ‘delightful’ you mean comparable to using a 3/4 inch drill bit to add another hole to my skull – then yes.

      5. I thought Julian Castro was the next up-and-commer in the DNC ranks.

    3. I will laugh a lot if she goes to prison. I doubt she will, but that would be awesome.

      1. She knows where too many skeletons are buried to ever to go to jail. Best case scenario is one of those “I’m gonna spend more time with my family” retirement speeches.

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  2. Who cares. Everybody knows she’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Her supporters don’t care and her detractors don’t either. It’s all principals over principles from here until we circle the drain as a nation.

    The GOPers were silent when Bush and Cheney lost all of those RNC/WH emails. And the Donks openly admitted they were ready to defend her but were waiting on talking points from her advisers. Its apparent neither care about openness and decency anymore. Fuck ’em all.

  3. This is fucking simple. Subpoena the system administrator and ask him (her or THEM) what their security practices were to insure state department emails didn’t end up in the wrong hands. Ask them what their data retention policies were, their audit tracks on who accessed what and when?

    What’s that? You can’t do that because it’s a third party corporate service with data centers scattered all over the world?

    Oh NOW I see why this is a scandal.

    1. Why do you have a problem with third party corporate services scattered all over the world?

  4. She’s not going to be president. The Stupid Party is going to nominate either Jeb, Rubio, Walker or Rand.

    All 4 of them are clean enough and sane enough to not squander this in a general election.

    1. Not sure if serious.

    2. Jeb isn’t. His email policy alone is enough to make this a non-issue (unless Hillary gets indicted). And the GOPers hate his stance on immigration and hope to sell that protectionist message to blue-collar fence-riders that have lost their jobs or seen reduced wages in the last 6+ years.

      1. Doesn’t Jeb have a wife problem?

        1. Doesn’t Jeb have a wife problem?

          Fraudulent customs declaration from her Paris shopping spree, oops. That will play well, right. And it will, big time. “That’s how the one percenters live and skate by for stuff that will put the rest of us in jail.”


          1. Bush said his wife did not declare all of the merchandise because she did not want him to find out how much money she had spent in Paris.

            That’s why Bill didn’t tell Hildebeast about Monica as well. Columba paid her fine at least.

        2. Doesn’t Jeb have a wife problem?

          Any man with a wife has a wife problem.

      2. Fair point about Jeb, who I don’t think is gettin the nomination anyway.

        So that leaves Rubio, who is something of an idiot but more polished and able now than he was 3 years ago, Walker, who had his closet emptied during the recall with nothing damaging revealed, and Rand, who has outstanding crossover appeal and the excitement of new ideas.

        I’d say this puts the GOP in a pretty solid position.

        1. Walker, who had his closet emptied during the recall with nothing damaging revealed, and Rand, who has outstanding crossover appeal and the excitement of new ideas.

          I admit I’m cynical, but it seems there’s plenty of evidence that the libertarian-leaning anything scares the progressives (Democrats) far more than the republican does. As we discussed in a previous thread, what increase in government does the libertarian have to offer the democrat in negotiation?

          1. Oh no doubt Rand scares the shit out of them, as he should.

            They can scream “Racist!” til they’re blue in the face, that’s not going to ward off independents when he points to his bipatisan efforts on medical marijuana, setencing reform, and sexual assault in the military as proof of his honest, good faith efforts to unite America on issues of injustice.

          2. If you were in his position, what increase in gov’t would you offer Dems in negotiation?

            1. An increase in vacation time for bureacrats?

          3. Unfortunately the only folks more afraid of libertarians than progressives are those in the
            Republican conservative base.

      3. Jeb won’t make it through the primary. Rubio and Christy are doubtful through the primary as well. Too blue state. They’re positions on immigration and common core will ruin them all.

        It’s either Walker – if he doesn’t blow himself up or Paul. Probably Walker.

        1. Also, If Paul get’s the nomination he should choose a governor as a VP. Nikki Haley or Jindal. Their both brown and Haley’s obviously brown and a woman. (Both would be decent VP’s as well.)

          1. Haley has more cojones and is way more telegenic than Jindal. Just sayin’

            1. Haley is a vastly better VP candidate than Jindal.

            2. I like both enough. I like what Jindal did with the public schools in NO. He’s solid on charters and education. Haley seems smart and quick on her feet.

    3. Clean and sane are not particularly electoral virtues.

      1. See RomBot 2.0, the most whitebread candidate in recent history.

    4. If they nominate Jeb, Hillary might as well start decorating the East Wing to her tastes.

      1. This might be true. I know if the choice is between Bush or Clinton (even typing that makes me throw-up a bit) I’ll stay home and won’t vote for either.

        I’d bet turn out would be awful. Who the fuck turns up to vote for those horrible human beings?

        1. You have some weird ballot with only two choices?

  5. You know, we kind of deserve this shit with people like Hillary. I mean, look at what we look for in qualifications to put someone in the highest offices of the land. What’s that? You were a low-level community organizer? Make him leader of the free world! What’s that? You wrote a paper on school uniforms in college? Let’s put you in charge of our nation’s foreign policy and military ventures!

    1. Meh. We’ve put people in that have little to no private sector experience before. I don’t begrudge Obama being a community organizer at all. I do blame the Donks for playing identity politics last time the nominated someone and trying to duplicate that process with their next box on the identity politics checklist with Hillary.

      1. I don’t blame HIM for being a community organizer at all. I blame the voters for believing that it was an ultimate virtue and qualification for deciding things like bombing Libya.

        You ever notice how in Hollywood political dramas, the Republican is always some uncouth business owner in the private sector who made a personal fortune building some chain of something’s? Whereas the serious political guy is always a life-long public sector apparatchik who’s spent a lifetime pushing voting demographics around on spreadsheets?

        A real life example of that is Bill Clinton. Always lauded as being incredibly smart, and the examples given are always his encyclopedic knowledge of voting districts?

        1. Which movies?

          1. Bambi

  6. There is also the question regarding what she sees as “personal”. How about com from a foreign government regarding a donation to the Clinton Foundation? Is that “personal”?

    1. fr: hdr22 @ clintonemail. com

      Busy day here, Huma. I’m working on a Big Lie to cover up Benghazi — then off to yoga!


      –Stephen Green @VodkaPundit

    2. Clinton is using her foundation as part of her campaign. Clinton Foundation is just happening to run a big campaign on women’s rights just as Hillary runs for president. Its all a coincidence! So Saudi money is being used in this election.

      Now, go back to Libya. Which countries were anti-Qadaffi?

      Qatar – big Clinton donor.

      Probably some others.

      So maybe it wasn’t just France pushing for intervention…maybe Qatar was too. Maybe directly to the Clintonemail account where they discuss donations.

      I’d also like to see how many speaking fees she got outside the country. Because that would be an easy way to bribe her. Shanghai University invites her to speak, but its really a PRC bribe.

      Finally, there is a risk she could be blackmailed by foreign powers. Putin has her emails and threatens to release unless she lets Ukraine get fully swallowed. In 2019 as she’s running for re-election…she would agree to anything.

      BTW, Russia already did this – they released Victoria Nuland’s phone call where she said “f*ck the EU” So this is not theoretical for them to be catching our signals and using them.

  7. The thing I’m laughing about is the excuse that “You can’t look at the emails, because I deleted them.” Ummm… What about the tape backups from before the purge? Let’s restore from those and see what is there.

    I’m really hoping that someone asks that. Because it is either a) there are no tape backups (which may be true) and that will prove how incompetent that the email admin is or b) she will pull a Lerner and claim that her hard drive crashed.

    I almost hope it would be option b because that would be so much funnier.

  8. What astounds me is how amateurish her whole operation is. She’s been running for president since at least the day Bill announced his candidacy… and this is the best her people can do? I guess she figured her victory was so perfectly assured that all she would have to do was show up.

      1. Hubris, hubris, hubris!

        1. What about Hugh’s Bris?

          1. Cut that out

  9. Here’s another issue: she was SoS for four years. Let’s call that 1460 days. They deleted 31,000 “personal” emails. That means she was sending an average of over 21 personal emails a day. Is it just me, or does that seem like a lot for a secretary of state? It seems like she may not have been concentrating on her work. Unless she did a ton of personal emailing on weekends.

    And, of course, the idea that she never sent anything confidential or sensitive over email seems absurd. How can you be SoS and not have confidential things in your email?

    1. I would think that some people might avoid using email for anything sensitive because email isn’t very secure. Though I suppose with good encryption that isn’t necessarily an issue.

    2. You have never had a boss that would never give you anything in writing?

  10. This isn’t a pleasant Friday evening topic.
    I’m about to smoke some beef short ribs with cherry and mesquite.

    Maybe I need another drink.

    1. Maybe?

      Fuck that it’s Friday. I will be drinking heavily as soon as I get out of this office.

      1. I said “another”.

        1. I’M IN VEGAS SHIT IS GOIN DOWN SON11!1!!!!!!1!!!!

          1. I said “drink”

            1. If you’re going all Cyborg, please live blog it. You won’t regret it.

  11. Deafening silence from our pinko trolls, the same pinko trolls that shit their pants instantly when anyone mentions Obumbles turning anything to shit or Fauxcahontas being a straight-up grifter.

    They don’t want the Hildebeast. They want Fauxcahontas.

    It will be so good to see both of those vile bitch’s careers ended.

    1. Elizabeth Warren running for president would make George McGovern’s 1972 Presidential run seem like a hotly contested race.

      Rand Paul, or hell, even Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would scalp her.

      1. I agree. A leftist grandmother running to succeed Obama? I somehow doubt that it would work.

        1. Of course it won’t work, which is why I would love for it to happen. It would be her end, and the only way that will happen is if Hillary is ended. So, two bitches with one switch.

          Not working doesn’t mean the left doesn’t want it. For them Warren is a barely closeted commie and they just don’t believe Hillary is. Her recent attempt to out-pinko Warren just wasn’t convincing. Actually nothing she says about anything is convincing.

          The idiots on the left want Fauxcahontas because they think she is a true believer despite her being grossly corrupt, which is obvious to everyone else.

          1. You guys are nuts for doubting her.
            Warren runs the same playbook as Obama, and he got elected. Just put a teleprompter in front of her selling free shit and war on women, and how her evil rich racist white guy opponent will starve the poor and kill old people, and there you go.
            How many times do we have to see this play out before you realize what a political minority we are?

            1. Don’t worry, I’m sure a few more “libertarian moment” articles and millennial polls will fix that situation right up.

            2. You get it. I’ve been saying for a year that not only will Hillary not get the nomination and Warren will, but that Warren would fare better in a general. Warren would beat anyone the GOP puts up, save Rand. Hillary would lose to anyone not named Bush.

              1. Huh? Warren would lose to Walker undoubtedly. I don’t think there’s any chance Warren beats Scott Walker.

                Not only that, but she’s not running the ‘same playbook as Obama’ since Obama’s playbook consisted of false moderation. He offered free stuff, sure, but he did so in a way that was allegedly moderate. Warren’s not going to win on an outright radical platform and that’s all she has.

                1. Eh, if she can tack rhetorically the media will embargo any embarrassing old videos.

                  I mean, at this point I think the tricky thing is that the Dems are leading off with a huge advantage in the electoral college.


                  I think that is what 2016 will look like.

                  1. Has the LA Times released that Obama video they embargoed?

            3. And what is really hilarious is that they will convert Rubio, Jindal, etc. to “white guys” and their base will nod their heads.

              1. Well, they aren’t *authentic* minority guys! They have (R) behind their names!

      2. Elizabeth Warren hasn’t realized an important fact – if you want to be a pinko retard in American politics, you have to spend enormous amounts of time pretending you’re a centrist.

        Americans aren’t Greeks. We won’t vote for American Syriza.

        1. This is a really good point. Obama spent a lot of time insisting that he wanted to overcome partisan divisions and bring Americans together. He spent a lot of time pretending to be a moderate. We’ve only begun to see his true colors since the last election.

          But Warren, everyone knows upfront what she stands for.

          Still, she would make a better candidate than Hillary, if only because she’s better looking and has less baggage.

          1. Good point. Warren wouldn’t be able to hide her far left self like Obama was able to do. Her trail in the Senate is too long.

            she’s better looking and has less baggage.

            If by ‘less baggage’ you mean a slightly smaller ass, then I agree.

            1. If by ‘less baggage’ you mean a slightly smaller ass, then I agree.

              If said *meow, hiss* along with various other catfight noises, would that make me a sexist?

              1. No need. Your sexism is inseparable from your existence as an Angry White Man, as is your homophobia, xenophobia and other scary things. The good news is that you all look cute in the uniform.

      3. I would hope she would get tomahawked but I’m not that confident in the electorate after the re-election of Obama.

  12. I don’t think Hillary appreciates the difference between when she speaks and when Bill speaks. When Hillary speaks, you instinctively put one hand on your wallet because she’s “going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” She is that smug brown nose who power-talked her way into internships, jobs, and careers that could have been done better by other people.

    Bill, on the other hand, has the combined personal magnetism, shamelessness, ruthless calculation, and ability to fake empathy that when he tells lies, he makes his victims want to believe him. Bill generally knows what his audience wants to hear from him and like any good Southern Baptist preacher or carnival promoter, he gives it to them.

    1. As someone said, he’s a lovable rogue, but she’s just a rogue.

      1. I’d have to agree. It’s completely possible for a woman to be a lovable rogue. But she just isn’t it. Mostly, it just seems like she’s not enjoying herself. Bill always seemed to be having a good time. But Hillary always seems kind of sour and bitter.

        1. I assume some of that is childhood: good ol’ boy in AR vs. uptight middle-class conservative suburban Chicago.

  13. For anyone who’s still here: This may actually be Peak Derp:


    Who has abortions? For most of human history, the answer was obvious: women have abortions. Girls have abortions. Not any more. People have abortions. Patients have abortions. Men have abortions. “We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions,” wrote feminist activist Lauren Rankin in July 2013 in truthout.com. She went on to criticize as exclusionary slogans like “the War on Women” and “Stand with Texas Women.”

    At the very least, peak navel-gazing. And the comments get even better!

    Walter Pewen ? 2 hours ago
    Once again, Ms. Pollitt rises to the task. Exactly, people have abortions. If you can get a grasp on that concept, feminism becomes one step simpler. All of this is about everybody, women’s issues being the template.

    Dude? Yep. Neckbeard? Totally. Even with all his sensitivity and beta male-guilt penitence, not a single woman wants to touch his penis? Bingo.

    1. Oh, for fuck’s sake. I’m all for making reasonable accommodation for transgender people. But if you are pregnant, I think it is fair to call you a woman. Whatever your gender identity, I think you have to acknowledge that you are, biologically speaking, a woman if you find yourself in that situation. Unless you are a full on hermaphrodite. If that even exists.

      1. I’ll go one step further and say they are men, but this is still a complete non-issue. If a gay pre-op trans-man gets pregnant I seriously doubt the abortion provider is going to turn them away.

    2. Shame on you. This is clearly a problem of the utmost urgency that humanity needs to address as soon as possible.

      1. This is how I feel about most of modern feminism. How does anyone take them seriously. Their complaints are so frivolous.

    3. I read your quoted passages there and decided that the author and I have at least one thing in common: neither one of us have any idea what any of that means.

    4. Stan: I want to have babies.
      Reg: You want to have babies?!?!
      Stan: It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.
      Reg: But … you can’t HAVE babies!
      Stan: Don’t you oppress me!
      Reg: I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! Where’s the foetus gonna gestate? You gonna keep it in a box?

      This used to be absurd comedy. Now, I just don’t know.

      1. Tim Brooke-Taylor: A man isn’t a man unless he exercises his right to fatherhood.

        Bill Oddie: you can exercise it all you want mate but you won’t find much use for it down here.

  14. When Kevin Williamson isn’t being a total moron, his articles are pretty funny.

    We could talk about the numbers all day, but there is something about this piece that irritates me personally: Who in hell elected Elizabeth Bruenig of Arlington, Brandeis, Brown, Cambridge, etc., a privately educated suburban girl raised by highly educated, married, churchgoing parents, whose life’s lamentations include that she wasn’t asked to the prom, Speaker for the Poor?

    1. She wasn’t invited to the prom? I can’t understand that. She is cute.

      Maybe, just maybe, the evil oozing out of her every pore has something to do with it? Was probably for the best though. If they had tried to pin a corsage on her it would have withered and turned brown immediately.

      1. She ended up marrying a crazy leftist who’s even nuttier than she is. Maybe all normal people simply couldn’t deal with the obvious madness.

  15. There is no excuse, period. Unless she just wants to tell the truth and admit that she wants to cover her tracks because she’s a slimeball corruptocrat living large on the tax payer dime.

    I don’t really know why Democrats are so worried, though. I’ve totally figured this stuff out already. It really does not matter who they run. Although they would benefit from that person being black, a woman, or any of the other plethora of the progressive divide and delude victims.

    Here’s how I break down team blue voters.

    Their core right now are the died in wool, team blue cheer leaders and these are mostly older white voters from blue states. These people will vote for whoever gets the nomination. You could import Maduro from Venezuela, bring Chairman Mao back to life, put up any Hollywood star, or drag a homeless bum off the street and put them on the stage, and these people will vote for that person. If you don’t believe this, then you have obviously never talked to any of this group or have never read comments on the NYT or other websites that these people frequent. This represents the largest of the D base, for no other reason than they are the most likely to vote.

    Then there are the free stuff crowd. The democratic machine, much thanks recently to Obama, has increased significantly, but these people are also not very motivated to get out and vote, and there are only so many community organizers to buy these folks a smoke or a beer and get them on the buses.

    1. Then you have all of their victim classes. Women, gays, minorities, anyone who is not a white male. But you can only count on these people if the identify with the candidate and if the candidate is sufficiently likeable.

      Given all of that, Hillary is screwed. Only Republicans can save her. Democrats have absolutely not chance of saving her. Republicans need Jeb.

      1. I meant, Democrats need Jeb. Because there is nothing more motivational to an old school democrat voter than the notion of a Clinton beating a Bush.

        1. Clinton beating a Bush.

          (chuckles like Beavis and Butthead)

    2. The people who will vote for the democrat no matter what certainly exist. I find that a lot of them are that way apparently because they are so convinced that Republicans are so evil and set on ruining everything that they have to be kept out of office at all costs.

      1. Yeah, it’s like that. They are all over my community. I can be eating in one of the local diners and hear them, it’s very annoying, these mostly retired blue and white collar workers, they are obsessed with how evil Republicans are. To prove it they’ll repeat over and over things like how Romney didn’t even win his home state. Never heard one of them give a real reason why Republicans are the ultimate evil

        They’re pretty silent about our new Republican governor.

        But these people put a special significance on POTUS elections, because I think they want that all powerful leader and bringer of paradise that they always dreamed of, the perfect strong man.

        1. And don’t forget all the academics and intelligentsia.

      2. And then some GOPer opens his yap and gives them the evidence they’re looking for.

  16. I saw an interesting graph of Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers over time, and they pointed out that her poll numbers drop precipitously when she’s actually running for anything.

    She has to be one of the worst candidates of any major political figure in the last 100 years. She is just so unlikable that the more she talks, the worse her numbers get.

    1. I, for one, am looking forward to rehashing her whole “I was so poor I could barely afford the mortgages on our six mansions!” speech again.

    2. Hillary Clinton is Joffrey Baratheon. Well, she’s probably more like Cersei but she looks like Joffrey.

      1. Is he the one that got killed by a pig? Because that would be cool.

        1. SPOILER ALERT*****

          Poisoned at his own wedding by his grandmother-in-law and Littlefinger.

          1. Another example of how the show thinks it’s smarter than Martin is how they explicitly spelled out in the show that the Queen of Thorns poisoned Joffrey, with Littlefinger’s likely assistance, but in the books it’s pretty much unknown to the reader as to who did it as it was to most of the characters in the book (though there are definitely allusions to Littlefinger being involved). It’s a nice subtle touch that Martin has that the show writers think they can improve on, and they’re wrong.

            1. The books do eventually spell it out, too. Can’t remember if it is the fourth or fifth book, but it is explained pretty clearly.

              1. The part about the missing stone in Sansa’s necklace is eluded to several times.

              2. I thought the method (one of the gemstones in Sansa’s hairnet was actually fake and made of poison) was made clear, but still not who actually ordered it. Dontos the fool may have actually put it in Joffrey’s cup. But I think Littlefinger only alludes to the actual people calling the shots on it though.

                Even if so, the point is that right after it happens, Martin keeps the reader in the same confusion as everyone in the book, which I find to be far more gripping and subtle than immediately letting us know who did it in a very unsubtle way. Because TV audiences are stupid, see? It’s nice that the show’s writers have such a high opinion of their viewers.

                1. True. The books are vague or noncommittal about who actually put the poison in the cup early on. We only learn later that the Queen of Thorns was in on it.

            2. Speaking of Game of Thrones, I just realized that the actress who plays Sansa is actually 19.

              So not only am I not a terrible pervert, I haven’t been a terrible pervert for over a year! Score!

              1. In the books Sansa is 13-15 and they chose an actress who looks young for her age, so clearly you are a pervert. Not a terrible pervert, just a minor pervert. Just own it.

              2. Oh, I’m a terrible pervert, I fully admit it. She’s delicious.

              3. Of course, not even Sansa can compare to certain other actresses on Game of Thrones.

                1. I liked Oona Chaplin myself. She has an amazing ass.

                  1. Who dat? I’m the ultimate judge of amazing asses…

                    1. Hyperion, I’m showing what we’ve pre-marked as Plaintiff’s Exhibit A. Is this a fair and accurate representation of DAT ASS?

                    2. ‘Bated.

            3. ASOIAF Book snob checking in:

              If you read Joffrey’s wedding, the most likely candidate for the actual “I dropped the poison in the cup” guy is (Lord) Garlan Tyrell, Margaery’s less-famous-than-Loras but more martially-skilled brother, who was seated right next to Tyrion for the wedding and buttered Tyrion up. Garlan the Gallant is just as…practical as his grandmother (he was the one who wore Renly’s armor during the Battle of the Blackwater and played the part of “Renly’s Ghost”), routinely prepares to fight multiple opponents in battle (real battles are rarely one-on-one duels), and is just as devoted to his sister as Loras in that he would likely do what was necessary to keep her from marrying a little shit like Joff.

              1. I thought it was implied Dontos did it, but really, the bagman isn’t important (though if it were Tyrell that would be a pretty dead giveaway as to who ordered the hit), the people behind it are. And that’s kept pretty damn obscured.

                1. Littlefinger explained to Sansa that poisoning a king is not the sort of job one entrusts to mediocre, fat, drunk, slob of a knight. And the fact that Dontos knew about Littlefinger’s role in the plot was enough reason for LF to kill him.

                  As for who was behind it, LF all but confesses to Sansa that he set the wheels in motion while he was at Highgarden negotiating the Lannister/Tyrell alliance. All he had to do was spread the rumors of Joffrey’s behavior towards Sansa and his other unsavory habits and the Queen of Thorns was off to the races.

                  1. Hmm, I only sort of remember that. Which is why I will reread books 4 and 5 right before 6 comes out.

                    1. From what I recall reading the books last summer (after the show established LF + Queen of Thorns), it’s pretty clear that Baelish was a huge part of it, and there is the ancient coin from the Reach that was used to pay off the gaoler that let Tyrion escape. Which suggests Tyrells. I think it’s even possible that Margaery knew, because there was the concern that she was sharing the cup with Joffrey. Or Garland may have known to keep her from drinking it.

                      What was really embarrassing was when the show had Lysa quickly lay out the entire history of her and Baelish’s plots. I think she even says, “Remember when you told me to poison Jon?”

                      Oh, and SPOILERS

                    2. Regarding the coin, I think it’s also mentioned that Olenna uses old gold coins to pay for clandestine things.

                    3. Oh fuck I had forgotten the absurd stupidity and unsubtlety of that bit between Lysa and Littlefinger. It was shit like that, and being so obvious about the Queen of Thorns, and then having Sansa blurt out her true identity to the Lords of the Vale when Littlefinger is being grilled about Lysa’s death (which she absolutely does not do in the book because it’s stupid), and a bunch of other things through the last season that really, really started to piss me off. Oh and the fucking love story developing between Missandei and Grey Worm is beyond asinine. Not only is he a FUCKING EUNUCH, it’s totally unnecessary, and is actually eating up valuable time on a show where they don’t even have close to the time needed to cover all the actual material, let alone dumb fucking quasi-romances that they throw in for no fucking reason.

                      I’m rewatching the last three episodes of last season in the run-up to the new one, and it’s reminding me again how pissed I was getting at the show.

          2. Does anyone ever survive a wedding in those books?

            1. Sure. BORING PEOPLE. All the kool kids die at weddings.

          3. All i was hoping was that Hillary was going to be gored by a pig. if that’s not in the cards, well, i’m not watching Game of Thrones = Washington DC 2016 Edition

      2. She is definitely Cersei, only minus the incest.

        Both married into power, as was their plan.
        Both had husbands that slept around on them.
        Both husbands eventually retired from the political scene (death vs. term limits).
        Both subsequently attempted to retain a hold on power.
        Cirsei rules through her children – Hillary rules through Bill’s legacy.
        Wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary used Chelsea in the future to retain a grip on power. Get Chelsea to run for office and then be her chief adviser and tell her exactly what do to, when no managing her business personally.

        1. Chelsea would make a worse candidate than Hillary. Have you seen any of her public appearances? It’s hilarious – the woman can barely speak in complete sentences.

          1. So? Hillary can write all her speeches for her. What are mothers for?

            1. Another quality that Cersei and Hillary share is that they over estimate their own abilities.

        2. …Hillary won’t need to do the walk of atonement, will she?

          1. Only if a younger, more beautiful queen comes to take her place.

      3. “Well, she’s probably more like Cersei but she looks like Joffrey”

        No, she looks like the Hound..

    3. Hillary is counting on Santa GOP putting a Bush in her pear tree before the 12th day.

      This is the only way the hag can win.

      Rand Paul will destroy her, she’ll drop dead of a heart attack in the first debate. Which is why even sites like Drudge won’t even mention his name any more. Apparently, all of the polls, leave out Rand. It’s now only Rubio, Jeb, and Walker.

      People are scared of freedom, they want to be slaves, apparently that feels comfortable.

      1. You know, it would really be awesome if we had the primary candidates get paired up against candidates from the opposing parties for debates.

        So instead of waiting for the general election, we can see how various primary candidates do against their would-be opponents, before we have to vote for them in the primary.

        I mean, it would make it much easier to tell which candidate is going to do the best in the general election, right?

        They should do debates where they randomly pair off opposite-side primary candidates for 20 minute segments.

        1. They do that in some other countries, and trust me, I’ve seen it, there is not polite media throwing softballs, it gets very testy.

          I think we need that here.

    4. I saw an interesting graph

      If the graph was created by a guy named Ezra Klein, please disregard.

      1. Was it in crayon?

  17. To anyone who thinks the Democrat base isn’t dumb enough to believe Hillary’s bullshit, a poll on Ed Schultz’s show found that 90% of responders thought Hillary had done nothing wrong.

    90%. Brilliant.

    1. Remember that Schultz is just Blue Hannity, and he has the corresponding shaved ape audience, just TEAM BLUE. That number doesn’t surprise me specifically because it’s viewers of his show.

      1. Except some of the feminazi apes that watch Schultz don’t shave.

    2. It’s not that they believe it, it’s just that they don’t care.

      I was just talking a couple of days ago to someone that I work with, who I have a very good working relationship with and we often talk a lot about non work related things, and I really like the guy.

      So we were talking about emails and how everything work related should be saved in an email and he said, ‘yeah, because emails never just disappear’. Well, without even thinking, me being me, I said ‘yeah, unless you work for government, when they always disappear’.

      That was met with momentary silence and then he laughed and said ‘yeah, I know, especially if you’re secretary of state…. well, that’s ridiculous, but I’m still a supporter.’

      Ugh, I just changed the subject.

  18. Did anyone else see the tweet the state department sent out applauding Muslims who were trying to establish Sharia law in Britain?

    When I first heard of this, I thought it was just conservatives blowing smoke, but it’s actually pretty bad.

    1. I am scratching my head wondering if that is real. How do you verify a twitter account as belonging to someone? And who is authoring the twits?

      1. Nah, as far as I can tell that one is fake. The actual DOS twitter acct is here;


        Not that i would put it past them, or that I think Lurch isn’t that stupid.

        1. Notice the verified checkmark? It’s all too real.

          1. *Facepalm*

          2. Yeah, it’s real. What’s amazing is that if they’d just tweeted out the WORDS in that tweet, there would have been no problem. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking when they approvingly tweeted a picture of people agitating in favor of Sharia law in a Western country.

          3. A tiny portion of your tax dollars?just a few million dollars annually?is funding the State Department’s trolling of jihadists on Twitter.

            Running a twitter account (or multiple accounts for that matter) costs “a few million dollars?”

            What. The. Fuck.

            And of course the window lickers at Mother Jones think that’s just peachy.

  19. I still don’t understand why we’re focusing on Hillary’s email when the real story is accepting contributions to her private foundation from foreign countries while she was the Secretary of State.

    It would be if like some O.J. caliber celebrity murdered someone on live television, and all the media could focus on was that he lied to his grandmother.

    *tap tap* Is this thing on?

    She accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations from foreign countries to her private foundation while she was Secretary of State.

    It says so on her own fucking website. It isn’t disputed. It was done in broad daylight.

    In a better world, she would have already been arrested. In the one we’re in, you’d at least think the media would stop talking about her stupid email and start focusing on all the money she accepted from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State.

    If I were Jacob Lew, the current Secretary of the Treasury? I’d set up The Human Fund as a private foundation and start taking tens of millions in donations from the investment banks on Wall Street. Why not? It’s money for people! That’s basically what Hillary is doing, and no one’s batting an eye!

    Except the Secretary of the Treasury taking money from American investment banks probably isn’t as bad as the Secretary of State being on the payroll of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates–because the latter suggests both corruption and treason.

    1. But Ken, she would never do that as president.

      I have this vague, wispy memory of something similar from Bubbas reign, but I can’t remember what it was. The Koreans or Chinese were involved? I could be way off here and too lazy to look. I have to go heat up left-over spaghetti and sauce.

      1. Peggy Noonan wrote a column today questioning whether Hillary really wants to run for or be President.


        I’m getting the same impression.

        It’s almost like she’s going through the motions because everyone expects her to run. But she doesn’t really want to.

        She’s been the presumptive nominee for so long, the Democrats don’t have a Plan B, either. It’s Hillary or bust–and I’m not sure she even wants to run.

        She could have a really nice, easy life–without being the President. Maybe that’s what she would rather do. Maybe she’s been trying to get out of it since they set up her stupid email accountshe started taking donations from foreign countries.

        1. “It’s almost like she’s going through the motions because everyone expects her to run. But she doesn’t really want to.”

          Somebody (Hazel? Lady B?) made a similar comment last night. I think she certainly wants the power, but she prefers to be anointed rather than having to run for the job.

          1. A hundred million bucks is a fair amount of power. IDK, I’ve never been worth that much.

            1. Not the same as having Putin return your calls.

              1. If I were Putin, I’d have one of my aids tell her to call during business hours.

    2. Ken:

      “A Line Edit Of Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous Email Press Conference”
      ” Quick clarification: Would emails from foreign governments regarding Clinton foundation donations be considered work or personal?”

      Some people at least remember she has been getting contributions…

      1. That’s a step in the right direction!

        It’s almost like a new rule of thumb.

        You know the old one since the Nixon Administration about how it’s not the crime itself but the attempted coverup that always gets you?

        There should be a new one about how nobody thinks it’s wrong or illegal if you do it in plain sight.

        If there’s nothing to investigate–or it’s a story that no news outlet could get an exclusive headline to write out of it–then I guess no one cares?

        1. “There should be a new one about how nobody thinks it’s wrong or illegal if you do it in plain sight.”

          Agreed. She could schtup a choir boy on the WH lawn at noon, and so long as she says ‘Look, I’m not keeping is a secret!’, D voters would say that at least she’s honest!

          1. “There should be a new one about how nobody thinks it’s wrong or illegal if you do it in plain sight.”
            I don’t know if you noticed, but several times in that press conference she uttered this canned phrase: “IT WAS PERMITTED.”

            Note the passive voice and the ambiguity here. In reality, “it was permitted” in the sense that no one stopped her and she got away with it. (For a while there, slavery was permitted, too.)

            1. “Note the passive voice and the ambiguity here. In reality, “it was permitted” in the sense that no one stopped her and she got away with it. (For a while there, slavery was permitted, too.)”

              I figured she was finessing it, but didn’t see this particular sleight of hand. She can always claim it was a ‘speak-o’, too.

        2. Jesus, Ken. How old are you?

          1. Three years old.


            It’s like a standard saying.

            Every scandal gets a “-gate” after it since Watergate, and “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up” since Watergate, too.

    3. Did you miss the Obama election campaigns? He took a lot of money from foreign donors.

      It’s perfectly okay for Democrats to take foreign money for the elections. Well, maybe not if the donors were Jewish. But Chinese, Arab, no problem.

      1. Foreign donors I might understand, but foreign governments?!

        1. …”but foreign governments?!”
          Gotta (D)? You’re golden.

    4. And now said foundation just coincidentally is running a US campaign in favor of women’s rights.

      It just happens to be at the same time Hillary is running for president.

      No violations of tax-exempt groups supporting candidates here.

      p.s. Qatar was anti-Qadaffi and participated in our intervention there. (1 plane.) You think they called in a chit to get us on board? Remember Obama was not real interested. Hillary pushed intervention.

  20. This year, Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick will be able to march under their own banner in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.


    1. Meh.

      I wonder how all the aggrieved gay groups are going to behave when no one cares anymore.

  21. Exhibit him before the spray-paint wears off!

    “Dublin Zoo welcomes green snake for St Patrick’s Day”


  22. So someone was defending Che on Reddit

    Sources? He did summary executions of the batista officers who were corrupt and murderers. Was it wrong to kill them in the manner that he did? Yes. But please don’t act like those that were executed were innocent victims.

    People like this scare the shit out of me.

    1. As they should. They are the ones who end up holding the rifles on the firing squad and are dead certain that what they are doing is right.

      1. No. They’re the ones who end up against the wall while some high school dropout holds the rifle. The revolution has no place for true believers once power has been seized.

        1. They’re the ones who end up against the wall

          Right after the marketing branch of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

    2. I suspect the shooting in Ferguson of two cops was a set up by communist agitators.


      Because there is audio of the shooting, and then a very, very white voice says something like “This would not have happened if you had paid attention 9 months ago.”

      Way too pat. Gunshots go off just as someone is filming OK. Cops screaming in pain, and this New York white accent says that?

      I’d be hitting the ground…unless I knew of the plan.

      Ennnh, I could be wrong. But social media seems very easy to game.

  23. Gentleman Joe Biden isn’t getting close to the nomination. If Hillary Clinton is old, he’s ancient and a fool. Elizabeth Warren is the leading contender, sure, but no one here has mentioned Carcetti for Mayor Martin O’Malley for President. That guy is working hard right now, visiting primary states, since he has nothing better to do, having lost the governorship of (deep blue) Maryland.

    1. O’Malley has biceps. He will ride the body image wave the way Obama did.

      You all keep forgetting that ideas and past accomplishments have nothing to do with becoming president.

      1. Look, can we just go ahead and elect the real Tommy Carcetti?

        1. Why not just elect Littlefinger? His economic policy couldn’t be any worse and he’s just the sort of Machiavellian genius who might be able to fix the Middle East.

          Admittedly, his way of fixing the Middle East would primarily consist of assassinating everyone and starting over, but in the end things would work out swell!

          1. Why not just elect Littlefinger?

            I prefer Carcetti’s simple and unabashed womanizing to Littlefinger’s whole “loom and leer creepily at perfectly good whores whilst scheming to fuck your former crushes teenage daughter as a replacement”

        2. Only if Norman comes with him. (Skinny Norman, not the fat one on House of Cards).

          1. “The police commissioner done fell off his ass!”

            Norman for SoS.

  24. I think La Clinton is botching it because she has fallen prey to the hubris that is typical of cops. Having read Police Misconduct.net for years, there’s an unmistakeable pattern. A cop can murder someone, beat the tar out of someone (including their spouse), molest children, run down pedestrians while stinky drunk and be either not indicted or acquitted. But steal $200 from the Rec fund or falsify some time sheets and BAM! hard time. The powerful assume that because they have escaped accountability for major crimes, they are immune to everything.

  25. How ironic. The party that calls itself progressive cannot bear to move an inch from the ancient Clintonians. Hillary the creakosaurus exudes no particular talents or unique visions which isn’t exactly what one expects from a person vying for the presidency.

    Maybe this is the geography of modern American politics- where presidential material is a shallow and robotic shadow of the collective American self. Smiling deeply and empty so as not to fluff or threaten. Peering into the cameras with eyes that brim with sterile superficiality and glinting with just the right amount of arrogance to awe the simpleton.

    1. Chumawumba spiff smoking skiff sailing sultan of sambuca.

    2. Sniff. *wipes tear from eye*

      That’s beautiful.

    3. You misspelled Cuntasaurus. It’s Friday night, you get a pass.

    4. It would be peak awesome if Agile Cyborg could keep putting just enough stuff in his system to hold that stage he reaches in that second paragraph.

    5. “Maybe this is the geography of modern American politics- where presidential material is a shallow and robotic shadow of the collective American self. ”

      Check out most of the offerings in the 1840s and 50s.

    6. Hillary Clinton is a symbol of the geriatric aging of the baby boomers political ideals.
      Once fresh faced and lovely with youthful vigor, they have withered over the years and now all that is left is a core of naked self interest barely concealed by a sagging facade of angry partisanship.

      1. Very eloquent and funny

  26. When companies treat their record keeping requirements that lightly, heads roll.

    1. And isn’t that guy Snowden in trouble with Obo for not protecting state secrets?

  27. BTW, I have to admit a bit of comfort; not once did I see Bo post today! What a pleasure not dealing with the lies and sophistry.
    Congrats Warty.

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  29. So 6 years ago she wanted 1 phone while SOS, and 2 weeks ago she has 2 phones, and? lol. The fact that that is put forth as some sort of smoking gun shows how dumb this drama really is.

    1. Uh-huh.

      Yeah, it’s cool that she operated her own private email server while SoS in violation of federal law and then failed (and continues to fail) to turn over documents in keeping with record-keeping laws.

      A federal official engaging in illegal activity in order to obfuscate their activities is a “dumb drama.”

      A President was impeached for less.

    2. JayLrn|3.14.15 @ 1:41AM|#
      …”The fact that that is put forth as some sort of smoking gun shows how dumb this drama really is.”

      Shrillery approves this message, right JL?
      I knew the apologists would show up with lame excuses; great job!

  30. There is also the matter of one Hillary Clinton in 2007 saying that Bush WH “secret email accounts” were “shredding the Constitution.”

    Logically, this means that she, too, is shredding the Constitution. And on purpose.

    Finally, I think voters should look at this as an employee who is looking for a big promotion, but you find out they’ve run all their company email on their own private account and won’t give it back to the company. That is a firing offense, IMHO.

    1. I mean Hillary is looking for the big promotion and the voter is the business owner.

      I wouldn’t hire someone who handled all customer email and then refused to hand it over.

  31. Hillary is playing rope-a-dope. The more we chase her around the ring trying to nail her with this email scandal (and other scandals like it which will emerge), the more we hurt ourselves and make ourselves look like petty, trivial, vindictive, out-of-touch bureaucrats who don’t care about the voters’ real problems.

    Hillary is doing to us what Muhammad Ali did to George Foreman. When we are exhausted from chasing her around and our arms feel as heavy as lead and we pause to breathe, she will circle in and bop us. Bill Clinton did this to the GOP for eight years, and to his opponents in Arkansas before that.

    In the end who lost his job because of Monica? Newt Gingrich, that’s who.

    1. Did you think we didn’t see this the first time you posted?

  32. Hillary is following the unwritten playbook that is now modern DC politics. Delete it or burn it or erase completely. Leave no trails. Where does this stem from? The Nixon Watergate scandal. of course. Had Nixon NOT delivered the phone tapes, he would have remained President. Lesson learned.

  33. In fact, the report specifically mentions the fired employee’s “nonuse of commercial email for official government business.”

    If I read this correctly, the report faulted the employee for *not* using commercial email for official business–which sounds like they’re saying he should have been using his Yahoo account rather than his state.gov email account for government business. (I’m too lazy to look up the report itself and figure out what Suderman was trying to say, but maybe he’d like to clarify or correct his language.)

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