3-D Printing DNA: Hacking Life's Code and Creating New Organisms

"Nature doesn't have DNA laser printers, and we do."


"3-D Printing DNA: Hacking Life's Code and Creating New Organisms" was originally released on Feb. 24, 2015. The original writeup is below.

"To think that we can't make organisms that aren't more efficient than existing, I don't think is correct," says Austen Heinz, founder of the biotech startup Cambrian Genomics. "Because nature doesn't have DNA laser printers, and we do."

Reason TV's Zach Weissmueller sat down with Heinz to discuss the ramifications of a technology that dramatically brings down the cost of sequencing and assembling DNA, suddenly making the ability for consumers to create their own organisms an economic reality. Heinz partnered with a company to crowdfund a "glowing plant," which led to a subsequent ban on GMO-related projects on Kickstarter, and he expresses concern with the lagging regulatory structure governing biotech development. But Heinz is undeterred by regulatory and cultural obstacles and foresees a future where consumers can affordably leverage his technology to fix errors in their own DNA or even design their own creatures in the same way that 3-D printing companies like MakerBot allow for custom models.

"[With] MakerBot, you would print out, say, a plastic dinosaur. With Cambrian, the idea is that eventually you'll be able to print out your own little dinosaur that actually walks across the table," says Heinz. "Everything around us is just code. Wouldn't it be great if we could just snap our fingers and just re-imagine the world around us, where everything is programmable, everthing is re-writeable?"

Approximately 10 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Justin Monticello. Music by Chris Zabriskie.

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  1. Time for a comprehensive regulatory freak-out.

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  3. I can’t tell the difference between the Heinz interview and this.

    1. Huh, nice one. So I’m not the only one increasingly seeing the unintentional humor of TED Talks.


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      1. Oh, I’m sure there proggy, PC students simply *love* the Catholic Church!

        1. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig had to come from somewhere.

      2. Only some are.

        The rest have brains and are capable of using them.

        1. You missed the joke.

          Lot’s of mistrust and opposition to the Catholic church in this country based on the idea that they ‘take orders’ from the pope and so can’t be fully trusted to be ‘patriotic Americans’.

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  5. We are always just 10 years away from catching up with Warty.

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    3. I didn’t see any cops in that video.

      Seriously, though, that was awesome.

  6. Am on Reddit, they are furiously socially signalling how much they hate Adam Baldwin because of his political beliefs. Very entertaining circlejerk.

    Sadly his asshole factor is well documented. He isn’t far from Jayne in real life. He’s so right wing he makes Cheney blush. Just irrational to the point of hopelessness.

    yeah, it’s enough to read about his political leanings to know that Adam Baldwin is a cunt.
    Even the Firefly crew don’t really hang out with him if they don’t have to.

    Yeah, it’s sad really. Seeing his personality come out over the last few years has really put a stain on Firefly and Chuck, among others.

    1. I think I see the problem here: that first clause, “am on reddit.”

    2. Yeah, it’s sad really. Seeing his personality come out over the last few years has really put a stain on Firefly and Chuck, among others.

      Wait, ignoring Firefly’s own politics (it’s not exactly pro-state), why would the politics of an actor put a stain on shows that have nothing to do with his politics? I don’t dislike TNG because Will Whedon is a cunt, I dislike Will Whedon because he’s a cunt.

      1. These morons can’t separate characters from the actors who play them. Or anything from their politics in general. Also, expecting them to get the anti-government aspects of Firefly is like asking Warty to understand consent. The concept just flies over their heads.

        Plus they almost assuredly have never seen My Bodyguard.

        1. Plus they almost assuredly have never seen My Bodyguard.

          Or DC Cab… the original one.

      2. Firefly was partially created by Tim Minear, who many people believe at least leans libertarian, although he’s not very vocal with his politics. (Incidentally, when someone in Hollywood ‘isn’t vocal’ about their politics, I usually assume they’re some sort of conservative or libertarian. This assumption has been right more often than not).

        Some leftists go to great lengths to ignore the libertarian lessons of Firefly.

        I think (and I don’t think this is particularly controversial) that the ‘verse is a capitalist one. I also think that capitalism doesn’t work for poor people in the ‘verse (just like it doesn’t work for poor people in the real world). We see people dying from work in the mines, because they’re not safe, we see the desperation of unemployment and we see capitalists using indentured labour owning a company town. These are real world problems, caused by real world capitalism. Joss set it up this way describing it as a world where there were laser guns, but not everyone could afford them.

        Of course, in Firefly the corporate goons almost always have strong links to the state and call in the Alliance military at the first sign of trouble. That hardly seems ‘libertarian’ to me.

        1. I’ve actually wondered if Minear is quiet about his political beliefs because it has lead to trouble for him before. Note that the two shows that could arguably be said to be the ones where he had significant control got canceled far too early, and not because they sucked. Firefly was fucking great, and Drive had complete potential but wasn’t even allowed to go past four episodes (they filmed six but Fox wouldn’t even show the last two even though they were already filmed).

          Of course this is total speculation, and it’s probably more likely that the shows got canceled because Fox programmers have the attention span of Dr. Zoidberg on Ritalin. But you never know.

        2. Well guess what? You can combine the two in special fundraising screenings of Serenity for Equality Now.

          Holy shit that’s hilarious. The whole point of Serenity’s ‘big reveal’ of the Pax creating the Reavers was pretty clearly showing how top-down social engineering experiments have unintended, disastrous consequences. And that movie apparently supports this person’s politics, which is driven entirely by social engineering experiments with unintended consequences.

          As Mal put it: “They’ll do it again, they’ll try to make people…better. And I do not hold to that.”

      3. And you could point out to them that they give *Alec* Baldwin a pass on his arseholish behavior off-set – most likely because he tows the prog lion.

        1. Hell, Sean Penn not only supports murderous dictators and authoritarians, he once tied a woman to a chair and beat her. Not in like a fun kinky way, but in an assault way. He also hit her with a baseball bat.

          1. Sean Penn had just gotten done watching “50 Shades of Grey” a few times too many… So it is ***NOT*** his fault, dammit! It is the fault of the author of “50 shades….”

      4. Why do you say Whedon is a cunt? He seemed like a nice guy on TBBT.

        1. Playing a fictional character on TBBT is nothing compared to his real life internet trail.

          Have you seen any interview where he talks about politics? His twitter or tumblr?

          He’s the worst kind of smug, moral narcissist progressive. Back when Obamacare was being passed he compared people who didn’t support it to Nazis.

          1. he compared people who didn’t support it to Nazis.

            But he cares, and that’s what’s important.

          2. He was playing himself on TBBT but he’s still a massive cunt for that thanks for letting me know.

            1. He was playing himself on TBBT

              Michael Jordan played himself in Space Jam but he didn’t actually shoot hoops with Bugs Bunny.

    3. So…

      Assuming they like Firefly…

      They like characters that are anti-government, but actual people who are anti-government are distasteful?

      I guess it’s because our government isn’t as bad as the Alliance? (All evidence to the contrary.) Or our government is just as shitty as the Alliance, but the Alliance doesn’t give them free shit? What? I’m confused.

    4. I’ve seen people get similarly upset because Dean Cain will guest star on that new Superman (or woman?) show.

    5. So they have bad taste in politics and TV.

  7. I’ve been highly critical of Reason lately but this was a real good interview. I like the music and the clips of the machine doing its thing especially. I loved what the guy said about 90% of academic lab work being misery, because it’s so true. There is way too much stupid manual cut-and-paste type work. I am still a little bit fuzzy on what this guy’s company makes. I get the impression it’s just lots of longish DNA sequences in some solution. I should not that his comment that everything is just sequences might not be true. Epigenetics is showing otherwise but that’s a new field.

  8. I can only hope this leads to “Old Man War” style genetic engineering where we get human super soldiers in designer bodies with cat eyes, green skin and biological computers in their brains so we can take over the galaxy.

    1. Bear in mind that the rest of the galaxy has probably invented their own supersoldiers in preparation for this very contingency.

      They’ve seen our TV programs – they know we’re nuts. So they’re going to be prepared.

      1. They’ve seen our TV programs

        I’m surprised they haven’t already invaded, looking for Mary Ann.

    2. Oh, you’re going to get the cat’s eyes all right. Furries and otherkin are rejoicing.

      1. You kid, but you have to see that’s where biotech is headed. I will wake up out of the cry-sleep I entered at 35 and OH JESUS ARE YOU A TALKING BIPEDAL CAT PERSON?!?!

  9. A sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina has been fired after his use of a taser on a 65-year-old unarmed man in a wheelchair was determined to be “inappropriate” and “not necessary” by internal investigators.


  10. What the fuck are we talking about here? 3D printing life or playing God? Designing creatures – monsters – that can move between universes??? Who knows what destruction they’ll bring back from the third dimension!

    1. Like The Traveler? Though all he brought was the destruction of Wesley’s asshole and innocence.

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    2. I have one. I have to feed her several times a day, and often listen to what she has to say.

      1. “listen to what she has to say.”

        that’s what we call a deal breaker

      2. You actually listen? I just nod my head and say, “mmm”, or “yep” during pauses.

    1. This is why we have to pass some hate crime laws banning anything that insults or offends Islam. Get right on that, congress, you have nothing else to do.

    2. Why can’t the Mormon’s just leave other religions alone? I just don’t get it.

      1. More Crusader violence, I presume.

    3. Bangladesh’s uprising against Pakistan is one of the heroic sagas of the 20th century.

  12. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just snap our fingers and just re-imagine the world around us, where everything is programmable, everthing is re-writeable?”

    “Now, *that* is some cool cancer!”

  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..heist.html

    I’m sure this has been posted before, but I just saw it. At first I was wondering why they weren’t reacting to a masked man walking in, but then I realized it was during that crazy cold snap.

  14. I’m looking for a new phone to replace my Galaxy S*2* and the offerings are depressing.

    Most of the brand-new shit is no longer offering SD slots – apparently I’m supposed to send stuff from my computer to ‘the cloud’ and then transfer it to the phone. Right now I just pull the SD chip out and transfer it straight over. Also has been good when I upgrade phones – just pull the chip out and put it in the new phone and everything I want is all there.

    Since I want a pure Android without having to deal the the OEM and phone provider’s crapware clogging up the phone, I’m thinking of getting an S4 or S5 and overwriting the default OS with a third party image.

    So, getting to the *point* – pointers to places that have good instruction sets on how to do this, where to get the images, and any suggestions for alternate phones (with micro SD slot, BT, wifi, 5 in screen, and at least 3G capable) that are at a good ‘price/power’ intersection would be appreciated.

    1. I would recommend giving up on the SD slots. Even Samsung is ditching them for the S6. Just use a USB cable if you don’t want to go over the cloud (WiFi and Bluetooth are also options, of course, but not worth the trouble in my experience).

      If you insist on an SD card slot, then an S4 or S5 is probably your best bet. For whatever variant you choose, make sure the bootloader is unlocked or unlockable.

      Variants of both are officially supported by CyanogenMod, but YMMV. It’s best to check XDA and see how people are doing with them.

      Just bear in mind that for your next upgrade, and SD slot probably won’t be an option unless you get a Chinese or Indian brand. And even then it might not be an option.

      1. Oh, and by XDA I mean this, if you’re not already familiar with it. It’s a pretty annoying site but is probably the one with the most info.

        Also check the CyanogenMod website.

      2. Also, “crapware” in the form of the various apps that the OEM and carrier get kickbacks for installing don’t typically “clog” your device all that much. If those are your concern, I recommend just disabling them in the apps screen and forgetting about them.

        If they really bug you, or you have strong reason to believe they are actually negatively impacting your experience, it is better to root your phone and use Titanium Backup or similar to remove them than to use a custom ROM.

        Now, the skin (as it is called, though the customizations are usually much deeper than that) the OEM uses (e.g., TouchWiz, Sense, Optimus, and Emotion for Samsung, HTC, LG, and Huawei respectively) can potentially hamper performance quite a bit; that is something Samsung’s TouchWiz is infamous for.

        If you notice consistent performance issues, or you just hate the UX, you might then consider a stock Android (aka “AOSP”) based ROM. But generally it is just a better idea to just stick to stock if you can.

      3. The problem with ditching the SD slot is that, *if you’re lucky* you can find a phone with 64 GB.

        Admittedly its not such an important requirement *now* (as I’ve left the military) but before I would need that space for 6 months worth of books/movies/music along with work – tech manuals, plans and schedules, pictures, etc.

        1. The S6 will have a 128GB option, FWIW.

        2. You can get an iPhone 6 with 128 GB.

    2. Have you seen the Saygus V2?

      There should be many new announcements at the Mobile World Congress in a couple days. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 will have a slimmed down Android, still not stock, but TouchWiz will supposedly have much less bloat and only 2 Samsung Apps.

      Some of the Google *I forget-name-edition* phones by HTC have stock Android with SD slot.

      I was thinking about rooting and installing custom ROM too, but it seems kind of a pain and I worry about custom images not being well maintained or later abandoned. I plan on waiting a bit longer at least until the Note 6 and want to check out the Ubuntu phones.

      1. Some of the Google *I forget-name-edition* phones by HTC have stock Android with SD slot.

        Google Play Edition. Yeah, I forgot that the M8 had a microSD slot — that is also a good option.

        Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 will have a slimmed down Android, still not stock, but TouchWiz will supposedly have much less bloat and only 2 Samsung Apps.

        It’s been officially announced, and early reports are that it’s not as de-bloated as hoped. We’ll see.

    3. Thanks all, I’ll look into your recommendations.

  15. His comments comparing regulation between US and Europe are interesting.
    US: open on plants, locked down on people
    Europe: open on people, locked down on plants

    I see that anecdotally through new medicine and alternative treatments being more readily available in Europe.. although Asia seems even better in this regard (I could get everything over the counter when I was in Thailand), while Europe regulators freak out more about environmental issues such as plants.

    1. although Asia seems even better in this regard (I could get everything over the counter when I was in Thailand)

      I remember the first time I went to the drugstore in Thailand. I had a cough, so the pharmacist gave me a bottle of medicine. I look at the first ingredient on the English side and find it contained camphorated tincture of opium.

      1. So you bought a half dozen more right then?

  16. Scott Walker Flip Flops on Immigration: at Least he Didn’t Just Punt Again

    “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he has changed his mind about immigration policy and no longer believes there is a way in which the 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally can embark on a path to citizenship. He has expressed that view in the past but now labels it as “amnesty,” which he is against.
    “I don’t believe in amnesty,” Walker, who came in second in the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll, told Fox News. ”My view has changed. I’m flat out saying it. Candidates can say that.” Walker only acknowledged that his mind had changed after host Chris Wallace pressed him on a clip from 2013 in which he told a Wisconsin newspaper that “it makes sense” to allow undocumented citizens a path to citizenship.”

    Via Slate

    1. He must be getting ready for a presidential run.

  17. Volokh Conspirator Calls Holder on his Disingenuous WaPo Op Ed a Today

    “Attorney General Holder has an op-ed elsewhere in the Washington Post calling for various Congressional action on criminal justice reform because “there is a limit to what the Justice Department can accomplish on its own.”

    Such as? Well first on the list is this:

    First, although Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act to eliminate a discriminatory 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine, thousands of individuals who committed crimes before 2010 are still serving sentences based on the old ratio. This is unfair. Congress should pass legislation to apply that statute retroactively so that no one is sitting in prison serving a sentence that Congress, the president and the attorney general have all declared unjust.

    I find this extraordinarily puzzling. The Constitution gives the President “Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States.” If the President indeed shares the Attorney General’s views, he can eliminate the thousands of unfair sentences at a few strokes of a pen.”


    1. Personally, when I’m writing the constitution for the government of the state I plan to carve out, one of the key principles enshrined there-in will be that if you *remove* a law, all those convicted under that law will have their sentences reviewed (and changed) as if you had not committed that crime in the first place.

  18. Pravda on the Boris Nemtsov shooting:

    So, in my view, the probability that the Russian government is behind the killing of Boris Nemtsov is close to zero, while the probability of involvement of the CIA and its allies and stooges is well over 90%.

    The second prediction is this. The CIA will orchestrate anti-Putin demonstrations the world over. We shall have anti-Putin concocted marches not only in the port city commanded by Wall Street, not only in the river city commanded by the City of London, not only in the ancient city commanded by the Vatican, but everywhere the CIA can stir up trouble. More importantly-and this is one probable reason Nemtsov was killed – there would be demonstrations by traitorous, na?ve, ignorant, or misinformed Russians.


    1. They still have Pravda?


    2. We shall have anti-Putin concocted marches

      No true Russian would march against Putin.

    3. With much fanfare, the American government and its servile media (and Boris Nemtsov of course) immediately-and with no trace of supporting evidence–blamed Russia or Novorossiya freedom fighters for the tragic downing of a Malaysian airplane and its 298 passengers over Novorossiya airspace. Following an extensive and immediate baseless media barrage, it gradually came to light that this was a CIA-orchestrated false-flag event

      Sounds legit.

      1. Novorossiya freedom fighters

        What’s Russian for “War of Western Agression”?

        1. Clap, clap, clap.

    4. Frontline had an amazing episode on Putin earlier this year. I don’t speak Russian, but you could just tell he was a liar when he was working for Anatoly Sobchak.

      1. Frontline also had a very good piece on the Syrian and Ukrainian wars that I saw on Netflix the other day. Unfortunately, they were pretty dated since the episode ran back when both wars were just getting started, but it’s interesting to see how many predictions did not play out. It’s also bizarre to watch an episode on the Syrian Civil War from before ISIS was really well known. I don’t even think they mentioned ISIS in the entire episode since they probably hadn’t even split from Al Qaeda at that point.

    5. Yes, because the US and the Putin administration have such close ties – that would explain why we would want to sabotage Putin’s opposition.

  19. Can I have some technical help please? My Samsung Galaxy 2 won’t update its apps it says there’s not enough space available. Last time the Play Store even crashed. I have over 200 MB available on the Device memory and 10 GB available on USB storage so I don’t know what’s up. The *#9900# log dump routine used to work but it’s not doing anything anymore.

    1. Have you cleared your cache, toxic?

      1. I did my *#9900# -delete dumpster/logcat routine to no avail. I guess that’s the next one to try. How? Is it safe? Are you lucid at this moment?

        1. You don’t need to be lucid to clear cache, toxic. Cache always involves temp crap. And temp crap is temp. You are watching too much fucking fat girl porn, dear. the Which I have no opinion on other than too much porn and app playa fucks with your cache with depletes your fucking onboard mem.

          Clear that crap out and you can get back to your big girl pancake smashing…

          1. LOL I’m not John but thanks.

    2. Do you post on NeoGaf? There’s a guy there that just posted the same thing in the OT section.

  20. Retired Israeli Generals Denounce Planned Netanyahu Speech


    Bibi the Rat is facing a backlash at home.

  21. Ejaculations have been 3d printing humans for fucking eons, whores. Granted, the fucking sperm stream isn’t a goddamn layer upon layer of plastic sploodge but…

    1. Yeah, but those 3d printers have been churning out the same old model human for 3 million years.

      Time for some upgrades.

      1. There’s been some upgrades and variations but it’s too slow. It’s like natural evolution works on Valve Time.

    2. Yes, but you have to program a 3D printer to aim for the face.

      1. As a fellow who has printed these 3d thangs… you canNOT program a FUCKING 3D printer to aim for the fucking FACE, HEROic MU_FUKING_LATTE…

        impossible… 3d printers are binary cattle… they are harnessed, killed, and fucking served onto buns one fuckin layer at a time…

    1. I am so not clicking on that.

      1. It’s just a sweet ass, dear. With full permission cuz my 20 year girlfriend of a 20 year marriage knows I love these dudes on this fucking site….

        1. You have a 20 year old girlfriend?

          1. She’s 44… I’ve been married to the same sweet lady for 20 years bro…

          2. Yea… I think I just tota fuckin llee mis understoodalee that simple question…

    2. Nothing for Jesse?

    3. Your wife is awesome, assuming that’s actually your wife.

      1. Yes, dear, that IS my wife… CHRIST! I asked my sweet candybar if I can post her ass to my dudes on Reason and she said hey, yes… she is partying in Miami right now… and I said if I posted your hot ass NoNE of these bitches would appreciate my effort and she said who cares? they get a cute ass to look at…

      1. That reminds me with this winter I really have been meaning to get a long, sturdy-ass scarf.

      2. Blow a cannon of Mulatto sperm… we approve… she’s getting back from fucking Miama tomorro night and my fat dick will be all over that sweet flesh like a flock of lions on lonely human…

  22. Just as soon as they finish 3D printing the proper number of chromosomes, they ought to 3D print a few new Reason contributors. The current crop are getting kinda of stale and obsessive over 3D printers.

    1. I think Reason should get an in-house printer and then discover all the fucking bullshit that comes with fucking printing in 3d.

      Air printing.

      Nowhere in the history of fucking man did this shit exist….

      1. FUCK air printing… o h christ,, I have a really long fucking story about an invention we spent 15 grand on and maybe it will make millions but my partner is a fucking horrible close-minded ass…

  23. Can reason quit WRITING about these shitty machines and just fucking buy one and then get it to produce crap?

    3D printers are awesome if you have 30 thousand dollars to waste… at the low end…

    The machine with the cute inventor with the makerbot requires several enhancements and then some…

  24. So we print a gene on paper.

    Cute. Easy… controlled… the Indian genius and his sweet blonde assistance and the team downstairs gets all sorts of ephemeral cred…

    So… REASON… WHAT do we DO with gene printing?…

    this isn’t the Goodwill in late 70’s… where fucking thick sweaters and goddamn weird ass jeans were equaled cocaine up the butt…

    This is

    We print genes on flat paper… whatever… I can do that… if I wanted too… What about genes in 3d…? can physics handle genes printed in 3d without a womb?

  25. Your 3d printed DNA has to be government-approved.

  26. Everything this guy wants to design has to be approved by the lords of American power.

  27. Unlike shapeways we are going make sure your shit is ‘safe’…

    I wish I wasn’t hammered tonight… Zach. The bitch you are interviewing is a dick… a fucking total douche.

  28. Hey… bro or sis…. if your files are approved by all sorts of rigmarole run through our secret files you might get your shit printed.

    FUCK you ZACH.

    This douche took your numbnuts for a ride.

  29. Nature doesn’t have laser printers because Lions don’t require permission to kill the fucking cubs of the females they desire to jam their powerful dicks into…

    Reason gets weak at times and it should get fucking bitten by hyenas…

  30. Since I have one of those crappy ISPs that supposedly doesn’t exist in the US, I can’t watch video, but isn’t there a big step between having custom DNA and being able to do something with that DNA?

    Don’t you basically need to insert it into an egg or something, then grow it, then months later you have a custom critter. It’s not going to be something most people will be able to do, even if the printer is cheap…

    1. Your egg will be printed… grow… and then be experienced on oculus rift- IF the lord jesus of governmental power approves…

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