A.M. Links: Obama Says Netanyahu Speech Nothing New, House Passes Bill to Fund DHS, What Life on Titan Might Look Like



    President Obama says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress contained "nothing new" and no "viable alternatives" for dealing with Iran.

  • The House of Representatives passed a clean bill funding the Department of Homeland Security for the remainder of the year.
  • The Supreme Court of Alabama has ordered a stop to the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in the state.
  • The city of Philadelphia doled out $200 million in overtime to government employees, increasing the taxpayer-funded payroll by 13 percent. Police, and specifically the homicide unit, racked up the most overtime, even as the murder rate in the city is going down and more than a hundred homicides remain unsolved.
  • General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says Iran's support of the Iraqi offensive in Tikrit could be "a positive thing."
  • Four foreigners in Indonesia have been transferred to their execution siteโ€”they were sentenced to death for trying to smuggle heroin from Indonesia into Australia.
  • Researchers are investigating how life might form on Titan.

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      Did I just wake up in the Twilight Zone?

      1. Worse, the outer limits.

    3. Jesus, stop screaming at me. I ain’t blind, ya know. I will be soon with this new format, though.

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            1. *crosses fingers

  1. Researchers are investigating how life might form on Titan.

    Add an ick factor and we know how it ended.

  2. …says Iran’s support of the Iraqi offensive in Tikrit could be “a positive thing.”

    For someone.

    1. Martin Dempsey….trying to replace Eric Shinseki as least clueful 4 star in recent history.

      1. This is the same man who complained that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were taking away from our valuable training time… to fight wars.

        You don’t get much more clueless than TraDoc regs….and this guy WROTE them…

        1. The point of Dempsey’s comment was that Afghanistan and Iraq haven’t been ‘wars’ in a long time, which is true. They are costly, state-building police actions that are going to ultimately result in absolutely no value added. They make our Armed Forces much less capable of conducting real war against a determined enemy.

          Luckily for us, there is no real enemy on the immediate horizon, but it is short-sighted to think one could not appear in a very short few years.

          As to Shinseki, he did fuck up a lot of things, but he got fired as CSA for being right.

    2. There is no coming back from the afterlife. If there was, George Patton would have by now returned and slapped the face off Dempsey, Shinseki and a few dozen others

  3. The House of Representatives passed a clean bill funding the Department of Homeland Security for the remainder of the year.
    And that’s how you blink.

    1. No, that’s how you bend over and spread your cheeks. The Stupid party once again performs as expected.

    2. Add a period, where would I be without you?

    3. colored me shocked… shocked,,, that Boehner would give in.

      1. Boehner goes limp?

      2. Let me put on my orange shocked face.

  4. Horton saw a nude! How Dr Seuss wrote a little-known adult book about seven medieval sisters who never wore clothes
    Seuss penned The Seven Lady Godivas in 1939 – but it was a flop
    Tome features seven cartoon sisters who were committed nudists
    Seuss said he tried to ‘draw the sexiest babes I could’ for the book
    Godivas tale was heavily adapted from English legend about a naked noble

    There’s a book I won’t be reading to the kid at bedtime.

    1. ‘Reading to the kid’? Is that a euphemism?

    2. Dr. Seuss’s less child oriented stuff is pretty great, though.

    3. I would not, could not, in a…wait a minute!
      Yes, I would!

    4. “Seuss said he tried to ‘draw the sexiest babes I could’ for the book”

      He even drew one for John!

  5. A long time ago in a Welsh aircraft hangar far away: Never-before-seen images reveal secret 1979 project to construct Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon for classic films
    The only full-scale model of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon spaceship was built in a Welsh hangar in 1979
    The life-size version of the spaceship was constructed for The Empire Strikes Back, the second film in the series
    Workers at Pembroke Dock were sworn to secrecy over the project and it was nicknamed the ‘Magic Roundabout’


  6. Earth’s nuclear arsenal revealed: Interactive infographic lets you track growth of the world’s WMDs over 70 years
    It reveals stockpile changes in the US, UK, Russia, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea
    Between them these countries have 10,000 nuclear weapons, around 4,100 of which are believed to be active
    Graphic uses data from the ‘Nuclear Notebook’, which since 1987 has tracked the number of world’s WMDs
    Russia and the US have the most nuclear weapons, followed by the UK and France, according to the graphic

    Wow. I never realized just how many were made. What a waste of money.

    1. The term “WMD” has been thrown around far too much for many years. Nuclear weapons are the only things that actually qualify.

      1. I think smallpox would qualify

        1. The flu does a number every few years.

        2. I’ve never really thought that “mass destruction” was really the right word for what bio weapons do. It would be pretty horrible if smallpox were used as a weapon, but since it only destroys some human lives, I wouldn’t really call it mass destruction. Same with chemical weapons.
          Nukes are the only ones that will level a city. That’s what mass destruction means to me.

          1. Depends on the nuke actually. Neutron bombs are designed to actually destroy a very small area compared to other fission bombs, but they spread massive amounts of radiation. They were built that way to irradiate tank crews in vehicles hardened against the blast wave with lethal doses of radiation.

            1. Yes, I am familiar with neutron bombs. Some of the little tactical artillery nukes probably aren’t “mass destruction” either.

    2. Yeah, but what about mineshafts?

      1. We cannot allow a mineshaft gap.

        I started (re)watching the movie last night.

    3. Here’s a fun vid about where nukes have been used:


    4. Hey when the Martians show up and attack you’ll be glad we have that nuclear stockpile.

  7. Dakota Fanning shows off her sultry side as she transitions into a Hollywood siren for stylish new Vs. Magazine shoot

    It’s amazing what a little eye makeup can do.

    1. A little? Who does she think she is, Avril Lavinge?

      1. Makeup gun set to whore

        1. raccoon

    2. She almost looks like Olivia Wilde in that shoot.

      Also, it’s half your age PLUS seven.

    3. She looks 12. The Daily Mail is run by creepy perverts.

      1. I have it on good authority that Old Man With Candy approves.

        1. I do except for the makeup.

      2. Didn’t you know she would look twelve before you clicked the link? Sarc posted it. Well, most of the women he posts only look 10, so he’s going for the milfs now I guess.

      3. Didn’t you know she would look twelve before you clicked the link? Sarc posted it. Well, most of the women he posts only look 10, so he’s going for the milfs now I guess.

        1. WTF? Squirrels are back too?

          1. I, for one, welcome our new rodent overlords.

            1. Meet the new squirrel, same as the old squirrel?

              1. Nice.

  8. Kayne West goes to Oxford

    OK, everyone please be completely quiet, because I can literally hear a whisper, and it’ll throw off my stream of consciousness, and when I get my stream of consciousness going that’s when I give the best, illest quotes. Literally, a whisper can throw it off…

    …One of my biggest Achilles heels has been my ego. And if I, Kanye West, the very person, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone…

    …One of the most memorable things about MBDTF was Nicki Minaj, and the fact that she kicked my ass, on my own song, on one of the best albums? the best album ? I’m just saying what the critics said ? of the last 25 years. The best album of the past 25 years that I spent a year and a half making, out there. I was exiled from my country, it was a personal exile, but exile. To come back and deliver my magnum opus of a work, and to be outshined?to be beat by a girl, basically…

    1. WHAT IS THIS?

    2. It’s illegal to not wear clothes, and also possibly too cold. That means someone is imposing an idea on you that should legally have to do! Clothing should be like food. There should never be a $5000 sweater. You know what should cost $5000? A car should be $5000. And you know who should work on the car? The people that work on the $500,000 cars. All the best talent in the world needs to work for the people. And I am so fucking serious about this concept that I will stand in front of anyone and fight for it. Because I was 14 and middle class. I know what it felt like to not get what I have.

    3. It is one of the most stunning displays of cognitive dissonance of all time. He literally refers to himself in the third person in a quote about his ego.

      1. Right before bragging about how his album is the best album in the last 25 years.

        I tried to listen to it last night, but I couldn’t do it. It might be good, but hearing his voice made it impossible to listen.

      2. I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

      3. I have to assume it’s performance art. He’s trolling.

        1. White people that listen to rap say ‘nigger’?in the privacy of their own home.
          He might have something with that quote.

          1. I’d say that is accurate. Also I’d say who gives a shit what people say in their own home.

          2. Well, yeah, if they’re rapping along with the song, they’re gonna have to say “nigger”, aren’t they?

        2. I am hoping that as well, but it seems so . . . sincere.

          1. Kayne West is clearly an Andy Kaufman character.

    4. Kanye’s enduring fame is the best evidence I’ve ever seen that the Illuminati actually exist, because there’s no other way someone so obviously dumb would end up a music star and remain so, with music journalists raving about what a genius he is (perhaps that says something about the intelligence of music critics). Every photo of him I’ve ever seen, he’s got this slack-jawed, thousand-yard stare as if he’s trying to figure out if he wants cake or not.

  9. The Supreme Court of Alabama has ordered a stop to the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in the state.
    It wants government out of the marriage business, too?

  10. President Obama says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress contained “nothing new” and no “viable alternatives” for dealing with Iran.

    Everyone should be used to these kinds of speeches by now.

  11. Police, and specifically the homicide unit, racked up the most overtime, even as the murder rate in the city is going down and more than a hundred homicides remain unsolved.
    Take away overtime and watch them really sit on their asses.

    1. Clear proof that they are being denied the adequate resources to properly investigate these crimes. If only these misers would get past the mindless austerity…

      1. Yeah, I mean, they need the overtime to solve the case backlog!

        *leaves in a huff back to PoliceOne*


        1. I have several friends who are police officers. This is a result of the union/public sector management intersection. The departments are allocated certain amounts for salary and overtime, so at the end of each period they hand out overtime until all of the money designated for overtime is used up. Because of the way budgeting works, the department heads feel that they have to use every dime they get, or they will get less next time around.

          So there really is a dance around overtime every quarter to make sure that it all gets used up, but they don’t go over. Then when there is a special event, like a big protest or a manhunt or something they get a special allocation for that overtime – over and above the normal overtime that was supposed to cover these eventualities.

          It isn’t just police, this happens all over the public sector and even in large corporations. The difference is that police get a lot more guaranteed overtime because it is well accepted that there will be exigencies that require overtime as a routine part of the job.

          Like everything stupid they do, it is really the fault of the leadership. All of the proles are acting as rational people responding to the incentives in their environment. Whether it is tossing a flashbang into a baby’s crib or taking unnecessary overtime, it happens because their leadership creates an environment where it is inevitable.

          1. “The difference is that police get a lot more guaranteed overtime because it is well accepted that there will be exigencies that require overtime as a routine part of the job.”

            I have pointed out before = a NYC prosecutor once pointed out to me that about 80% of arrests in the city occurred in the last hour of police officer’s shifts

            i.e. – they go looking for ‘busts’ right before they’re supposed to clock out, then leisurely process their petty criminal (usually marijuana possession, FYI), adding an easy 2hrs OT per nick.

            This boosts your average patrol cops salary by about 30%.

            And you wonder why they were so gung ho about ‘stop and frisk’?

            1. Absolutely no problem believing this. Whatever you incentivize, that’s what you get.

              Our sales director decided to tweak the compensation for his sales force because he was getting pressured to increase the number of deals coming in. The sales team was compensated directly on profit, so they shunned small deals. So he decided to institute a $100 bonus for each contract they got back. And a minimum commission of $500, regardless of the size of the deal.

              Now, this made perfect as we did a lot of our business off of subsequent deals, so getting that first contract meant a lot of subsequent business. But sales guys don’t always think long term, so they weren’t acting that way. So the thinking was that this would get them to be a little more aggressive with their pricing and go harder after those small first deals.

              Well, what do you suppose happened? If you guessed that the guys figured out that the best move was to break all of their deals up into a bunch of really small deals and sending out bogus contracts, you’d be right. So instead of getting $1,200 commission for one deal where the company had all of the fixed costs for doing one deal, they’d break it up into 3 tiny deals so they could get $1,800 in commission, all while tripling the company’s fixed costs. Oops! So that policy only lasted a few months.

              Of course the difference is that in a private company once management figures out the flaws in their incentive structure, they fix the flaws.

    2. Hey now! Waiting for the phone to ring is hard!

  12. Are links actually working?

    Kiwis in moral panic about tourists driving on the right (as opposed to left) side of road

    From the preview, it looks as though they aren’t. ๐Ÿ™

    1. “Moral panic”?

      Is accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road considered an immoral act in New Zealand?

  13. Given the current difficulties with paragraph breaks, I think the best way to present the thrilling conclusion of Warty Hugeman and the Endless Asshole is with a link. (The word “link” is the link.)

    1. Oh good, hyperlinks are no longer highlighted.

      1. They’re showing up orange for me

        1. Oh sure, flaunt your orange privilege!

          1. He’ll be crying next.

          2. They’re no longer highlighted since my last page refresh if it makes you feel any better.

          3. Orange is the new black!


      1. You need to calm your tits, ma’am.

    3. Something good has come from the kerfuffle!

  14. Oberlin College concert canceled because band name “Viet Cong” is too offensive.

    Viet Cong were set to perform at the Oberlin College venue Dionysus Disco on March 14. However, the promoter has canceled the show because of the band’s name.

    In a statement shared on the venue’s Facebook page, promoter Ivan Krasnov apologized “for inviting a band with a name that deeply offends and hurts Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities, both in Oberlin and beyond.”

    1. Ivan. Man up and tell them to FUCK OFF.

    2. Oberlin is one of my trigger words.

      1. ^THIS. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. I guess the midnight showing of Surf Nazis Must Die is out of the question now

      1. The Dead Kennedys are right out.

        1. As were the Violent Femmes once Oberlin found out they were three white men.

          It’s like the blind leading the naked at that place.

          1. It’s like the blind leading the naked at that place.

            Hey, I’m still recovering from the latest Warty Hugeman joint. Don’t be getting SugarFree all spun up again so soon.

            1. Advice.

    4. What is interesting is that the only Vietnamese who would be offended by that are the ones who are anti-communist. And I can’t believe Oberlein cares about offending anti-communists, brown or not. So is it just that no ethnic group can ever be mentioned in public any time for any reason?

      1. They’re Oberlin students, so they’re morons and assuming “Viet Cong” is a slur used by racists.

        Overly sensitive and moronic is no way to go through life.

      2. I don’t think it’s the anti-communists who have their panties in a bunch, it’s the pecksniffians who suspect a band calling themselves The Viet Cong might not really be serious in their respect a nd admirationfor The People’s Liberation Army in all its myriad guises. To some Oberliners, inviting a band named Viet Cong to Oberlin would be like inviting Black Sabbath to Catholic University or The Outlaws to Florida State. There are just some things you are not allowed to mock and hard-line communism is one of those sacrosanct things.

    5. No zips in the wire at Oberlin.

      1. GI! FUCK YOU!

        1. +1 Q: Son, where is your commanding officer? A: You mean you ain’t him?!

          1. Pogue Colonel: Then how about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?

    6. I have to wonder how Oberlin grads plan on changing the world if they are so easily offended.

      “What do we want? Free Healthcare! When do we want it? NOW!”

      “Buzz off, losers.”

      “Awwwwwwww, [sniff, sniff]”

      1. Q: How many Oberlin grads does it take to change a light bulb?

        A: One. While Oberlin grads are waiting for the government to change the light bulb, the lone moustachioed campus Republican will change the light bulb (after raping a couple of women, of course).

    7. It *is* an offensive name, I’ll give you that.

    8. I find “Dionysus Disco ” to be offensive.

  15. Spot the Not: Boehner of Orange

    1. House Republicans want to pass a strong border security, illegal immigration bill. We want a bill. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    2. I like to play golf. I like to cut my own grass.

    3. Don’t fall into the trap: Democrats are full of crap!

    4. [kissing noises]…When we make decisions, we’ll let you know.

    5. It’s hard running for office when people can’t say your name.

    6. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-a, plenty of sunshine coming my way.

    1. Imma say 6…

      1. I want 6 to be real.

    2. 3.

    3. Six.

    4. And the not is…..


      That is a line from the film “My Fellow Americans”. It is one of the canned phrases from a talking president doll.

      Here is the video for #4: http://youtu.be/smkSWiBEW3o?t=16s

      And here is the video for #6: http://youtu.be/RB2FJqaVQKk?t=25s

  16. “President Obama says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress contained “nothing new””

    Nothing new. Hm.

    The perfect pitch about Obama’s tenure: NOTHING NEW.


      1. ^This^

        *flings garlands towards Jerryskids*

    2. The perfect pitch about Obama’s tenure: NOTHING NEW.

      It was a new day yesterday, it’s an old day now.

  17. Confession of teen, 16, who ‘raped his math teacher and slashed her throat before dragging her body into woods’ cannot be used at trial because cops ‘coerced’ it from him
    Philip Chism, now 16, helped investigators locate Collen Ritzer’s body after her death in October 2013
    Judge ruled Tuesday that a taped police confession is now not admissible
    Police coerced Chism – then 14 – to confess when he wanted to remain silent, defense attorneys said
    Items seized from Chism after arrest, including Ritzer’s credit cards, a bloody box cutter and women’s underwear, are allowed to be used at trial
    Chism has deined raping and murdering the 24-year-old teache


    1. Yeah. Heard that on…you guessed it, Howie Cahhh.


      1. I haven’t been listening much lately. He bores me when he goes on his xenophobic routine.

        1. He’s been a tad hyper recently for sure. I get conservatives are upset about all the free crap illegals are said or set to be getting but Jesus, lay off the xeno-generalizations a bit when making your case.

    2. With the rest of the hard evidence, sounds like they should still get a conviction.

  18. Would YOU use a menstrual cup? One mother did – and says they may not just be for hippies…
    The Mooncup, or MCUK, is a reusable cup that collects menstrual fluid
    The silicone funnel device is often thought of as the preserve of hippies
    But adovocates claim they are economical, eco-friendly and comfortable
    Intrigued, one sceptical mother-of-four put the device to the test

    Um…. I got nuthin.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t. Mostly because my penis stopped having periods years ago.

    2. Not clicking, nope, nosirree, no way

      1. I hurt from just reading the excerpt. ๐Ÿ™

        1. Yeah.

          Would putting sarc in a “time-out” closet violate the NAP?

          1. You have to get him out of the closet, first.

    3. Any shit will be given a respectful hearing if it’s portrayed as being “green”.

    4. fun fact: a nickname for this device is “diva cup”

      enjoy sleeping tonight with that running through your noggin

    5. My GSD could use one a couple of times a year.

  19. I am starting to think the Hillary email and foreign money thing might actually be doing real damage to her and maybe even fatal damage. First, understand private emails for official business are a huge no no in government. Everyone who has ever worked in government knows that. I personally know of someone who almost lost their security clearance for the crime of forwarding official work to a home email account so they could work on a document at home. Using personal emails for official work as the great Joe Biden says, a big fucking deal.

    And not even having an official email account is just unthinkable. Hillary Clinton was the head of a Cabinet Level agency and never once had or used an official email account. There is no way to spin that. It is bad enough to do a little official work on your private email account but to do all of it and not even have an official one is just unthinkable. That is beyond the pale even for the Clintons. And she can’t win now. No matter how many emails she turns over to the national archives people are always going to assume she is hiding something, which she no doubt is. There is no justification for doing what she did other than she was up to no good.

    Regardless, I can’t see her stepping aside. If she doesn’t, who beats her? And how does a real contested nomination fight not get very ugly?


      1. Even the New York Times and The Guardian are treating is seriously. I am afraid the “those evil Tea Baggers just can’t handle the thought of a woman President” defense isn’t going to work this time.

        1. But BOOOOSH!!! had an email scandal, too.

          1. Don’t you worry. The faithful fact checkers will peer deep into American history to find a similar example so as to bring PERSPECTIVE (IE what Hilary did was bad….BUT…)

            1. ABC already tried to do that. They found a Republican congressman who had his gmail account on his business card and tried to behave like that was in any way relevant.

              1. Lincoln didn’t use govt email, therefore…

                1. Lincoln never used the govt email, and wrote his letters in pen or by dictation to a secretary. Very suspicious…

            2. saw that on CNN yesterday when I was waiting at the airport – Jeb Bush did the same sort of thing when he was governor, etc.

              1. Good. I won’t be voting for him either.

              2. Bush did it!

                So… ABC and CNN both have junior-high level debating skills. I am shocked.

        2. It’s still,selling at HuffPo.

      2. Democratic Underground seems to think it’s not all that important

        Trying like hell to distract from Bonehead’s buddy Bibi–imagine if all the energy had gone into

        covering THAT inappropriate visit instead of whining about someone who broke NO laws, who complied with the requirements of the archivist of the United States…but who is so threatening to some of the Judy Miller types at NYT and elsewhere that she has to be used as a distraction—even when there’s no THERE there!!!

        NYT seriously damaged their credibility — yet AGAIN. How many more hits before she sinks? Hell, Rupert Murdoch may as well buy that rag for all the credibility it has nowadays.

        1. That is the thing. This is going to really be ugly. A lot of Democrats and Democrats in the media, hate Hillary and the Clintons. I can’t see them backing off and buying the party line on this crap the way they did with Obama. At the same time, Hillary has a lot of brain dead followers who will defend her just as tenaciously as the various retards defend Obama. Unless no one other than Hillary runs for the nomination, this is going to be a wonderfully ugly fight. Hillary isn’t going to go down easy. But she is so stupid, arrogant, and corrupt that her opponents are going to have ammunition to hurt her very badly.

          1. It will be the Warrenistas vs. the Clintonistas.

            *grabs popcorn*

        2. Hilarious.

          The best part is that I maintain this is the second worst of the two Clinton scandals currently ongoing. I think it’s vastly worse that she took money from foreign governments while serving as Secretary of State. That’s probably unconstitutional.

          1. Both of them go to together. What do you think she was doing on those private emails?

            Also, one of the reasons why using private emails is such a big deal is that the government has no way of knowing if you are sending out classified information on those emails. What do you want to bet she did? That of course is a felony.

            1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict there will be no prosecutions or other legal penalties against Clinton no matter the evidence.

            2. such a big deal is that the government has no way of knowing if you are sending out classified information on those emails.

              That’s the first thing that came to my mind. And it’s why it doesn’t matter if the federal records act didn’t explicitly mention email until after she left office (which is one of the defenses being offered in the press right now).

              As Secretary of State, almost any email she sends to anyone has some foreign policy impact even if it is deciding who to have lunch with next Tuesday.

              1. It doesn’t matter Kenneth. The act didn’t have to. the definition in the act is broad enough to cover emails. Emails are correspondence and no different than writing a letter. Everyone in government knows that and no ethics counselor would agree that this is proper.

                There is no defense for this. She broke the law and did something that would get even a tenured federal employee fired.

                1. Her actions would get her fired from any Fortune 500 company in the world.

                  I really cannot fathom how this was allowed to occur.

                  The good news is that the folks at Salon are now starting to trash her over this. So apparently, you can’t worship the all-seeing, all-powerful federal government and then tolerate people that attempt to by-pass that government.

                  1. I really cannot fathom how this was allowed to occur.


                    In a lot of companies, you can’t even access your personal e-mail account from the office. It’s considered an IT risk. The use of personal e-mails in these cases is becoming common enough that I’m inclined to believe that it is unofficial policy.

                    1. No Bill. People in those places are not using personal emails for official purposes. They are checking their personal email accounts for personal reasons while at work. The danger there is that they download malicious software while reading the email rescheduling little Jimmy’s little league game not that they are using it for official purposes.

                    2. I absolutely understand that. That’s why I’m saying the situation in the federal government is fishy. It isn’t like the federal IT systems are somehow exempt from the risk you cite. So, why can federal employees access it? My best guess is that it is understood that it is allowed for precisely this reason.

                    3. I’d add that it would also explain why nobody said anything.

                    4. So, why can federal employees access it?

                      In most places they can’t. And where they can it is because they complained loudly enough to get those in charge to ignore the IT concerns.

                    5. My best guess is that it is understood that it is allowed for precisely this reason.

                      NO, absolutely not. The access of personal e-mails are allowed only so that you can take care of personal shit without having to leave the area. The idea is that you’re not supposed to do personal busines on government time, but you can use your personal time more efficiently.

                      A big part of mandatory IA training focuses on not mixing the two.

              2. And it’s why it doesn’t matter if the federal records act didn’t explicitly mention email until after she left office (which is one of the defenses being offered in the press right now).

                Emails are explicitly mentioned as federal records. So that excuse doesn’t work.

                By law Federal records are
                all documentary materials, including:
                policies and procedures
                statistical data
                legal opinions and decisions
                research data and studies
                letters and memoranda
                completed forms
                audio and video recordings
                posters and graphics
                architectural and engineering documents
                regardless of physical form, including:
                electronic, including electronic mail
                sound and visual recordings
                made or received by an agency of the U.S. Government under Federal law or in connection with the transaction of public business, and preserved or appropriate for preservation as evidence of agency functions, organization, and activities or because of the value of the information they contain (44 U.S.C. 3301).

                1. Ivan Pike:

                  That is the current version of the statute, which as the bit you quoted should have clued you into, has recently been amended. The old text does not identify “electronic mail” explicitly, although I would say that the meaning is still fairly clear (emphasis mine):

                  As used in this chapter, “records” includes all books, papers, maps, photographs, machine readable materials, or other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or received by an agency of the United States Government under Federal law or in connection with the transaction of public business and preserved or appropriate for preservation by that agency or its legitimate successor as evidence of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the Government or because of the informational value of data in them. Library and museum material made or acquired and preserved solely for reference or exhibition purposes, extra copies of documents preserved only for convenience of reference, and stocks of publications and of processed documents are not included.

                  44 U.S.C. 3301

          2. My congressman (the only R in NYC, I believe) lost his job because he paid some illegals under the table at a restaurant he owns.

            She does this and gets to be fucking president.

    2. Guess you haven’t heard, John. This is a fake scandal. Stop trying to drum up some sort of fake outrage over something that is, essentially nothing. There is no there there, John.
      Especially when Scott Walker DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A FUCKING COLLEGE DEGREE?!?!?!

    3. John, any theories on what she may have been up to? I have one for you this morning: perhaps Ms. Clinton was getting a kickback from Syria or Turkey for weapons sold from Libya, and then Amb. Stevens found out about it, or even demanded to get a cut of the action. Then what happens? Stevens and a few members of his staff come home in caskets w/ an American flag on top. I know it’s a stretch, but I don’t put anything past Ms. Clinton’s lust for greed and power.

      1. My guess is she was raising money for the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments. My bet is ordinary influence peddling. That is the thing about the Clintons; they are never very grand in their schemes. It always comes down to vulgar and obvious abuses of power and influence peddling. Bill getting blowjobs from a 22 year old intern is kind of a microsom of their vulgarity and corruption. Other Presidents would have been having an affair with some movie star or model or news babe. Leave it to Bubba to bang some intern.

        1. “My guess is she was raising money for the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments. ”

          We know for a fact she was raising money for the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and was also using her position to get corporations to give her money.

          She brokered a deal between GE and the Algerian government, and GE just happened to make a big donation to the foundation.

          1. Old radio/tube joke: What does GE stand for? Garbage Enclosed

      2. Pretty obvious that she wanted the ability to filter and control her legacy as Sec State – while doing her corrupt foundation work.

    4. So Hillary bought a private domain. The obvious question is where is the domain hosted? Is it at a commercial service like Network Solutions? Or a private organization or individual? Does the hosting service make regular back ups? Are state secrets backup there?

      The fact that Hillary went to extreme lengths to avoid having her emails archived by the government isn’t the thing that worries me the most.

      1. Reports say she also bought a private server and hosted the e-mail there, at someplace she owned.

        1. She ain’t smart enough to do that, but she apparently has someone on staff that is.

      2. The server was hosted at her private estate in New York. This is important because it means the physical server would be protected by the Secret Service that guard her house, further limiting the access anyone might have to it, including law enforcement.

        1. Audacious

        2. The USSS isn’t going to stop anyone with a lawful warrant or a subpena. Those emails can and probably will at some point be subject to subpena. The problem is without seizing the server and doing a full forensic examination of it, it will be impossible to know what if any emails were deleted. I can’t see a forensic examination ever happening. Moreover, Hillary could just physically destroy the drives and call it an accident the way the IRS did. It is not like Shreek and Tony and their media counter parts wouldn’t defend her doing it and attack anyone who claimed she was hiding anything.

          Setting up your own email server to avoid using your official email is bold even for the Clintons. Even I would not have thought they would be that brazen.

          1. Setting up your own email server to avoid using your official email is bold even for the Clintons.

            She probably thought she would never get caught.

          2. Even I would not have thought they would be that brazen.

            The level of premeditation is staggering.

            She was being coached by someone that knows his/her stuff.

          3. There is an interesting thread at DU about another possible reason for it, namely the State Dept email service sucks balls.

            State is famously behind the times when it comes to digital technology. When Colin Powell arrived in 2001, he called IT to his office because nothing seemed to be loading in his web browser. The techs patiently explained that that was because his computer wasn’t connected to the internet; no desktop computers at State were. But if he wanted to get on the internet, there was a handy desk in a room down the hall that he could use! Powell changed that right away (it’s one of the reason that State rank-and-file, who are overwhelmingly liberal Dems, regard Powell as the best Secretary they’ve ever worked for) but its systems still provide an inferior user experience compared to most people’s private computers. (One example: Internet Explorer 7 came out in 2006; Internet Explorer 6 was the only browser available on most State desktops until 2012 or ’13.)

            1. That is a stupid explanation;

              Email has been working since the 80’s. Shit, I used to have an email account I read on DOS while MS Windows was being prototyped!

              If it were true, the right thing for Mrs. Clinton to do would have been to order the IT infrastructure at state to be brought up to snuff, not to create her own little palace while the little people had to make do with crappy/nonexistant service.

              1. And never mention that you did it. That is the real kicker. They are claiming this was legal and appropriate and she did it to get around bad IT. Okay, then why didn’t she tell the public or Congress at the time?

              2. Not buying it myself. Just figure this is the defense they will go with.

            2. Sorry, not buying it. The internet is not email. And even if their connections sucked, the email still would have worked well internally. And if that was her reason, why didn’t she say so at the time? You know, go to Congress and ask for IT funds because the State IT is so bad she had to get her own domain to do her job?

              Sorry, but that is not going to fly.

              1. Which is why I am hoping she goes with this excuse.

                It would mean that she is claiming that she is a shitty manager in hopes it will get her out of hot water.

                1. Here is my other question, how fucking slack was media and Congressional oversight over DOS during this time? Think about it, everyone at State who got an email from the Secretary had to know about this. And yet, no one in Congress or the media ever bothered to look or report it if they knew.

                  1. I think this shit is far more widespread than people realize.

      3. Steve Clemons, a foreign policy expert at The Atlantic, said he has “never dealt with anyone at the highest levels of government who didn’t have an official email address.”

        “The issue of disclosure here is that private email addresses are easily penetrated. The issue here is not so much that she had a private email address, but rather how much the Chinese and Russians got from her private email address conversations, as they no doubt were tracking her,” Clemons added.

        Clinton aides have not indicated why exactly the former Secretary of State did not use a State Department e-mail address. It’s not clear what e-mail system she used, or if it was more or less secure than those run by the government.

        “There is shock at what Secretary Clinton did because the most likely explanation of her intent seems clear ? she created a system designed to avoid accountability, potentially in violation of the law,” said John Wonderlich, policy director of the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation.


    5. Yeah, Hillary is fucked. I’ve thought that she had little chance all along, but now she’s really had it, I think. I bet the party sets her loose now and finds someone else to back as the obvious choice.

    6. What’s really amazing is that she went 6 freakin’ years as SecState without an official email account, and nobody said a freakin’ thing. Nobody.

      Even though by forcing people to use her private account for public business, she was putting all of their jobs at risk.

      That’s how I’d go at this: Forget the Queen (for now). Go after every single pubsec employee who sent a work email to her private account. Because once you put the squeeze on them, no telling what’s going to come out of the woodwork.

      But, we all know absolutely nothing else is going to happen.

    7. There is no justification for doing what she did other than she was up to no good.

      Sure there is – laziness. I’d be willing to believe that she has no idea how email works, or any other technology. That shit is for minions.

      Now, I’m not sure whether malfeasance or arrogant laziness looks worse. But the press seems to hate her enough that this is getting some real traction, so this might actually be fatal to her campaign. Which is kind of sad, when you think about it. She’s been running for president for at least 40 years, and to get sunk by this? It’s like something from Aeschylus.

      1. “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make Derpy”

    8. You are right, but I don’t think it will stick unless someone can show evidence that she set up her own server with some nefarious purpose in mind. Otherwise, she’ll use some lame excuse about not having any evil intentions behind the act.

  20. Tech nerds weigh in.

    It looks like Clinton not only used a personal email address but she created the server specifically so she could retain all of the emails and distribute them back to DoS as she sees fit. Does she have sole access to her emails now or is there a way for someone,to force-entry into them with a subpoena?

    Also, Is this not a gross violation of the FRA as amended,in 2009 if not the previous act that would have at the least required her to provide hard copies of all personal correspondence to the DoS attorneys to determine what needed to be maintained?

    Lastly, is this Nixon-level paranoia or am I the crazy one?

    1. It seems that the accounts were on a domain maintained by the Clinton Foundation. A commercial e-mail provider is required to archive all of the emails going back a while, though I am not sure how long, in case law enforcement wants them. I doubt the Clinton Foundation is subject to those rules. I doubt they run their own server though. I bet they contracted it out and bought the domain from Yahoo or someone. If that is the case, then those emails are likely on some server somewhere and would be subject to subpoena and very easily retrievable. They would be subject to subpoena if they are on a Clinton Foundation Server. Of course, good luck in ever getting them as we find out the server mysteriously crashed or was wiped clean due to “foundation policy” the day after this story broke.

      1. The server was actually ran out of her own private estate. As in it was physically located at her personal residence.


        So basically she would have had absolute control over who got access to the server.

        1. Remember, Nixon had to resign over 15 minutes or whatever of missing tape, which really may have been accidentally deleted by his secretary. We will never know. Hillary Clinton set up her own e-mail server for when she is Secretary of State and that is just a FAKE SCANDAL.

          1. It was a bit more than the missing part. On at least one tape he discussed paying off people to be quiet.

            The big thing to remember is that the press kept the pressure on for almost two years, including live telecasts of the Senate Watergate Hearings.

            1. Yes, I know that. But the missing part was a really big deal and what people remember. 15 minutes of missing tape is a big deal such that forty years later people remember it but setting up your own server farm to avoid using official email is just a fake scandal.

          2. THIS IS JUST ASTROTURF!!!


      2. And you answered many of my questions above before I posted them. Oops.

    2. There is absolutely no way she did not know what she was doing, which is the important thing. She has zero plausible deniability since the server was routed from her private house in New York, where it would be guarded by the Secret Service and no one could have access to without her knowledge.

      So yes, that is Nixonian levels of paranoia but also Nixonian levels of arrogance since this is so utterly brazen and in violation of the law.

      She’s toast. She’ll have to answer some very tough questions from her people in the media who she has long took for granted as her friends.

  21. Spot the Not, Sudden Death: Barbara Mikulski

    1. I thought in this country, the best social program was a job.
    Yet minimum wage jobs aren’t paying enough to keep families out of poverty.

    2. I would like to be the first ambassador to the United States from the United States.

    3. There’s an old saying: “Behind every successful man there’s a woman.” A loving, giving, caring woman.

    4. With new, capable leadership, FEMA can again lead the way in saving lives and saving communities.

    5. Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security.

    6. Our children are our greatest resource. Our public policy must reflect our values.

    1. 2.

    2. Three.

    3. Imma say 2. And also…

    4. And the Not is….


      That is one of Jane Curtain’s lines from the infamous “ignorant slut” skit from SNL.

      She really said 2.

  22. What is the command to get a double spaced paragraph divide? I keep using the “/p” command and getting a single space. How do I make it double spaced?

      1. testing



        br isn’t working. They must edit it out when rendering.

        1. This line has no leading carriage return

          This line has two leading carriage returns

          This line has a single leading carriage reuturn and a p tag

          This line has two leading carriage returns and a p tag

          This line is a link

        2. They’re all on separate lines here. Links are no longer orange since I refreshed the page though.

          1. Looks like they’re working the bugs out and we’re the testers.

      2. That is just a smug, smart ass move but I can’t really complain since the widget is so damned cool.

        1. Me? Being a smug smartass? I never!


  24. We already know what it looks like on Titan

    Saturn rising and setting over the icy mountains.

  25. Shikha really fucked up H&R when she pasted that adware into her post yesterday.

    1. Adware is borderless, man.

  26. I’m making $100 million a year working on the Internet from home. I work less than 20 hours a week and the leaders of foreign nations send me and my husband donations to curry favor in case I am elected President. I’m thinking of buying a Citroen. If you want to know more, email me at hrc22@clintonemail.com to find out more.

    1. Any emails not accompanied by a substantial donation will be ignored.

  27. From the article linked from Reason to the BBC about Captain Nothing New about Netanyahu:

    “…Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said she was close to tears during the speech…”

    Lord me. They’re like a bunch of childlike sociopaths.

    “Mr Obama said he had been unable to watch the speech as it was given, but found “nothing new” when he read the transcript.”

    Something tells me Obama thinks his speeches are rousing and inspirational affairs that none could ever match.

    Lord me – again – they’re like a bunch of arrogant twits.

    1. Theyr’e not arrogant; they are suffering from variants of narcissistic personality disorder.

      One really aggravating behavior that is often manifested by people with that disorder is seeking to utterly denigrate others who aren’t going along with the narcissist’s plan.

      It means they issue a stream of counter-productive and unnecessary put-downs.

      1. They’re also petulant for its own sake.

        Fine. The left has issues with Netanyahu’s shtick but this is not how to handle things.

        They have no statesmanship etiquette.

        Meh. It’s how I see things.

    2. I still am not sure why the leader of another country should be addressing Congress at all.

      1. Because they invited him?

        Congress is an independent institution – nominally free to conduct its affairs however its leadership desires.

        1. OK, I suppose that is as it should be. I wasn’t suggesting it ought to be constitutionally banned or something. Just seems odd. If they want to know what he thinks, they could ask him to write a letter or something. Or just look at what he has been saying all along. Seems odd and not really appropriate to give him a platform for a major public speech.

          I kind of just think “Fuck Israel” at this point. I think they are better than most of their neighbors by a long shot in terms of freedom and not being completely fucked. And I hope they manage to defend themselves well. But I really don’t want to be involved at all. Not our problem.

  28. Whoah!




    1. Are we sure they’re the correct paragraphs?
      Single carriage return

      Double carriage return.

      1. YAY! It did what I expected it to.

  29. Flew in last night on American Airlines – flight got delayed… delayed.. and then moved to another gate… and then delayed… I got home just after 2AM. I’m running on nothing but hate right now.

    1. Flew in from Miami Beach AAC, man I had a dreadful flight.

      1. Those Ukraine girls really knock me out – they leave the West behind

    2. If they only lost some of your luggage, then that’s a pretty good trip on AA.

      1. Short trip so I went with carry-on…

        I went to Fort Worth to visit one of our plants which needs some serious system help. I saw only two computers on the floor… they are doing painting and assembly of heavy truck parts,.. all using spreadsheets and manual entry to manage the data.

        But at least I got to eat some good food at Hard Eight BBQ in Roanoke.

        1. No shit, AA managed to lose my carry-on once.

          Last leg of the flight was one of those dinky 3 seat across jobs, so I had to check it at the gate.

          Fuckers left it sitting on the tarmac.

    1. why you no like my html! *throws chopsticks down*

    2. A recent talk at UCLA’s political science department, “Undocumented and Acting Up: Queering Sovereignty in the Immigrant Rights Movement,” drew on “the insights of queer theory” to propose that both illegal aliens and HIV-positive homosexuals are victims of “simplistic accounts of individual action.” Their “death and suffering,” according to visiting lecturer Cristina Beltr?n, are unjustly attributed to their own actions?presumably, crossing the border illegally, in the one case, and engaging in high-risk promiscuous sex, in the other. Queer theory, however, understands these problems to be the result not of voluntary behavior but of “global capitalism, human desire, and government failure.”

      1. And the prize for strained logic goes to….

        1. Prize for strained logic goes to:

          MIchael Shermer


      2. Queer theory, however, understands these problems

        No, I don’t think it does understand.

      3. Given that American Hispanics actually have higher life expectancies than American whites, I don’t know how much ‘death’ is occurring to illegal immigrants.

    3. Unholy fecal matter was that obmoxious.

      1. And obnoxious as well.

  30. Here is the answer to the energy crisis – nearly unlimited electrical power.


    1. Set up collection stations at middle schools everywhere

  31. Flying to Tampa on a late a.m. flight and at 9:14 I was the very FIRST of the day to opt out of the RapeyScanner at CMH. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    1. I don’t fly very often, so I didn’t beat you to the airport?

    2. Because people would rather put up with the scanner than be groped? What difference does it make? You get blasted in the ass either way. Why is the scanner worse than metal detector, pat down, etc? At this point, the whole thing is fucked and you just have to suck it up or not fly.

    3. Probably because Columbus Municipal Hangar is not that busy?

  32. Out sick today, but when I post at work on Internet Explorer I’d say about 2/3rds of the time the link to reply and the comment box at the bottom disappear.

    I have no issues on Chrome so is Reason just not compatible with IE? And is there anyway to get the orange links back?

    I want answers, dammit!

    1. One thing I like about my job is that I require admin rights to do it. That means I can install Firefox at work.

  33. Mickey Kaus: Good God Y’all. What is Vox good for? Absolutely Nothing

    What’s the point of having a fake-neutral liberal self-styled wonkish whippersnapper web site if it pisses on one of the few really good liberal ideas out there: the idea of “universal employment” or a right to a job. Few politicians have pushed this idea (since Sen. Paul Simon in the late 80s) so it has been left to President Frank Underwood on House of Cards.**

    Vox’s Danielle Kurtzleben conflates the idea with “zero unemployment” and then proclaims it “bonkers” and “impossible.” But you don’t need an unemployment rate of zero to offer a minimal job to all comers. If the wage is modest, lots of people won’t take the government up on the offer. And the wage would have to be modest, as FDR realized when setting up his Works Progress Administration (WPA) ? lest people leave private work in droves to go work for the government.

    1. Goddammit, Kaus. Universal employment is a terrible idea. There is no way the government would keep the wage ‘modest’ since, to the government, getting people to leave private work in droves is a perk.

    2. Universal Employment via government?

      Hasn’t it been tried before in the form of Single Employer… err… I mean communism?

    3. What is funny there is that Danelle Kutzleben is so fucking stupid she thinks “full employment” means a “zero unemployment rate” like anyone actually thinks that you could ever get to a point where no one is in school, between jobs, in jail, the hospital or just hanging out living on savings for a while.

      If don’t understand the meaning of “full employment” as a term of art, you are too ignorant to have an opinion on the subject of unemployment beyond saying it is bad. And if you are writing an article about the issue as part of your job and don’t understand that, you are a fucking moron whose opinion on anything should be ignored.

      1. To paraphrase P. J. R’Rourke, “being fully employed has never particularly been a goal of mine, but it seems important to the government”.

        1. Yeah being poor is the problem. Unemployment is bad only insofar as it makes you poor. Unemployment without poverty is what I like to call, an ideal life.

      2. Having zero unemployment wouldn’t be very good. You need some unemployment or you won’t have much of a competitive market for jobs.

    4. Hey, if you’re not employed, how are you gonna be taxed?

      1. You own real estate. Or a car. Or you buy liquor or tobacco or freshly prepared food. Or have income from investments. Or inheritance.

        Should I go on?

  34. Have you guys seen this? Apparently, Google is coming up with truthiness-based search results, and Gawker is going to go down in the search results because it is a “gossip” site.

    I wonder what will happen to JIZZebel.

    Gawker To Be Penalized By New ‘Fact-Based’ Search Algorithm, Says Google

    1. That’s funny, but where will that leave Reason?

      1. I wondered that too. If Google uses comments in its algorithm, and the algorithm can’t understand sarcasm, it will leave Reason way at the bottom. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. If it’s just going by ‘classifications’ I assume that Reason will be ranked as a ‘political site’ and will get the same sort of ranking as Weekly Standard, Mother Jones, etc.

    2. Another reason to abandon Google as a search provider. They’re basically inserting their value judgements into algorithms.

      DuckDuckGo, please.

  35. Ben Carson equates consensual homosexual relationships to prison rape:

    Ben Carson: Prisons prove being gay is a choice

    Asked whether being gay is a choice, Carson responded: “Absolutely.”

    “Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question,” Carson said.

    1. There goes Ben’s big campaign check from Tim Cook.

    2. Ben Carson, the well-spoken black version of Rick Santorum.

      1. What would a Carson neologism be like?

        1. I would imagine it involves lumberjacks

    3. No. He is saying that people who get raped in prison come out of the experience gay. Having never been raped or been in prison, I can’t really comment on the validity of that claim. It is, however, not the same as saying consensual sodomy is the same as rape.

      1. He doesn’t even say that. He says people engage in consensual homosexual sex in jail – which of course they do. Not all gay sex in jail is rape and it’s telling that at no point did Carson even say rape.

        This is a moronic statement and he deserves to be criticized for it, but I’m amazed that when someone says something stupid Stormy feels the need to lie in order to make it appear worse than it is. The stupidity would be evident without the dishonesty.

        1. Because Stormy is a concern troll

    4. He’s not equating consensual homosexual relationships to prison rape, he’s saying that because people have homosexual relations in prison (and not all such relations are rape, Stormy) he believes homosexuality is a choice.

      I disagree since when those men come out of prison they all go looking for women. What this really proves is that when you have no preferred sexual outlet you’ll engage in activity you otherwise wouldn’t. However, it’s completely disingenuous to the point of being an outright lie to claim that he is equating consensual homosexual sex to prison rape when all he’s actually doing is using homosexual relations in prison as evidence of his argument that it’s a choice.

      (What? He’s a Republican?)


      1. Well, to be fair, he is a total idiot.

    6. So Stormy Dragon thinks all sex in prison is rape.

      1. But how do you classify the sex in prison that is not FORCED rape but is de facto rape (in that the person probably doesn’t want to catch, but goes along because they are intimidated into it)?
        Being broken down in prison and then just sort of going along with it seems common in prison.

        1. Prison sexuality is a really complicated subject. But in many cases it can be understood as a simple exchange.

          One prisoner exchanges sexual favors with another prisoner in return for protection from the other prisoners. Obviously there isn’t an ideal situation for either party but I wouldn’t call it rape.

    7. “Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay.”

      Well, one has to pay one’s debt to society, one way or another….

      Anyway, this is an extraordinary claim. Considering the U.S. has the highest number of incarcerated people by population size in the world, it would follow the U.S. would have the greater proportion of gay people vs. the total U.S. population. Why, that would mean chaos! Imagine, all those eligible bachelors giving each other come-hither looks!

    8. Seems to me that the main problem here is assuming that being gay and performing homosexual acts are the same thing.

      Obviously, homosexual acts are a choice. I could fuck some dude in the ass or suck a dick if I chose to. But I don’t. Being primarily attracted to members of the same sex is a rather different thing. People can be gay even if they have never had gay sex.

      Carson’s comments are stupid, though you are overdoing the rape aspect.

  36. For those who were able to see last night’s episode of Kennedy, I think I found the man behind sockpuppet Tony: actor and comedian Jay Thomas.

    Here’s my evidence: Kennedy invited a pair of leftists to a discussion on the president’s intention of raising taxes through an executive order. One of the leftist guests was actor and comedian Jay Thomas, who argued that the United States is so rich, everybody was entitled to enjoy the best things one can enjoy, like great roads and great mass transit.

    When Kennedy asked “why should I work hard for my money if the government is going to take it away?”, Mr. Thomas replied with “You’re too greedy!”

    Jay Thomas is Tony. I mean, nobody can be as banal and stupid.

    1. Who the fuck is Jay Thomas?

      1. He’s some nobody who used to play Carla Tortelli’s [Rhea Perlman] boyfriend in Cheers.

        1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, that guy! I remember him. Sounds like a dick. He was on another sitcom, too. Maybe “Makin’ It”….

      2. HE’S EDDIE LEBEC!

      3. I used to listen to the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius. It had its moments. He seems like he can be a volatile person and definitely vulgar. As for his politics, yeah, he leans left – even if he couldn’t admit it.

        1. He’s an idiot. I am not making shit up when I say he told Kennedy she was being “too greedy”. At that moment, Kennedy made this face that could tell anybody she was thinking “Gosh, what an ass!”

    2. How did Kennedy reply? What is the word for someone who is greedy for someone else’s money?

      1. She tried to be polite by saying “it is not greed to want to succeed, but even if it where, why is that justification to take someone’s money away?” but Jay just shook his head as if Kennedy had just insulted the Prophet Zarquon or something,

    3. …” I mean, nobody can be as banal and stupid.”…

      OM, you need to spend some time in SF.

    4. Tony is still Paul Krugman. In addition to “Tony”, he also used to occasionally post as “Chad” back a few years ago before registration got implemented.

      1. Ha ha! I remember Chad.

        I also remember Max, H&R’s pet yorkie. Max was a cross of Shriek and American Socialist. Those were the times, my friend… ?

        1. Chad isn’t Tony; Chad was Edward.

          Edward was a guy who appeared when Ron Paul was starting to have his moment in the spotlight. He hated Ron Paul with a passion. Whenever Ron Paul was mentioned, the guy would go off on a rant about christianity and Ron Paul’s theocratic impulses.

          He also was Jewish and would post really impenetrable rebuttals to Jacob Sullum’s articles that hinted somehow that Jacob was sinning. Being a goy, I never could make head or tail of his point, but it sure was important to him.

          He so pissed off people that people started sockpuppeting him – posting over the top diatribes as Edward. It became impossible to tell the original from the parodies. At first he tried to argue with them, with Edward shrieking at Edward to stop stealing his identity. That of course poured gasoline on the fire. everyone started doing it, including I am sad to confess me (it was *one* moment of weakness, and I regret it).

          So he invented other identities. Be became Chad, then Concerned Observer.

          It took Mary Stack’s derangement to drive him from the site; poor guy just couldn’t compete with her craziness. His diatribes were like tears falling in rain. Also, once Ron Paul retired, what was the point?

  37. I am disappointed noone else has posted this: SCIENCE!

    Average Penis Size

    Are you above average?

    1. Grower, not a shower

      “I was in the pool!”

      Science has spoken: Size matters for women


    3. 13.12 cm (5.16 in) seems a bit small to be average, but I guess they’re counting all the Koreans too.

      1. Don’t come here to brag.

    4. I will be measuring soon…so hard to get a REALLY GOOD ERECTION these days…

    5. Are you above average?

      I skewed the statistics.

  38. there is a link there…it just isn’t Boehner colored


  40. The House of Representatives passed a clean bill funding the Department of Homeland Security for the remainder of the year.

    Representative government is basically dead at the federal level.

    The American people voted overwhelmingly to stop the Obama dictatorship four months ago, and these assholes just keep right on letting him do whatever the hell he wants to as though no election even took place.

    1. Next up:

      (1) We can’t do anything unless we hold all branches of government, so elect a Republican President!

      (2) We can’t do anything without risking our control of all branches of government, so we have to give the Dems everything they want!

      (3) See, we lost control of the Presidency/Senate/House because we didn’t give the Dems everything they wanted! Elect more Republicans so we can keep giving the Dems everything they want!

      At some point, does being completely useless get to be worse than being evil?

  41. “Researchers are investigating how life might form on Titan.”
    We might have ’em take a look at what happened to the H&R web site, too.

  42. Police, and specifically the homicide unit, racked up the most overtime, even as the murder rate in the city is going down

    “Fox Butterfield, Is That You?”

  43. Four foreigners in Indonesia have been transferred to their execution site?they were sentenced to death for trying to smuggle heroin from Indonesia into Australia.

    You paying attention policymakers? This is how you fight obesity.

  44. So life on Titan will have a hard time keeping track of its hat? Or will it be hat-like in appearance?

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