A.M. Links: Uptick in Entry of Syrian Refugees to U.S. Expected, Fighting in Ukraine Continues, Biden's Being Biden


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    The U.S. expects to quadruple, to up to 2,000, the number of refugees from Syria who will be admitted into the country this fiscal year. The State Department says national security remains a top priority but some Republicans insist they're worried about potential radicalization. Meanwhile ISIS militants reportedly burned 45 people to death in a town in western Iraq.

  • Fighting in eastern Ukraine continues despite a European-brokered ceasefire that was supposed to go into effect Sunday.
  • The last day of Carnival in Haiti was cancelled after 16 people died in a float accident.
  • Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary's wife's ear?
  • AT&T is offering a more privacy-oriented Internet service for just $29 extra a month.
  • Analysts project Apple could sell up to 20 million watches this year.

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    1. Hello

      Correction: You’re fired! is the appropriate way I believe.

      1. You’re fired!

        Shh! You want to get sued?

  1. Analysts project Apple could sell up to 20 million watches this year.


    1. What’s a watch?

      /young person

    2. Who in their right mind wants to wear a watch?

      /me, happy to ditch them forever years ago

      1. *narrows gaze in solidarity with watch makers*

        1. Don’t worry, LTC – I am wearing a brand new Hamilton made in the Kingdom of your masters.

            1. I rock a Timex Indiglo? (which is really handy for seeing how early I woke up before the alarm goes off), or a fancy gold Citizen for nice occasions.

              I hate looking at my phone for the time. I like watches.

              /returns to monitoring lawn for encroachers

              1. I have a ship’s bells app on my smartphone. I was surprised during my Navy time to find how well I knew the current time without having to look at a clock or watch. I guess my subconscious picked up the chimes. I could usually guess the time between bells to within 5 or 10 minutes.

                1. I used to be able to closely “know” the time as well. The best time I remember doing so was when my then-lady friend asked the time of me and I looked at my naked wrist and told her the time. The man nearby laughed, checked his watch, and in a shocked voice told her I was correct.
                  To which she replied I did it all the time.

                  1. “Watches are a confidence trick invented by the Swiss.”

          1. Ha, I just got mine back yesterday. Love my Hamilton.

        2. I’m witcha, Switzy. I like mechanical watches. They complement my buggy whip collection.

          Seriously, I wear a watch every day.

      2. Who in their right mind wants to wear a watch?

        Me, every day at work. I can flip my wrist in a fraction of the time it takes you to dig out your phone.

        Plus, I look classier than you.

        1. Every day at work it takes me less time to flick my eye to the lower right corner of the screen than take it entirely off the screen and rotate the watch back into view.

        2. Yeah, a great watch is classy. But I just really don’t like encumbrances. Same reason I eschew any form of jewelry.

      3. I was strongly considering picking up a $100 Android Wear LG G Watch to tide me over until the next generation came out, until I read that it doesn’t work well with Lollipop. I imagine the competition from Apple will spur innovation, too.

        I understand that they’re quite popular with bikers because it’s much easier to mess with them rather than taking out a phone. Personally, I just like having a watch strapped to me at all times, although with the Android Wear ones currently available current battery lives are so low that I would need to charge it regularly rather than being able to wear it to bed.

        I loathe clockface timepieces and have been wearing a digital Suunto for a while now so it would be nice to upgrade. Perhaps I’ll rock the Buckminster Fuller lifestyle and wear both.

  2. The last day of Carnival in Haiti was cancelled after 16 people died in a float accident.

    They used Four Loko instead of root beer, didn’t they?

  3. Redmanfms mentioned this in yesterday’s links:

    Kevin Williamson at NRO on the impending attempt to ban certain .223 ammo. Red was right.


    “What gun-rights advocates fear ? not without reason ? is that this is the beginning of a pincer movement, with the ATF banning non-lead ammunition as a threat to armor-wearing police officers and the EPA banning lead ammunition as a toxin. Never mind that there is no epidemic of police officers being gunned down, despite their body armor, by hoodlums carrying AR-style pistols. The use of such weapons in crimes is so vanishingly rare that no police agency even bothers to track them as a category.
    In a sense, the gun-grabbers were telling the truth when they said that they had no designs on our sporting rifles. But the ammunition for those rifles is another story.”

    And make no mistake: soon it will be an attempt to ban ALL .223 ammo. Then pick a caliber. Because they will be coming for that next. In the same way that if you are a Blackhawks or an Indians fan and you don’t give a shit about the travails of the Redskins or if the politically-correct twitter-mob will force them to change their name. Because WHEN they do force it (and they will, eventually) they will turn their gaze to the Braves, the Chiefs, the Celtics, The Fighting Irish, etc etc.

    Yesterday definitely was a GOOD DAY to buy 1000 rounds of .223!

    Thanks, RED!!!

    1. I don’t currently have a rifle in that caliber.

      Can someone explain the difference between 5.56mm and .223? Thinking I should maybe buy a couple thousand rounds in case I do decide to get a rifle in that caliber, or to use for barter purposes, but which is the one to get?

      1. they are the same caliber. One is inches and the other is metric.

        1. Technically a rifle chamber in 5.56 can fire .233 but not vice versa.

            1. I had not heard that. Could that possibly be true? And has anyone tested this theory?

              1. http://home.comcast.net/~mattm…..us_556.htm

                Some tech stuff.

                1. Much obliged, Flo. God, I am a ignorant sub-human.

              2. I have not tested this and am at work with no access to reloading books but…

                My guess is the 5.56 produces 20% more pressure than the 2.23 when loaded to spec. While your .223 rifle may chamber and fire a 5.56 round with no observed consequences, it is not something I would do on a regular basis.

                1. Hey, does this apply to .308 and 7.62×56?

                  1. I don’t have a .308 so I haven’t looked into it. I would guess the principle would be the same. Military vs sporting, but I’m not sure.

                    1. It does, but it is the opposite. It is safe to fire 7.62 out of a .308, but not the other way around. In this case, it is a head space issue; some military rifles are chambered on the long side of the specification, and commercial .308 may not seat correctly.

                    2. Goddamit. More shit to remember.

                  2. Yes but the other way.

                    1. link

                      Stupid squirrels. Eat beltfed 7.62, tree rats.

      2. Similar but not technically the same. 5.56 is rated at higher pressures than 223. A rifle chambered for 5.56 can fire .223 but not the other way around. SAMMI does not see them as the same.

        Buy 5.56. My guess is at least 90% of rifles in this range fire both.

        1. Thanks, very helpful!

    2. Great. Another artificial scarcity moment in ammo.

    3. “and now…the starting lineup…for your…Chicago Whooping Cranes!”

    4. “they will turn their gaze to the Braves, the Chiefs, the Celtics, The Fighting Irish, etc etc.”

      Two of these racial groups are white people, so I guarantee you they’re not going after the Celtics or Fighting Irish.

      1. I think you’re wrong Irish. Look at MADD and SPLC. They solved their “problem” and refuse to disband. Somebody is getting paid and so the madness won’t stop.

      2. Irish, white people have no immunity to the victim syndrome. They will start to be offended when they realize the profit potential.

        1. “Irish, white people have no immunity to the victim syndrome. They will start to be offended when they realize the profit potential.”

          You need a devil to set up as the oppressor in order for victimhood to work. White people are the oppressor who allow other groups to declare themselves victims.

          You therefore can’t let white people start declaring themselves victims or the whole thing falls apart.

          1. How about “KORRRRPORRAAASHUNZZZZ!!!” as the evil oppressor?

          2. What, it’s impossible to go back to complaining about Anglo-Saxons?

      3. There’s no guarantee their ranks aren’t infested with PC soldiers who take offense to the name.

        Because, you know, Catholic guilt and all that.

      4. The Irish are worried about their chocolate right about now anyway.

        Gotta love IP/trademark law.

  4. Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary’s wife’s ear?

    He told her what she was feeling pressed against her back was a big fucking deal.

      1. Making a women feel uncomfortable in front of millions of people is a gift, something that cannot be learned.

    1. It looks damned creepy to me from the photo.

      1. Hell, yeah.

        If Mrs. Dean and I were going to share a stage with Creepy Uncle Joe, I would have a word with him beforehand. Namely, anything of yours that touches my wife will be cut off and awarded to her as compensation.

  5. Analysts project Apple could sell up to 20 million watches this year.

    What do I want a watch strapped to my eyes for? Just because it’s called a watch and my eyes watch stuff?

    1. Someone has to watch the watchers

    2. Analysts project Apple could sell up to 20 million watches this year.

      I didn’t realize the aPple cult was that big.

      1. Who says the cultists will buy just one?

      2. Why does only Apple have a “cult”? Surely there are other products you guys feel are purchased only by mindless drones.

        1. The New York Times?

        2. My wife is brand loyal to effen Volkswagen.

          1. I was brand loyal to Toyota until I got my Tacoma. I don’t think I can go an oil change without something breaking.

            1. I was brand loyal to Toyota until I got my Tacoma. I don’t think I can go an oil change without something breaking.

              Is it that bad? I thought Toyota brought in the Tacoma to replace the Hilux in the US (curse you, emissions standards), and I was hoping it would be at least comparably reliable.

              1. My cousin sold toyotas and thinks I just got a lemon. I may just be unlucky, but it has destroyed my blind loyalty to Toyota. When the repair cost are higher than 1/2 the value of the vehicle I will look at all manufacturers when it comes time for replacement. The only good news is I bought an extended warranty and haven’t had to pay for anything.

                1. I’ve had nothing but flawless quality on my Toyotas.

                  Granted, they are FJs that are entirely built in Japan, so YMMV.

          2. Isn’t that ok for the first 50K miles? Then sell it as quickly as possible?

        3. I was going to say VWs but was beaten to it.

          1. I know someone with a VW. I now know that I should never own one. VWs require “special” oil changes that cost $90 a pop. Maintenance usually requires a VW dealer because you have to take the engine half apart to service the simplest things. Fuck VW.

            1. Really? Not here.

              Straight oil changes. Stuff you can do yourself.

            2. I had a 70 VW fastback. Did most of the repairs myself (half assed). Not sure if it was factory designed or the dude who owned it before me, but the windsheild wiper fluid got its pressure from a tube running to the the spare tire. Genius. Now I drive a Honda, not sure about the new VWs.

    3. That is one ugly watch.

  6. Steak with carrots, baked plantain and stuffed grape leaves with salad: What school lunches look like around the world (and the UK and US are the most unhealthy)
    Korean schools serve hearty fish soup and fermented cabbage, kimchi
    Greece, Spain and France all serve fresh meat, vegetables and fish
    US school lunches are the unhealthiest with lots of processed items

    I want that Italian plate for lunch. Yum!

    1. One of the teachers at my high school was reassigned to the county school administration building, where they had him working on bullshit make-work projects involving the educational value of school lunches. The time and tax money wasted could presumably have been used to improve the school lunches themselves, but, of course, that’s now how educrats do things. Then again, that was his punishment for doing too good a job teaching, so it just goes to show you.

    2. They all look terrible, although I have to say the American meal looks most appetizing to me (except the peas, I hate peas). Still, I’m glad to be an adult and not subjected to this shit anymore.

      1. They all look good to me, except the American one. What do you eat? Seriously.

        1. Yeah, I thought that all looked pretty good. The American didn’t look too bad but the British one was gross.

          1. I’d eat it. Franks and beans are yummy!

        2. I’ve tried most of that crap (except the borsht), and it’s at best okay. The worst offenders seem to be the French and Greek in terms of loading up on unappetizing content. A few just look sad.

          1. I guess we have different definitions of unappetizing.

            1. Yeah. I can’t think of much in French or Greek food that isn’t delicious. No accounting for taste.

              1. Grape leaves, asparagus and french cheese are three of the least edible things I’ve ever choked down. Also, why must the Greeks put olives in everything? (Or was it just the greeks whose wooking I had to put up with?)

                1. Because they have a lot of grapes and olives. Gotta’ do something with them.

                2. For me one of the highlights of the year is the Greek Festival at a local Orthodox church. Lamb kabob, stuffed grape leaves, spanakopita, chased down with Ouzo…

                  1. Three of four of that was not on that lunch menu.

                    1. I wasn’t talking about the lunch menu. I was talking about the Greek Festival menu. It was a segue…

                  2. Both a summer and a fall festival are within driving distance for me.

                3. Stuffed grape leaves with lemon juice are delicious. Asparagus is only good if it’s sauteed in a pan and fresh; canned and blanched is utterly disgusting.

                  1. I agree, and will add that I also like asparagus cooked on a grill.
                    Have you tried dipping them in sesame seeds before saut?ing them?

                    What do you think of the dessert baklava?

                    1. Greek baklava is good.

                      Turkish baklava is much, much better.

                      I have no idea why, though I suspect it’s because the phyllo is soaked in butter before baking. Like, a LOT of butter.

                4. They are perfectly edible. You just don’t like them. Which is OK.

                  I’m actually not wild about the really soft French cheeses myself. My loss.

    3. I recently made a black radish (shaved) and blood orange (sanguine) salad with D.O.P. olive oil and balsamic glaze and seasoning.


    4. Teach the kids how to cook for themselves.

    5. unhealthiest with lots of processed items

      Is this a conclusion arrived at scientifically – or the usual zOMG PROCESSED!1! emotional conclusion?

      1. Did you even look at the link? It’s got pictures. Lots and lots of yummy pictures. Most of the plates are loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit, with Michelle Obama’s menu noticeably lacking anything fresh.

        1. Yes I did, and I felt the entire article was an appeal to emotion rather than fact. If you want your kid to eat a plate “loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit”, pack it their bag – don’t make me pay for it in taxes only to have half the kids throw it out.

          1. I just thought it was cool to see what kids around the world eat for lunch. Everything doesn’t have to be political.

            1. Bah – the whole exercise is political. From the 12-year-old blog activist to the carefully chosen pictures.

              1. Yeah, sure. But the fact is that American school lunches are pretty shitty.

                1. Those are the display models.

      2. A lot of processed food really is crap. That doesn’t mean that processed necessarily equals crap, but it’s not a bad rule of thumb.

    6. I want that Italian plate for lunch.

      Looks good, but a little heavy on the arugula.

    7. That Italian plate is crazy. I find it hard to believe that’s standard.

      Anyway, I imagine it’s easier to create such dishes in smaller countries with the local produce. And then there is the predominant diet of the culture. Fish stew and kimchi is great, but good luck serving that to an American kid.

    8. The fact that the french and the finnish have identically prepared their carrots is rather suspicious.

      Or that a single cookie is compared unfavorably –in size– to some of the huge desserts visible.

      Or that the US carb amount is again, compared unfavorably to meals that are almost 100% carb.

      Finally, are we seeing reality? What type of school serves rare top round for lunch? A private school perhaps? And it is not ‘steak’ as described, but rather a slice of a roast. Labor
      intensive, but not as bad as steak.

      I’m calling shenanigans.

  7. Meanwhile ISIS militants reportedly burned 45 people to death in a town in western Iraq.

    Hearts and minds.

    1. jayvee squad. Just wait till the varsity chimes in.

    2. But the people there hate Amerikkkans and are fighting a just resistance war against the imperialist occupier!!!!!!


      1. AmeriKKKa used napalm! And fire bombed Tokyo and Dresden!! So AmeriKKKa is WORSE!!11!!!!

      2. I never bother to read Richman. Is that really what he says?

        1. He equated Chris Kyle to Adam Lanza a while back and the veterans haven’t gotten over it yet.

          1. FUCK NO, WE HAVEN’T!!!

          2. OK, that’s pretty bad.

            I’m pretty non-intervention and no kind of a hawk, but that’s just dumb. I’m sure it takes a particular kind of person to be that kind of sniper, but it is hardly comparable to someone who just murders a bunch of innocent people.

            1. Richman has a problem where he could easily make the case for his argument (i.e. Chris Kyle wasn’t a hero, nationalism is bad) without inflammatory comments (Chris Kyle was simply doing his job, but the Iraq War was a mistake because *explanation*, etc.) but instead he devolves into moronic appeals to emotion (lots of Nazis references, comparing Kyle to Adam Lanza) or just blatant hypocrisy (the guy who hates nationalism apparently loves Palestinian nationalism for some reason).

              1. I agree John. You posted before I finished my (less articulate) commentary. The only place we differ is on our level of emphasis on Palestinian nationalism (I’m getting closer to you, though).

                1. (I’m getting closer to you, though)

                  Nothing pulls like a frank appraisal of Palestinian nationalism.

          3. But seriously, fuck Sheldon Richman with a frozen swordfish.

            Fucking blame-America-firster. Should have to perform cunnilingus on the corpse of Jean Kirkpatrick.

            1. Yeah, nothing more American than forcing someone to perform disgusting acts because they wrote something stupid.

              1. The line starts behind Richman, fag…

        2. He used to be an interesting writer. He seemed to do a good job managing FEE. Since step downing from there, he seems to focus on his more leftist foreign policy narratives, rather than more bread-and-butter libertarian philosophy or history.

          It’s sad.

  8. Are guns about to become off-limits in California? Microstamping judgement will drive sales out of state, activists claim
    The law prohibits the sale of handguns without technology that transfers an alphanumeric on the shell casing
    Plantiffs in a lawsuit before the California Eastern District Court say since gunmakers won’t make ‘microstamping’ guns, the law is a de facto ban
    Studies into microstamping shows reliability of the technology varies
    Researchers believe the technology could cost under $10 per gun
    Two major gun manufacturers announced they would not make guns with microstamping, though Smith & Wesson continues to sell in California

    …mumble mumble shall not be infringed mumble mumble…

    1. Good luck, CA residents! You’re now OFFICIALLY on you’re own!!!!

    2. the technology could cost under $10 per gun

      But remember: a free ID is an evil restriction on anyone’s voting rights.

      1. Is this cost projection from people whose politics also leads them to believe that universal socialized healthcare, a guaranteed minimum income and a $20 minimum wage would not only be feasible but cheap if it weren’t for all those kulak wrecker-hoarders and obstructionists standing in the way of progress?

    3. Please break up cali. They get away with this shit because they are such a large market.

      1. Man, things must be bad if someone from FLA has the high ground on California.

        They get away with it because them coastal cunts have more money and visibility. I’m trying to stop them, but it’s hard to move rocks big enough to plug the California Aqueduct.

    4. …mumble mumble shall not be infringed mumble mumble…

      Tell that to the guy facing 10 years in jail for having an unloaded flintlock in his car in New Jersey.

      1. Saw that. Police dept is going to do “ballistics testing” on the gun – just to make sure it wasn’t used in a 300-year old cold case.

        Fucking morons.

        1. Unrifled weapons don’t have ballistic fingerprints.

          1. “We found a scratch on the musket ball – one that could only have come from the small flaw in this pistol barrel!!!!”

            /Colonial CSI

          2. Right, UCS. That is why they are fucking morons.

        2. It would be awesome if the damn thing blew up in their hand when they tried to fire it.

  9. Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary’s wife’s ear?

    I guess it depends on your view of his foreign policy bona fides.

  10. AT&T is offering a more privacy-oriented Internet service for just $29 extra a month.

    Can you pay with bitcoin?

    1. Won’t be private from the government, of course.

    2. Really it is a misleading title. It is basically do you want to be part of marketing research for a discount or pay full price. It’s not encrypted or anything special.

  11. All that wait, and this is the alt-text we get? You might as well be the Boston Green Line right now.

    1. Hmmm, and now it’s there. I guess if you wait long enough, a train with room will show up.

  12. Ed, you magnificent bastard!

  13. The guacamole was an inside joke with promoters and one of my crew is allergic to bananas: Furious Jack White reacts to THAT leaked rider in open letter as he insists he is ‘no diva’
    Jack White’s backstage demands for a performance at the University of Oklahoma were published by the student newspaper
    It was also made clear there should be no bananas anywhere in the building
    White was angry with the paper as they also revealed his $80,000 fee for the performance

    That guacamole recipe looks pretty good. Pretty much how I make it.

    1. and so what if he is a diva? Artists have their list of wants for backstage eats and such. Good grief; everything is a matter of social commentary now.

      1. No kidding. They would’ve been apoplectic over Iggy Pop’s contract rider from a few years back.

        1. I’m glad I get to keep liking Iggy Pop. Think I’ll have a listen right now.

          1. I think i’ll join you. Capitol idea!

            1. Rocking out to TV Eye: Live 1977.

      2. Complicated rider contracts with odd demands have been the subject of humor and social commentary for a long time. There often turn out to be good reasons for the odd demands. My favorite is the Van Halen demand for M&Ms; with all of one color removed. Apparently, they used that to make sure the venues were really paying attention to the contract. Which was important for them because they had lots of complicated stage equipment that could be dangerous if not set up properly.

        I think White is being overly bitchy here. It’s all in good fun.

        1. Ya know, if you don’t want people mocking you for being a pissy little diva, maybe you shouldn’t act like a pissy little diva?

          Just a thought.

          1. I’ve always wondered whether that story by Van Halen wasn’t just a story to cover up some absurd demands on their part.

          2. I’d just embrace it. “Yeah, I’m a rock-star and I’m going to do some crazy rock star shit because I can. Can I require a certain hotness of groupies in the contract?”

    2. One of the things I’ve read is that people put such ridiculous riders into their contracts in part to make certain the rest of the contract is being read and adhered to. If you miss the wacky rider (eg. no yellow M&Ms;) you’re liable to be screwing me over on the other clauses.

      1. I’ve heard that too, Van Halen wasn’t it?

        1. Saw an interesting interview with Diamond Dave about that. And yes, that’s exactly why.

      2. But Jack White shows usually don’t have $100k in lights and pyrotechnics.

    3. I loathe the White Stripes so I will happily make fun of this rider. But yeah, this sort of thing is pretty standard for every single performer out there.

      1. I was never a Jack White fan until I saw It Might Get Loud. After that I gained quite a bit of respect for the guy.

    4. he is ‘no diva’

      Sorry, but his whole persona is that of a reluctant musical genius that makes music to satisfy his fans even though it causes him so much pain to do so.

  14. 90-Year-Old Woman’s House Destroyed After Police Mistakenly Storm Wrong Home In Drug Raid


    1. Riviera Beach Police said the search warrant was executed at the correct address and while the resident may not have had any knowledge of drugs being sold from her home, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


    2. Story is short on facts.

    3. Why is it necessary to destroy a house even if the occupant is a drug dealer?

      1. To properly terrorize the serfs, of course.

      2. I don’t understand the question.

        Isn’t the answer ‘because yes fuck you?’

  15. Which woman says beauty to YOU? Photographer travels the globe to prove appearance is all in the eye of the beholder
    Mihaela Noroc is the 29-year-old Romanian photographer behind ‘The Atlas of Beauty’
    Her project is an attempt to show that beauty can be found everywhere
    Noroc visited 37 different countries where she photographed women for her work
    Among those were Iran, Peru, Colombia, Myanmar, China, Latvia, Georgia and Indonesia

    Those Eastern European women. Wow.

    1. Dirty Old Man: “They all look sweet and innocent and young to me…”

    2. I vote for Sumatra.

    3. This guy pretty obviously has a brunette fetish.

      1. Once you leave Europe, you don’t have a whole lot of other options.

    4. It must be hard-times livin’ in Tibet is all I can say…

      1. The clown makeup doesn’t help.

        1. I think that night just be that it’s really cold…..

      2. It’s one of those places where it’s amazing people live at all. High altitude, cold and dry.

    5. That woman in Georgia…

    6. I like them all. I was glad to see that this isn’t another project trying to convince people that fat, ugly people are beautiful too.

      1. Good point.

    7. Beautiful women all over the world? Who woulda thunk it?

      Oddly enough I recently was hanging out with my cousin, who went to the local Dutch/CRC college. All of her girlfriends are Dutch…

      something, something hot.

      1. Yes, but their bottoms will get very large if they have children.

        1. true that.

    8. In order of appearance: Baltic Sea, Australia, Colombia, Georgia (!), San Fran, Brazil (!), Latvia, UK, Romania, and Chile.

    9. Helooooo, Columbia!

  16. ‘There will be a lovely ceremony and you’re not invited’: Bride sends scathing letter to her ‘bullying and bitter’ parents telling them why they are not welcome at her wedding
    The letter was posted on the social networking site Reddit
    The user ‘Skitzocat’ says she does not want her parents at her wedding
    The letter was met with messages of support from other users
    The bride is now happily married

    It ends with “Because fuck you that’s why.” So. Who’s the Reasonoid who’s getting married? Come on. Spill it. Oh, and congrats.

    1. Grand Moff Serious Man and kibby?

    2. It ends with “Because fuck you that’s why.”

      Classy broad.

      1. Yeah, I feel sorry for her husband in a few years. But he should have known what he was marrying based on her relationship with her parents.

  17. Has anyone seen Penn Jillette recently. Dude has lost some serious weight. Has he said anything about a weight loss program recently? I just hope it’s not an illness.

    1. He’s turning 60 – probably just taking better care of himself! I hope!

      1. Yeah. Maybe. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like he’s lost 50 pounds. Based on my initial impression, he looks healthier.

    2. I think he and Teller have a new show on Syfy. I haven’t watched it yet. But I’m glad Syfy is trying to be entertaining instead of ironic.

      1. How much of Siffy is science fiction any more?

        1. Well, there’s the wrestling.

    3. Imma go w/ paleo as my guess since there seems to be a fair nexus between paleo and libertarians.

    4. I listen to his podcast. He has said he’s on an undisclosed weight loss program which he’ll reveal in a later episode.

  18. Was mom killed in road rage attack shot in SELF DEFENSE? She went home to get her son ‘and a gun’ after initial confrontation, and hunted down suspect who shot her dead


    1. The man then followed Meyers home and shot her in the head

      That doesn’t really sound like self defense.

      1. No. Sounds like two major assholes converged.

  19. Pac-Man and Pokemon to take on Donkey Kong and Mario: Public vote to decide video game ‘Hall of Fame’
    Games from Pong to Grand Theft auto expected to be nominated
    Titles will be chosen for their ‘icon status’ and impact on society


    1. Oregon Trail.

      1. I’m sorry Auric, but that game has died of dysentary.

      2. I played that recently and got pretty into it.

    2. Burger Time.

      “We are closed – now!”

        1. Me too.

    3. Colossal Cave Adventure. Also, ASCII Star Trek.

    4. My favorite arcade game was Star Wars with that funky controller and the vector graphics. That was cool. I’d love to have one in my basement someday, but I hear the monitors are very hard to find.

      1. That was great. My favorite vector game was probably Tempest.

        1. Me too! I dumped untold numbers of quarters into that game.

          1. Yeah, someone made a lot of money with that. I played a ROM of that back when MAME bestrode the PC world like a colossus.

        2. Tempest was the best game of its time, vector or not.

      2. I could have bought a Satan’s Hollow for $150 in ’91. Why didn’t I?!?

        1. Because 8-bit Atari sucks?

          1. At least it was in color.

            1. I had an Atari 2600, and didn’t miss it a bit once Nintendo came out. 8-bit sucks. They did an amazing job with what they had, but reminiscing about 8-bit is like reminiscing about electric typewriters.

              1. Satan’s Hollow was a stand-up video game. Did they make a 2600 version?

                1. No, it was released for the Atari line of computers, their Commodore 64 competitors. And yes, I was talking about a stand-up.

                  1. I know you were talking stand-up, but it was based on the same 8-bit technology as the 2600. Which I don’t miss a bit. My personal opinion.

                    1. The original Nintendo (not the Super Nintendo, which was 16-bit) was also 8-bit. The experience was superior to that of the 2600 largely because of better hardware other than the CPU.

        2. I used to play that. Good game.

      3. Those vector graphics – at the time – were mesmerizing. I plugged a lot of quarters into the Star Wars machine.

    5. Smash TV! “Big Money! Big Prizes! I LOVE IT!”

      1. Fucking awesome game. I could play that for a long time, too, thanks to my Robotron training.

        1. Yeah, I worked in a mall for a while that had one in the food court arcade. I’d take a roll of quarters and play my entire lunch break.

          1. Games like that are hard to play on PC, because of the control system.

            1. Star Wars especially.

    6. Dig Dug.

      1. I forgot about that. Another classic.

    7. I’d vote for Pac-man or Mario.

      I don’t have very broad experience with video games.

    8. Quake, because unlike Doom, it didn’t murder my eyeballs, and you could look up.

      1. And you could put your favorite death metal into the computer and rock out while you kill stuff.

        1. Duke “Hail to the King, Baby!” Nukem

      1. I played that probably more than anything else, since I could play a good while on one quarter. We had one of those machines in a cabin in Gatlinburg a few years ago, and I scored well over 1 million points. I only quit because I had other stuff to do. Silly children couldn’t even get 100,000.

        1. That one and Gyruss were the only ones I was halfway decent at. Every other game I could not last more than 5 minutes on a quarter.

          1. I got 45 minutes off one Ms Pac Man game one time. Used to play Street Fighter to the end on one quarter. Then again it took A LOT of quarters to get that good.

      2. Centipede.

  20. AT&T is offering a more privacy-oriented Internet service for just $29 extra a month.

    Everything is the same except for if your ex gets a job for the NSA they can’t look you up for no reason. Just don’t start looking like you’ve moved on too quickly.

    1. Naw, those who pay extra, get logged into a special database for extra-scrutiny. Because they’re more likely to be entertaining, and/or suckers.

      1. This is exactly right. If a totally locked down, hyper-encrypted service exists and you subscribe to it, you can bet the house that the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the president’s daughter’s Girl Scout troop will have you under total surveillance.

      2. Pay extra for your Streisand effect.

    2. For $29 you get standard privacy (from local cops, DMV, state bureaucrats, etc.)…to be hidden from the NSA requires the Platinum Plan…that’s an extra $59 a month…on a 10 year term, paid in advance

  21. Fighting in eastern Ukraine continues despite a European-brokered ceasefire that was supposed to go into effect Sunday.

    “There is no such thing as ‘cease fire’ there is only ‘keep firing’ and ‘reload'”

  22. Potential Valentine’s Day Massacre thwarted in Halifax:


    1. Illinois girl gone bad!

      1. I used to substitute teach in the next suburb north of Geneva – very nice, wealthy little place.

        1. St Charles? I know it well!

          1. Batavia. Subed at Middle School and High School.

            St. Charles has a little money too, yes.

      2. Damn immoral and licentious American gals corrupting our honorable and pristine Canadian lads!

  23. Doughnut chain Krispy Kreme apologises for branding half-term children’s club KKK Wednesday after complaints its initials were the same as the Ku Klux Klan
    Food chain planned to bring kids in with ‘Krispy Kreme Klub’ Wednesday
    But customers pointed out the initials brought to mind the Ku Klux Klan
    Company has now ‘apologised unreservedly’ for ‘inappropriate name’


    1. MMmmmm…racism.

    2. One of the largest retailers in Finland is the Kesko Group, which uses a K for its logo. The supermarkets used to indicate size by how many copies of the logo they had, leading to stores like this.

      1. I always thought ‘KKK’ meant an emphatic ‘YES!’

        1. It means your keyboard is stuck.

          1. Daniel Carver, Manager.

    3. You would think a corporation based in the south with a set of KK initials would be very, very careful about how it abbreviates anything related to its brand.

      Whoever was asking in another thread why Krispy Kreme’s finances have been dire despite the seeming popularity of its product, I’d like to suggest a clueless management might be partially to blame.

      1. It was me.
        /hangs head

      2. I don’t get why people like their product – after five minutes, they’ve turned to bricks.

  24. Circumcised men may soon be able to REGROW their foreskin: New technique could help increasing number of men angry they were given the procedure
    Growing number of men are angry at being circumcised as an infant
    They call themselves ‘intactivists’ and say procedure led to insensitivity
    US company is now researching methods to regrow a human foreskin
    Hopes to regenerate foreskin much like a salamander can re-grow a limb


    1. They call themselves ‘intactivists’ and say procedure led to insensitivity

      Yeah, I’m sure that’s why…

    2. “Rub it, and it turns into a suitcase!”

    3. But what if it doesn’t stop growing?

      1. Ask Warty.

        1. Wouldn’t that also require ‘prehensile’?

          1. Or just use it as a lasso.

              1. Your foreskin has horns? You need to go see a doctor, yo.

                1. Warty admitted his schlong was viking horned, some time back.

                2. Your foreskin has horns?

                  Yours doesn’t?

                  1. I don’t have one. 🙁

                    1. Me neither. But I think it had horns before they cut it off. Or something. I got nuthin.

                      *sobs in the corner*

                    1. “Hey, baby… want to help me rub of my velvet?”

                    2. I larfed.


    1. *barges on stages and demands they vote for Beyonce*


      1. *applause*

              1. I would have gone with “both, just to be sure”

                  1. Self deport, save em the time, Swiss.

                    1. If I could afford Zurich or even Bern…

  26. AT&T is offering a more privacy-oriented Internet service for just $29 extra a month.

    “We see that you’ve signed up for the privacy service. Is there something you’d like to tell us?”

  27. Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary’s wife’s ear?


  28. Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary’s wife’s ear?

    “Am I breathing too close to you, sweetheart?”

    1. Cue Darth Vader breathing audio.

  29. Bay Area officer who had his gun and badge stolen by prostitute he slept with in Reno gets his police chief dumped from force
    Police Chief Greg Harman had his contract dropped by Kensington
    Board members were critical of a probe into conduct of Sgt Keith Barrow
    Barrow had his gun stolen by a prostitute he’d paid for sex in Reno
    The department did not cite or suspend Barrow after finding out about the incident and an investigation has stretched out eight months


    Prostitution in Nevada is only legal in brothels, but Barrow was not cited that night. The department did not place him on administrative leave when it found out.
    Barrow wasn’t suspended until earlier this month, after eight months when the case was under investigation.
    ‘People have this impression that something wasn’t done right, and we’re admitting in the statement that things could have proceeded at a more rapid pace,’ governing board president Len Welsh said before the decision.
    The decision not to discipline Barrow and allow him to continue police work baffled Sam Walker, professor of criminology at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, told the Times-Herald.

    So the chief is fired for not investigating the officer, while the officer keeps his job. I’m sure the next chief will be better at covering things up.

    1. How many cops could Kensington need? All they really need is a horticulturist to make sure everybody is using the right grass seed for their lawns.

  30. ‘Priceless’ trove of 2,000 gold coins used by 10th Century Caliphate which once ruled much of the Middle East is found off the coast of Israel
    Largest haul ever found off Israel’s Mediterranean coast
    Divers found coins dating back more 1,000 years by pure chance
    Thought they were toy coins before experts confirmed they were gold
    Work ongoing to trace origins of the treasure, uncovered by storm
    Valuable haul is property of the state with no finder’s fee for divers

    Looks like someone learned the hard way that you never tell the government when you find something valuable, because if you do they will steal it from you.

    1. And people wonder why grave robbing is up. They should at least acknowledge salvage rights and pay a finder’s fee, if not fair market value.

    2. Or they really found 10,000 coins and said “Look, we found 2,000!”

    3. They should be honored to do all of that work to enrich government, which, after all, is all of us. If they’re not, then they’re selfish wreckers and kulaks who would just put those gold coins in their swimming pools.

  31. ‘I woke up in a panic!’ Sienna Miller admits she’s been having nightmares that she isn’t sexy enough for her role in Cabaret

    I think she looks juuuuuust fine.

    1. Sienna Miller admits she’s been having nightmares that she isn’t sexy enough for her role in Cabaret

      You think Liza was?

      1. BURN!!! And also correct.

  32. Meet the 33 Americans who could live on MARS – and never return: Mission reveals final ‘longlist’ for first manned one-way journey to the red planet
    The Mars One mission aims to establish a colony on the red planet
    It now has a list of 50 men and 50 women from an original 200,000 entries
    US is best represented in the long-list, with 33 Americans vying to be part of the mission
    The 33 US residents are ranging in age from 19 to 60
    Some of the would-be astronauts are married with children, including one applicant with five kids
    This will be cut to 40 in next stages, with four chosen for the first mission

    One way trip to Mars? No thanks.

    1. The one way portion is an obvious downside, but on the other hand, even if you’re stuck on another planet for the rest of your life, you’ll still be the first one Mars for the rest of history.

      1. Also, it’s not intended to be a suicide mission. The idea is to get people there, then maybe later we’ll have the infrastructure to take others out and bring the first group back, if they want to return. The key is that there’s no guarantee of a return flight.

        1. You can only take so much food. What are they going to eat? Algae soup?

          1. Resupply missions are relatively easy. And, of course, they could try to grow stuff.

            1. “Bob looks like he won’t make it….now we will have enough fertilizer for the crops!’

              1. I’m thinking maybe I’d opt for a hermit’s life up there if I went.

                1. Pro Lib, do you even need to eat to survive? Or is that just a comfort thing?

                  1. You know, there’s no way they’ll know you aren’t a volunteer if you arrive unconscious.

                    1. If there is a sufficient percentage of redheads on this red planet, I’m game.

                    2. You should wait until the Bigelow whoretels are fully operational.

                    3. Fully armed, too.

                    4. Of course! Can you imagine the premium on whores in space? Bigelow will have to fend off attacks on a daily basis.

    2. A friend of mine made a good point the other day. What happens if someone on the mission gets seriously sick or injured? There is no way to get medical attention or bring them back. Should they be able to euthanize that person?

      1. Who is going to stop them?

          1. How many space divisions fleets does the FAA command?

            1. They don’t need any. They can simply issue directives, which, of course, must be obeyed.

              1. I can think of one higher power than the FAA… the RAA (Reasonable Asteroid Assurance [we’re British apparently])

                1. British? I think not. We’ll operate under the flag of Nunavut. You know, for tax purposes.

                  1. Fine, you come up with the name then!

                    1. Asteroid Interception Mutual?

            2. If people started fleeing to space to avoid taxes I bet we’d see the space program really take off.

      2. There are a lot of things they won’t have. The question is are they going to be Roanoke or Jamestown? (I do foresee a lot of suffering in their future though)

      3. Fresh meat!

        1. +1 Donner par-tay!

      4. It’s similar to people who winter-over at the south pole. You have to be very healthy to be accepeted and if I recall correctly, you have to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

    3. “US is best represented in the long-list, with 33 Americans vying to be part of the mission”

      WOOOH! One small step towards establishing English as the inter-galactic common tongue!

      1. As science fiction has demonstrated, English is the interstellar lingua franca.

    4. Make Mars the new Australia – send convicts there.

      And send BEavis and Butthead there to stop them from joking about “huh, huh, penal planet.”

  33. ‘I’m much happier fat’: Mother-of-five pens moving essay about how she stopped striving to keep up her size 4 body and it changed her life… for the better
    Joni Edelman was 35 and had three children, but weighed only 123 pounds
    She would run 35 miles a week, eat 1,000 calories a day and sleep only three hours a night
    After an epiphany she stopped her diet obsession and has never felt better
    ‘Happiness does not require thinness and fatness does not presume sadness,’ she said

    John concurs.

    1. The mother-of-five says there is a ‘stillness, joy and peace’ to her life now that she’s never had

      “You say ‘laziness’; I say ‘stillness’.”

    2. Says the guy who opens and copies every single Daily Fail story that might contain a picture of a fat women.

      Have you thought about getting treatment for your obsession with fat women? You can’t solve a problem until you admit you have one.

      1. Grow some skin.

        1. I am only trying to help.

        2. LMFAO

    3. She would run 35 miles a week, eat 1,000 calories a day

      Bullshit. Unless she has severe issues with her metabolism, she was eating way more than a 1000 calories a day. 1000 calories a day and running 35 miles a week would leave most people looking like residents of a concentration camp. And she didn’t gain only 10 lbs. More like 50.

      1. Bingo. She just got tired of working out and said fuck it.

      2. That is running a bit under 6 miles a day six days a week. Depending on your weight, it takes anywhere from one to two hundred calories to run a mile. Lets split it in half and say 150. That means she was burning about 900 calories a day running. Typically it takes about 2,000 calories a day just to maintain your weight. that would make her about 1900 short, EVERY DAY. She should have lost three or four pounds a week on that diet.

        1. Given all that is true, which train will make it to Scranton first?

          Common Core.

          1. The CSX, because Amtrak is delayed.

            1. Does Amtax still run?

    4. ‘Happiness does not require thinness and fatness does not presume sadness,’ she said

      Her husband haz a sad.

      1. Yeah, she went from quite attractive to….not so much.

        1. Damn!! She was kinda fine! And then – “Fuck all this discipline and PRIDE in my appearance! I. WANT. CAKE!!!!!!”

          And they all do. They all want cake.

          Women, that is.

          1. Meh, she has successfully completed her biological function (as a human, not a woman) by reproducing. Now she no longer requires to maintain herself in order to optimize breeding chances.

            1. Looks like she’s actively avoiding breeding chances.

          2. All she really did was (as one commenter at the Mail said) was “give up one unhealthy lifestyle and replace it with another.” She had amenorrhea, was sleeping 3 hours a night, and is bipolar.
            The story here isn’t discipline or attractiveness or fat/thin, it’s that this woman has some mental health issues that may or may not be being addressed.

      2. Her husband haz a sad.

        Because she isn’t narcissistically and unhealthily keeping her weight down to that of a child just to please her man?

        1. That woman was a lot of things at her lightest–123–but ‘unhealthy’ or ‘child’ sized weren’t among them.

  34. “Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary’s wife’s ear?”

    “My hair’s not the only thing with plugs.”

  35. I have uploaded a new version of fascr.

    Please note that I haven’t spent as much time testing things as I’d like; however, I wanted to go ahead and get it out there.

    The most significant change is probably support for Firefox for Android, so you can ignore Bo on your phone and tablet. See the homepage for details.

    The two other primary new features are counting the number of characters in comments as you type and the ability to “toggle” threads you’re not interested in without blocking the posters. Again, see the homepage for details.

    I also made quite a few under-the-hood “improvements” (read: sources of new bugs), though the code is still a mess. Hotkeys should be more reliable now, though they still fail now and then. Also, the mechanism for removing users from your blocklist has changed yet again; see “Usage notes / tips”.

    Please do go ahead and read through the homepage before asking questions; I tried to be thorough.

    1. Heroic Mulatto: the bug you and I experienced a couple months ago should be fixed now, although since this version requires Firefox 34 or higher, IceDragon may not work.

      Lord Humungus, UnCivilServant, and FUQ: I saw your discussion yesterday morning. Unfortunately search engines like to be “smart” with fascr and give you results for something else. And fascr is not in the official addons repository because I don’t feel like dealing with the review process.

      So anyway — it didn’t drop off the map; it was never on it. Sorry for the confusion.

      1. One thing I’ve noticed – If I reach the middle of a thread and make a reply to a comment (common on AM Links), all of the as yet unread posts further down get marked as read when the page reloads. I’m not sure how this might be addressed, it’s just an observation.

        1. While I’m on the topic – something that might be much easier would be the option to set the color of the highlighting for new/your own comments. This salmon hue doesn’t have a great contrast with the white background.

        2. If I reach the middle of a thread and make a reply to a comment (common on AM Links), all of the as yet unread posts further down get marked as read when the page reloads

          Yeah, that’s a design limitation rather than a bug. I tried early on to mark posts as read based on whether you’d actually scrolled past them, but it is a pain.

          This salmon hue doesn’t have a great contrast with the white background.

          Yeah, I just stole the color from reasonable. It will be easy enough to add it as an option at some point.

        3. Note that within the add-on tab, you can change a user block to a mute.

          eg, you will see Bo replied, but not the content of the message. This allows one to read replies – for example, to Shriek – but not his vile spew.

    2. The most significant change is probably support for Firefox for Android, so you can ignore Bo on your phone and tablet.

      OOooh, I like that.

    3. The most significant change is probably support for Firefox for Android, so you can ignore Bo on your phone and tablet.

      I’ve never understood this desire for an echo chamber.

      1. Not an echo chamber here… you seen the fights on some of these threads? Try an abortion thread sometime. Or an immigration one.

        Bo adds naught but peevishness and concern trolling…. see the “no degree, you suck” thread.

        1. Isn’t it easy enough to hold down the “Page Down” key?

          1. I scroll past – I don’t use reasonable or such.

            1. I use reasonable mostly for its features other than blocking.

        2. That was awful. Bo had really grown on me despite our differences but that was just terrible.

    4. Hmm. No Reasonable on Chrome for Android and commenting doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll have to give this a shot on Firefox for Android. Thanks!

  36. With the Syrian refugee problem, all we have to do is make sure they are the good Syrians, the ones carrying American made weapons.

    1. IF they have a Russian made weapon, they are ISIS. If they have an American made one, they are disciplined ISIS.

      1. What if they have a German firearm?

        1. You know who else had German firearms?

              1. I seem to recall they copied a lot of german designs, especially in the wake of WWII.

                1. I think everyone has copied German designs in small arms, especially the Karibiner 98? And the Sturmgeweher?

              2. I have a Sig. Great gun.

          1. U.S. Navy SEALS.

        2. They are disciplined ISIS with good taste in weapons.

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  38. “Was Joe Biden whispering sweet nothings into the new defense secretary’s wife’s ear?”


  39. Wingnutz

    Mounting debt makes it hard for young people to progress with typical adult lives. “The growth in student debt, with its monthly cost and high delinquency and default rate, seems to be reducing both household formation and homeownership,” said the economists. Before the recession, 30-year-olds with student debt were more likely to buy a house, for the reasons you might expect: they went to college, yielding jobs with fatter salaries. In 2012, that trend reversed, and the homeownership slide for student debtors continued in 2014, the latest Fed report finds.

    The economists found that young student debtors are less likely to have a home of their own than those who don’t have to keep paying for college as adults. Missing payments for long stretches can take a good chunk out of a credit score, the report noted, which might make things tricky for people trying to buy property when the credit standards are so high.

    Board of Realtors haz a sad.

    Time for Jubilee!

    1. The Fed says: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    2. “before the recession” lenders were also handing out bad loans like skittles.

    3. You joke, but I’ve sent the Jubilee idea popping up in a number of different places.

      1. “seen”

        1. You and your manipulative ways.

          1. “Remember that time the hypnotist turned me into a chicken? I’m a chicken, Marge!”

    4. Perhaps getting a degree in something economically useful rather than a Masters of Underwater Marxist Basketweaving would help this situation out.

  40. ‘What is he doing here Mommy? Doesn’t he know he will be killed?’ Shocking hidden camera footage shows Jew being spat at, called a ‘dog’ and threatened as he walks the streets of Paris

    A journalist decided to test how safe the streets of Paris are for Jews – by wearing a religious skullcap and filming the public’s reaction using a hidden camera.

    Zvika Klein, a reporter for Jewish news outlet NRG, silently walked in the city for ten hours wearing a kippah – also known as a yarmulke – on his head and a tzitzit (knotted ritual tassels).

    And the shocking hidden camera footage shows antisemitism is rife in the French capital as he is seen harassed and intimidated.

    As he wanders around neighbourhoods wearing the garments associated with the Jewish faith, he is spat at, threatened and even called a ‘dog’.

    There’s that famed European tolerance.

    1. Was there anyone in the video abusing the guy who wasn’t a Muslim? It doesn’t look like a European problem to me. It looks more like a religion of peace problem.

      1. “Was there anyone in the video abusing the guy who wasn’t a Muslim? It doesn’t look like a European problem to me. It looks more like a religion of peace problem.”

        There was an article on Instapundit the other day by a European talking about anti-Semitism who said that the two groups who are virulently anti-Semitic are 1) Muslim immigrants and 2) wealthy elites. You can see that in the BBC reporter who told a Jew who was complaining about anti-Semitism that some people might not like her because of their legitimate grievances against Israel.

        The elite anti-Semites aren’t going to yell at a Jew on the street though. How gauche. They’ll just make excuses when synagogues are placed under siege and pelted with rocks during flareups in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

        1. No. the elite will just quietly cheer the Muslims who do.

    2. Hey, at least he wasn’t getting cat-calls!

      1. That having been said, I wonder about the extent to which this video is an exaggeration.

  41. WV oil train derails. Back to coal, it is.

    1. If only there was a way to transport oil besides choo-choos??????

      1. Mule trains don’t derail so catastrophically!

  42. Auditor says MNsure failures in first year outweigh achievements

    An expansive new study that chronicles MNsure’s troubled debut concludes that failures outweighed achievements in the health insurance exchange’s first year.

    The report that Legislative Auditor James Nobles delivered Tuesday is the most thorough government review to date of MNsure’s initial shortcomings. It documents issues with MNsure’s online enrollment system and customer service, plus a lack of testing before the system debuted in October 2013.

    It also undercuts one of MNsure’s few celebratory points in early 2014, when exchange officials claimed success in beating its enrollment projection.

    Going forward, the auditor’s report recommends changes in state law to improve the exchange, and argues that “an agency with MNsure’s impact and visibility should be directly accountable to the governor.”


  43. Anyone heard of this? I took it w/ a grain of salt since it appeared in a wingnut FB friend’s feed, but seemed to trace back to legit sources. But I hadn’t heard anything about it otherwise.

    Internal passports?

    1. Real ID is a federal effort to get the states to all make IDs that meet certain standards that make them difficult to forge. Some states meet it a few don’t. SO there has been a long running stand off between the feds and the non compliant states. The feds have been threatening to stop recognizing non compliant state IDs for years now. The states have just called their bluff and told them good luck with having the TSA tell the entire populations of states they can’t get on an airplane without some kind of federal ID.

      The Feds keep stomping their feet and ultimately backing down and will likely always do so because the country would not tolerate them actually enforcing the rule.

      1. “The Feds keep stomping their feet and ultimately backing down and will likely always do so because the country would not tolerate them actually enforcing the rule.”

        I question this statement. People in this country are being trained to cede incrementally more power to the government all the time. There really is no limit to the amount of shit we will swallow.

        1. Telling the entire state of Arizona they can’t fly and effectively shutting down the Phoenix airport would be kind of a big deal. The feds couldn’t do it and the states know it and so nothing happens.

          1. They already uglified the fuck out of our state IDs compared to what they used to look like.

            Hell, it looks pretty close to the example linked above but apparently the background database stuff isn’t compliant from a cursory Google search on the topic.

    2. Car and Driver – off places – had an article on this.

  44. Internal passports?

    Real ID, one of the few Total Security State ideas actually rejected in the post 9/11 DHS hysteria, was pretty much an internal passport (national ID), according to some reports.

    1. NO. It is just a set of federal standards for state issued IDs. The only reason states have said no is they don’t want to spend the extra money it takes to make a compliant ID.

      1. Yeah, but read the article. They are trying to say this is a new ID card that you will need to show to travel domestically, like if I drive from Ohio into PA, I need to show an ID to cross the border. They’re not talking about drivers licenses that meet federal standards.

        So either the article is hyperbole, or there trying to implement passports for domestic travel.

        1. And that is complete horseshit. That is not what REAL ID is. READ ID just changes the way state IDs are made. There is nothing in the act that requires a compliant ID to travel. It only becomes an issue when you have to get the feds to recognize it, and the only time that is an issue is when dealing with TSA when flying.

          That article is full of shit.

          1. I believe you, I think the article is bullshit, but it’s clearly trying to say that they are attempting domestic passports. I don’t think the citizenry are quite ready for that yet, we need another decade or so of creeping police state totalitarianism before we’re that compliant.

            1. I don’t think this country is ever ready for that. You could never enforce it.

              If the country was the bunch of compliant sheep you think it is, the drug war would actually work. Laws fail so badly because people just ignore them.

              1. They can’t even enforce drivers licenses and car registration. A million illegal immigrants in MD are the only proof needed for that. It always makes me laugh when I think of how they sell a car to an amigo and just leave the plates on it, no registration, nothing.

                1. All car registration does it get native poor people arrested. The illegals don’t give a fuck. You can be an illegal and get pulled over with no id, no registration, no insurance, nothing and the cop will let you walk. There is nothing they can do with you. ICE won’t come and get you. They have no way of telling who you are and the cities and counties don’t want the expense of holding you in jail and no judge would agree to hold you anyway. So they just let them go. I am not kidding.

                  1. That is fucked up. Had no idea. What a chump I am. Those fuckers are really off the grid. GOOD ON ‘EM!!!

  45. Meanwhile ISIS militants reportedly burned 45 people to death in a town in western Iraq.

    Last week, someone here mentioned napalming these fuckers. Kind of makes sense to me. What say you all?

    1. One word, Dresden.

      1. That’s three words.

        1. That’s four words. Why are we doing this?

          1. NIXON?!?!?!


    3. I agree with the Atlantic piece that was going around yesterday – they are basically trolling us. I say we ignore them.

      1. Agreed, ISIS really, really wants to go toe-to-toe with ‘Rome’/the United States. At the same time, some of this stuff is exploitable. For example, turning Dabiq into a turkey shoot with the right tactics and religious undertones.

    4. As long as we can get several other ME states to participate and do much of the heavy lifting, then I think we should work with them to destroy ISIS. And napalm would be a good weapon in some instances where we find large number of them collected together. Obama is not completely wrong here, just very bad at getting internal and external support. 43 did a pretty good job.

      1. Anyone talking about solving ME problems without advocating ‘regime changing’ the House of Saud is talking out of their ass.

  46. How will TSA VPR teams run their “Papieren, bitte” operations efficiently with a bunch of weird, nonstandardized Papieren to inspect?

    Won’t somebody think of the Brown Shirts?

    1. Easy, lay them off, they won’t have to worry about inspecting a variety of papers.

  47. http://www.thewrap.com/cnn-dc-…..exclusive/

    CNN President says the fact that he hosts the Obamas for dinner and sends his kids to the same school could never create a conflict of interest.

    On a side note, what the hell is up with Zucker in that picture? He is a CEO of a large corporation. He can’t wear a tie? He looks like he is getting ready to lie to his wife and sneak out to go cruising for TWINKs, NTTAAWWT.

  48. Don’t worry, we got this figgered out!

    “Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline Extended” (11/13)
    “White House Gives Americans Extra Time to Sign Up for Obamacare” (3/14)
    “Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline Extended a Week for Some” (2/15)
    [too many links; darn you, REASON]

    Wonder if Obo will wave his wand and extend the IRS filing date?

    1. But it is so awesome the country will never allow it to be repealed. Obama just constantly delays letting America enjoy the full benefits of his signature achievement because he wants them to be sufficiently grateful before receiving it.

  49. Video of man punching himself in the face over 40 times.

    Newly-released footage shows a 33-year-old California man punching himself in the face while in an Oregon jail, undermining his claim that he was attacked by detectives, the Eugene Register-Guard reported on Tuesday.

    The video, taken from surveillance footage, shows Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski in the Lane County Jail last month after being charged with sexual abuse and stalking. Throughout the video, Tomaszewski walks to the back of the cell and hits himself. The Register-Guard reported that he punched himself more than 40 times in the 4-minute video.

    According to the Associated Press, Tomaszewski later filed a complaint accusing local detectives of assaulting him while interviewing him.

    After being told about the video, Tomaszewski reportedly told officials that he filed the false claim in the hopes that it would help him get released. Instead, he was found guilty of additional charges of attempted coercion and initiating a false report. He was fined $500 and sentenced to 20 days in jail.

    1. If it really were the cops punching him, the camera would have malfunctioned.

  50. Man convicted of raping 20 men, is not placed on sex offender list.

    C’mon, guess what his profession is! Go on, guess!

    1. Come on. They have a difficult and dangerous job. They should be allowed to blow off steam.


    2. WTF?

    3. That dude should have a bullet with his name on it in the near future…

    4. If this had been a teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student, all it would take is one complaint and they’d be removed from the classroom and charged

      Mentally assaulting a student with statist propaganda can get you a Senate seat in Massachusetts.

  51. Reasonable, responsible ID control. Who would object to sensible federal standards on IDs?

    1. “Sensible federal standards” is like “domesticated unicorn”, a fantasy.


      1. My passport doesn’t swipe me into the gun club, or the office.

        1. Uncivil, would you PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDRENZ?!?!?!?!?

  52. the only time that is an issue is when dealing with TSA when flying.

    That article is full of shit.

    Speaking of full of shit.

    1. The baggers and wreckers will ruin this honest attempt at public safety, just like they ruined reasonable, responsible gun control.

    2. Okay Brooks, when do you deal with the feds other than at the airport? I can’t think of a time. Do they demand a federal ID when you pick up your welfare check? You tell me, I don’t know.

      If there are other times, list them obnoxious old fuck. Is it really not written in your character to say anything of substance on here? Are you only physically capable of writing anything else?

        1. Oh wait… never mind, it is technically TSA. Not sure about ID checks from them, though I bet like any other checkpoint stop they make it very uncomfortable for anyone who does not comply immediately with a request.

        2. They are totally TSA. So what? Your chances of running into one of those are pretty slim. Are the people in REAL ID compliant states any more or less under the thumb of the Feds?

      1. TSA has started hassling people on commuter trains here. “Temporary” checkpoints.

        1. They’re still looking for Charlie?

          1. I thought the Viet Nam war was over.

    3. TSA is but one federal agency in the habit of stopping travelers to check their papers, you know.

      Have we forgotten about the 150 mile “border zone” where Border Patrol can and will pull over anyone and everyone for the sole purpose of checking their papers?

  53. More musings from the diseased mind of Marcotte.

    I went to the page to screenshot and found it’s already been taken down, which surprised me as most of the press attention to it has been fairly bland straight reporting or gleeful right wing gloating about how Rand Paul sure showed her. It had a lot of stuff about Benghazi on it?I don’t think even the most avid followers of this wannabe scandal remember what exactly it’s supposed to be about anymore?suggesting that is going to be the Republican narrative about Hillary Clinton: She’s a lady and that means she’s weak on foreign policy. It’s sleazy as all fuck, but I’m not entirely surprised that’s going to be the narrative, because what else do they really have?

    1. She’s a lady and that means she’s weak on foreign policy.

      Does Marcotte think Republicans thought Condi was weak on foreign policy? Or Thatcher? Or any number of conservative women who have served in foreign policy roles?

      Yep, must be because Hillary’s a woman.

      1. Golda was a real softie.

    2. I’m not asking why you read this stuff, I’m just wondering how?

      “Sleazy as all fuck”. “Still major asshole behavior.” Yet they ask for reports of typos and corrections like this is actual “journalism”.

  54. That is not what REAL ID is. READ ID just changes the way state IDs are made.

    “Don’t worry, you WINGNUTZ! That Social Security Number will never be used for broadly based identification purposes.”

    1. On that note – we’re in the process of phasing out use of SSNs in our systems here.

    2. That one still make me laugh…bitterly.

    1. A state of euphoria?

    2. I’m totally willing to go with the prog joke of walling of Texas for the good of the country if we can also wall off New Jersey.

    3. Yo, upthread, dude.

      1. No link to the story, so 😛

    4. Guessing not Bedrock?

        1. Boooooooooosch.

  55. Google “tsa vipr”

    But don’t worry, America. We’re just looking out for your best interests.

    At least I’m not consumed by fear and hatred of anybody not exactly like me.

    1. That is disturbing. It’s been going on for years.

      With planes, fine, I guess there are unique dangers to air travel. But if some asshole hijacks a bus they aren’t going to kill thousands of people if they crash it into the right thing.

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