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Substitute Teacher Caught on Video Writing Crude Insult About a Student

Streamwood High School substitute has some explaining to do


Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis, a 15-year-old student at Streamwood High School in Illinois, told local media that another student drew an insulting picture on the white board at the front of the class. Davis then watched as his substitute teacher enhanced the picture by making it more grotesque and writing "Stepen's ugly ass" as a caption.

That may sound so mean-spirited—so grossly inappropriate—that it's actually unbelievable. But Davis has proof: he recorded the incident on his phone. The video clearly shows the teacher adding to the crude drawing.

The Daily Herald reached the same conclusion. A reporter interviewed Davis—an overweight teen who is frequently bullied—about his humiliation at the hands of an individual licensed by the state to work in Illinois public schools:

"Everyone told me, 'That looks like you,'" Stephen said in a phone interview with the Daily Herald that included his father and sister. "Everyone was standing there pointing at me, laughing, (while) I'm on the verge of tears."

Stephen said he has been picked on since first grade because of his weight, "but I always learned to just move along. … (It) is basically background noise."

Yet, this is the first time a teacher mocked him in front of the class, he said.

"He should not be allowed around children, if he's going to do this to someone," Stephen said. "No other family should have to go through this suffering. This is unimaginable."

The school district is investigating the matter. We'll see what comes of that.

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  1. You have to be licensed to substitute teach? I thought they’d let any warm body who passes a background check do it. I suppose it varies by state.

    1. You have to pass a background check and pass a confidentiality course where I’m from.

      After which you receive a license.

    2. I had to take the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) and get Live Scan’d.

      1. “Get Live Scan’d”

        Ah, I see done brunch at Warty’s before

        1. I was promised mimosas, but only got rape.

          1. Bait and switch.

            1. ‘bate and switch…?

              1. …go on.

      2. CBEST=Warm body

        1. I probably didn’t need it, I worked at a private school.

    3. Really, it’s simple. You show up. You do the lesson plan as instructed by the teacher. You get payed minimum wage. It really shouldn’t be that difficult.

      1. In fact, with the discounted school lunches, it’s pretty sweet gig.

        1. +1 square pizza Tuesdays

          1. Let me tell ya, it beats most kinds of work.

      2. Hope they didn’t payed ya’ for techin’ how too spel!

      3. While I was applying for jobs after college I substituted in a small town for junior high. Nobody wants to teach junior high ( for good reason). I had classes for several months at a time. Making lesson plans, grading and talking to parents. All for minimum wage. Got to be a coach for 4 months at one point. Easiest damn job on the planet. Even with the insanely hormonal students.

    4. License = paid into the clique

  2. While the teacher needs to get let go for grossly unprofessional behavior, I get the feeling that there’s more to this than this kid being picked on because he’s overweight. He sounds like a seriously entitled whiner. “No other family should have to go through this suffering”? Are you kidding me?

    1. If you’re a highschooler and your teacher starts mocking you for being ugly in front of the class, I think you’re entitled to be a little bit of a drama queen.

      High schoolers are naturally drama queens. Asking a high school student not to be a drama queen is like asking water not to be wet or asking Warty not to rape you.

      It is simply the nature of things.

      1. That’s dumb, Irish. Everyone knows that asking Warty not to rape you is very effective, if your goal is to be at the front of the rape line, someplace in the middle and also at the end.

        1. To Rape, and Rape Again

          A movie. Starring Warty, and introducing STEVE SMITH

    2. That’s standard boilerplate when you’re getting a lawyer involved (which I assume he’s doing), the lawyer probably told him to say exactly that line. It’s unmitigated bullshit about how you’re suing or whatever not for yourself, but for all the others out there, therefore you’re selfless or something. Just pay attention to cases like this and you’ll see the similarities all over the place.

    3. He sounds like a seriously entitled whiner. “No other family should have to go through this suffering”?

      Just using the same phrases oue brave police and teachers use every single day.

  3. Youtube comments take a terrible story and make it racist:

    “I should have known it was a black teacher. Can’t spell basic words and bullying is second nature.?”

    Youtube: Where human decency goes to die.


      Youtube is the worst:

      “It’s not right for the teacher to do this, but I doubt it was unprovoked. He’s a fucking 330 pound fat fuck with some sort of mental disability (probably asperger’s if you can even call that a disability) who was being a whiny cunt.”

      Go home, Youtube, you’re a mean drunk.

      1. “Look at that kid, just fattin’ all around at people. What an asshole.”

  4. is the substitute degreed?

    1. Two degrees in be-bop/
      A PhD in swing…

  5. A substitute teacher was a dick.

    That is some shocking fucking news right there.

  6. You know I’m not seeing a last name on that drawing, so it’s possible it represents a differnt person named Stephen and the kid just took it to be a picture of himself because he has low self-esteem due to his obesity.

    1. It’s also possible that one of his classmates drew the picture and the substitute added to it without realizing it was supposed to represent a kid in class.

      I’d like to see the sub’s word on this before rushing to judgment.

      1. Or Stephen could have drawn the picture and then tricked the gullible sub into writing the caption. I really am starting to lose faith in Stephen’s credibility. I wouldn’t put it past his ugly ass to do a false-flag thingy.

        1. Careful. You’re starting to sound like a Stephen truther, and those are the worst kind.


            1. ^^This is what fucking awesome looks like^^

  7. I went to the Daily Harold and it seems odd that they name the kid, but the teacer is “unidentified”.

  8. Usually it’s the students making the substitute cry, not the other way around. Or at least it was for my class…

    1. That’s what I was thinking. When I was in school, if a sub teacher did this to one of us, their life would be a living hell from that point on until they were gone.

      But kids these days have been raised to be little delicate snowflakes from the get go.

      1. When I was doing day-to-day subbing the kids mostly just kept asking me what almost dirty, but not quite dirty words meant.

        Mr. Jesse* what does ‘masochist’ mean?

        They eventually got annoyed at my really tame answers “a glutton for punishment” and we continued on with lessons.

        *I’d like to give a special fuck-you to Mr. Thompson who introduced me to classes as “Mr. Jesse” instead of “Mr. in.mb” I was just as qualified to be in front of the kids as your dumb, fat ass and you were a terrible teacher.

        1. Hey, at least it wasn’t “Mr Slave”.

          1. …I don’t have the leather-wear for that.

            1. Yeah, sure.

              1. I wish I were fit enough to look good in chaps and a harness.

                1. The good thing about assless chaps is that you don’t have to get your butt inside the clothing.

                  1. It’s not my butt I’m concerned with. I’m unenthusiastic about my torso.

                    1. Problem solved. Just go with the high waisted chaps. Like up to your armpits.

                    2. Gerontochaps! For the discerning polar bear.

                      Maybe I can find the Spanx version of a gimp suit and just roll hard with that.

          2. Hey, at least it wasn’t “Mr Slave”.

            Jesus christ!

            1. I hope I don’t have to explain a South Park reference here, of all places.

              1. See “Lemmiwinks.”

            2. I got it, Old Man.

        2. Please tell you at least made the little buggers polish your monocle collection. If not, we may have to boot you from the club.

          1. What’s the statute of limitations on using 6th graders as slave labor?

            Whenever that’s up, I’ll let you know.

  9. “No other family should have to go through this suffering”

    Oh good grief.

  10. I guess I’m old enough for one of those “back in my days” recollections:
    Depending on the student, this was not uncommon back in the days of high school. Male teachers would get physical, insults were thrown around, no biggie. While some of the teachers recognized the idiots and punks among us, none treated us like “kids” per se.

    1. It’s worth treating the students as objectively as possible. Like Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter, you don’t want them to get into your head.

    2. my sixth grade teacher knocked a kid’s lights out for being a mouthy punk. Lost his job.

      the rest of us thought the kid deserved it.

      1. If that happened today NBC would make an entire series about it

      2. Similar thing happened in my HS. Teacher tried to break up a fgight, get pushed thru trophy case glass, punched kid who did it. He somehow didnt get fired but it was close. He told us about the hearing, he wasd pissed it wasd considered ast all.

  11. Here’s how this should have been handled: the kids parent contacts the school, shows the principal the video, the principal makes the sub apologize to the kid (in front of the same class?) and that’s the end. The kids can go back to preparing for college (which, of course, is entirely meaningless and devoid of any possible value 😉 ).

    1. “The kids can go back to preparing for college (which, of course, is entirely meaningless and devoid of any possible value 😉 ).”

      Modern degrees are primarily used as sorting mechanisms by big companies.

      Tell me, do you believe sorting mechanisms are worth 100,000 dollars? Of course the company thinks the situation is just dandy – they’re not the ones paying for the degree.

      1. The companies think they’re a useful indicator, no?

        1. Cool story, Bo.

          1. So they just add that criteria en masse for the fun of it?

            1. I think an esquire would be familiar with Griggs.

              1. Griggs struck down a degree requirement.

                1. Griggs struck down a degree requirement.

                  What else did it do? I didn’t finish college, so I can’t read and understand legal rulings.

                  1. It barred an intelligence test and a degree requirement.

            2. Employers often add irrelevant criteria to filter down the total number of applicants.

              1. It doesnt seem very irrelevant to them then (or the applicants).

      2. You don’t have to do this to yourself.

        1. Let’s instead talk about how much Warty squats?

          1. How much ya T-bar row???!!?

            1. You know how much I hammer curl?

              It’s a trick question. In each arm is an entire other weightlifter who is, themselves, doing hammer curls. In turn, each of those are hammer curling entire persons who are, yes, doing hammer curls. Ad infitum

          2. Serious question, Bo.

            Have you ever been diagnosed as an Aspy?

            Because if you have, it might be good for you if you were to come clean with it. That way, people would know that you are the way you are because you have a mental deficiency, through no fault of your own rather than believing that you’re just an asshole.

            1. Francis, in all seriousness who is more the aspie candidate here? Someone who just so happens to disagree with you on an internet board, or you for being so upset about that?

              1. No, really, answer the question. Yes or no?

              2. You see, I just honestly think college has some general value. More than that, I think there’s a not uncommon perception of the same in the public. And politics is partly about public perceptions. And I think it’s goofy when people act like that’s something only someone out to get Scott Walker could possibly think or state.

                This kind of statement has you that worked up?

                1. AGAIN, Bo, for the 69th time. It’s not your positions (in general) that people hate you for. It’s that you’re a twat.

                  No one really cares whether you believe it’s important for Walker to have a degree. It’s that you are a fucking asshole about arguing your point.

                  Aspie? Y or N?

                  1. Who’s being the “asshole” Francis? The guy badgering the other guy in the midst of cursing him about whether he has aspergers, or me?

                    I mean really. You’re acting EXACTLY like how someone with aspergers acts. Getting angry with a stranger who disagrees with him? Check. Yelling curse words at the stranger? Check. Persistently demanding an answer to the same question? Check.

                    1. Ya got me Bo. I’m the one with the problem.

                    2. But you just took the first step Francis. That’s huge (almost like one of Wartys lunges!).

                    3. Children with Asperger’s syndrome may:

                      Not pick up on social cues and may lack inborn social skills, such as being able to read others’ body language, start or maintain a conversation, and take turns talking.

                      Dislike any changes in routines.

                      Appear to lack empathy.

                      Be unable to recognize subtle differences in speech tone, pitch, and accent that alter the meaning of others’ speech. So your child may not understand a joke or may take a sarcastic comment literally. And his or her speech may be flat and hard to understand because it lacks tone, pitch, and accent.

                    4. But here’s the good news:

                      Symptoms in adulthood

                      Asperger’s syndrome is a lifelong condition, although it tends to stabilize over time, and improvements are often seen. Adults usually have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. They are able to learn social skills, including how to read others’ social cues. Many people with Asperger’s syndrome marry and have children.

                      So, who knows, someday you might get to have sex with an actual woman. Not likely, but possible.

                    5. Francis, your going on about it and looking up all this is totally undercutting my point about you!

                    6. It’s okay to admit it Bo. Libertarians are an understanding bunch. They’ll understand that you can’t help being a self absorbed dickhead when they learn of your condition.

                    7. “Asperger’s syndrome is a lifelong condition, although it tends to stabilize over time, and improvements are often seen. Adults usually have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. They are able to learn social skills, including how to read others’ social cues.”

                      It ain’t easy. But its doable. About as hard as calculus. And vastly more rewarding.

                    8. Francisco d’Anconia|2.16.15 @ 6:41PM|#
                      “Ya got me Bo. I’m the one with the problem.”
                      Frank, we’re ALL Spartacus!

                2. Does the fact that he has 31/2 years of education out of the glorious 4 that is saintly mean he is disqualified ? Especially in light of his accomplishments as Governor ?

                  The real point here should be is that he has had more scrutiny as a POSSIBLE canidaate than the man in the office now had through two election cycles from the MSM.

                  1. Of course the single fact he didn’t complete doesn’t disqualify him. He has a good reason to stop going. Lots of good competent people don’t have college degrees and lots of incompetent terrible people do.

                    All I’ve said is that 1. his not having one makes him an unusual outlier among statewide office holders, and that unusualness itself can explain the focus on it, no blaming the evil MSM about anything necessary and 2. As a general matter starting and finishing college is seen by a lot of people as AN important qualification and that’s a defensible position.

                    My overall point is that given point 2 why nominate this guy?

                    1. If you’re going to keep beating this dead horse, Bo, why don’t you tell us why a lack of bachelor’s degree would be a political liability for a politician who has been elected and re-elected in a state where the % of the labor force with bachelor’s degree and higher is actually higher than that of the nation at large? Because you read it in a news article?

                      It is of course frivolous to focus on the non-completion of a bachelor’s in assessing candidates given the wealth of info about such that an elected figure creates — so even if you were right about the US public’s perception of this in political candidates, it would be a black mark on American politics rather than on Walker.

                    2. TIT, I said it’s A qualification that a lot if Americans see as important. Never he said it’s something he can’t overcome. But why pick a guy who has to overcome it in the first place?

                      I also would be wary of putting so much stock in Walkers victories in off year elections, but that’s another issue.

                    3. Working in tech is awesome. no one cares if you have a degree.

                      If you’re giing up against a semi-regional party of elitests, I could see a college drop out being a good choice. “screw the ivory tower, went to work at a real job.”

                    4. Hmm, there might be something to that way to spin it in his favor I guess.

                    5. “My overall point is that given point 2 why nominate this guy?”

                      Because he is a proven ass kicker? Because he will win if he runs? Because, even though he is not the perfect candidate for liberty enthusiasts, he is a pretty good one?

                      This is why I called you a troll this morning. You are not arguing in good faith. You are being deceptive. Trying to convince a room full of people who have degrees, some even Phds, a room full of people who have decades of work experience in many fields, that they have no idea about the value of college so that you can undermine their support for a candidate is foolish. The snake in the grass act is more subtle than Tony or shreek but we still see through it.

                      I will repeat a comment I posted earlier on another thread:

                    6. Leftists never argue in good faith. They are allergic to the truth because the truth destroys their narrative.

                      Eventually all leftist movements fail. Their policies fail because their outlook is not reality based. Their support fails because eventually reality proves them wrong.

                      Yes, Tony knows what is being talking about. He will pretend it does not exist just like shreek pretended that people aren’t having their hours cut over Obumblecare. Thee very next day after he made that assertion the Staples story came out. Shreek just pretended that nothing ever happened, just like Tony is pretending now. They are liars and deceivers. They have to be. They know if they say what they really want, what their actual goals are, people will reject them, and rightly so.

                    7. You’re being hysterical. Again, which of my points is so crazy that only deception could possibly be behind it? Is a college degree not something that many people think is a qualification if some importance? Is it unusual to have a governor without one? Is politics not an area where perceptions matter?

                    8. I mean if you want a liberty enthusiast who also kicks butt but also has this criteria many think important there’s lots to choose from. How about this guy from KY with an MD who has never lost a statewide election either?

                    9. I would rather have Paul, sure. But if Walker gets the nomination I won’t cry.

                      Attempting to derail the guy by pointing out that he is a semester short of a degree isn’t going to work.

                      I think my comment was pretty clear.

                    10. If Paul doesn’t get the nomination, then our next POTUS will be Hillary. About half way through that first term, we’ll look back and think about the good old days when Obama was our leader.

                    11. But hey, at least she’s credentialed.

                3. Has anyone here suggested it has no value?

                  1. I do recall the word useless being thrown around.

            2. I think you just got your answer.

              1. Really? Do tell.

                We’ve got more armchair psychiatrists here than any other made up profession.

                1. I personally think you’re just a douchebag, and that Asperger’s Syndrome is completely blameless.

                  1. “I personally think you’re just a douchebag”

                    Yeah, but how’s my fashion?

                    1. “Yeah, but how’s my fashion?”

                      Passive aggressive is all the rage this season.

                    2. Yeah, straight up aggressive is more the rage around here, I know, but it makes my butt look fat.

                    3. “I just honestly think college has some general value”

                      Agreed. The chicks!! They put out if they think you might be Mr right, or at least Mr right now!

    2. 100% this. Thank you. You are so smart.

  12. Public education is child abuse. FYI. Unless, of course, your kid is the abuser. But, then, it’s still child abuse.

  13. Want to see something disgusting? Apparently Pamela Geller is a Myanmar genocide denier.

    Of course, the genocide hasn’t actually been completed yet. The Buddhists are doing their damnedest to kill or drive the Muslims out of that country though.

    But this is an important lesson in elemental bias. The media will advance their agenda and they will attack the few of us who defend the Buddhists in Burma. I have received the most vicious emails, threats, etc., because I won’t toe the jihad line in Myanmar. They did the same thing with Bosnia. Anyone who questioned siding with Bosnian Muslims against the Serb Christians was vilified and demonized. But we were right.

    Yes – the media is just ‘advancing their agenda.’ All those pictures showing Muslim babies starving to death in Myanmarese prison camps must have just been staged.

    Well played, Geller. Well played.

    1. Here’s some more Shit That Geller Says Didn’t Happen:

      Doctors Without Borders, which had an extensive program in Burma, treated at least 22 victims of the violence in Du Char Yar Tan. In response, Burma issued a written order to Doctors Without Borders in February to cease all operations in the country. Before the order, the organization had provided medical services to the approximately 700,000 people in the state, including 200,000 living in camps and isolated villages. The group had been present in Rakhine state for two decades, but now more than 100 medical staff have left and all clinics are closed, leaving untold thousands without desperately needed medical care. Burma has permitted operations to resume elsewhere in the country.

      So Doctors Without Borders treated the victims of a Buddhist massacre (10 of whom were decapitated and had their heads put in a water tank), subsequently were kicked out of the country, and Geller thinks there’s nothing suspicious going on here.

      Apparently Doctors Without Borders is involved in the conspiracy that only Pamela Geller can see. Wheels within wheels man.

      1. Gellers pretty out there…

      2. I don’t know the backstory in Burma, but I would be surprised if the Muslims there were just sitting around minding their own business and Buddhists decided to attack them for no reason.

        1. I don’t know the backstory in Burma, but I would be surprised if the Muslims there were just sitting around minding their own business and Buddhists decided to attack them for no reason.

          It’s fucking Burma. The Burmese Buddhists spent the last 70 years forming successive military dictatorships and killing each other.

          If you’re not familiar, here’s a link to one of many massacres carried out by the Buddhist led military dictatorship.

          By the end of September, there were around 3,000 estimated deaths and unknown number of injured,[60] with 1,000 deaths in Rangoon alone.[66] At this point in time, Aung San Suu Kyi appealed for help.[56] On 21 September, the government had regained control of the country,[66] with the movement effectively collapsing in October.[56] By the end of 1988, it was estimated that 10,000 people ? including protesters and soldiers, had been killed. Many others were missing.[5]

          Clearly Burmese Buddhists are very peaceful.

          The real explosion of violence occurred after three Muslims allegedly raped and killed a Buddhist girl. So the Buddhists formed a lynch mob, brutally murdered 10 Muslims who didn’t do anything, then started burning down Muslim villages and had them deported to camps.

          If you think three people committing a rape made all Muslims deserve that treatment, I disagree.

          1. Sorry, but I think you are lumping groups together here. When you wrote “The Buddhists are…” I got the impression that you meant some sort of non-state action done by Buddhists. But other than the lynch mob, violence is coming from the Burmese government? Which I realize maybe be Buddhist, but I tend to think of violence by governments as government violence, regardless of religion, when it’s not done in the name of a religion.

            1. This is not new behaviour, this has been typical Burmese government behaviour since the British left. Ignoring the on-and-off jungle warfare with hundreds of ethnic minorities in Burma that made up a lot of their religious minorities as well, the Burmese government specifically treats Buddhism as an unofficial state religion. Other religious texts and meetings are regulated and controlled and the government deliberately screens and keeps non-Buddhists from working for them. This is government violence and repression primarily motivated by religious reasons.

            2. The violence isn’t coming from the Burmese government. The Burmese government has been complicit, but there have been various Buddhist kill squads that have done nice things like cut peoples heads off and put them in water tanks.

              In fact, the 10 Muslims who were butchered on a bus after the Buddhist girl was raped were actually killed because the police refused to turn over the three suspects to the mob. The government was actually trying to prevent violence in that instance, and the locals were having none of it.

              1. Why is this a Buddhist vs. Muslim thing rather than Burmese vs. Bengali?

                1. Technically it’s a Buddhist vs. Muslim/Christianity thing, but also a Bamar vs. Kachin/Karen/Shan/Dozens of other groups thing. Islam’s admittedly getting the shorter end of the stick now but this is really just an extreme example of a long tradition of religious persecution in Burma. It certainly doesn’t help that the Bamar tend to tie their Buddhism in with their sense of nationalism.

                  1. extreme example of a long tradition of religious persecution in Burma.

                    Is it an extreme example because it’s just an anomaly or because it’s religion + race?

                    1. Thanks for the historical perspectives. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that this is still a “But what about the innocent Germans in Dresden?” sort of argument: the overall circumstances limit my level of sympathy.

                    2. How surprising. Muslims are inhumane thoughtless monsters when they commit religious persecution, but when Muslims are victims of religious persecution, there’s extenuating circumstances that make the perpetrators sympathetic and understandable.

                    3. How surprising: Calidissident twisting my words into a straw man.

                      I did not mean that I was sympathetic regarding Buddhist vigilante violence, I meant that my sympathy towards Muslim victims of religious persecution is limited, because nearly all of the religious persecution in recent decades has come from Muslims.

                      Blowback can happen in both directions, and you don’t have to be a Buddhist to think “karma.”

                    4. “I meant that my sympathy towards Muslim victims of religious persecution is limited, because nearly all of the religious persecution in recent decades has come from Muslims.”

                      So random Muslims in Burma are responsible for violence committed by Muslims elsewhere? Your whole “karma” logic is the exact same reasoning terrorists used to justify the deaths of 3,000 civilians on 9/11.

                      Also, while I would agree that religious persecution has generally been worst in Islamic countries recently, there is definitely significant religious persecution in many non-Islamic countries (starting with China, the world’s most populous country).

                    5. So in other words, killing innocent people and murdering children is ok as along as you’re the right nationality? Wonderful.

                    6. I meant ‘extreme example’ in the sense that the more common religious persecution in Burma is less morbid and more bureaucratic, stuff like the regulating of religious texts and meetings mentioned above. But ultimately the Rohingya have been fleeing to Thailand and Bangladesh for the past forty years and claiming human rights abuses.

                    7. I meant ‘extreme example’ in the sense that the more common religious persecution in Burma is less morbid and more bureaucratic

                      This seems like largely a racial thing to me. There’s still a lot of Indians in the cities, but the Rohingya are the only “blacks” to essentially control territory. And lo and behold, they’re the most persecuted.

                    8. I think there’s certainly an ethnic element to it, but it’s primarily a product of the Burmese government’s and the Bamar using their religion as their major source of national identity due to the lack of an overall ethnic identity. With stuff like the Buddhist 969 movement popping up it’s becoming less of a bureaucratic response and more of a violent populist one.

                    9. Interesting. Thanks.

          2. Irish, you’re arguing with a guy that once gave Pam Geller a pass for insinuating that a Muslim firefighter that died on 9/11 would have refused to save people had he known the attack was an act of Islamic terrorism because she is Jewish and it’s understandable that she would be afraid and skeptical of Muslims.

            1. Who, me? Yeah, I’ve got a thing called empathy that kicks in when members of a small and persecuted religion are threatened with death by totalitarian fanatics from a huge religion with a long record of oppression and death. I tend to cut people some slack when they think the worst of members of the religion that’s persecuting them. So sue me.

              1. Your inability to see the similarity between your thinking and that of the people you hate is astounding. I don’t think ill of people for disagreeing with my political views, or views on Islam (which I really don’t view positively at all) but anyone who slanders a firefighter that gave their life to save people from a terrorist attack as a terror sympathizer is a low-life piece of shit and I don’t give a fuck what their religion or ethnic background is. The vast majority of Jews I know would agree with me and would be disgusted at anyone trying to use that to justify Geller’s words.

              2. Ah right, when Israelis murder Palestinians, it’s “understandable.”

                The old “but it’s ok when we do it” “argument.”

                Btw, you do realize that people are, like, individuals, right? Not substantiations of a hivemind collective. You get that, right?

                So, an illegal Israeli immigrant who kills an Arab is just a murderer. No ‘understandability’ about it. No ‘historical context’, none of that bullshit. Every fascist regime back to the Nazis and before (read the works of Ernst Nolte to see a modern day apologist of this type) have used that same sort of excuse.

    2. Never listen to an actor unless they are reciting lines written for them by someone else.

      That is all.

    3. The religion of enlightenment vs the religion of peace. Death match!

      1. Good joke, but I think there is a chance this will develop into a worldwide religious war.

        1. You wish, apparently.

  14. High level Reddit derp.…..dc_facing/

    1. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the premise of the question (which seemed to be trolling for “LIBERTARIANS AR HYPOCRITES, AMIRITE?!”) was actually corrected by an early commenter…


      ” /u/MediocreJerk seems to mistakenly believe based on this comment that OP went to a government “warming center” for the night (which would have been ironic) when in reality the bus company ended up paying for a hotel room.”

      mikemaca 4 points 18 minutes ago

      Yeah I agree with you. Some problem with their bus, and they found some non-government regular people to help them out.

      What exactly government should or could have done better, or at all, to help them is not made clear by their critics.

      It seems to start to get super-hurpy-derpy with this “Accepted Wisdom” =

      “The economic and social policy of the Gilded Age was entirely the same effective policies as the beliefs of modern libertarianism. It was in practice in the united states a hundred years ago, and those policies culminated ultimately in the great depression.

      “subscription fire services” were a thing back then too, and even now in some places in the states, and we saw how that didn’t work – which is why fire services were taken over by government.

      that and a million other things… its basic american history.”

      This is why i don’t do ‘reddit’, or most other social media.

      1. “The economic and social policy of the Gilded Age was entirely the same effective policies as the beliefs of modern libertarianism. It was in practice in the united states a hundred years ago, and those policies culminated ultimately in the great depression.

        LOL what? The progressive age began in what? 1900? How could libertarianism have culminated in the great depression when we had a several decade long progressive age between the misnamed ‘Gilded Age’ and the Depression?

        1. It’s not that I don’t see your point, but what are we supposed to do with the whole Harding-Coolidge period? It seems odd to see it as part of the ‘progressive’ era.

          1. I realize that, but the Harding/Coolidge era still didn’t return to the policies of 1895. He’s specifically claiming the Gilded Age policies resulted in the Great Depression, but the Gilded Age had been over for 30 years.

            1. Fair enough on that.

        2. 200 years from now, the Federal Economic Equality Police will arrest and try a man for selling eggs to acquaintances without a license. The news will trumpet the arrest of this man as another great victory in the ongoing struggle against plutocracy.

          No matter how many laws, regulations, restrictions, and controls there are, they always blame the market. Always.

          1. I love how they blame ‘the market.’

            ‘People going around voluntarily dealing with one another didn’t produce what I wished for! It’s their fault!’

            1. Well usually it’s more “It’s not fair that the things I want to buy cost money! They should be free!”

              leftism is, at the end, pure greed. They want what they can’t earn fair and square.

              1. It isn’t called the politics of envy for no reason.

              2. Nuh uh! Greed is wanting money for they things you sell! Greed is hiring people, giving people jobs but for a pittance! Companies only pay as much as they do because that’s what they think they can get away with, not what people are worth! If I can’t afford the newest cell phone when it comes out, then I’m not making enough! Goddamn do I love exclamation points! At least they’re free.

    2. Some of the comments are pretty supportive of the libertarians.

    3. I saw that earlier. Derptastic indeed.

  15. I know a similar story, about a little fat boy that nobody loved, and that all the other kids used to make fun of, and they’d pick on him…

    1. God I love that scene. Back when Bobcat Goldthwait was still kind of a freak, like in Police Academy 3 and his HBO New Year’s special.

      Plus Curtis Armstrong is playing the straight man in One Crazy Summer and that was not a common role for him. And young Demi Moore was pretty hot.

      1. So…Goldthwait isn’t a freak now?

        1. You have to realize that Epi’s standard for freakishness is disturbingly high.

          1. Exactly. I mean, I really liked Shakes the Clown.

            1. God, you’re a broken and disgusting human being.

              1. Shakes the Clown is genius.

                Really. CB4 is also funny. And so is Pooty Tang, but you have to be on a lot of drugs. What’s Up Tiger Lilly is also great.

              2. Oh please, as if you didn’t already know that.

        2. i think the world caught up to him, and he’s not as relatively freaky as he used to be.

          I’m not sure that there are many (any?) comparable comics in the modern day who’ve really carried on the “personality-comedy”-style of people like Bobcat, Sam Kineson, Stephen Wright… etc. most seem to do it much more ‘straight’ rather than ‘weird’.

          1. Personality-comedy is hard, and requires sticking to the persona, which I think is a lot more work in the age of social media. Bobcat could just be his character when he was on stage or in a movie or on The Tonight Show. Someone doing that now would also have to be the character on Twitter and Facebook and so on. Most people probably don’t want to do that; they’re not Andy Kaufman.

            1. Hugo Schwyzer managed it for years before his breakdown. And Marcotte and Krugman are still going strong.

  16. He’s a sub. Gone by the end of the week. It’s not like he was a tenured teacher.

  17. “At a training session in January, a group of Wake County [NC] assistant principals took “A Survey of Privilege and Entitlement.” It asked them to rank their societal power.

    “The activity incorporates the idea that heterosexual white men in America have an advantage and may appear insensitive to culturally diverse students.”…

  18. Honestly did not know about this:

    “In recent days a controversy has arisen over whether parents should be required to vaccinate their children. Some politicians with presidential aspirations were criticized for defending the rights of parents to make that decision. As an internal medicine doctor, I believe strongly in the efficacy of vaccines. I also believe strongly that our vaccines (and all of our medical advances) should be safe and derived in a morally principled fashion.

    There is an ethical concern about the measles vaccine issue that I do not believe the American public is aware: a component of the current MMR vaccine is derived from an aborted fetal cell line. As such, there is a large group of Americans who will not avail themselves of this “tainted” therapy. The unfortunate truth is that there are ethical, morally acceptable alternative vaccines that are simply not made available to Americans.”…..nethically

    1. I should note that the author goes on to say that there are alternative vaccines that don’t use aborted fetal cell lines but everyone’s friend the FDA hasn’t allow their importation and use.

  19. Did anyone catch the NBA All-Star Game? It was like they took everything that makes the NBA terrible, distilled it to a more purely awful form, then embraced and reveled in it for a few hours. Good grief.

    1. I think the best part was when one of the commenters said “That’s it! With that shot they’ve just set a new record for three pointers in the ASG!”

      Well no shit. You let Klay Thompson and Steph Curry chuck up shots without the other team even making an attempt to guard them, and you get a lot of points scored.

      1. Exactly. That reminded me of some lefty in 72 saying ‘yes, we’ve nominated McGovern! Everything’s going to be better now!’

        1. I mean it’s the ASG, it’s supposed to be fun and high scoring and no one is playing defense.

          But they’re just straight up astounded that the best shooters in the world will make an insane amount of shots if they’re not being guarded.

  20. It’s snowing here, and I do not like it.

    1. It’s snowing here and I love it, I want a fucking snow day! I demand a snow day! We haven’t had a single one yet. It’s not fair, it’s fucking racist, or something like that… Come on snow, all we need is 4 inches or more to shut down Balmer, you can do it snow!

  21. Greece is willing to sign any agreement, so long as it comes with free money:
    “Varoufakis said he has no doubt an agreement will be reached in the end but Greece will continue to reject any measures that contribute to recession. He said it is illogical to ask Greece to complete a plan it rejects.”…..04aec4cc18
    Paying off your debts is soooo “illogical”.

    1. Look, the Greeks are finally going to show the world how the wonder of socialism can really work, and you want to wreck it, you wrecker!

      1. Hyperion|2.16.15 @ 8:59PM|#
        “Look, the Greeks are finally going to show the world how the wonder of socialism can really work,”

        All it needs is a German sugar daddy to pay the bills!
        And keep paying.

        1. REPARATIONS!1!!1!

          What could possibly go wrong?

      2. I think the Venezuelans beat the Greeks to the punch.

        1. Suthenboy|2.16.15 @ 9:24PM|#
          “I think the Venezuelans beat the Greeks to the punch.”

          Yeah, but Cuba doesn’t quite have Germany’s deep pockets and Mr. Penn is tapped out.

    2. Paying off your debts is soooo “illogical”.

      I mean, like, just look at Spock’s credit rating.

  22. OT: Very long, quite interesting article about ISIS over at The Atlantic.

    Blurb:The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.

    Virtually every major decision and law promulgated by the Islamic State adheres to what it calls, in its press and pronouncements, and on its billboards, license plates, stationery, and coins, “the Prophetic methodology,” which means following the prophecy and example of Muhammad, in punctilious detail. Muslims can reject the Islamic State; nearly all do. But pretending that it isn’t actually a religious, millenarian group, with theology that must be understood to be combatted, has already led the United States to underestimate it and back foolish schemes to counter it. We’ll need to get acquainted with the Islamic State’s intellectual genealogy if we are to react in a way that will not strengthen it, but instead help it self-immolate in its own excessive zeal.

    1. And: Many mainstream Muslim organizations have gone so far as to say the Islamic State is, in fact, un-Islamic. It is, of course, reassuring to know that the vast majority of Muslims have zero interest in replacing Hollywood movies with public executions as evening entertainment. But Muslims who call the Islamic State un-Islamic are typically, as the Princeton scholar Bernard Haykel, the leading expert on the group’s theology, told me, “embarrassed and politically correct, with a cotton-candy view of their own religion” that neglects “what their religion has historically and legally required.” Many denials of the Islamic State’s religious nature, he said, are rooted in an “interfaith-Christian-nonsense tradition.”
      According to Haykel, the ranks of the Islamic State are deeply infused with religious vigor. Koranic quotations are ubiquitous. “Even the foot soldiers spout this stuff constantly,” Haykel said. “They mug for their cameras and repeat their basic doctrines in formulaic fashion, and they do it all the time.” He regards the claim that the Islamic State has distorted the texts of Islam as preposterous, sustainable only through willful ignorance. “People want to absolve Islam,” he said. “It’s this ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ mantra. As if there is such a thing as ‘Islam’! It’s what Muslims do, and how they interpret their texts.” Those texts are shared by all Sunni Muslims, not just the Islamic State.

      1. Somebody better tell the Obama administration

        Its also notable that the Arab media & leaders go out of their way to refer to ISIS as “Daesh”, choosing the most derogatory current-term; while the president is pretty much the only person who has chosen the ‘ISIL’-brand as the most-soothing and least-Islamophobia-inspiring.

        there’s got to be at least 1 or 2 honest liberal foreign policy types who cringe over the constant apology-making Obama makes, trying to downplay ‘radical islam’ as so much ‘random drive-by-shootings’, etc. I mean, you’d think with the well-documented raping, setting people on fire, beheadings, etc. he’d stop worrying about who might be ‘offended’ if he calls them the same names they call themselves.

        I mean, its not like there’s anyone out there who gains much from this kind of absurdity. Liberals will lie endlessly if there’s an actual advantage… but I fail to see one here. it seems to be a hole that he’s dug himself into, and has decided the solution is to ‘keep digging’.

        1. Didn’t the Bush administration take great pains to note that our enemies were ‘radical Islamists’ and certainly not Islam or Muslims in general? Maybe it was all the liberals in his administration? Or maybe someone who knows a bit is telling both administrations that attacking Islam or Muslims in a general way might not win much hearts and minds and further our objectives?

          1. Hey, turd has company!

          2. BOOOSH??

            clearly you should be in the State department. Your insights are going to waste.

            1. The thing about parrots is they just repeat what they’ve heard, regardless of the context.

              Nice plumage though!

              1. Turd has company!

                1. Very meta reply

                  1. Insufferable twit is begging for attention; would anyone be so kind as to give it to him?

                    1. Like your need to reply to me? lol

                    2. Bo Cara Esq.|2.17.15 @ 12:00AM|#
                      “Like your need to reply to me? lol”

                      C’mon, John! You’ve been known to award the shitstain with attention! And you gotta love the “lol”, right?
                      Won’t somebody love the naked man?

          3. Or maybe he is a true believer SJW who thinks America is too privileged to speak in derogatory terms about the oppressed Muslim.

        2. you’d think with the well-documented raping, setting people on fire, beheadings, etc. he’d stop worrying about who might be ‘offended’ if he calls them the same names they call themselves.

          I mean, its not like there’s anyone out there who gains much from this kind of absurdity.

          Ah, but this admission would be a dagger at the heart of the liberal (in all senses?) worldview. Because all religions and cultures and genders and races should be gloriously, legally equal, it is imperative that all have precisely equal amounts of good and bad. There’s little that’s equivalent to point to in other religions without going back to the Middle Ages, and so we aren’t supposed to link these crimes to Islam. It wouldn’t be “fair.”

          It would be “bigoted” and “racist” and “sexist” and “homophobic” to criticize any such groupings, especially if it can be labeled as “punching down.” To admit that one religion is worse than another religion opens to door to examining and judging the inherent characteristics and average behaviors of religions and cultures and genders and races. Taboo, taboo!

    2. Agreed, excellent article. Sobering, yet funny just when you need it:

      His mosque is on the border between the crime-ridden Northern Liberties neighborhood and a gentrifying area that one might call Dar al-Hipster; his beard allows him to pass in the latter zone almost unnoticed.

      1. I really enjoyed reading it. It also makes the case why getting involved on the ground there would be about the worst thing we could possibly do in a way far more compellingly than anything I’ve read anywhere else.

        1. DwT – thanks for linking to this article. It was very interesting and more informative than anything in the MSM has been on ISIS

  23. lol, dude that is hilarious.

  24. Apparently, the Neocons have overthrown MSNBC. Because that’s the only reason that explains why Easy Ed Shultz and Tingles Matthews are beating the war drums against ISIS/ISIL/IS/Free Syrian Army.

    Ed Schultz

    Chris Matthews*

    No doubt, our resident pluggertarian will explain how this is BOOOSSHHHH!!’s fault.

    *Bonus points for playing the “Dead White Woman”-Card.

    1. Neocons and proggies have always been on the same team. It’s just that sometimes, they like to pretend that they’re not.

    2. re: my earlier point – “surely even liberals think Obama’s a fucking idiot on ISIS by now”…

      ..similarly, Tom Ricks – normally a predictably TEAM BLUE hack – notes that a bunch of smart people think Obama sucks a fat one when it comes to FP & security =

      “It is striking to me how many security officials have gone public against this administration…This is not a normal pattern, and… amounts to a non-partisan indictment of how Obama’s White House has dealt with a variety of national security issues.”

      Further =

      Foreign policy establishment figure calls for firing the Obama foreign policy team”

      “The must-gos include National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, chief speech writer/adviser Ben Rhodes, and foreign policy guru without portfolio Valerie Jarrett.” He also wants Kerry fired. .

      He notes that he is not known for such alarm. “I’ve never made such extreme and far-reaching proposals in all my years in this business.”… This is someone who was an official in the Carter Administration, later was editor of the New York Times op-ed page, and then was president of the Council on Foreign Relations”

      1. “a bunch of smart people think Obama sucks a fat one when it comes to FP & security”

        Yeah, it’s like he presided over the largest attack on our nation since Pearl Harbor.

        1. please translate your gibberish into english for the vast audience that cares what you think

          1. Since you’re all about the mere consequences of ‘FP/security’ it’s worth noting that it’s not under Obama that we had the most significant attack stateside since Pearl Harbor.

            1. HODOR?

              I mean….


              1. Look, moron, if you’re going to rate Obama on the criteria of pragmatic FP/security concerns, then the fact that we haven’t had a 9/11 on his watch but did on his predecessor’s is notable.

                It’s a stupid criteria, but it’s Gilmores. If you wanna talk pragmatic security failures there’s only one guy in recent history to mention. If that makes you go full parrot, then spread your wings baby!

                1. You do know that most of the 9/11 planning happened under Clinton, correct? And that Clinton miffed at least one chance to kill him, right?

                2. Settle down there, Corky.

                  Look, moron, if you’re going to rate Obama on the criteria of pragmatic FP/security concerns, then the fact that we haven’t had a 9/11 on his watch but did on his predecessor’s is notable.

                  Which is not the criteria on which I say Obama has been a foreign policy failure not seen since Jimmy Carter. Of course, you’re selectively editing the Boston Marathon bombing out of your analysis, but I’m sure you’ll sputter something about how they are not comparable, because 9/11 was “MOAR BIGGER!” but Obama had the advantage of Bush the Busherian’s tyrannically national security apparatus in place that Bush the Busherian did not have on 9/10/2001.

                  It’s a stupid criteria, but it’s Gilmores. If you wanna talk pragmatic security failures there’s only one guy in recent history to mention.


                3. Your Gibberish-Translation seems to still be mostly gibberish.

                  You’re saying, “BOOOSH?”… and what else?

                  Maybe you missed the part where that guy is no longer in office?

            2. There are hundreds of thousands of gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, auto shops, and hardware stores all over this country that are managed by people who are more competent than Obumbles and his gaggle of idiot clowns to run foreign policy. Many here have noted that, including myself. Now Leslie Gelb, someone with qualifications and many decades of experience in foreign policy matters affirms this.

              The first thing out of your mouth is to shreek “B..b..but Bush!”

              What about Clinton? Carter? How many other people should we call incompetent in order to distract from Obumbles abominable fuck-ups? One could make a pretty good argument that Carter planted the seeds that we see growing now, but the fact is everyone along the way dropped the ball in somehow or other and none more than Obumbles.

              He is in office now. He has been for over six years. The Arab spring is his baby. The Jr. Varsity team is growing by leaps and bounds now.

              It is stunning to me how unashamedly President Not My Fault and his supporters avoid the old Truman ethic. We should all throw in and get him a sign for his desk that says “

              1. What happened to my sign?

                Arrows pointing left and right, text that said ‘He did it!’.

        2. OK, H&Rers;, discuss:
          “he presided over the largest attack on our nation since Pearl Harbor.”
          What, exactly, does “presided over” mean in this context?
          Does it mean: ‘It’s the only cherry I could find to pick.’?
          Maybe: ‘I’m dumb enough to believe this myself.’?
          Or, perhaps: ‘I’m a stupid shit hoping for attention.’?
          How about: ‘Someone didn’t get a degree and there has to be a connection!’?
          I’m sure there’s more…

          1. Pathetic.

            1. OK, H&Rers;, discuss:
              Self description?
              A hope of redemption?
              Random stupidity?
              I’m sure there’s more…

              1. Sometimes I have some sympathy for Bo, who can get unfairly attacked at times.

                And then he pulls something like this “on Bush’s watch” stuff, and I lose my sympathy again.

                1. PapayaSF|2.17.15 @ 12:11AM|#
                  “Sometimes I have some sympathy for Bo, who can get unfairly attacked at times.”

                  Disagreed. The flaming asshole is never “unfairly attacked”. S/he is correctly attacked even if a particular cause is not warranted. S/he is a slimy, insufferable piece of stinking shit and an occasional circumstance where s/he has gotten grief for being almost tolerable is purely a random mistake on the part of the sleazebag known as Bo.
                  I don’t keep a clock if it seems right now and then.

    3. I don’t think the dead white woman card is inappropriate here. They know they can use it as an excuse to funnel money to contractors with minimal push back.

  25. I had an AP biology teacher mock me in class for believing in evolution. No joke.

    1. So, did you go all Darwin on him?

  26. OK, the Kurds are a warrior people, right?

    And they just had some of their people burned to death?

    Now is the chance to show what you’re made of, and kill ISIS *a lot.*

    1. Now is the chance to show what you’re made of, and kill ISIS *a lot.*

      Dude, really? It’s what they’ve done since the shitstorm started.

      1. Well, I’m glad *someone’s* doing it.

        I admit I haven’t been following the media accounts, but in my defense, the media is not exactly 100% reliable.

        1. If you are on Twitter following Michael Weiss (@michaeldweiss) is a good way to catch relevant info.

          1. Thank you!

        2. Google “Kurdish badass”. 9 of 10 hits are about Kurdish women. You can’t get more mobilized for than than that. Granted a lot of the articles are about our facscination with Kurdish warrior women, but still the point stands: you can can’t get more mobilized for war than that.

    2. “Notorious G.K.C.|2.16.15 @ 10:19PM|#

      OK, the Kurds are a warrior people, right?”

      Technically = when you’re a minority that everyone else has been trying to ‘Genocide’ for the last few hundred years… you develop a self-reliant capability.

      To that end, once ISIS is kicked out of Kurd-held territory, it would foolish to expect them to take any fight further. They’re perfectly happy to let crazy Arabs kill each other in the meantime.

      1. “They’re perfectly happy to let crazy Arabs kill each other in the meantime.”

        As would we, if we had any sense.

  27. This is a test.

    1. If it were an actual comment, it would be followed by instructions to follow in the actual event of an emergency.


  28. Interesting note on the whole “college value” debate that just got pointed out to me (and deserves to be repeated):

    Shelia Jackson Lee graduated from Yale.

    ’nuff said.

    1. Jesus Christ. In what?

      1. Eskimo Lesbian Studies, if I had to guess. If she’s Skull & Bones as well, I give up on the American education system altogether.

        1. Funny story: that retard represents me. Yet I still vote. You’d figure I’d have learned by now.

          1. It’s a hard habit to break. I started off properly by voting for Perot and never had the nerve to try again.

            1. Lol

              I first voted for perot. its the only one i’m proud of.

      2. Political science.

        Then a JD from Virginia (an excellent law school).

        1. So a lunatic from from an excellent Law School. Credentialism is saved. Hooray!

          1. illiterate, bone crushingly ignorant lunatic.

            She and Obama are the poster children for affirmative action. This is what happens when you replace merit with diversity.

            This is also why all of the fuck-ups by the Secret Service lately. Obumbles had them put diversity as a priority. No. Shit.

            1. Hmmmm. This might work out, then. If it does, who says there isn’t justice in this world.

      3. Poli-Sci at Yale, Law at UVA.

        She also thinks Neil Armstrong planted a flag on Mars, and the Constitution was written 400 yrs ago.

        I needs more Botard to explain why a college degree demonstrates competence to the voter…

        1. “As a general matter starting and finishing college is seen by a lot of people as AN important qualification and that’s a defensible position.”

          As a general matter. There’s a big correlation between college completion and other measures of life success. Of course there are counterexamples, the point is there are more examples on the other side.

          1. There’s a big correlation between college completion and other measures of life success.

            And that’s important when you’re trying to predict future performance for people who don’t have a 25 year career you can judge.

            1. You don’t need me to explain what correlations mean and what they dont, do you?

              1. You’re the guy who didn’t know how to calculate correlation, given r^2.

                There’s a large correlation between sex and programming ability. Should we take that into account when evaluating a female with a 25 year career?

                1. Wow, you held onto that? Regression and correlation are not the exact same thing, btw.

                  So, what do you think the correlation between college completion and other life success measurements means? Enlighten.

                  1. Will it mean that “There’s a big correlation between college completion and other measures of life success. Of course there are counterexamples, the point is there are more examples on the other side.”?

                  2. I tend to remember when smart asses make complete fools of themselves.

                    Regression and correlation are not the exact same thing, btw.

                    Ima hold on to this one too.

                    So, what do you think the correlation between college completion and other life success measurements means? Enlighten.

                    It means intelligence, conscientiousness, and conformity are generally Good Things.

                    1. Sidd Finch v2.01|2.17.15 @ 12:10AM|#
                      “I tend to remember when smart asses make complete fools of themselves.”

                      If you engage an insufferable twit, the twit is then given incentive to return.
                      You can easily point out, referring to the third person, that the insufferable twit has again made an ass of him/herself and let others take amusement of that.
                      It’s an odds-on bet that the twit will then continue to flop around in the mud and the shallow water, hoping to attract attention.
                      That’s what they do.

        2. You know what Lord at War, I can counter by pointing out that Jesse Meyerson also has a college degree!

          *taps fingers on desk, reflects a moment*

          Wait a minute….

    2. Who’s?…


      1. Awesome! Problem solved.

      2. “We will circle the president on fire”

        I am not sure what that means. Does she mean she will set Obumbles on fire? Or herself?

        Both?(crosses fingers)

    3. Ha! She was in my Dad’s class. I need to call him right now to let him know the good news.

    4. “Lots of good competent people don’t have college degrees and lots of incompetent terrible people do.”

      1. Driven to Copypasta:

        Wizard of Oz: Why, anybody can have a brain. That’s a very mediocre commodity. Every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the Earth or slinks through slimy seas has a brain. Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. But they have one thing you haven’t got: a diploma.

      2. Awww….Bo’s butt must REALLY hurt…

        If you weren’t such a dick, Bo, people might engage you. But you persist in pretending that it’s because people disagree with you, when we all disagree with each other about lots of stuff…but most people most of the time aren’t relentlessly disingenuous like you.

        Glad your butt hurts. You deserve it. Good night.

        1. You’re such an obvious right leaning commenter Almanian. Never change!

          1. This is what desperation looks like.


            1. The insufferable twit Bo has fantasies that if someone mentions the name, Bo is now engaged and his/her comments are invited.
              It is pathetic; we all knew kids in grammar school who begged attention in the same way. And we all have mostly forgotten them.

            2. “snicker”

              Thats just going to ring the Hihn bell.

    5. “Shelia Jackson Lee graduated from Yale.”

      And I’m damn sure, as an insufferable twit, she would correct you:
      “*was* graduated from Yale”!
      I’ll bet there’s another insufferable twit around to make a similar point.

      1. “I’ll bet there’s another insufferable twit around to make a similar point.”

        You are here.

        1. Turd has company!

          1. Wanna cracka?

            1. Parrot is now looking for attention.
              Anyone wish to reward that stupidity? Help yourself.

              1. “Anyone wish to reward that stupidity?”

                Other than you? lol

  29. Unimaginable suffering?

    Give me a fucking break. Sure the sub was unprofessional, inappropriate and deserves their pending unemployment but seriously, unimaginable suffering?

    Is it this kids parents or our culture in general that is crippling this kid?

    1. Will Nonya|2.16.15 @ 11:02PM|#
      “Unimaginable suffering?”

      Agreed, but that’s boilerplate from the legal staff.
      “Arrgh! My client is DYIIINGGG!” = got a headache.

  30. Wow, the NYT sure wrote some fascinating 50 Shades fanfic…which purports to be true (but who knows with the Times, right?)

    Bottom line: If you’re “mentoring” a student, and your mentoring involves putting your schlong into one of her orifices, maybe you’re not fully following academic protocol (or maybe you are…who knows nowadays?)

    The article mentions lover-boy’s support for Rand Paul, just as a heads up.…..times&_r=0

    1. Did I ever mention my internship with Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo?

      “What part of ‘intern’ didn’t you understand?” She asked gloatingly as she locked me in the basement.

      “Now stay there,” she ordered, “until you’ve filled out those quarterly reports and thrilled me with the arts of love as explained in those books I gave you.”

      “But, boss-” I protested.

      “Don’t call me bossy,” corrected Mayer, “in bed I want *you* to be the boss.”

      “But this stuff is dangerous,” I exclaimed, “and…”

      But she stopped my objections by pulling me into bed and…


      “OK, honey,” Mayer breathed sultrily, “let me go to the fridge and get you a beer…you sure earned it!”

      1. Wait, did I hit “send?” I meant to hit “delete.”

  31. Fake?

    0:22 picture is on the class board, then pans to screen 0:24 and there is suddenly a name on the picture.

    1. Whoa. And for some reason he never shows the board again? The only thing that suggests it’s real is “You didn’t spell my name right” and “There’s an h.” That’s something, but it could’ve just been to his area of the room rather than the sub.

  32. Another thread for the Botard to let the mask slip some more.

  33. Lo, these many years ago, as founders of a small business that grew, we were advised by accountants that to be a bank fave, you could either pay always on time, or get so far behind that they didn’t want you to go broke.
    “Greek Financing Talks Break Down Amid Deep Divisions Over Bailout”
    “”It’s not a bluff, because it’s the only option we have,” Mr. Varoufakis said of his government’s position after the meeting. “It’s plan A, there is no plan B.””…..urope_home

    Wanna guess which of those the lefty Greek FM is betting on? Wanna guess why no one buys ‘there is no plan B’ bullshit?
    Now Germany may take a meta look and get concerned over a Euro break-up; it’s not like German products find a major market in China.
    But it also means Merkel is gonna have a lot of explaining to do to Hans and Fritz.

    1. I have not kept close attention on what is going on there, just kinda taken note.

      This isn’t the first bailout, is it? How many have there been? Or is it just one long bailout that never ends?

  34. I’m sure that this has come up (maybe not, I don’t feel like reading all 200+ comments), but I have to point out that it’s important to remember that substitute teachers almost never have the (over)protections that full time teachers enjoy. If he isn’t fired, it will be because his district is short on subs, which is a common issue, rather than that he has a cushy union secured government job. He also might not be officially fired, but he may never get called in again unless it’s an emergency.

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