Obama Calls Rand Paul 'Interesting,' Ronan Farrow Loses His Show, Disaster in Libya: P.M. Links


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  1. Even President Obama thinks so, according to a talk he gave at the DNC’s winter meeting.

    I’m sure Churchill found Hitler interesting.

    1. Greetings.

      Reason keeps feeding me ads for Victoria’s Secret and Astroglide. On my work computer. You fuckers are trying to get me fired.

      1. It all depends on what’s in your history.

        This is a “you” problem.

        1. I’m getting the same ads on my computer at work…

          1. I stand by my statement.

            1. Ad sales at Reason appear to be weak enough that targeting if minimal.

              1. I don’t know why people think that because some ads are behaviourally targeted, 100% of ads 100% are.

                1. 60% of the time, they are every time!

        2. Is that why I get ads for custom crafted buttplugs named after former GOP candidates?


        3. Me too. Though I’m not complaining yet.

        4. Anything I visit from my work computer I’m either clicking from Reason or ESPN. It’s still a Reason problem!

          And I can’t AdBlock. Work makes me use IE11.

          1. May I interest you in a a HOSTS file?

            1. Hopefully work blocks his access to system files. THEY PUT A LOT OF WORK INTO DNS.

          2. Can you turn off images on H&R by default? It’s what I do.

        5. I’m getting ads for car insurance, OnStar, and a monitor I looked at on Amazon last week.

          1. I’ve got Wal-Mart, Harry’s Razor Blades, and discount tires.

            Is my life that boring? At work, oh yes.

            1. Got those and a Russian dating service. I’ve come to admire her bleached hair and lopsided bust.

            2. I get the Las Vegas hotel high roller suite, for 79 dollars a night.

          2. I get all kinds of ads in Asian languages because my family and I read Korean newspapers.

            Those ads are uncanny. I don’t read Reason on private browsing because I like to comment and I don’t want to login every time.

        6. I’m getting the astroglide ads too, but I’m a girl so they probably think I just got back from the Shades of Grey movie.

      2. You do know that the algorithms just work with your browsing history, right?

        1. just

          They work on, depending on the network and ad type:
          * Geography
          * Language
          * Advertiser blacklists
          * Publisher blacklists
          * Content of the website in question
          * Content of the page in question
          * The amount of traffic to the site in question
          * The click-through-rate of visitors to the site in question
          * The completion rate (e.g., buying a product or signing up for a newsletter after clicking on an ad) of visitors to the site in question

          And a whole host of proprietary factors and weightings.

          And then yes, some of it is also based on the portions of your browsing history that the ad network has implicit access to, and history of what ads you’ve clicked.

          Yes, I know it’s half joking, but this is a really tiresome meme.

          1. You sir, obviously, know what Omniture is.

            1. I’m aware of their existence and what they do, but not intimately familiar — I’m not an ad buyer or anything.

          2. Calm down, bro. Try enjoying yourself once in a while.

            There are astroglide ads!

            1. Some “player” you are.

              1. Pssh. As if I buy my astroglide online. I take a flatbed truck to the local distribution center.

            2. Whatever happened to the carpet humper ad?

            3. I CAN’T YOU TRIGGERED ME

            4. My buddy calls it asshole glide. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    2. Ward or Winston?

    3. Hello.

      Spoken with remarkable pomposity.

    4. and vice-versa

    5. May you live in interesting times.

      1. The A Team? They had a crisis every week!

        1. Meant as a reply to MJGreen

    6. You know who el… oh, nevermind.

    7. wait, shouldn’t that be reversed in your example?

    8. I’m sure Churchill found Hitler interesting.

      Ah, but did Hitler find Churchill interesting?

  2. Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid have lost their MSNBC shows.

    Affecting literally dozens of viewers.

    1. I’m amazed at the number of “celebrities” reason reports on that I have never heard of.

      1. A guy named Lou died some time back, I’m told.


        2. I thought Lou Carnesecca was still alive!

        3. A guy named Lou died some time back, I’m told.

          Wall Street Week has never been the same.

        4. Lou Wallace?

    2. I don’t think their families are that big.

      1. Have you seen Farrow? He’s pretty as fuck.

        1. Not the sharpest tool on the train, though.

        2. He’s pretty as fuck.

          Not seeing it.

          1. He’s Sinatra’s kid, BTW

            1. I know. There’s something distractingly off about his appearance.

          2. He looks inbred or something.

          3. Because he’s practically a woman.

            1. Ahhh. I am now picking up what you were putting down.

        3. He looks like he’s either wearing a lot of makeup or his skin has been replaced with easy-to-clean aluminum siding.

          1. Man. I wish I had that.

      2. I guess you don’t remember how many kids Mia Farrow adopted.

        1. Adopted and then fucked up for life.

    3. who?

    4. I’ve never heard of these people.

      1. Reason can hardly be blamed for your cultural ignorance.

      2. Are you shaking your cane at the TV right now?

        1. Not my cane.

  3. Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid have lost their MSNBC shows.

    A blank screen of static would get better ratings and offer more profound wisdom.

    1. A Serious Man is getting his zazen on.

      1. “What is the sound of one liberal whingeing?”

  4. No mention of Greece kicking the can down the road again?

    1. Reason Archives Challenge: Find an initial, top level post by Winston in any thread that isn’t him being a whiny little bitch.

      Go on, I dare ya. I’m not saying they aren’t out there, but it will be a truffle, not an acorn.

      1. “Truffle not an acorn”? WHAT THE FUCK? I want some of the drugs that you are on. How far is it from OKC to whatever Kentucky backwoods in which you reside? I mean, I have 12 30′ oaks in my yard. Truffles sell for a ton. “Truffle not an acorn” would be a compliment!

        I thought the purpose of this comment section was to be a whiny little bitch, see above paragraph.

        1. You doing better than whoever is behind “Alssia.”

          1. Don’t try to shrug it off!

            “You will find a bar of gold, not a nugget of copper”?

            The Homer, no, the Dante of our time does not use crappy analogies like that! I must assume that you are heavily intoxicated. Get more intoxicated and then write 10,000 words by morning!

            1. NutraSweet’s Inferno. **wretches** **shudders uncontrollably**

              It will be a work of high art.

            2. Sometimes I just like to be elegant, fartface.

        2. I’m guessing he meant rarity not value.

        3. Calm down, Marsh.

          Also, 30′ isn’t that big. Just sayin’

          1. Also, 30′ isn’t that big. Just sayin’

            For oaks, no it isn’t. Several are larger but I try not to brag about size.

        4. I just took it to mean it would be rare.

      2. Sug, I’ve never had luck searching the archives for that type of thing. I know about google advanced search, but are you searching for poster name within proximity of certain words?

        I have some little projects…

        1. Go on…

        2. Start with “site:reason.com” and then the handle, multiple handles if you can remember them, and then string out to any sort of keyword you can remember in the original post or any of the replies.

          For example, if I wanted to find the thread where MNG advocated that doctors be forced to treat patients, I search: “site:reason.com MNG doctors slaves” which gives me the article as the ninth hit. If I refine it with “site:reason.com MNG doctors slaves obamacare” the article is pushed all the way back to the 5th page of results. But if I use the broader term “health care reform” instead, the right article is the first hit.

          site:reason.com MNG doctors slaves “health care reform”

          But remember that prolific commenters with a very limited used vocabulary will throw up a lot of chaff and there are threads that have been disappeared.

          1. and there are threads that have been disappeared.

            That’s because you asshole can’t stop accusing people of fucking goats.

          2. Sometimes I forget what an asshole MNG was. Hey, remember what an asshole MNG was?

            1. I thought minge was Stack?

            2. I am cursed with memory.

    2. This was a complete surrender on Greece’s part, as they’re basically continuing all the austerity conditions they’d vow to abandon.

      1. “austerity”

  5. Have you read Kurt Loder’s Oscar predictions yet?

    I don’t care how good a season it was, my prediction is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN.

  6. Now for a Public Service Announcement from the State of New York

    In the upcoming months, New York state will take an unusual step towards preventing prison rape: Prisons will show inmates ? both male and female ? an orientation video offering advice on how to identify, and avoid, sexual predators behind bars. The videos, funded through a grant from the federal government under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), are directed by T.J. Parsell, a former prisoner who was also raped in prison. They will be premiered for the inmates who participated in the filming ? at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, Fishkill Correctional Facility, and Downstate Correctional Facility ? then rolled out in prisons across the state.New York has had an uneven record on prison rape. In 2010, according to PREA surveys, three of the eleven prisons in the U.S. with the most staff-on-inmate sexual violence were in New York. Since 2009, three corrections officers at Bedford Hills alone have been charged with raping inmates.

    1. “What’re y’ in for?”
      “Auuuhhhh!” (Donald Sutherland Body Snatchers image)

    2. But seriously I hope it works.

    3. Teaching people to avoid rape? WHY DON’T THEY JUST TEACH INMATES NOT TO RAPE??? PATRIARCHY!!11!!1!one!

      1. Since 2009, three corrections officers at Bedford Hills alone have been charged with raping inmates.


        1. Because we haven’t increased the budget enough.

    4. advice on how to identify, and avoid, sexual predators behind bars


      1. Nikki, dear, this was already said by a man, okay?

        1. You can’t expect a woman to refresh that frequently, dude.

          1. Ew.
            That’s the WORST.

    5. How about not putting so many people in prison?

      Or furloughing them long enough to get their rapiness on the Assembly and/or Governor?

      1. I was going to suggest avoiding prison as step 1.

    6. Step 1: Avoid Warty

      Step 2: Install anti-STEVE SMITH devices

      Step 3: Avoid prison guards…oh, wait.

  7. If Ronan got a sex-change then at least Woody would care.

    1. He’d still be 15 years too old.

      1. Too Old for Woody?

  8. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is willing to change her opinion about pot?for the right price.

    Selling votes = okay. Easing cancer symptoms = ROT IN PRISON.

    1. This is the end of her. And I’m glad.

    2. DWS is just a terrible person.

  9. Promoting a Reason blogpost? Pathetic.

      1. When knights were bold?

          1. Its gone?

            We hardly knew ye.

  10. Here’s one for H ‘n’ R’s own anarchists:

    AnarchistBrotherhood 35m ago

    Syriza just another self-serving bogus middle class left wing party who have conned the electorate-Let’s make no bones about it-only a true working class grass roots world socialist uprising is going to defeat this neoliberalism shit.

    1. What is that I don’t even

      1. Alissa?

    2. it is either admirable or delusional (maybe both) how adherents of socialism keep the faith despite more than ample evidence that it no worky.

      1. Just needs a few dozen more tries with a few thousand more top men murdering a few hundred million more people. It’ll almost work then.

      2. Many socialists have come to grips with the fact that socialism does not provide the goods in the way Marx and Engels anticipated. That’s why they became environmentalists. For the new school socialists, universal poverty is a feature, not a bug.

        1. “The old-line Marxists used to claim that a single modern factory could produce enough shoes to provide for the whole population of the world and that nothing but capitalism prevented it. When they discovered the facts of reality involved, they declared that going barefoot was superior to wearing shoes.

          So much for their concern with poverty and with the improvement of human life on earth.” –Ayn Rand

      3. At least libertarianism has never been tried.

    3. nothing like adding adjectives to your political movement of choice to make it seem more realistic

      1. Slightly OT: I saw a friend last night who doesn’t pay a huge amount of attention to politics, but being a good Bay Area resident he usually just parrots the general lefty positions. Last night he told me he had heard an author interviewed on NPR (natch) who said that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 immediately made the Southern Democrats all move to the Republican Party so they could maintain their racism, and that’s why the South is now a Republican stronghold.

        I told him that more Republicans than Dems in Congress percentage-wise supported the CRA, so why would people angry at that join their party? And also, to my recollection, the South didn’t really start becoming reliably R until the Reagan years, some 20 years after the CRA. I also said it sounded like this author was essentially trying to rewrite history to make it sound like Republicans only win any elections because they are the racist party, and I didn’t believe that to be true.

        His answer? “I don’t see you interviewed about this on NPR”, (thus this guy has more credibility on this than you).

        I’d love to email him some good evidence-based arguments today, and I’m deferring to the superior historical knowledge of my fellow posters. Any suggestions?

        1. They didn’t decide to become Republican so much as the Nixon-Era Republican establishment made a deliberate decision to pursure them:


          1. And the appeal was more xenophobic than racist per se.

        2. So, your pal didn’t actually have an answer as a comeback. Just sniffing.

          I don’t have any sources for you, but it I wouldn’t devote any time to it. You already won that argument.

        3. tell him to stop being an idiot and read some books

        4. Only a handful of southern democrats switched parties after the CRA. The longest filibuster in US history was delivered by democrat and former klansmen Robert Byrd who remained a democrat after his death. Bill Clinton gave the eulogy and tried his best to rationalize:


          Don’t be surprised if he unfriends you.

          1. It’s kind of hard to switch after you’re dead. I think the mormons may have found a way, though.

            1. oopsy- should be “until his death”

              Too much Mothman beer for me!

            2. Please. If the NYT ever writes about Byrd, he will switch to (R) immediately.

        5. You can easily look up the House and Senate votes on Wiki. You might have to follow the footnotes for full details. It is a fact that, from 1865 to 1965, a greater percentage of Republicans voted for all civil rights legislation than Democrats. Republican vote totals are sometimes smaller in the 20th Century, but only because the Democrats had a majority in Congress.

          It’s also a fact that the CRA was filibustered in the Senate by Democrats like Robert Byrd and Albert Gore. And that Bull Connor and George Wallace were Democrats.

        6. I’ve been rewatching the early seasons of Boardwalk Empire because I never got around to watching the 4th or 5th and it’s been a while (currently going through the 4th) and it reminded me that there was a fair bit of that type of nonsense in that as well.

          A Republican (the Commodore) who was alive when Lincoln was talking about how “we got the Klan boys in our corner” at a time when the Republicans still had a total lock on the black vote and other ahistorically friendly association of Republicans and KKK, plus the Democrats are either tamely corrupt or depicted as reformers while Republicans are diabolically evil and their party affiliation is mentioned constantly.

          Also, Margaret Sanger is referenced but it doesn’t go into (that I’ve seen so far at least) the contemporary Progressive movement or its theories on racial hygiene. Pretty obvious that some of the writers have an ax to grind.

          Now, Deadwood, on the other hand, while it does have its flaws–the biggest of which is ending on that fucking cliffhanger–it didn’t try to rewrite history in this regard when it was running its election subplot.

          1. Sounds like the whining of a typical territorial Yankton cock sucker!


          2. Progressivism at the turn of the century was in both parties, too. Coolidge came from the progressive strain and governed as one in his earlier political days. I haven’t finished Schaeles’ biography to see how he ended up as anti progressive president, though.

            1. Coolidge was the best president this country’s had.

              Plus he wins the best presidential pet contest:

              William Johnson Hippopotamus

        7. Could you possibly tell them that the fucker on NPR left college after 3.5 semesters and never graduated. And that you did graduate from college, so therefore the scales of truthiness come down in your favor?

          I mean getting interviewed by the media is no big deal. Some slack wit with no college degree in Wisconsin managed to dominate the airwaves 3 times in 4 years so how big of a deal can that be?

        8. It might be worth pointing out to him that here in the South there is a lot of social mixing with blacks and whites. Every white person and every black person have friends of the other race. It is pretty rare to find outright racists. This is true of where I live and I live in the heart of what used to be plantation country (red river and mississippi river valleys).

          Ask him if that is true of Bay Area proggies.

          1. * I had a Chinese dude and a black dude over to eat and shoot pistols off of my porch yesterday afternoon.

            1. Please, please, please tell me you are sure the asian dude was really Chinese.

              My wife is from Korea and it drove her bonkers when we lived in Memphis that every asian was “Chinese”. How bonkers? Well she married me and that shows you how bad it was.

            2. It doesn’t count when you play William Tell with your other-race friends.

              1. Just what I was thinking too, Eddie.

          2. It might be worth pointing out to him that here in the South there is a lot of social mixing with blacks and whites

            And sometimes the genes mix as well!

              1. These boys is not white! Hell, they ain’t even old-timey!

                1. Sounded to me like he was harboring a hateful grudge against the Soggy Bottom Boys on account of their rough and rowdy past. Looks like HeteroPatriarch is the kind of fellow who wants to cast the first stone.

        9. I am partial to Sean Trende’s data-backed breakdowns of the southern realignment. It started before the CRA and was a gradual process that reached a pretty definitive tipping point in the 1980s and 90s.

    4. grass roots … socialist uprising

      Hmm… sounds familiar.

      You know who else started a grass roots socialist uprising?

      1. Lou Reed started a daisy uprising, does that count?

      2. Ernst Rohm?

    5. And people say i’m ‘right leaning’ for being slightly leery of the anarchist yoot

  11. Have you read Kurt Loder’s Oscar predictions yet?


    1. Kanye West does something something.

      1. did Beyonce get overlooked for a movie performance?

        1. Because of racism, obviously

        2. She may be given a Lifetime Achievement Award for being in that Austin Powers movie. It was genius! Thanks Kanye!

          1. You know according to the CDC, Beyonce has a 50/50 chance of having genital herpes? Think about that the next time you see her spreading her crotch in a video.

            1. High Definition herpes? I’ll go get the windex.

      2. Kayne West? Never heard of her.

    2. I did.

      Since I haven’t seen most of the movies, I have know idea whether he’s close or not.

  12. http://www.theguardian.com/bus…..ash-crunch

    Eurozone chiefs strike deal to extend Greek bailout for four months

    1. Unsurprising. The most important thing is keeping the EU superstate project from going off the rails.

      1. Off the rails on a crazy train?

    2. I also heard the Greeks claim they weren’t told.

      Most children aren’t.

    3. Typical. Even the central bankers are striking.

  13. The trailer for the last half-season of Mad Men was released.

    They’re finally cancelling Mad Men? Woohoo.

    (As someone born in 1972, I don’t get the gushing over 60s nostalgia.)

    1. Uh, big tits in form fitting dresses.

      At least, that’s all I’ve gotten from commercials.

    2. They drop a piano on Don Draper?

      1. His ex-lovers get together, share notes, and conspire to push him out of a penthouse. He falls in slow motion, and splatters on the sidewalk.

    3. I’m 14 years younger than you, and I like it!

      It’s a chip-and-dip!

      1. Someone didn’t see Diego Maradona’s magic in 1986.

        1. The cokehad comsymp cheated.

          1. Oh, Ted. He was brilliant all tournament!

            By far the best tournament I’ve seen yet. I enjoyed Belgium and France that year.

            1. Rummenigge, Zico, Rocheteau and Conti were among my favorite players during that era.

    4. What about the 50s?

      1. Happy Days?

        Sit on it, Malph!

      2. The odd thing is, I don’t mind movies actually made back in the 50s and 60s. (Well, I don’t like the zooms that came into vogue with the new cameras in the 60s, but that’s a different story.) But the baby boomers seem to still want to push their nostalgia on the rest of us, and something about that drives me up a wall.

        1. I am also against the coercive measures that makes all televsions show only programs based on baby boomer nostalgia. I long for the day when we will actually be able to change the channel for something we individually prefer.

          1. I think this is why I elevate The Americans from “really good” to “freaking best evah!” Born in ’80 and the sheer novelty of a show about early 80’s nostalgia intoxicates me. The hair, the gadgets, the commercials, the Yaz. May the next generations come to lament the oppressive reign of 80’s nostalgia.

            1. Everyone has a fascination with the time period they were small children in. There is always a lot of media set 40-50 years before the present because most producers are 40-50.

              1. I was born in the 70s. Personal hell would consist of being thrown back there. Terrible clothes, hairstyles, music, movies… ugh.

        2. And when you’re they’re age, we’ll be drowning in a disco revival.

        3. It turns out that Matt Weiner was born in 1965, so he is technically not a boomer.

          I also like 70s style zooms, though more for the corniness of it. Diff’rent strokes!

    5. I don’t get the gushing over 60s nostalgia

      Ted, the show is much more than that

      1. I saw the early episodes – Don Draper sleeps with anything female with a pulse, and his wife leaves him for a political operative who works for Nelson Rockefeller. I can’t tell which is worse.

  14. How Obama created the Libya disaster.

    I forget, what domestic scandal was Libya a distraction for?

    1. What difference at this point does it make?

    2. It very successfully derailed the VA scandal, IIRC.

    3. What domestic scandal was a distraction for Libya?

    4. How Obama created the Libya disaster.

      “That Libya disaster? You didn’t create that.”


  15. I have a question for anyone fluent in quantum physics.

    Does matter at a temperature of absolute zero violate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?

    I would think the momentum and position of the particle would be known with absolute certainty at absolute zero, since there would be no kinetic energy to contribute to momentum or a change in position.

    This makes it seem like kinetic energy is a key factor in quantum uncertainty. This makes me very curious about the quantum effects at relativistic speeds.

    1. In fact, it would seem that the universe is bounded by two speed limits. You can’t go 0 miles an hour, and you can’t go 180,000 miles an hour.

      Anything in between is perfectly okay.

      1. *per second

    2. http://phys.org/tags/absolute+zero/

      Having a limited temperature has several thermodynamic consequences; for example, at absolute zero all molecular motion does not cease but does not have enough energy for transference to other systems, it is therefore correct to say that at 0 kelvin molecular energy is minimal. In addition, any particle with zero energy would violate Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that the location and momentum of a particle cannot be known at the same time. A particle at absolute zero would be at rest, so both its position, and momentum (0), would be known simultaneously.

      google is your friend

      1. Okay, okay. I think I remember hearing this in my first semester chemistry class in college.

        I just wanted to be sure. The speed of light is a fairly well known speed limit. I wasn’t sure if absolute zero was an official speed limit yet.

        1. The particle you want to slow down to zero has a non-zero probability of being somewhere else or not existing at all.

        2. Even if you have a particle at absolute zero, if you are on Earth it’s still spinning around the axis, orbiting the Sun, orbiting the galaxy while the whole galaxy is moving (mostly) away from everything else.

          1. Momentum and position are both relative measurements. So anything outside the system (the Earth, Galaxy, etc.) is irrelevant. All that matters is the system of particles and your measurement device.

        3. Yeah, you should be sure before you do whatever it is you’re about to do.

          1. Leave it to a Reason H’n’Runner to tear apart the universe…

            The Infinite Libertarian Moment

      2. It’s the old “unstoppable force/immovable object” contest. There are no immovable objects.

    3. I thought absolute zero, like c, was unattainable.

      1. It is. You also can’t really talk about the temperature of individual particles. At least, not in the way that most people are used to talking about temperature.

    4. It would but since it would, it never gets there. Matter can never achieve absolute zero. There is always a bit of motion and temperature, otherwise the wave functions would collapse.

      I could be wrong on that, but I am pretty sure.

      1. I am aware of the quantum mechanical trouble with absolute zero.

        But because all matter has an inherent potential energy, I would think that there could be a way to cheat the wave mechanics in order to achieve absolute zero.

        1. If you can find it, please invite us to your Nobel Prize ceremony. I hear those are pretty good parties.

          1. And if Krugman shows up we can give him a dirty swirly.

            1. ATOMIC WEDGIE!

            2. Not the same prize.

              1. You are correct. The “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel” is not the same thing as a Nobel Prize.

                1. Thank you, PM. I am so sick of that argument. A) Yes it is, and B) synecdoche, motherfucker.

          2. But don’t tell the TSA the King of Sweden gave you the medal. Just tell them you won it at a carnival.

    5. Pretty hard to get to absolute zero with particles and waves popping in and out of existence constantly

      1. This is what I came to say. 99% of what we call matter is from sources other than particles that exist continuously.

      2. By the way, how was the WOC?

        1. I consider it to have been a productive use of my time. Not as productive as the skiing in Colorado I did on my way home, but pretty good. Nice to see a show like that blowing up. I think construction is ripe for disrupting with chemical solutions (some of that is going on already of course).

          1. I didn’t see much new this year, but I did eat some good food.

          2. You were at World Of Concrete?

            Fuck, I wish I had been there.

            1. Didn’t know any Reasonoids were into concrete. I exhibited there a few years ago (businesswise, a wash, but what the heck — Las Vegas in February beats the stupefying plains of Colorado). I want to take my little guy next time — he’d love the heavy equipment hall.

              OT: Does anyone else think AgileCyborg’s channeling A.A. Attanasio?

        2. your talk go well?

          1. Think so. Actually had someone tell me that it was the only useful one they attended.

              1. I went into a little more specifics, but pretty much that

    6. This makes me very curious about the quantum effects at relativistic speeds.

      Technically, isn’t any speed relativistic? :-p

      1. I mean the speeds at which relativistic effects become noticeable.

        By the way, I love that Dana Scully did her undergraduate thesis on Einstein’s Twins Paradox.

    7. Particle-wave duality.

      If all matter can be thought of as a particle, then let’s use a thought experiment.

      Throw a ball across the room. At an infinitesimally small instant of time, that ball effectively has zero displacement.

      Can the ball be thought of as having zero kinetic energy. Over the entire time that the ball is in flight, it would definitely have a displacement.

      But for any one instant, all matter is effectively stationary, at least from a particle perspective.

      I am not qualified to comment on the wave mechanics. I’m hoping someone can fill me in on this part of the problem.

      1. stop while you’re ahead

        1. lol. I used to bother the StarTrek.com science/technology message board with my annoying questions regarding physics.

          I was jtk2jlp if anyone here was once a regular. I visited the site recently, and it looks like they got rid of the message boards.

          1. They just told you to use the Heisenberg Compensator and then re-align the main deflector dish.

            1. And it’ll take 3 days. Or 2 hours if that’s all the time they have.

            2. I put something like that down on a physics test where I went completely blank. The instructor answered in kind but with something different as the “right” answer and gave me the 0 I deserved.

      2. Velocity is a derivative of position with respect to time. As you decrease the time change you decrease the position change proportionally. The derivative itself never changes. So ball always has the same amount of kinetic energy (until it gets acted on by some outside force.)

        Read up on Zeno’s Paradoxes.

      3. Particle-wave duality saved by slits I believe.

      4. -1 Zeno

      5. Which is why time and space are quantized, as well as energy and mass.

        You are assuming continuous time, by suggesting that you can have an “instant”, i.e. a point on the number line of time with zero duration. You can’t. There is a minimum time increment. Same for space with displacement.

  16. Lactation Porn? Really?

    Why not give the kid baby formula? I guess they were just to busy making milky movies.

    1. Put down plastic sheeting and use a wet/dry vac. Some parents don’t know anything.

    2. I am more surprised that there are people who haven’t heard of lactation porn.

      1. I honestly expected to find Milena Velba at the other end of that link.

  17. Never listened to Farrow or Reid. What do they score on the Derp scale of 1 to Eleventy.

    1. ?

    2. Drudge put the headline “That’s Life” on the link to his show being canceled.

      If you understand the rumors of his parenthood, that is the kind of funny shit that only Drudge can do.

    3. I don’t remember derp. Just an empty suit on Farrow

  18. Every time I see Marie Harf, the state department spokeswoman with the glasses who said the solution to ISIS was getting them jobs, all I can think is “cumonmyglasses.com” Sugar Free you are a real bastard for ever mentioning that.

    1. Jesus John, RELAX!

      1. Like you won’t be thinking the same thing now.

        1. Christ, no. She’s an erection thief.

          1. “erection thief”

            I had often heard “hard-on killer” but never “erection thief”. Thank you, Agile.

    2. The smile on my face is so wide it hurts.

      1. “Well, my work here is done…”

        *SF rides off into sunset – stirring theme music plays*

    3. You could always just tweet about it.

  19. Even Vox is mocking Obama’s refusal to associate terrorism with Islam. When Obama has lost Vox…….

      1. Yeah, wow! I don’t know what’s more surprising: a sensible, well-written Vox article or a Vox article that criticizes Obama. I was particularly impressed by this insight:

        There is a small but telling irony that captures the awkwardness of Obama’s statements. He has frequently argued, as Westerners often do, that ISIS is “un-Islamic.” He is, without meaning to, indulging one of the classic tropes of jihadism: takfir, which roughly translates to excommunication, and is the practice of declaring someone a false Muslim for adhering to an improper interpretation of the faith. That Obama has adopted takfiri thinking shows the contortions he must make to avoid admitting that ISIS may in fact be driven in part by religion.

        I had not thought of this irony before.

        Obama probably knows his calling ISIS un-Islamic is bullshit. However, he may have fallen into the bullshitter’s trap of believing his own bullshit.

        1. Of course he knows – he’s just spouting the platitudes that a ball-less “statesman” like himself is expected to.

          1. You’re probably right that he thinks he’s just spouting platitudes …

            but Obama’s ISIS bullshit is so obviously bullshit that nobody, and I mean nobody, believes it. And he keeps doubling down on it like he thinks it is working.

            A sentient bullshitter would have recognized that his bullshit was not working as intended by now and re-assess his bullshit … unless he had fallen into the bullshitter’s trap of believing his own bullshit.

            1. It gives me no joy to contradict you here, but there are a number of lefty forums/communities packed with folks that have fully drunk the koolaid on this matter and do indeed believe it.

            2. When has Obumbles reassessed any tack he embarked on? No matter how much it is obviously going to be a disaster he always just plows on.

              1. Because: Yes, he can!

        2. Not every Muslim is an ISIS fanatic (few are), but every ISIS fanatic is a Muslim.

        3. Vox is just regurgitating The Atlantic’s article on ISIS. At least they picked a decent article to rip off.

    1. When the only Muslim-majority nation on the fucking planet is a single nation (Indonesia) your religion has fucked shit up enough to get its ass called on the carpet repeatedly and continuously. And this is where American socialists and their European counterparts have failed miserably. Their lust for central-planning is conjoined with the gleaming jewel of dictatorship.

      Sharia law is not an option for any country on this planet that desires to build a brilliant society based on liberty and an ingrained respect for humanity.

      This is the crux with Islam and civilization: most Muslims want democracy but refuse to shed Sharia. You cannot embrace the ethics of freedom while hanging out at the local square watching the local executioner chop the head off your neighbor for fucking the maid.

      1. Democracy is no guarantee of freedom.

        1. Absolutely. But democracy is better than outright dictatorship.

      2. More like stoning the maid for seducing your neighbor. Get it right.

        1. Shit, you’re right. At least the fellow who lost his head over sorcery didn’t have to die so damn slow like that poor sap in the stone field.

      3. When the only Muslim-majority nation on the fucking planet is a single nation (Indonesia)


    2. I looked at that Vox piece… and they cited the “Wave of Islamophobia” sweeping the nation which Obama has to nobly contend with.

      the claim of this “islamophobic wave” was linked to a WaPo piece titled =

      “It’s hard to prove any hate crime. But for Muslim victims, it’s especially tough.”

      meaning – this ‘wave of Islamophobia’? Its most pertinent ‘evidence’ is a single crime which isn’t even apparently a slam-dunk ‘hate crime’ anyway.

      ‘Islamophobia’ seems to be something of an invisible dragon along the lines of Rape Culture. Its out there, we swear?! But its implicit in people’s attitudes, you see… not like, something that has any actual data, or examples of bias.

      I see this a lot in lefty journalism = sensational claims linked to “sources” which actually don’t justify their claim at all.

      (*cue Bo or someone to assert “BUT EVERYONE DOES IT!?”. Perhaps. the hilarious part is that i don’t actually read many/any right-leaning media, really…. i just troll salon and the mass media for examples of their ridiculous dishonesty)

  20. Headline I did not expect to see today:

    Canadian politician says tight, cheap underwear caused him to miss anti-terror vote

    1. “The chafing… the chafing…”

      1. “Oh, you think you’re chafing *now,* just wait until the Whip gives you the worst wedgie of your life.”

    2. He’s a character.

      Like the Rhinoceros Party.

    3. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  21. Since Mia Farrow’s spawn is in the news, it is a good excuse to remember one of the greatest put downs ever. When Frank Sinatra’s then ex wife Ave Gardner was asked about him marrying Mia Farrow, she responded “I always knew Frank had a thing for little boys”.

    1. Zing! I like it. And I like Mia Farrow, but… yeah.

      1. Yes, but with the Woody overlay, and pretending Ronan was his son versus Ol’ Blue Eyes…PRICELESS!

  22. From the creator of Spot the Not comes the exciting new game, Mix & Match. Match the quote with the speaker!

    Answers: Obama, Jean Luc Picard, Worf, General Decker, General Patton, Sgt Hartmann, John Paul Jones, FDR, and Winston Churchill


    1. No! The line must be drawn here. This far and no farther!

    2. You think you can do whatever you want? Well, you can’t. Because we are human beings, and we have the United States Army, THAT WILL FIGHT YOU TO THE LAST MAN AND WE’LL NEVER SURRENDER!

    3. If you were any other man, I would KILL you where you stand.

    4. I have not yet begun to fight!

    5. Wade into them! Spill their blood! Shoot them in the belly!


    1. cont’d

      7. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…

      8. As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense, that always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us.

      No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.

      9. Lest we get on our high horse, let’s be more honest about where we have allowed ourselves to be misled in the name of religion. I myself worshipped for years in a church that distorted the Gospel of Christ in the name of a racialist message of hatred and intolerance towards my brothers and sisters of other races. It was not until I started campaigning for President that I realized just how misguided Reverent Wright was, and how far he had distorted religion to serve his political purposes.

      1. So this is an easy one to get us started?

        1. Jean Luc (Also Sheldon Cooper)
        2. Gen Decker
        3. Worf
        4. JP Jones
        5. Patton
        6. Hartmann (You grabastic piece of whale shit)
        7. Churchill
        8. FDR
        9. The scourge of terrorists everywhere.

        1. I’m feeling pretty good about mine after seeing yours. (Some of them were guesses)

      2. #9. Nobody ever.

        1. I can’t believe how many Reasonoids put Obama for #9.

          Here’s what The One actually said according to whitehouse.gov:

          lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ. Michelle and I returned from India — an incredible, beautiful country, full of magnificent diversity — but a place where, in past years, religious faiths of all types have, on occasion, been targeted by other peoples of faith, simply due to their heritage and their beliefs — acts of intolerance that would have shocked Gandhiji[sic], the person who helped to liberate that nation.

          The Rev. Wright said that Obama “literally threw him under the bus” when the candidate said back in 2008:

          [H]e has done enormous good in the church. But when he states and then amplifies such ridiculous propositions as the U.S. government somehow being involved in AIDS; when he suggests that Minister Farrakhan somehow represents one of the greatest voices of the 20th and 21st century; when he equates the U.S. wartime efforts with terrorism ? then there are no exuses. They offend me. They rightly offend all Americans. And they should be denounced, and that’s what I’m doing very clearly and unequivocally here today.

      3. I drank one too many Cinzano and Aperol mixe to care to play.

    2. 1 John Luc Ponty
      2 Captain America
      3 My last girlfriend
      4 This guy
      5 Patton
      6 R. Lee Ermy
      7 Church
      8 FDR (pronounced ‘Fedderer’)
      9 Mitt Ronmey

    3. What was the answer from the AM links?!

      1. 2 was the Not. Beer champ Anjem Choudary said that one:


    4. 1. Picard
      2. General Decker
      3. Worf
      4. John Paul Jones
      5. Patton
      6. Sgt Hartmann
      7. Churchill
      8. FDR
      9. Obama

  23. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is willing to change her opinion about pot?for the right price.

    “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

    1. “Well, we already established what kind of person you are, now we’re just haggling over the price.”

    2. Politico homepage is awesome. The B-strip has the Wasserman story, right next to it is a pic of Clown rambling – with Wasserman seated right next to him.


  24. Better Call Saul has been good fun. I’m hoping that it picks up a little, but I understand they’re taking their time to establish the show this first season.

    1. I like it but Brett L. needs more convincing.

      1. Its beautiful, I forgot how pretty the cinematography was. But I don’t find his motivations convincing at all. But it was great to see Tuco. Ee’ll see in Ep 4 whether or not they can sell me on Saul b

    2. I like it too.

      “I just talked you down from a death sentence to six months probation. I’m the best lawyer ever.”

      1. “The only way that car’s worth $500 is if there’s a $300 hooker sitting in it.”
        One of the best lines ever.

  25. Personal note:

    Good news = New pants and GoT blu-rays arrived in the mail.

    Bad news = Came home to find my old man buried my tractor in the snow, so I must now go unbury it before tomorrow’s snowfall.


      Even though I’ve already seen Season Four.



          1. The tractor is well and truly stuck!

            1. Note: Tractors do not get just a little stuck.

              1. I think I’m going to have to take the back blade off, which appears to be what’s causing problem. Of course, I’m putting off going out there by chatting here, so here I go to suit up and git-er-done.

      2. I started reading the books during the second season because people posting random spoilers everywhere was the low-effort troll du jour on the Internet and I just wanted to head that shit off at the pass.

        1. Way to spoiler yourself, dummy!

        2. Or start doing it yourself?

          1. Heavens no. I understand why people get off on such antics but I’m simply not wired that way.

    2. I had a tractor once. In this winter I’m wishing for it every single day, damn it.

      1. While you’re wishing up things, why don’t you wish up less winter.

      2. I myself have a very strange yearning for a Unimog.

        Just because. they’re cool.

        1. That’s not a strange yearning. Mercedes Benz is the cocaine of things on wheels.

    3. Ooh, I love new pants in the mail. Silvers?

      1. OMG I don’t know what silvers are (the jeans?) but I will look into it and whether I should get some.

        No, they are more of the types of pants that rugged individuals such as myself wear out of doors for various out of doors activities.

        1. I love Silver jeans. And I am interested in what types of jeans you like.

          1. True story: I haven’t worn denim jeans since HS. It’s either shorts or some other type of breeches, or of course “slacks” for work (always pleated). (I found that jeans always seemed to bind in the crotch.)

            The pants I got today were from Columbia (the company not the place) (okay maybe the place too I don’t know where they make their stuff). I’m a utilitarian when it comes to clothing.

            1. Ah, you’re a mountain man.

              1. You’re city folk, right? Let’s switch places for a week and see who is more miserable. We’ll each have to get a camera crew to follow us around, though…

                1. You’d have to do magic mushrooms to fill my shoes, dear. And I do live in an Ohio wood. But that would make an interesting but illegal movie, mountain man.

            2. Sounds like you need some of them thar Duluth Tradin Company britches, pardner.

            3. I found that jeans always seemed to bind in the crotch.


            4. “I found that jeans always seemed to bind in the crotch”

              Me too. I wear (not that anyone gives a shit) ary pants from the military surplus store. Hard to pickpocket the buttoned pockets. I also finally picked up a pair of Wallmart bib overalls. One rarely sees those in the city.

              1. Hard to pickpocket the buttoned pockets

                Never put anything in your back pocket. It’s hard as hell to pick a wallet from a front pocket.

                1. Walmart doesn’t care where you hide your wallet, dear.

                2. Never put anything in your back pocket. It’s hard as hell to pick a wallet from a front pocket.

                  Plus sitting on a thick wallet all the time is very bad for the back.

              2. EAP, I thought you said you were a good local Minnesodan?

                Walmart? When you have Fleet Farm to go to?

        2. So denim jeans then?

          1. Fuck that.


            Duluth Trading Co. Firehose Pants


            Ever been confronted with an angry beaver? Those teeth are sharp! But they’re no match for Fire Hose Work Pants.

  26. Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid have lost their MSNBC shows.

    People are starting to smart up…

    Quick! More public education!

  27. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..story.html

    A former Falls Church Democratic Party chairman, charged with molesting two young girls, talked about hiring a hit man to kill them before they could be witnesses at his March 4 trial, according to court documents.

    Well. Damn.

    1. What is it about the Democrat Party attracting the scum of the earth

      1. It’s where progs go to destroy lives.

        1. This and it utilizes the politics of envy. If you are going to appeal to people’s baser instincts you are not going to attract the noblest types.

  28. http://www.fourmilab.ch/etexts…..pecrel.pdf

    On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.

    1. http://www.math.ias.edu/~anindya/fermat.pdf

      Modular Elliptic Curves and Fermat’s Last Theorem

      I actually consider this to be the best story in 20th century intellectual achievement.

      I have to hand it to a guy that worked on a single problem for 7 years and actually succeeded.

    2. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies

      Radiohead albums just get more and more annoying.

      1. Eh. My solution was to stop listening after the second.

  29. COPS: Man wakes up to girlfriend biting off penis…


    1. Well, she started off raping him, then it turned into just sort of a regular assault.

    2. In that pic it looks like she may be somewhat ‘disturbed’.

      All wiminz are some degree of crazy. The focus should be on selecting the ones that are not ‘that’ crazy.

      Don’t stick in in crazy bros, don’t do it.

      1. My past advice on the matter was stick it in crazy, but never take crazy’s word for it on birth control and most definitely never promise crazy a baby.

        I’m a bit reticent to give it nowadays with the fake rape accusations and associated hysteria going on nowadays.

        1. Ugh I hate it when I double up words after rewriting something and don’t proofread. Editable comments would be nifty.

          1. Shut up about the edit button! Pedantry is all some of us have.

        2. The least sign of serious crazy and it’s over and out for me. There days especially, you cannot be careful enough. I’m happily married now so I don’t need to even worry about the shit anymore, thankfully.

      2. Always stick it in crazy. You only die once.

  30. Settlers of Catan: The Movie

    “I have wood. Who has sheep?”

    1. Aaw that’s cute.


    1. You should consider an avenue of fluorescence and whim over the bashing of skull, robert.

  32. For Rufus, et al Kanukistani.

    1. Still won’t kill a fucking raccoon like an old 12 gauge… bitch, we’ve tried everything trust me… my fucking horrid ass brother is a former marine and between us we own all sorts of legal shit and raccoons are FUCKING hard to kill without a goddamn shotgun!!!

      1. I’ve found a .45 is adequate for raccoons.

  33. Ddue that makes no sense at all man.


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  35. Sounds like a very good call to me dude.


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