Clinton Politics and Philanthropy Overlap, Free Parks for Fourth Graders, Ukraine Asks U.N. for Help: A.M. Links

Plus: Rudy Giuliani disses Obama, Kochs team up with Center for American Progress


  • Ready for Hillary/Flickr

    The Clinton Foundation has raised nearly $2 billion since 2001, according to a new analysis from The Washington Post. The review also found "substantial overlap between the Clinton political machinery and the foundation."

  • Next from President Obama's magical bag of free! things!: U.S. fourth graders and their families will get free admission to all national parks and federal lands in 2016. 
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is asking the U.N. for help enforcing the ceasefire that never was. 
  • Koch Industries is teaming up with liberal advocacy group the Center for American Progress to launch a new organization, the Coaliton for Public Safety, that will focus on criminal justice reform. 
  • Rudy Giuliani laments that Obama "wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up" and it's led him to have attachment issues with America. 
  • And this is why you don't keep your gun in your bra, kids.

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