Baylen Linnekin: Stricter Food Safety Regulations Mean Fewer Local Food Options

It's time for key local-food advocates to admit-loudly-that strict food-safety regulations are not the answer.


"Hahn portrait" by Cefaclor

The ongoing debate over increasing food-safety regulations and expanding local food options pits heavyweight food-policy experts against their peers on the left. Victory for the former would mean fewer small producers and fewer choices for consumers, writes Baylen Linnekin.

It's incumbent on local food supporters like Michael Pollan to argue that point.

Back in 2010, Pollan lauded the Food Safety Modernization Act, saying "it promises to achieve several important food safety objectives, greatly benefiting consumers without harming small farmers or local food producers."

Clearly, that's not the case. But, according to his website, that was the last Pollan had to say on food safety and local food.