Gays Marrying in Alabama As We Speak (World Still Here), U.S. Might Arm Ukraine, Will NBC Fire Brian Williams? P.M. Links

Today in possible U.S. military interventions, Ukraine.


  • Brian Williams
    David Shankbone

    Some same-sex marriages are now taking place in Alabama, but the overall legal situation for gay couples is in flux.

  • Today in possible U.S. military interventions, Ukraine.
  • Staples is cracking down on part-time employees working more than 25 hours a week. Like other employers, the office supply chain has to restrict its part-time employees' hours to escape Obamacare-related penalties.
  • NBC executives are split over whether to fire Brian Williams.
  • Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock (R) continues to receive bad press. At least he has that nice office, though.
  • Read a chapter from Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz's new book, The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom, here.

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