Fatal Police Shooting of Homeless Man in Downtown LA Caught on Tape

Posted to Facebook, where the police commission president saw it. An officer is heard yelling drop the gun but it's unclear if the man had one.



Police in Los Angeles were responding to a robbery call in downtown Los Angeles when they approached a homeless man named Africa and ordered him to remove his tent—the homeless are allowed to have tents in certain areas during the evening and early morning.

Video posted to Facebook caught part of the interaction with Africa and another homeless man, who picks up a dropped baton at some point. A struggle with Africa ends with police firing several shots, killing Africa. Police won't say how many shots were fired or how many police officers were involved, both of which can be more or less counted on the video (five shots, four cops). One of the officers yells "drop the gun" before the shots are fired.

Police say no officer was injured during the altercation. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff says he felt the adrenaline when he watched the video, which he first saw on social media, and that the police investigation would center around whether Africa did, indeed, take control of one of the officer's weapons before he was shot. What kind of other training the video might spur remains to be seen.

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  1. Holy fuck.

    My guess is that there will be no gun to be found (really, how many homeless have access to firearms?) and the cops will be adamant that the guy grabbed one of theirs.

    In any case…holy fuck.

    1. Yup.
      Paid leave for all cops involved, half assed investigation, cops innocent, back to work, one man’s dead, life goes on.
      And repeat…..

    2. Also, is there like some sort of cop lookbook that is used by law enforcement agencies nationwide?

      “Hmmm…..I think pudgy, pasty, Oakley wearing dipshit might compliment me rather well this season.”

      1. Sitting indoors or in squad cars or donut places/mini-marts where they cage free food… does not make for much of a look.

        The other side of the coin is the “SWAT/SOG” types that sit around and lift and build rage up.

    3. The training will consist of teaching the cops to always shout “Drop the gun!” every time they have a problem with someone.

  2. If these apes can’t be bothered to practice weapon retention drills, then they should not all be armed. The English model of issuing weapons to only certain police might be worth considering.

  3. An officer is heard yelling drop the gun but it’s unclear if the man had one.

    It’s coming right for us!

  4. Oh and another thing: why the fuck are they not even attempting to render aid? So much for serve and protect.

    1. I am wondering this as well.

    2. What are you talking about? They were, and will continue serving and protecting each other.. all the way through a grand jury if need be… Serving their own interests, and protecting each other.. “the thin blue line?”

      1. Thin brown streak is a bit more accurate.

    3. If they had already determined that he was dead, why would you render aid?
      Of course, this is just emblematic of how rich, uncaring Republicans disregard the rights of Americans…..
      Oh, wait, Los Angeles is a Democrat town.
      Sorry….My Bad.

  5. Colonel Klink and Captain Kirk are on this Man From Uncle episode on Me TV.I think Mr Spock is going to show up soon.

  6. Hard to see what happened right while the shots are heard, but before that, all I see is a bunch of uniformed thugs hopped up on adrenaline and/or caffeine rousting a bunch of homeless bums far beyond what was necessary. Bums can be smelly and obstreperous, but near as I could see from that video, the cops were simply having fun, getting in some good boisterous exercise, with absolutely zero regard for actually defusing the situation. Tents on a sidewalk don’t deserve that kind of response.

    Respect for cops continues downhill. I’ve got jury duty coming up, and I’m really torn between trying to keep my mouth shut just so I can nullify some stupid laws, and wanting to make public how much I despise cop behavior.

    1. Do the right thing. Suppress your anger and nullify.

      1. Amen, well said… I have wrestled with the same thing myself… Be humble and quiet, then nullify… Am prepared to do it, send me yer prayers…

        1. Nullify. Then villify.

  7. I think their name should be changed to the F.F.O.P.:

    Fatal. Fraternal. Of. Police ; “Where You Can Die If You Scare Us”

    1. Resistance is fatal! Um… futile!

  8. Police Hero – 1

    Homeless Scum – 0

    Procedures were followed, authority was disrespected, officers went home safe, nothing else will happen.

    1. And a firearm was discharged. The officers are really upset about what occurred.

      1. Nope, sorry nice try.

        Not passive enough, ‘was’ tending to imply an overt act causing the actual discharge.

        A firearm discharged is the proper formulation.

        Like when a cop is involved in a single vehicle accident, it is the car that lost control.

  9. the police investigation would center around whether Africa did, indeed, take control of one of the officer’s weapons before he was shot.

    You got six cops and I homeless guy and can’t find a way to subdue him without one of you losing control of your weapon. You don’t deserve to carry a gun. Or a badge. Or your head high. Either gross incompetence or outright murder.

    1. this is my thinking the police need to learn how to subdue unarmed people without shooting especially when they are six of them already holding him down.

    2. Anyone know what kind of retention holster uniformed LAPD use?

      Because they certainly use one.

  10. All homeless people are trash and should be killed and piled into the local trash truck.

    No one would complain.

    Really. For real! Kill all the homeless and smash then into bits…

    Who would complain?

    I would march for the homeless with like 4 people here but who would complain? All the rich and kind rich white old folks would turn a blind eye… the suburbanites all say they work too hard for mortgages to care and the police are tired of bums…

    Lets go ‘Murican genocide on the homeless and send them all to the showers…

    1. I’m willin to bet that more than a few fucking americans would turn a blind eye to the homeless being showered in nazi chemicals and killed and tossed into the sea…

      horrible as hell but retired people ARE horrible as hell…

    2. I would march for the homeless with like 4 people here but who would complain? All the rich and kind rich white old folks would turn a blind eye… the suburbanites all say they work too hard for mortgages to care and the police are tired of bums…

      Not sure I buy this. Plenty of petty bourgeoisie upper middle class white kids will march in this man’s name, whereas I, someone who lives right in this community and has to deal with this same homelessness on a daily basis doesn’t care. The pigs definitely botched the whole situation and made it escalate into something it shouldn’t have been, but trust me some of the homeless cats out here can get downright unpredictable. It’s bad here, like a regular zombie apocalypse at times.

      LAPD is usually pretty good at dealing with the homeless population, they have dedicated outreach officers who know the lay of the land in the Skid Row district and train their colleagues. But the tactical training on how to restrain a delusional homeless man and more importantly, secure your weapon, it irredemible.

    3. I’d complain. But I know what it is like to be homeless.

  11. Delores del Rio’s 1930 L-29 Cord with period custom coachwork is coming up for auction. Looks like one badass (but slow) ride from the front as well as the backseat. The best part is it is purportedly totally original, unrestored and runs great. I’d be more concerned with confirming the Hollywood/Mexico City-Star provenance than checking every last detail of correct originality if I were to dive deep down in the money vault.

  12. I love when scumbags get in fights with each other.

    This week’s feud of dipshits – Roosh V. vs. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig.

    It is hilarious that ESB went out of her way to attack a degenerate like Roosh V. twice in a month in articles published by the New Republic. Remember when The New Republic was a serious magazine? Back before they had Communist liberation theologists getting in public fights with sleazy pick up artists?

    1. Roosh V isn’t a dipshit. I imagine a high percentage of his book customers and most rabid fans are though

    2. I thought the last remnants of the New Republic had been swept away?

      /Grand Moff Tarkin

  13. the violent universe is an apex of singular fear for those that sleep in the whine of the unknowing… tight chests found a tunnel into the secret pipe underneath the elite vessel… scrabbling and broken, their eyes knew the world was going to die but radical wealthy futures on a secret planet pressed their anger and …. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACk……….

  14. Sorry, to me this doesn’t look like much more than a Darwin Award winner. Anyone who gets into a “struggle” with a bunch of armed men (not just police) risks getting shot, by accident or intentionally.

    1. Taken much more seriously if I shoot someone accidentally during a struggle.

    2. Agreed Papaya.

      While I obviously think the procedures and practices of the LAPD wrt arms safety training need to be re-examined, I always find it a bit hard to sympathize with people whose initial instinct when confronted with law enforcement is belligerence.

      1. I have 100% sympathy for (e.g.) the poor schmucks who are sitting at home when the SWAT team bursts through the wrong door. For the people who do really stupid and violent things and then get killed, not so much. “But my baby was just trying to get away in a stolen car! The police didn’t have to shoot him! He didn’t deserve to die!

        1. “But my baby was just trying to get away in a stolen car! The police didn’t have to shoot him! He didn’t deserve to die!

          I my heart doesn’t bleed for these people, but as Sudden points out; frequently this situation ends with a car crash and a hail of gunfire unloaded on an unarmed perp. in an otherwise quite neighborhood or apartment complex.

          Forget peaceful dissolution/resolution, not only do the police fail to contain the situation, they actively escalate it.

        2. For the people who do really stupid and violent things and then get killed, not so much.

          The cops rarely get killed.

          Wait, did you mean something else?

        3. I have 100% sympathy for (e.g.) the poor schmucks who are sitting at home when the SWAT team bursts through the wrong door.

          Sounds a lot like what happened to the corpse here.

          1. No, because the police coming through the door to a home is not the same thing as the police approaching someone on a sidewalk.

    3. Don’t worry, Papaya. We’ll always have schmucks like you around to question just how evolved humans are.

  15. Didn’t you hear? Folks are abandoning the LAPD, and doing business with the competition that have far better customer service and support records through the provision of security services. Individuals have already warned the LAPD that their agents will be considered rougue, and any attempts of aggression will be met with self defense………

    Ooooh but wait!!!….. We need gov’t!! The thought of something other than a violent coercive monopoly where the employees benefit from “qualified immunity” and can run rough shod over people’s liberties while facing little or no consequenses, and even be rewarded for violent acts would simply result in ChAos!!!

  16. One of the officers yells “drop the gun” before the shots are fired.

    Before shooting your victim, always yell “drop the gun”, therefore during the ensuing whitewash investigation, you can claim that you “reasonably believed” there was a gun- even when gun the isn’t found.

    It’s the shooting equivalent of ‘stop resisting’.

    1. This was my initial thought as well. They’ve probably made it SOP to yell “drop the gun” in these sort of situations, in an attempt to neutralize the inevitable video footage.

      1. I’ll certainly take back everything I say if there’s irrefutable evidence that “Africa” was or had obtained an officer’s gun.

        But unfortunately, I do use previous performance to judge future actions, and thus far, the law enforcement community has been judged and found wanting.

  17. How many different ways does the UK totally suck? The government is blocking the transfer of this OG Rejlander photo album after the unnamed bidder won it at auction because some academics want to “study it”. They’re looking for some pommie to buy it, at the underbidder price! If I was a rich Brit I’d buy it just to keep it the fuck away from whoever put the hold on the transfer. Maybe sneak it out of the country and let a Frog, Yank or Swede scholar have a peek and write some journal article or paper on it.

    OJ Rejlander probably invented composite printing and was Lewis Carroll’s favorite CP photographer. No CP in this album, however.

  18. I still don’t understand the training we give our police. There never seems to be an option to retreat and seek cover. Only to advance. No possible way to handle a suspicion of a gun other than opening fire.

    The tide seems to have shifted from applying minimal force to using the maximum amount of force the courts will tolerate. Which is a pretty insane amount of force if babies are getting hands blown off in order to search people who aren’t even suspected of being violent.

    1. Cops almost never advance on any kind of real threat. They hunker down, wait for the hostages to be raped or shot and bleed out then when they’re absolutely sure the perps have suicided or escaped they move in and hold the surviving innocents at gunpoint like they are rioting convicts. See Columbine and some jewelry/designer clothing store robbery in SoCal a couple of years back for examples.

    2. What’s this we crap? They are trained to obey the state, and seriously hurt, or kill anyonel who doesn’t obey the state and it’s so called “law”.

      If they kill your family member, they will try everything to justify it, spend time working at a desk, and go right back out on the street while you’re forced to pay their salary against your will.

      If you revoke your funding, those same folks will come for your property, and if you resist they will kill you too. Who in the eff would pay for such a service?

      If you’re into being dominated and like a boot stomping your face or whatever, you can pay for that by yourself without subjecting anyone else to it.

  19. Police say no officer was injured during the altercation.

    I don’t understand why this was in the last paragraph of the post. Shouldn’t it be the lede?

    1. It’s more of a nail-biter that way.

    2. The PTSD disability early retirements come later. After they’re done lying at the inquest.

    3. Did you see the size of those guys the police were tangling with? Holy dickballs, the cops were outnumbered and outsized! They really are lucky they are not hurt. This is why I could never be a police officer, having the stones to take down giant scum like they did in that video. Kudos, boys in blue.

      1. Imagine if the boys in blue had been armed with pepper spray, tasers, firearms and batons!

      2. They had to handle one limb each!

  20. motherfucker.

  21. From the LA Times article:

    Police Commission President Steve Soboroff first saw the video of the shooting via social media. He was watching it again when reached by a Times reporter Sunday evening, trying to hear what exactly the officers had said to the man.

    “My heart just started pounding just watching it,” Soboroff said. “I feel the adrenaline. These situations are just so horrific.”

    Holy shit. Did the police commissioner just admit that he got an adrenaline boner while watching his officers kill a man?

    1. Either that or the video of the confrontation put him into such a panic that he nearly shot his computer by reflex.

      1. “Once the panic fire subsided, we continued the interview”

  22. Statists love being the state’s bitch….the bad part is they want everyone else to be forced to do so along with them….while not doing any of the forcing themselves.

    1. You have to find competent, hard-working labour somewhere. You ain’t gonna find it state-side.

    2. Why is that ironic? That’s the main reason we let foreign workers in via H-1B., is because they make so much less than someone in the US who is qualified.

      Companies want cheap labor, the government complies. After all, it’s the middle class who ends up paying for the welfare when citizens can’t find jobs…

  23. Maybe they thought he was somehow avoiding paying his fair share of taxes, in which case any level of violence is acceptable. -prog socialist

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if the homeless guy was being a nuisance and deserved some tough love. Having said that, have the cops no ability to deal with troublesome people and try to deescalate a situation over non violent crimes or misdemeanors? WHat if the homeless guy was mentally ill? When that road rager white teen in Las Vegas was apprehended, it came after a long patient standoff with the cops. The cops didn’t go barging in and shoot the guy at the first sign of non cooperation by the teen.

    And here is another art at de-escalation. When you have the luxury of 4 or 5 cops against one guy. why can’t three cops keep their weapons away and try to overpower the guy while there is a backup cop who is a step behind them and is ready to fire just in case of a worst case scenario? This way the cops near the homeless guy can concentrate on apprehending the guy without fear of him reaching for the gun. And how many times have we seen cops reflexively say “drop the gun” or “don’t resist” only to find video footage whre the guy was doing no such thing? Hell, we had a white lesbian cop in Seattle recently who kept accusing an elderly black veteran who had a golf club as a walking stick and kept telling him that she captured him threatening her on video. She knew there was a dashcam and she was still lying her ass off on video. It’s become really ridiculous how much cops are lying now. In the past, they would lie knowing there was no video footage. Now , they do it on camera.

  25. If there is a stink, we must investigate. We must gather evidence because evidence makes us see the truth. Is this the stink of a criminal act, or is it a turd in a bag?

    I see cops who lose their way every day, and I don’t like that,
    because their ambivalence is contagious. They infect those around them. They’re like maggots. Where you find one, you find a nest.
    — Robert De Niro in Cop Land (1997).

  26. When it comes to this type of activity, removing homeless, maybe the police should proceed without guns, but still have armed backup several feet away. Yes I know many homeless have knives but the police can act on that without shooting, thats what tasers and pepper spray are for.

  27. So now an officer shouting “Drop the gun” is the equivalent of the old SouthPark “It’s coming right for us”?

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  31. The gun in question belonged to one of the officers.

  32. amsoc – some of your taxpayer funded tax enforcing armed agents of the state hard at work.

  33. “Drop the gun!” is the new “it’s coming right for us!”


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