Edward Snowden Documentary Wins the Oscar, Neil Patrick Harris Makes 'Treason' Joke



And the Oscar for Best Documentary goes to… Citizenfour, the film about Edward Snowden's efforts to expose the National Security Administration for illegally spying on American citizens. It was directed by Laura Poitras and featured Glenn Greenwald; both journalists played an active role in bringing Snowden's revelations to light. (I've written previously about why Snowden is a hero to young libertarians who flocked to the International Students for Liberty Conference last week to hear him speak.)

This year's host, Neil Patrick Harris, made the following joke about the documentary's largely unsurprising victory: "Edward Snowden couldn't be here for some treason." That was actually one of his funnier quips of the evening, lazy and mildly insulting though it was.

Watch Reason TV interview Greenwald about Snowden below.