Stay of Execution for Woman on Death Row, the Life and Lies (Maybe?) of Bill O'Reilly, Inclusion Overboard at Wesleyan: P.M. Links

Police arrested three New Yorkers for trying to join ISIS.


  • Bill O'Reilly
    Jimmy Kimmel

    Georgia has stayed the execution of Kelly Gissendaner, the state's only woman on death row, due to hazardous weather conditions.

  • According to MediaMatters, Bill O'Reilly lied about seeing nuns murdered in El Salvador. (Consider the source. And consider the subject.)
  • The White House does not want Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address U.S. Congress next week.
  • Wesleyan University housing is super inclusive. Did you know genderfuck was a word?
  • Exclusive: Read Jesse Walker on Homeland Security's 'Sovereign Citizen Extremist Violence' Report.
  • Police arrested three New Yorkers for trying to join ISIS.

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  1. Police arrested three New Yorkers for trying to join ISIS.

    They found the elevator in the laundry machine?

    1. Hello.

      “Eric Lindros has launched a $250,000 defamation lawsuit against onetime NHL referee Paul Stewart and the Huffington Post, after Stewart wrote a column for the online news website that allegedly made the former Philadelphia Flyers star forward look like a “dickhead.”…..e-1.215863

      The Lindros clan were pains in the asses then and now.

      1. I imagine all of Quebec called him worse.

      2. I’d suggest the entire population of Quebec City sue Lindros, but then I remembered that asshole in Ottawa who tried to sue Alexei Yashin.

      3. I’m a Flyers fan, and I agree.

        I’d tell him to keep his head up when people say mean things about him, but if he hasn’t learned how to keep his head up by this point, he won’t.

    2. The recent elevator episode was one of the best Archer episodes.

      1. The new season’s shaping up to be pretty good.

  2. The White House does not want Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address U.S. Congress next week.

    You know who else had a problem with Jews?

    1. Ferdinand and Isabella?

    2. Pilate?

    3. Pharoah?

    4. Goliath?

    5. Most progressives?

    6. You mean this coequal branches of government shit is real? I swear to God, it’s like watching wrestling in the Special Olympics only without the feel-good angle.

    7. Other Jews?

    8. Mary Stack? She has a problem with everybody.

    9. Hitler?
      Whoops, I forgot how this game works.

    10. Don’t Arsenal hate the Yids?

      1. West Ham are the ones who hate the Yids.

        Arsenal hate them without the antisemitism.

        1. Arsenal hate them without the antisemitism.

          Yeah, right. This is England, remember.

          1. I’m a spurs fan, so I have no reason to defend them, but it’s always the West Ham fans who do the antisemitic shit chants and stuff not Arsenal one.

            1. Having no personal skin in the game, I like the London teams more or less equally except I violently loathe Chelsea. It just seems the accusations of racism fly around the English game so persistently it’s easier to just assume they all do it.

              1. Any life form smarter than bacteria loathes Chelsea.

    11. Mia Farrow?

    12. Muhammad?

    13. You know who else had a problem with Jews?

      Way to break the internet, Fist.

      1. I wasn’t expecting so many guesses.

        1. I GUESSED RIGHT

        2. You know who else didn’t see it coming?

          1. Stevie Wonder?

          2. Poland?

          3. Joe Thiesman?

          4. Sonny Bono?

          5. The Jews?

            1. too soon!

    14. Benjamin Sisko?

        1. Jews don’t count

          I doubt that is true even in the mirror universe

    15. Torquemada?

    16. Jessie Jackson?

    17. Yasser Arafat?

    18. Bo Cara Esq?

  3. According to MediaMatters, Bill O’Reilly lied about seeing nuns murdered in El Salvador.

    According to Drudge, he was vindicated.

    1. QED

    2. I am no fan of O’Reilly, and not particularly critical of Williams. But this game of tu quoque being played by the left is pretty pathetic.

  4. Police arrested three New Yorkers for trying to join ISIS.

    In their defense, being a secret agent seems pretty awesome.

    1. It seems awesome, yes, but the reality is that unless you are part of the owner’s social circle, you are going to be given menial jobs that are unsatisfying, harassment is pervasive, and the staff meetings are interminable sessions of the owner drunkenly tormenting the staff with policy changes that would make Catbert proud.

      1. Especially dangerous for men named Bret(t). I’ll pass, thanks.

      2. But you’ll probably end up banging Pam, and Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene. The latter of whom may kill you, but it would totally be worth it.

        1. Lana gets around, too (Cyril, Archer). I’m taking that job, too much upside.

          1. That all sounds good until Krieger gets a hold of you.

            1. You don’t want to be a cyborg? I want cyborg legs like Ray!

            2. Tentacle porn just gets a bad rap.

            3. Hey now.

      3. You forgot getting shot.

        I miss Brett…

        1. Sure but I’m thinking Barry will be back.

          I love Thursday night TV. Vikings and then Archer.

      4. “unless you are part of the owner’s social circle, you are going to be given menial jobs that are unsatisfying, harassment is pervasive, and the staff meetings are interminable sessions”

        In other words, treated like a female astrophysicist?

      5. Or the staff researcher uses you for testing.

        Or you die of a heart attack while said researcher watches and laughs.

        Or you get gored by a pigboy.

        Shit, Krieger’s killed a lot of employees.

  5. Georgia has stayed the execution of Kelly Gissendaner, the state’s only woman on death row, due to hazardous weather conditions.

    When the south shuts down due to snow, it really shuts down.

    1. Wow, so this woman had a husband and a lover? There’s no accounting for taste.

      1. Wait, that wasn’t a pic of the husband?

        1. And I picked her earlier, more attractive mugshot, not this one.

          1. Aaaaand…I clicked on it anyway.

            That is one comely lass.

            1. I can see why it took two men to satisfy her.

              1. I think its terribly obvious that she cannot be satisfied.

          2. I think that’s Mac’s mom.

            1. And now consider Mac’s mom with his convict father.

  6. When your Ghost Gunner absolutely, positively has to be there over night:…..ining-tool

  7. Weslyan University housing is super inclusive. Did you know genderfuck was a word?

    Wesleyan (both you and NRO spelled the school’s name incorrectly) was the inspiration for PCU.

    1. We’re not gonna protest!

      1. An ex-girlfriend of mine went there. After I met her friends, I realized PCU is more a documentary than anything.

    2. I’m not surprised a college named after Wesley Crusher would be fucked up.

      1. Shut up, Wesley.

      2. Why would you try to summon Episiarch like that!?

        1. I have it on authority that Episiarch has a Traveler costume in the back of his closet.

          1. I doubt very much that it is anywhere near the back.

            1. I meant he’s in the closet and his Traveler costume is backless.

    3. And my alma mater. PCU gets a lot right (though minus the personal connection I thought it was a pretty dull movie). Can’t say I’m terribly surprised. But it seems kind of silly. I can’t imagine a safer or more comfortable place for just about any sexual identity than that whole campus. I guess the idea that college should prepare you for the real world is dead.

      I thought “queer” was supposed to be an all encompassing term for all of that stuff. I guess that’s too easy.


        Everything but H?

        Because “Fuck off you cis-gendered otherer!”

        /I think I’m using that right

          1. “WTFBBQ”
            I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of BBQ when seeing the gender-issue initialism crap.

        1. *triggered*

        2. Could they really not come up with an acronym that didn’t have the word “fag” in it?

      2. I seem to remember some contention that queer people who wanted to call everyone who was gay queer should fuck right the fuck off and it ended up being as much more a socio-political position as a statement of sexual identity.

        Sorry, I may have been involved in making things harder back in my college days.

        1. Sorry, I may have been involved in making things harder back in my college days.

          Go on…

    4. Which bathrooms do genderfuck people use?

  8. Weslyan University housing is super inclusive. Did you know genderfuck was a word?

    I bet I would have if I had went to Columbia Journalism School.

    1. Beat me to the punch, sorta. And I didn’t even go to Columbia.

      1. No, if anything, we need more of them. I don’t think these jokes will ever get old.

        1. whoops, confused your post with Rufus’ below.

        2. whoops, confused your post with Rufus’ below.

      2. Do you even have a college degree?

        1. Robby hasn’t reported on a goddamn thing in his entire life!

  9. I was too late for the Shaun Tia vs. Lobster Girl thread in the morning links.

    You’re all wrong.

    The correct answer is: Threesome.

    1. There’s really no harm in replicating the key links, I mean points, of that debate.

      1. I’m still in the office.

      2. I’m happy to provide links. Just assume they are all NSFW.

  10. “Kevin D. Williamson @KevinNR

    Jesus H. Christ, you useless rube–I have an office with a receptionist and everything. Pick up a goddamned telephone, genius. @loujacobson”

    Kevin D. Williamson @KevinNR

    You feckless, gormless, servile, water-carrying lackeys are an embarrassment to a once-proud trade. @loujacobson @AngieHolan…

    1. Cripple fight! But yeah. Call the office if the Twitter response from the person you are trying to contact via Twitter is “call my office “

    2. Kevin D. Williamson is the angriest man on the planet.

      1. Would you say this got his Irish up?

      2. In all seriousness, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” is worth a listen. My only complaint is that they don’t record often enough.

  11. Weslyan University housing is super inclusive. Did you know genderfuck was a word?

    At least that puts everyone who is attracted to a 15 letter acronym in one, convenient to avoid, place.

    1. That place being Wesleyan.

      1. I feel like I should be defending Wesleyan, but I just can’t be bothered. There are reasons I have never given them any money since graduation.

        I’ll just say that not all of the departments are completely useless.

        1. I get it. I went to Berkeley. The bad comes with the good.

          It seems like I get an email a week from somebody about the retarded shit that goes on up there. It’s got nothing to do with me.

    2. Meh – I lived (off-campus) with a few bitchy LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM’s one year – never again.

      1. I lived off campus in one year directly beneath 5 lesbian BDSM afficianados. A particularly loud “party” woke me up at about 3 am one weekend. Apparently they had one young lady in the bed directly overhead.

        One voice jumped out above the noise to demand that someone go and get the frying pan. Thump-thump-thump went the footsteps down the hall. I heard the clanging of pans from the kitchen and footsteps running back to be greeted by a loud cheer.

        To this day I have no clue what the frying pan was for.

        1. Why stop there? You’re about 200 pages away from the start of best-selling trilogy and movie franchise.

          1. Frying Shades of Pan

        2. It’s random, but that story reminds me of a satire of Victorian erotic literature by Edward Gorey called The Curious Sofa.


    1. They exterminated Jews for far less.

      1. And Gypsies.

      2. And they are working on a movie series called Fifty Shades of Brown.

    2. I don’t get it. Do they want people to stop loaning them money? What’s the deal?

      1. Investors see this as safer than other investments or keeping their assets liquid. It means investors are very worried about deflation and taking huge losses to their portfolios. Not a good indicator of investor confidence, as these things go.

        1. Oh I see. Yeah, things would have to be pretty shitty if people are willing to lose some money to keep from losing more. So, things must be pretty shitty.

          1. Yeah. Not where i’d want to be right now.

          2. Well everyone that invests in T-bills is basically giving the government a free loan in exchange for liquidity.

        2. Doesn’t stuffing your money in a mattress pay a better return than a negative interest rate bond?

          1. That’s what I’m thinking. I guess I don’t understand modern finance.

          2. Only if the government doesn’t devalue the currency in an attempt to spur economic growth.

          3. Apparently some investment groups are required by law to have bonds as part of their portfolio mix. Probably also a rule in their about it being required to be a bond from a European country.

        3. It’s no so much that investors are worried about deflation. In many countries institutional investors like pension funds are not allowed to simply hold gobs of cash.

          What it really is is a bond bubble. Institutions are buying them hoping they can turn around and sell them months later for a profit. Sorta like the idea people had about flipping houses.

          It’ll end badly.

          1. Also…

            It is somewhat demographics. For decades people have been told to move their investments into less-risky bonds as they get older (55+). Well, we’ve got a shitload of people following that advice because we have a shitload of people in that age bracket.

          2. That is an interesting take on it.

            1. Something has to explain why Greek government bonds had LOWER yield (aka lower risk) than US treasuries just 6 months ago. Deflation fears ain’t it.

              1. Wow. I didn’t hear about that. Crazy.

    3. Ugh. Not want you want to see. Deflation in Europe and Russia. Sluggish growth in China. Could be a tough year.

      1. Deflation is bad?

        1. Not good. My grandmother lived through a strong deflationary cycle. Didn’t have much good to say about it.

          1. But what if the deflation is just the market clearing itself?

            1. Well, no one likes being cleared out of the market. Remember, it’s a depression when you lose your job.

            2. A couple of quarters of negative growth averaged across the whole economy is a normal recession. Like you said, an ordinary market correction. real deflation is an ugly monster.

              1. No argument from me there. I just wonder if periods of deflation are part of the cycle, if not the normal business cycle then part of a larger cycle.

                They’ve happened before and will happen again. Given the absolute fecklessness of government economists and ministers there is no way I’d trust them to mitigate it, so just let it happen and shake out the way it needs too.

                1. I hear you. If there comes a point when both population and productivity (technological) growth slow to near zero, I would imagine that deflationary cycles are something we’ll have to contend with on a regular basis. it was probably normal before 600 BC and between 400 and 1200 AD. But when if we have population growth, productivity growth AND a strong deflationary cycle, I have to imagine that would be a recipe for widespread unrest.

                  1. I don’t disagree that a major deflationary cycle would create widespread unrest, if only because the non-productive classes would get squeezed the worst. Reversion to the mean is a bitch for everyone.

                    1. You said it!

            3. Exactly. Price discovery scares the shit out of people.

              Kinds like liberal arts majors taking loans and then finding out what their skills are really worth.

        2. Here’s an example. Let’s say you produce some commodity, oil, corn, aluminum, whatever. You have to pay today’s prices for inputs (raw materials, labor, seed, land, etc) but you are going to get tomorrow’s price for the outputs, which is going to be lower than today’s price in a deflationary market. It squeezes profits, sometimes into the negative, which means that you put off buying raw materials or hiring labor until you think that the price for outputs is going to improve. So you lay people off, cancel orders, put your money into negative interest bonds. When the majority of investors have the same outlook, it produces high unemployment, low demand, and little economic growth.

          1. Milton Freidman and Ben Bernanke were right. The Fed caused the Great Depression.

            1. The fed and Congress. Tightening the money supply, and restrictions and regulating trade really shot is in the foot. Amatuers

            2. “Milton Freidman and Ben Bernanke were right. The Fed caused the Great Depression.”

              Chairman Bernanke admitted this in his Birthday Speech for Mr. Freidman and Mrs. Swartz. Unfortunately, the good Chairman largely agreed with Professor Krugman’s economic theories, thus we have Quantitative Easing version N+ for our immediate futures.

        3. Deflation is great if you have cash. If you have debts, it’s killer.

          1. Deflation is always one of two things:

            1) Productivity increasing faster than the government can destroy it.

            2) Government-created bubbles bursting.

          2. Well, it’s a killer for the banks. If you don’t have the money to pay it back…you don’t have the money to pay it back.

            But yes, I get you – if you have a mortgage and are carrying CC debt, you are fucked. As an example, see…the US Government.

            1. Krugman craps his pants whenever he even hears the word “deflation.” That’s enough for me to want it.

              1. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

            2. It doesn’t matter much whether it is inflation or deflation – loss of purchasing power sucks.

              During inflation, the government robs you stealthily. During deflation, government will rob you in plain sight.

              If you think your Social Security and your 401k “savings” aren’t going to get robbed by government, you aren’t paying attention. At the very least tax brackets will slowly get changed to mulct more of your 401k withdrawals than if you would have just taken the taxation at the time you got your paycheck.

              1. I’d much rather get robbed of a % of my wealth when things are increasing in “value” or price, then when they are decreasing. I’d rather not get robbed at all, but any currency comes with a risk.

          3. If you have cash and you have enough to ride it out, and the fiat currency doesn’t collapse in the process, then, Yes! Even better if you have enough cash to buy undervalued assets, and ride out the storm! But if you need to get a return on investment with that cash to make ends meet, then it sucks.

      2. Deflation is great. I can’t wait for the nickle hot dogs,topped with all-meat chili!

        1. Two words: JA and PAN.

    4. ” It’s the latest sign of how scared investors are and how much they want any assets they believe are truly safe.”

      I am guessing..just a guess, mind you…that anyone dumb enough to buy this shit also doesn’t understand what the word ‘safe’ means with regards to investment.

  12. “According to MediaMatters, Bill O’Reilly lied about seeing nuns murdered in El Salvador. (Consider the source. And consider the subject.)”

    Gonna need to see your journo credentials to make a statement like that, Soave.

    1. Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg.
      Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes. It’s a duck blur!
      Might solve a mystery,
      Or re-write history,
      Duck Tales! Woo-ooh!

      Now we just need Gummy Bears, Tale Spin, and Darkwing Duck to come back and my childhood will be reborn again.

      1. ABSOLUTLY!

        I like Tailspin. But we need thundercats and voltron to be truly complete

        1. Well, yes. But I was just going for the “cartoons seen on the block of Disney cartoons after school that were on channel 33 in the late 80s”. Thundercats and Voltron are in the pool with He-Man and GI Joe in the “USA Network Cartoon Express circa 1985” childhood memories.

          1. Cartoon Express! Good times, man…good times.

            *fires up NES Remix*

            1. All you need now is a jug of Sunny D and some Totino’s party pizzas and everything will be perfect.

          2. I’m saddened that Gummi Bears doesn’t seem to be available for streaming on Amazon.

            1. that show, no shit, had some real good writting.

              1. How was their speling?

            2. What about Care Bears?

              1. What about Care Bears?

                I went on a childhood cartoons nostalgia kick about a year ago. He-Man wasn’t awful, but Care Bears was so painful I couldn’t get through a single episode.

                It’s available on Amazon Prime if you ever want to teach your spawn what how good they have it now.

                1. And this new pony show is Care Bears redux. Anthropomorphic animals with a symbol on their hide and where everyone learns an important lesson every episode.

                  Now, the Bad News Care Bears I would watch.

                  1. And this new pony show

                    Don’t speak ill of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic unless you want Andrew S. to go on a murderous rampage.

                    1. Speak ill of it all you want. I just have a problem when people do the “You shouldn’t like it because you’re too old” or thinking that any adult fans are in it for clop or what have you.

                    2. in it for clop or what have you.

                      I don’t know why but the phrasing of this makes me really happy.

                2. (shakes fist) You kids have no idea of what good cartoons are! Beany and Cecil! Winky Dink! Rocky and Bullwinkle!

                  Now get off my lawn!

                3. (shakes fist) You kids have no idea of what good cartoons are! Beany and Cecil! Winky Dink! Rocky and Bullwinkle!

                  Now get off my lawn!

                  1. Fucking squirrels.

              1. You are welcome.

                Well now I have my evening all planned out.


          3. I’m still waiting for closure on Dungeons & Dragons.

            1. OHH YEAH!

              I forgot about that

            2. No hacking or slashing in the entire show. I was so bummed.

              I’m not saying it should have been like Bakshi’s LotR* but it could have been a little more violent.**

              *Which I love.

              **Okay, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

              1. You mean I’m not the only one who really liked Bashki’s LOTR?

                1. I don’t like it, I love it. I find it’s better than the Jackson version. Well what there is of it anyway.

                  The rotoscoping made it seem much more otherworldy than the practical effects + CGI did in the newer films.

              2. I loved the Bakshi LotR and even the Hobbit done by Rankin & Bass…and I used to watch Dungeons and Dragons all the time (I played the red box D&D with my brother and his friends)

                1. We started off with Red Box and then we went to AD&D which had all of the demons and devils. Some kid in my gifted and talented program was just sure I was going to go on a killing spree or something.

            3. Weird…I was just reading up on Venger last night/this morning.

              Well, good times!

      2. Tale Spin!

        1. Yup. One of the few modern Disney works that I can remember that included guns as a regular part of the show.

          1. Also Kit, despite being young was treated with respect and allowed to do insanely dangerous things. There was no buble-wrap in this show.

        2. I used to have a toy sea plane from that show. If I saw Tale Spin available for streaming somewhere I would give it a shot.

        3. I never understood how the hell they made any money.

          1. Disney? Higher for Hire? Sher Khan?

            1. The delivery company.

              1. I’m assuming there were a lot of days that things went fine but we never saw those days. We just saw the wacky hijinks days.

      1. Without Don Adams, this is just wrong.

        1. GO GO Gadget cadaver!

    2. While part of me thinks that would be awesome, another part hopes they leave it in the past. I still have really fond memories of that show. And bringing it back might spoil it for me. I’ll admit I was too old for it, I liked the fact that the hero of the show was Scrooge McDuck.

  13. So the WH doesn’t want Bibi to address Congress. And according to Kerry, we should listen to Bibi’s views on the Middle East because he supported the Iraq war. You know, the war that Kerry voted for.

  14. Did you know genderfuck was a word?

    Well, duh… Doesn’t everyone? Except Eddie, of course.

    1. I was wondering how it’s different from the, more traditional, fuck

      Then, I remember that tradition is a bug in that some people like to breed as pets.

      1. Not sure what you’re trying to say, but that word has little to do with actual coitus and much to do with referring to gay men as females, ie Miss Patricia instead of Patrick.

        It’s a really old-timey homo thing that I thought was long dead, and mercifully so.

        1. Well, I read the Wiki and I still don’t really know what it is.

    2. If I can’t use it in Scrabble, it’s not a word.

    3. Hey! He’s banged chicks way hotter than my wife!

  15. Feminist upset she cannot find any discrimination in her workplace.

    “I’m a woman in a very masculine scientific field, and I’ve found that many women involved in feminist circles want to hear about my experience. I absolutely agree that there are biases against women in the workplace and love a good discussion, but I have never really suffered from sexism. First, I’m young enough (27) that I’m not eligible for senior positions anyway, and second, I’ve never been flirted with in an inappropriate manner, or felt I wasn’t listened to. Maybe I’m just awesome at playing the man’s game (or in denial and don’t have an eye for sexism?). More probably, I landed in a great environment that just suffers from a dearth of females because there are too few candidates. But even quite reasonable and pleasant women get aggressive when I don’t have anything to contribute to their list of crimes committed by the patriarchy. I don’t want to lie, but I’m not sure how to handle inquiries when I can’t give them the story they want.”

    1. I always thought the word bias could not be pluralized to ‘biases’.

      1. I always thought the word bias could not be pluralized to ‘biases’.

        At this point, I believe that the word is understood in general usage to have both a count and noncount form.

      2. A person can have a bias so why can’t that person have more than one?

        1. Why do you hate the mono-biased?

      3. I believe it is ‘biai.’

    2. “I’m not eligible for senior positions anyway,”

      Missionary it is then.

      1. Reverse cowgirl…

    3. Actually its other feminists upset at her for not finding any.

      1. And boy are they. You should read the comments. How dare she speak of her personal experiences. Listen and believe only applies to people who are saying the right things.

        1. Yeah I read it when it came out and boy were the comments nasty. My wife works in a male dominated field and shocker she hasn’t experience discrimination either except from an Italian client. Everybody is busy doing their job and the company is busy making a profit (plus not getting sued).

          1. Yeah, Italians will do that.

            1. Pretty much. Nothing to be done about a client either. She was still pretty pissed though. Her bosses are making it up to her though.

            2. RACIST!

          2. I’ve noticed this is a pattern. The people who scream about sexism in STEMs are never actually in STEMs. The closest you’ll get is somebody who does an English major job for STEMs folks and thinks that makes them tech people.

            1. Well, that and the fact that “Dear Prudence” is just “Penthouse Letters” for cat ladies.

              1. And usually entirely made up.

                1. We should crowd-write one and see if it gets published.

                  Dear Prudence,

                  For some odd reason (which he won’t address) my boyfriend will not let me suck his cock. He goes down on me all off the time, so I think he’s being unnecessarily selfish…

              2. “Well, that and the fact that “Dear Prudence” is just “Penthouse Letters” for cat ladies.”


            2. Want to land awesome internships and jobs as a chemical engineer? Be female and make good grades in college.

              1. The wife is a MechE but same diff. Hard to get fired too. The recent round of O&G layoffs was the first time she saw any of the other female engineers fired (other than one who literally stole a coworkers phone then brought it to work the next day). They were without exception the dead wood who the company was waiting for an excuse to fire.

              2. My sister-in-law is Chem E from M.I.T.
                She sucks.

                1. She sucks.

                  In the good way?

                  1. Nope, not according to my brother.

                2. Then how’d she get into MIT?

                  1. She’s smart. But also a cunt.

                    After she married my brother, she became a stay-at-home wife. Not a stay-at-home mom, a stay-at-home wife.

                    He gets home from a 10-12 hour work day to a pile of chores. She does… nothing

            3. I knew a woman in STEM that screamed about sexism in STEMs. I asked for specific examples, and she refused to answer, saying that she didn’t want to talk publicly about it. It made sense to me because she is a drama queen and a narcissist.

            4. The one area where I’ve noticed potential issues in the engineering world has nothing to do with the industry and everything to do with members of some, uh, shall we say, less enlightened cultures. Otherwise, it’s all you can do to hire and advance female candidates.

            5. “The people who scream about sexism in STEMs are never actually in STEMs.”

              This. I’ve also never met a STEM guy who is sexist. Sexist men, ironically, tend to be in jobs that don’t require much intelligence. Politician, union drone, middle management, etc.

  16. For the culturally ignorant among us, “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, genderfuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism.”

    That’s not very inclusive. I’m not seeing a letter in there for good old fashioned tried and true hetero missionary position folk.

    1. I’m not seeing a letter in there for good old fashioned tried and true hetero missionary position folk.

      You mean the fascist oppressors?

      1. You know who else was a fascist oppressor?

    2. I’m not seeing a letter in there for good old fashioned tried and true hetero missionary position folk.

      I was unaware that was still a thing. I’ll have someone add it to the list immediately.

  17. “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” housing. Doesn’t inclusion get to be self-defeating at some point? Does an asexual person really want to live with a bunch of people who define themselves by their sexual quirk? And are gay men and gay women really going to get along?

    1. a bunch of people who define themselves by their sexual quirk

      The twentieth century just called, and it wants you back, MJ.

    2. Um…you forgot me.

      1. That’s the point. They’re being inclusive by excluding you.

        The no Homers club.

    3. Yeah, the asexual one is really weird. All the asexuals I know just think the rest of us are really weird and then get on with their lives. They have hobbies that they devote their time too instead of relationships.

    4. What does asexual mean? Is that where you’re trying to get laid, but nobody will do it with you?

      1. Asexual just means not interested in sex. Think an eight year olds libido, it’s just not there for some folks.

        1. Does not compute

          1. I think the guy who runs domai (very NSFW site with pictures of pretty naked girls) has claimed to be asexual. IIRC He likes the female form but has no interest in sex saying he finds the physical act kind of repulsive.

        2. “Think an eight year olds libido,…”

          Whut? When I was eight I would hump a pine tree. Or anything really, if it couldn’t run faster than me. Also, nothing could outrun me.

      2. No, its like when you’re Morrisey and you’ve had so much fat, sad girl tail thrown at you, you tell the world you’re asexual so you can just have some peace.

      3. My understanding is that it’s people with really low sex drives or with a real aversion to physical intimacy.

        1. Sorry guys, I was joking on this. I was mocking the idea that people don’t want to have sex.

          As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only reason for my continued existence.

    5. “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” housing.

      Wait, wait…I call shenanigans! This is not a real thing!

  18. “According to MediaMatters, Bill O’Reilly lied about seeing nuns murdered in El Salvador. (Consider the source. And consider the subject.)”

    Whoever wins, we all lose.

    1. Fun fact: if you search “Brian Williams” on the Media Matters website the only hits that come out are articles that focus on Bill O’Reilly’s supposed scandal.

      1. I also went to MM and searched on Major Garrett – a straight news man for right wing media and got nothing but positive remarks.

        Maybe Garrett and Williams do not engage in political shitstorms.

  19. I went to high school with Kelly Gissendaner. She’s a couple years older than me. She’s been quite the topic of discussion on my Facebook feed the past couple of weeks.

  20. You know, this ‘we must jam every conceivable sexual interest into one acronym’ fetish has pretty much defeated the purpose of acronyms. It takes about ten times loner to say all those letters and then explain what they all mean then it would take to just say all those words.

    1. Well, not every conceivable interest.

      1. Come on. At this point they’re including sexual fetishes that, I am almost certain, do not actually exist.

        1. Trying to include more would require you to beat a dead horse (and then fuck it, of course)

        2. I’m really disappointed the bodymod community isn’t represented yet. And I eagerly await the introduction of macroherpophiles.

          What? Godzilla is fuckin’ hot.

          1. As a trans-species otherkin genderfuck, I resent your decision to mock my sexual preferences.

            As everyone knows, basing your entire identity on where you like to stick your penis is incredibly healthy. Well, in my case it was incredibly healthy until my electrophilia got the best of me and I lost my genitals in a tragic socket-fucking incident.

            1. That none of you have deigned to post the video of the guy in the same-sex human-car relationship angers me.

              1. I have posted it many times. I thought that was old hat.

            2. I recently had a conversation with a friend who has a coworker that has artificial testicles. Apparently he lost them in a ‘electricity related’ incident. She refuses to ask the guy exactly what constitutes an ‘electricity related’ incident. Now I’ve had to put money on S&M accident to pressure her to ask.

          2. Won’t anyone think of the furries????

    2. Most importantly, it compels me to no greater levels of caring.

  21. Speaking of New Yorkers blowing some shit up, anyone else headed for Brass Monkey for the thing tonight? I was planning to, but now it looks like I may have to bow out.

  22. I have become convinced that Jackland Ace is really Joe from Lowell crawling back to the board. It took me a while but the language, the smugness and the bullshit political analysis totally screams Joe. Its Joe, i know it.

    1. Joe from Lowell is from a time where we had a much higher class of troll. I’d rather him be posting more than Tony.

      1. He is back. He is Jackland Ace. I am telling you. And he wasn’t a higher class of troll. He is a nasty, dishonest little bastard. It is just like him to come crawling back under another name.

        1. Speaking of, Tulpa’s back as Kahlua Akbar.

        2. You’re full of shit. Did Joe ever falsely claim to be a libertarian?

          1. Like you?

            1. I never claimed to be a libertarian. I am a classic liberal who dislikes conservatives (like Hayek).

              1. How high did you score on the libertarian purity test?

          2. No dumb ass. he was marginally more honest and less ridiculous than you.

    2. Got any link to him being joe-like? I haven’t gotten that feeling from him, but then I usually skim right over his posts.


        Read that post and tell me that is not Joe. He doesn’t even deny it when I call him on it.

        1. You might be right.

        2. Not sure, but they have the Hilary-love in common.

          Remember when joe was always for Obama after Hilary had no chance?

          1. that was epic.

        3. Huh, I’ll be damned. I hadn’t noticed but now that you mention it….


        4. Has he said anything about Chavez and democracy?

          1. I pine for the days of Chad and Edward/Lefiti, those guys were pure evil. There are even times when I wouldn’t mind having White Indian gambol over here for old times sake.

  23. I have never totally understood Net Neutrality. I have never supported it but never been that concerned by it. Am I wrong to see what the FCC is doing as crossing a real line? Is this as bad as it appears to be?

    1. John: people really want their Netflix to stream without buffering like it did when everybody didn’t try to stream Netflix between 7:00 and 10:00 PM. Because Comcast wants to preserve the experience of those who want to use their internet connection for other things at the same time, Comcast sometimes prioritizes the first not-Netflix packet requested by you over the 10000th Netflix packet requested by them in a given second. Comcast has generously offered to rent Netflix priority bandwidth at a premium price and are therefore evil. Its two giant companies fighting over who should pay for the end user of company A to have a premium experience over compay B’s lines. Somehow the government got involved.

      1. Curious: Has Comcast tried selling the prioritization directly to the consumer?

        1. Probably not but you aren’t the first person to think of it – every pro net neutrality asshole has thought of it and can’t fathom the idea of having to pay the government-created monopoly more money, so they want government to protect them.

        2. Not really. As I understand it they throttle by originating IP address, so it’s way easier to throttle packets outbound from Netflix servers than to whitelist premium subscribers. I mis-described the action above. Comcast actually queues Netdlix packets up, not necessarily your 10000th packet.

          1. Not really. AT&T famously throttled their high data wireless users regardless of source.

            1. Throttling everything at a destination is much simpler and completely different that throttling based on user, packet type, source and a handful of other variables all at the same time. The idea of AT&Ts; throttling was to reduce bandwidth sucks on local cells and to dissuade the heavy data users from their heavy data use. The point of Comcast throttling is to better managr overall network load and to prioritize non-streaming traffic over streaming.

      2. How the hell could you operate the internet without doing that? Now it will be slow for everyone.

        1. All they know is that their Netflix is slow and there oughta be a law.

      3. Is there anything government won’t fuck up?

        1. We’ll have to give them power over everything to know for sure.

      4. This, and I also believe they packet shape torrents.

      5. I don’t recall Comcast ever being confirmed to have performed traffic shaping with respect to Netflix or any other OTT (over-the-top) video provider. They allowed the peering ports over which Netflix’s traffic was delivered to its customers to become saturated, but that’s different.

        Comcast was has been caught throttling BitTorrent traffic before, but IIRC they stopped.

        1. Remember also that Comcast is bound to follow a limited set of net neutrality rules (basically the ones that the previous ones the FCC came up with that the courts overturned, IIRC) based on the consent decree it signed with the DOJ as a condition of its merger with NBC Universal.

          1. *until 2018ish

    2. The FCC is going to “fix” the internet the way Obamacare “fixed” health care. But I think there will be a huge backlash from Silicon Valley etc. and it will largely or entirely not happen.

      1. Silicon Valley is all on board for NN because they think (the operative words there) that they’ll be getting something for free. It’s the telcoms that hate it.

        1. Maybe now, but once those regulations come out, I’ll bet they’ll find lots to object to.

          1. Once the regulations come out, good luck getting rid of them.

            1. That’s what the 2016 elections are for. The GOP can team up with the portions of Silicon Valley that will object to this.

        2. No, idiot. Silicon Valley is for NN because they are software, routers, and semiconductors.

          The telecomms are in stodgy places like NJ, Philly, and Texas.

    3. “Is this as bad as it appears to be?”

      No. It is far worse.

  24. That time Scott Walker tried to fire a witch named Witch:…..ontroversy

  25. Sigh. I need to move out of the metro area and get back to my rural roots.…..max-on-ice

    In those early days, cars maxed out at 30 mph. Now every junkyard racer has studded tires in the front and gummy tires in back. They’re going 60 mph now and drivers need their edge.

    “We don’t drink anymore,” Donat said. “We all got older.”

    Great, I missed out on the golden age of ice racing.

  26. Neat

    Patients like Marinkovic, however, have few complaints about the bionic hand, which proved especially popular with his son. When he first got the device, his son, then 4, would put on the bionic hand and proudly walk around with it, telling the other kids in his kindergarten class that “my father is a robot.”

    I worked on some kind-of-sort-of similar things years ago. I don’t have access to the fulltext, but the abstract indicates that they’re getting signals from EMG, i.e. potentials taken from muscles directly. Things will get interesting when these can be controlled from the brain directly, but we’re not nearly there yet. Still, it’s pretty cool that we live in the future, isn’t it?

    1. I shook hands with a guy a couple of years ago who had lost his hand in Afghanistan and had a mechanical hand. It was amazing. It was right out of the terminator only without the skin.

      1. Mechanically actuated, right? Like, did it open when he extended his arm and close when he flexed it?

        1. Yes. He put his arm out and squeezed my hand like it was real. He didn’t seem to make any effort doing it. it was amazing.

          1. They’ve had those for a long time (remember the poor bastard with no hands in The Best Years of Our Lives?), and it’s not surprising that they’ve gotten really good at them. But come on, it’s the 21s century. We’re long overdue for true robot prosthetics.

          2. If I ever got one of those hands, I would make sure they incorporated a small speaker in the palm and an mp3 player that would constantly loop this.

            1. What’s the matter, buddy? You got a dead cat in there or something?

              1. POSSIBLE RESPONSE:
                OR WHAT?
                GO AWAY
                PLEASE COME BACK LATER
                FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE
                FUCK YOU, THAT’S WHY

              2. Fuck you, asshole.

                1. Shit, shoulda refreshed.

    2. Can I get a peg-arm?

  27. Police arrested three New Yorkers for trying to join ISIS.

    Just like the Gypsy woman said!

      1. I’m glad that link is SF’d. I’m afraid that by clicking on a link like that I’d get on a list.

        Well, another list.

  28. 57% of Republicans support establishing Christianity as the national religion:


    Also, Mike Huckabee has more than twice the support (10%) of Rand Paul (4%) in the Republican Primary.

    1. 57% of Republicans support establishing Christianity as the national religion

      I’d personally be in favor of Congress-persons getting into fights over tiny nuances related to dispensational premillenialism rather than the stupid shit they do now.

      Also, Mike Huckabee has more than twice the support (10%) of Rand Paul (4%) in the Republican Primary

      Just as long as this run includes pics of his wife choking the shit out of the dog.



        Polar bear should replace ‘dentally defective rat’ ? the beaver ? as Canada’s national emblem: Senator

        This is my favourite example of what national parliaments should debate.

      2. Jimmy Bob! Joey Mac! Git cleand up an put on yet stripey shirts! We gots to get a pitcher taked!

        Also, holy Moire effect.

        1. Vertical stripes should be slimming. I think that pic proves that hypothesis to be incorrect.

        2. Bo and Eddie are brothers?

          Wow, I never saw that coming! Or did I?

          1. Don’t be silly. Bo isn’t a Knight of Malta.

          2. “He’s my brother. *slap* He’s my son. *slap* He’s my brother *slap*. He’s my brother and my son!”

    2. One thing I take away from Ron Paul’s 2012 run was that the more voters got to see him on TV during the debates the more popular he got and higher he climbed in the polls, to the point where he was actually leading everyone two weeks before the caucus.

      My point being that I expect Rand Paul to have that kind of rise the more he’s put in the spotlight. The question is whether or not he’ll be able to break that ceiling Ron Paul hit. I think he can.

      1. I mean Ron Paul was very close to winning Iowa. It is definitely not a stretch for Rand to do so. And if he does then the game is definitely on.

      2. And if Ron wants Rand to actually win anything he needs to shut his fucking yapper.

    3. Rand Paul is in serious trouble. He has worked hard and tried to broaden his appeal but the GOP voter is just not into him.

      Meanwhile Scott Walker is the cool anti-Jeb pick while doing nothing.

      1. Scott Walker could be formidable, but he’s got plenty of time to squander his position. When Rand said “the more the merrier” about Jeb running he meant a crowded field benefits him.

        Sure he’s unorthodox, but there’s no other Rand Paul in the field. Scott Walker will be competing with Rubio and others for Mr. Conservative while they all attack Jeb as Mr. Establishment.

        It’s the kind of clusterfuck Ron Paul used to his advantage and I can see Rand doing the same while having signifcantly more mainstream appeal.

        1. Walker is winning a lot of points by refusing to answer gotcha questions. Plus there was his dealings with the public unions. I haven’t heard anything about the man yet that I don’t like, and that means bad things for Rand. Though, on the bright side, it means I could live with the libertarian not getting the nod.

          1. There’s plenty to not like about him, just not the stupid stuff that the liberal media is currently harping on.

    4. Holy mother of God, that’s terrible, although it’s PPP and I seriously doubt this study. According to Real Clear Politics, the average of the various polls have Paul at 9.5%, Bush at 14% and Walker at 13%. The PPP poll therefore seems like a gigantic outlier, so I question the ‘national religion’ numbers that came out of the same poll.

      I also wonder what ‘national religion’ even means. Technically England has a national religion, and I hardly think England is a theocracy.

      1. An Anglican theocracy is hard to imagine.

        Cake or death?

        1. I also wonder which Christian denomination gets to be the national religion. After those Coptic Christians had their throats cut in Libya, there was a Southern Baptist sect that seriously argued the Copts aren’t ‘really Christian.’

          Sure the Copts predate the Southern Baptists by 1800 years, but apparently they aren’t ‘Christian enough’ for a Southern Baptist offshoot that was founded in some guy’s barn in 1963.

          1. Catholicism is the only choice. Why go with one of these off-brand splitter groups?

            1. The remaining three Gnostics will fight you for it.

            2. Put the Quakers in charge. Think of the budgetary savings on military spending!

              1. And the furniture? Or is that another group?

              2. As it was under Nixon?

            3. Which brand of catholicism?

              Roman Catholic

              Orthodox Catholic

              Oriental Orthodox Catholic

          2. When the Fed Govt described by the United States Constitution was put into operation, several states had state religions (hence the 1st amendment which was originally purposed to prevent the feds from favoring one state religion over another).

            Here in the commonwealth the state religion was some form of protestantism that I am too lazy to lookup. This state religion was the impetus for the commonwealth setting up the first state organized and operated public school system.

            Its purpose? To indoctrinate children in the state form of protestantism rather than allowing their parents to teach them the wrong forms of Christianity.

            And like in the case of the Roman office of Pontifex Maximus, the state religion might have changed, but the public school system keeps serving the purpose of indoctrinating children – which is why my daughter is convinced that the Pacific is choked with garbage – they come at them with the green propaganda very hard in 4th grade.

            1. Here in the commonwealth the state religion was some form of protestantism that I am too lazy to lookup.

              I think it was Congregationalist, but I’m also too lazy to look it up.

              de Tocqueville wrote about Massachusetts’ laws preventing work on Sunday in his Democracy in America. The laws existed because you weren’t supposed to work on Sunday, you were supposed to go to church. Of course, the folks enforcing the law were exempt.

              1. Yep. One of my ancestors was a titheman.

                His job was to arrest people who skipped church.

                1. What if you skipped to church?

          3. Well, Irish, do the Copts use the KJV, i.e., Jesus’s words just as he spoke them?

            That’s right. Case closed.

            1. They probably don’t even celebrate Christmas on the winter solstice!

          4. Well Coptic is derived from ancient Egyptian and but from what I understand it retains a few things from Gnosticism, including some things discovered in Nag Hammadi, like about Mary Magdalene, so it’s not suprising to find Protestant sects disagreeing with it.

      2. Fordham University has published a ranking of the most accurate pollsters of the 2012 in terms of national trends, and (both) top spots were held by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, the North Carolina-based firm.…

        1. You’re retarded. That’s one election.

          The fact that this individual poll is a gigantic outlier means, to anyone who isn’t a moron, that this poll is probably inaccurate.

          The quality of polling a firm does in a single election could very easily be down to chance. In other words, one election cycle 3 years ago in no way predicts future results and does not prove this poll to be accurate.

          Secondly, why are you going back to 2012? Is it because PPP’s performance in 2014 was far worse, so you decided to skip the election that provides contrary evidence?

          It is odd you skipped the most recent election cycle where PPP didn’t do that well in order to go back to a 2012 election where they did. Are you aware of the term ‘cherry picking?’

          1. So who were the top polls in 2014?

            You don’t know, do you?

            1. Odd you don’t post evidence that it was PPP.

              Really odd. Almost like they did a relatively average job and that doesn’t help your point, so you must resort to polls of 3 years ago.

          2. averages 68 polls and Rand Paul is consistently 5-6% of late.


        2. Great polling firms can still have crappy individual polls (or even inaccurate trends or incorrectly call whole elections). Pollsters (well, the good ones, at least) will be the first to tell you it’s an incredibly inexact science.

          1. As a side service, a firm i worked with contracted tons of consumer surveys/polls, of every kind (phone, mail, internet, face-face, etc)

            i was in charge of survey design and post-facto analysis

            its not just ‘inexact’; its a mess. most of the time clients know this and just want to get some #s to use as PR fodder, or to justify some internal project they already have teed up (“Look boss! consumers love the idea”)

      3. I also wonder what ‘national religion’ even means.

        What it means is some leftist pollsters decided to come up with questions that they could use to make Republicans look stupid.

      4. I hardly think England is a theocracy

        You can get into come serious shit for blasphemy in media. Comedians and the like have to walk a narrow line if they want to joke about religion in the UK. No shit.

        1. Oh yes. Look at the problems they had with Life of Brian.

        2. Hell, I’m pretty sure they scrapped their blasphemy laws around 2006…only to replace them with hate speech laws that basically follow the same logic.

      5. I think this poll is useless because of the small sample size (316 people). They probably are too stringent with whom they consider a “Republican primary voter” (a common problem this far from the first actual voting). But I don’t think PPP is itself suspect merely because it’s known as a left-leaning outfit; their methodology has never been seriously questioned.

        1. Let me ask my questions of Democratic primary voters and I can make them look like idiots, too.

  29. Police arrested three New Yorkers for trying to join ISIS.

    Seriously? If they want to die in the Syrian/Iraqi desert for some fraud calling himself a descendant of Muhammed while fighting the armies of tinpot dictators (one of whom we even want gone!), why stop them? Why waste our resources incarcerating and prosecuting them?

    1. Hell, give them real guns and let them be the opfor in some training here.

      Let some volunteering troops get some real high-stakes, live fire training.

    2. The obvious solution would be to let them go and then revoke their passports and their citizenship.

      1. And it won’t even be a punishment to them. This is a religious calling. Let them have at it.

        1. FDR let American commies join up to fight Franco in the Spanish Civil War. Quite a few survivors lost their affinity with communism.

          US should buy one-way tickets for anybody who wants to join ISIS with the understanding that they lose citizenship then and there. Kill ’em over there rather than investigating, prosecuting, and imprisoning ’em over here.

      2. That’s what drove me crazy as I read that Atlantic story.

    1. Looks cool, but why not wait for Super Street Fighter V Turbo: Championship Edition HD Game of the Year Edition Remastered?

      1. Oh, speaking of that Homeworld: Remastered hits today!

        1. I read that as Homeworld: Rehamstered and was confused.

          1. Of course you did.

            1. No sass from you!

    2. That’ll teach her to be bossy.

      1. Maybe she shouldn’t have leaned in.

  30. For the culturally ignorant among us, “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, genderfuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism.” The name of this super-inclusive, social-justice-hero of a dorm is “Open House,” and it is meant to be a “safe space” for self-identified LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM students, according to the university’s official website”

    what could be ‘safer’ than an alphabet soup of young sexually pretentious kids forced to live together?

    Recipe 4 !#*$& fun!

    1. Want to produce some reality television with me?

      I say we focus on one polyamorous bisexual male in his quest to seduce a sadistic asexual. Everyone else can be colorful background characters.

      1. I’m not asexual, you big silly goose.

      2. What do you have against the monochromatic?

      3. You know, the idea of “reality TV show” was the very first thing that occurred to me.

        Hasn’t there already been a (terrible) movie about a gay woman who tries to get straight plain-jane to ‘experiment’? something like that.

        “Kissing Jessica Stein”

        so boring i think it failed to even get re-runs on lifetime. You couldn’t even fap to it, like Mulholland Drive.

        There’s definitely possibility for a movie like “Soul Man”, where a straight kid plays teh gays for college admissions, and has to live for his freshman year in the XYZBBQ dorm trying to maintain appearances.

        1. Oh, cross-oirientation romances with various degrees of success are always a thing.

          Chasing Amy, The Object of My Affection, Threesome, Imagine Me & You, etc.

          It’s a great way to create conflict slightly different from a standard romance drama or comedy that plays out exactly the same as any other romance or comedy where one character falls in love with another character who isn’t interested/available.

  31. From the Georgia death row article:

    “Gissendaner has requested her last meal to consist of two Whoppers with cheese, cornbread, side of buttermilk, two large orders of french fries, cherry vanilla ice cream, popcorn, salad with a cheese and buttermilk dressing, and lemonade.”

    I think she can probably skip the salad.

    1. Why does everyone want to know what the final meal is for people on death row? And what’s she trying to do, speed up the process?

  32. Wesleyan University housing is super inclusive. Did you know genderfuck was a word?

    The best part of this is the lead paint disclosure at the bottom of their home page.….._house.htm


      I know, “pervert” was derogatory, but it was shorter and easier to spell.

  33. Amnesty Beneficiaries Could Claim More Than $35K In Tax Benefits In First Year

    But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll all vote for smaller government as soon as they get a chance!

    1. But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll all vote for smaller government as soon as they get a chance!


    2. So, you’re worried that these illegals, working in the US and paying *taxes* on that income (because it requires *proof* of tax paid before you get a refund – so the guys getting paid under the table aren’t getting a refund), might be able to claw back some of the money we don’t want to pay in the first place, *ourselves*?

      I mean, this is a government that will tax you (and expect you to *pay* that tax) on *illegal* activities like drug selling – I think its only fair that those paying these taxes should be able to get their refunds (whatever else happens – say, deportation with a check in hand).

      Are you sure you might not be more comfortable at Stormfront?

      1. Well, we’re talking about EITC here, which is a refundable tax credit. That means if your tax burden is less than the actual credit, you get the difference mailed to you as a check; ie, free money.

        1. Bingo. Agammamon, I don’t think Stormfront affiliation is required to be annoyed about giving taxpayer money to illegal aliens.

          1. Fair enough – the Stormfront jab was uncalled for anyway. But . . .

            You’d have a fit if these people weren’t paying taxes at all. Since they are paying, shouldn’t they be entitled to the same relief as all other taxpayers?

            1. OTOH – “For tax year 2013, the maximum EITC benefit for a single person or couple filing without qualifying children is $487. The maximum EITC with one qualifying child is $3,250, with two children it is $5,372, and with three or more qualifying children it is $6,044.”

              So I don’t know where they’re getting the $35K from – its not all EITC.

              1. I get $30k, at the most (current year plus 4 years of back EITC – 5 years total) and that’s *only* the first year, after that its $6k at the most and those numbers only work if you claim absolutely *no* income for 5 years.

                1. Basically, worst case scenario, its a one-off rebate to a taxpayer who somehow earned less than $6ish k a year for 5 years in a row.

  34. My last meal would be an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I’d just keep going back, over and over again, until they said, “Fuck it. He found the loophole.”

    If I died of gluttony? That was going to happen anyway.

    1. “Just one, thin waffer!”

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  36. According to MediaMatters, Bill O’Reilly lied about seeing nuns murdered in El Salvador. (Consider the source. And consider the subject.)

    My money is on O’Reilly in this case, as much as I have to restrain the gag reflex while I say it. So far he has been able to provide ample evidence of the truthfulness of his statements, something Brian Williams and the other little red Marxians can’t do.

    1. when lefties get repeatedly caught lying – rather than defend their non-existent integrity, they go = “Booosh!!/Limbaugh!!!/OReilly!!!/Someone!!!”

      because ‘BETTER THAN’ is the apex of their moral ambition


    Here’s a couple things I don’t get.

    1. Why does homosexuality get two letters (gay *and* lesbian*)?

    2. Why would gays/lesbians want to hang around this scene? It doesn’t offer any *safety*, in fact it marks them out for any arsehole. Plus, they’ve got Grindr.

    3. BDSM, seriously? This isn’t a gender/sexuality thing, this is just people who are really into a specific kink. If they had a category for fetish in general, sure, but why does BDSM (which is practically mainstream in its lighter form) deserve special recognition?

    4. Why ‘queer’ *and* gay/lesbian, bisexual, and transexual? Queer is basically ‘transexual and not cisgendered’. So why not say ‘I’m a gay transexual?’

    4. Flexual – how is this different from bisexual?

    5. Why ‘genderfuck’ vice ‘transvestite’? Is this one of those ‘that word carries bad baggage’ things?

    6. Polyamorous. This seriously needs its own ‘safe space’ now?

    7. As others have said – why would an asexual person want to hang around a bunch of people who make their sexuality a *political* thing? Hanging around with the cisgendered is bad enough, can you imagine living in a place where people keep lecturing you on this?

    1. Trying to make sense out of crazy will only make you crazy.

    2. No two snowflakes are alike or can EVER BE ALIKE you privileged something or other.

    3. It’s both a victim totem poll and circular firing squad, AFIK.

      I don’t especially like it since cis-gendered-white-males are at the bottom of the totem poll. But not being part of the circular firing squad is still a huge plus!

    4. ‘Queers’ are just pissed-off, everything-is-political gays. They’re fucking insufferable and as a gay myself I can only see this LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM experiment ending up with a lot of hair pulling and bitch slapping.

  38. The Georgia death-row woman gives murderers a bad name:

    “On Feb. 7, 1997, Gissendaner drove [boyfriend Gregory] Owen to her house, gave him a nightstick and a hunting knife to kill her husband and then went to a nightclub with some friends. When Douglas arrived at his home, Owen ambushed him with the knife and drove him to a deserted location. There, Owen struck Douglas at the back of the head with the nightstick and then stabbed him repeatedly in the back and neck. He took Douglas’ watch and wedding ring to make it look like a robbery, as per Gissandaner’s instructions.”

  39. Why because of hazardous weather?

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