WATCH: How Germany Forgot the Horrors of Communism


"How Germany Forgot the Horrors of Communism," produced by Anthony L. Fisher. About 4 minutes. Original release date was February 4, 2015 and original writeup is below.

Germany recently celebrated 25 years of reunification with a beautiful art installation retracing the path of the Berlin Wall and educational exhibits of its Cold War history. For many Germans, it was a rare moment of reflection on the horrors perpetrated by the German Democratic Republic (a.k.a. GDR, East Germany, DDR).

The phenomenon known as Ostalgie, or nostalgia for the East, along with favorable views of socialism, have led to a curious whitewashing of the GDR's legacy. Particularly among young Germans, the GDR is seen as a quirk of history, a strange but charming place with campy state-manufactured products and a culture of nude beaches and enthusiastic collectivism, rather than a monstrous police state which imprisoned, murdered, tortured, and spied on its own people.

Reason TV visited Berlin and spoke with DDR Museum Scientific Director Dr. Stefan Wolle, Students for Liberty's Frederik Cyrus Roeder, Prometheus think tank founderClemens Schnieder, and Lichtgrenze artists Mark and Christopher Bauder about why Germans are so skittish about confronting the country's dark communist legacy.  

About 4 minutes.

Produced by Anthony L. Fisher.

Music: "Profound Groove On The Rise" by Jared C. Balogh (

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  1. “One of the most inhuman border killings happened in August 1962. Peter Fechter, an 18-year-old bricklayer, was shot while attempting to climb over the Wall. For 50 minutes he begged for help as he slowly bled to death from his wounds in sight of soldiers and journalists watching from one of the western border checkpoints. Only after he died did the East German guards retrieve his body.”…..lm-roepke/

    Yeah, fucking great time that was.

    1. Hey, he had free healthcare, what was he complaining about?

      1. Just before the Wall came down but when lots of people were escaping in other ways, I was talking at a party with a lesbian acquaintance. She was of the opinion that since the government had educated those people, it had the right to prevent them from leaving.

        “Your parents paid for you to go to college, right?” I asked.

        She said they had.

        “So do they have the right to tell you where and how to live?”

        That stumped her.

  2. While you and I cannot imagine pining for Communism, you just know in a generation or two plenty more Europeans will be right back to that place looking for that worker’s paradise.

    1. I teach younger adults and while they know nazism is evil and Hitler was the devil, their sense of communism is benign. When I rehearse some of the terrors of various communist regimes, they are floored. They don’t normally dispute what I say, but they are in utter disbelief.

      I think it’s the morality underlying communism and the pie in the sky vision that they find irresistible.

      1. That and so many people, and not just young people, have a zero-sum conception of economics. They don’t understand how wealth is created, so to them anyone gaining must be at someone else’s expense. When you mix that with kindergarten morality you wind up with people championing destructive policies in the name of “fairness.”

        1. Very true. It’s interesting, don’t you think, that the economics of communism has been refuted since the 19th century. Yet, economics doesn’t matter to the true believer. In fact, the same tired economic “arguments” keep getting recycled again and again to articulate the morality and justify the vision.

          1. The bigger reason is that the school system, especially public grammar and high schools and private universities are socialist indoctrination prisons.

            So it should not be surprised that kids have no knowledge of the failings of communism. They’ve never been taught them and instead have been indoctrinated for many years with the ideas that culminate in communism.

        2. Is “kindergarten morality” a widely understood term? Too many hits from Googling; anybody got a precis on it? Other than, you know, be good?

          1. “kindergarten morality”

            The kid next to you has built a larger block tower than you. Do you…?

            A.) Walk over and ask to play with him/her?

            B.) Have a hissy fit that involves lying on the floor, kicking the air while filling the room with your screams of impotent rage

            C.) Extend your hand and knock over the kid’s tower

      2. “I think it’s the morality underlying communism and the pie in the sky vision that they find irresistible.”

        Hitler promised the same line of bullshit, but that rarely gets attention.

        1. Yup. Few people make the connection. I read some quotes from Hitler to my students. Not the blatantly racist shit, but the moral philosophy unpinning fascism. They thought it sounded pretty good. When I told them who it was they were floored.

          1. If you want a really good dose of Hitler’s (rather confused) econ ‘plans’, get “The Wages of Destruction” (Tooze).
            Mostly narrative, some tables of figures.

      3. There is a bizarre meta-context that totalitarian collectivism that’s perceived to come from the right is self-obviously evil, and how dare anybody make any sort of excuses for it; while totalitarian collectivism that’s putatively from the left is well-meaning and of course we’re supposed to make excuses for it, and how dare you say it was evil!

        1. Ted S.|2.8.15 @ 8:08PM|#
          “There is a bizarre meta-context that totalitarian collectivism that’s perceived to come from the right is self-obviously evil, and how dare anybody make any sort of excuses for it; while totalitarian collectivism that’s putatively from the left is well-meaning and of course we’re supposed to make excuses for it, and how dare you say it was evil!”

          “The Collapse of Communism” (ed: Lee Edwards), last chapter is “Judgements and Misjudgements”, by Paul Hollander:
          Upton Sinclair excused the mass murderers, thus: “Maybe it cost a million lives, maybe it cost five million…There never has been in human history a great social change without killing.”
          So the commie mass murderers got excused by the self-same lefty assholes who took offense at Hitler.
          We have slimy lefties who post here and support communism. They deserve derision, insults and general nastiness every time they post here.
          Won’t you join me in doing so?

    2. I’ve been reading the comment sections in the Guardian on Greece and I can believe it.

      1. Communism never suffered the black eye in Greece as it did in other areas in eastern Europe. The U.S. and western Europe made sure that the hell that Communist eastern Europe experienced didn’t occur there.

        Plus, many of the Greeks credit the communists with fighting fascism, which is true. They just never look at what happened just north of them when actual communist regimes took over those countries after WWII.

        1. That’s all true but I was referring to the attitudes of the mostly non-Greek commentariat on those articles.

          1. I haven’t seen much literal praise for communism but plenty of attacks on “neo-liberalism” and demands of putting people ahead of bankers and corporations.

            1. Sounds like the communists in the 30s. I think the hard left learned a long time ago not to come out swinging for communism in name. Rather, advocate the policies, say it’s in the name of equality, justice, the chirruns, and have lots of patience. Look at the goals listed by Marx in the Manifesto. A lot of that’s here now and ne’er the word communism was spoken.

              1. More than anywhere else, America is the best, true exemplar of communism-given the percentage of the debt (to finance communist objectives) and unfunded social-commie welfare payments and the size of government spending to purely private wealth.

                1. And this has to do with my comment how?

                  1. That was to libertymike.

                    1. Given that the topic is forgetting the horrors of communism, americans would do well not to forget how much of it they love and enjoy.

  3. Where’s Sheldon Richman and his attack on West Germany’s illegal and nationalistic annexation of East Germany?

    1. He best better be here!

      Nationalism sucks, its for losers.

      1. So what about Palestinian nationalism?

        1. That sucks, too.

          Just for the record, I ABHOR and HATE MUZZIE FUNDIES.

  4. Why do libertarians oppose East Germany? They were not US puppets, aggressed against no one, unlike the USA, and it was in the USSR’s sphere of influence and FDR agreed to divide Germany and they did inflict a devastating war on the USSR and the rest of Europe…

    Sorry my Sheldon Richmaninator was taking over.

    1. East Germany was a peaceful collection of people just trying to better their families, neighbors and communities; that brually oppressed by US hegemony. Which prevented their ideas from peacefully moving to their brothers in the West. Any atrocities committed in the East were only because of said American intervention.

      / Sheldon Richman.

  5. Speaking of communism, turns out the various top men have been lying and adjusting the climate data to make it show warming where none exists. Let me get my surprised face.…..candal.php

    1. Well, green is the new red.

    2. And it won’t make a dent in the faith of the believers.

    3. It’s a variation on Baptists and bootleggers, John.

      There are the cynical, exploitative assholes who will adjust the data and keep on pushing this bullshit because it can bring them grant money, or political power, or they think it will hurt those they hate, whatever. They don’t care about the actual subject, this is just a means to an end for them. They’re the bootleggers.

      Then there are the true believers, the people who have elevated this moronic shit to a religion. The ones who actually believe that the entire planet will be destroyed in 50 years if draconian, quality of life destroying measures aren’t taken (though other people should suffer that loss of quality of life, not them, of course; usually poor people in developing countries). The ones who can’t help but talk about humans being a cancer on the planet or some such idiocy. These are the Baptists.

      It’s just a nasty confluence of interests whose motivations behind them are utterly different. But they work together anyway.

      1. Cliamatology was a back water field for third rate PHD candidates until this con made it a money making proposition.

        1. John, we wouldn’t have to worry about this shit being shoved down our throat if there were no nation states with the power to make it happen.

          1. Sure. But so what? That wont happen amd even if it did we would just have worse things to worry about

        2. I’m curious John, what do you base that claim on?

          1. Simple, there was no grant money to be had and few places that offered positions in it the top people go i to fields where the employment and grant prospects are best. Its glorified meteorology

    4. Apropos remark on the subject:

      “As far as the warmist propaganda machine is concerned it really doesn’t matter two hoots whether or not Cowtan has got his facts right. What matters is that whenever the inconvenient subject of doctored temperature data crops up again, the alarmists have their ready-made get out. From a proper actual scientist. So he must know ? right?

      “You can be sure that, if it hasn’t already, Cowtan’s dodgy rebuttal video will soon be linked to by the usual warmist sockpuppeteers in the comment threads below every relevant article. What none of them will mention, of course, is the Burton counter-rebuttal to the Cowtan rebuttal. Integrity has never been these people’s strong point. It’s winning the propaganda war that counts.…..can-trust/

  6. We need to face facts about libertarian foreign policy in that there is an element of revolutionary defeatism in the libertarian movement. This is the foreign policy of Rothbard, Rockwell, Raimondo and Richman.

    Lest you think I am exaggerating look at what Reason’s own Brian Doherty said about Rothbard in Radicals for Capitalism (you can find the quote in Google books, pg. 248):

    Always conscious of movement strategy, Rothbard looked to successful ideological revolutionaries of the past such as Lenin, for strategic insights into how to affect ideological change on a national level

    And what was Lenin’s foreign policy during World War I? Revolutionary defeatism of course!

    1. Raimondo, Rothbard, and Rockwell are not commies who support 20 trillion dollar debt (undertaken so as to fund communist objectives) and hundreds of trillions in unfunded social-commie welfare payments.

      Its about free enterprise and individual liberty and not being a slave to the nation state that does not give jack shit about you or yours – to the contrary, the USSA has been and continues to do what it can to further enslave you.

      1. No they just love whatever nation state the USG does not like such as Russia or Venezuela.

        1. Do they like these nations or not want to see us get involved with conflicts with them because war is the health of the states.

          1. Because they don’t like war or the USG they become apologists for America’s enemies.

            1. I’m not sure it’s apology, they understand demonizing is often followed by conflict, and conflict by a larger, more intrusive state.

              1. I’m not sure it’s apology

                No it is. If you take the position that saying anything bad about Russia leads to war so we can’t say anything mean about them then you are an apologist.

                “the Soviets arrived early at what libertarians consider to be the only proper and principled foreign policy”


                1. Sorry what you call saying this is? It is a defense of Stalin and Lenin’s foreign policy it is apology.

                  “the Soviets arrived early at what libertarians consider to be the only proper and principled foreign policy”

                2. they understand demonizing is often followed by conflict, and conflict by a larger, more intrusive state.

                  This is apologia. You are saying that saying anything bad about another country is statist.

                  1. Not necessarily, there’s room between not saying anything bad and being careful not to give in to fodder for war mongers.

                    1. Since anything accurate but unpleasant can be considered demonization there is not a lot of wiggle room.

                    2. Besides, I know Rothbard, Rockwell and Raimondo, and they do not apologize for Russia.

                      They do point out that the US has encircled Russia and has engaged in a pattern of aggressive warfare.

                    3. “the Soviets arrived early at what libertarians consider to be the only proper and principled foreign policy”

      2. You horrible self-preserving ingrate. You are one of those shit-faced nonsensical’s who don’t suck at the foamy end of John Stewart’s goddamn progressive comedy cock and mix your fucking fingers with the double-faced hipster braindeads who happy handjob Gubment bureaucracies on their puke web rags.

        That being said, you fucking dastardly whore of a human being… please move into my Ohio county. I love people who despise the gulags.

        Nothing against gay handjobs, dark alley sex, or fetish fucking… I just find the the whole latent communism thing excessively fucking shit-laden.

        1. Agile Cyborg is back, and he’s got some good dope!

    2. I don’t think he’s saying we should copy Lenin’s foreign policy but rather his domestic political strategy.

      1. For a New Liberty P. 255
        “the Soviets arrived early at what libertarians consider to be the only proper and principled foreign policy”

        1. Sorry 355.

          He also claimed that Marxist-Leninism forbade spreading of communism through foreign force with is bullshit because of Eastern Europe and that Marx was in 1848 calling for war against Russia,

          1. So he wanted us to follow the idealized, false version of early Soviet foreign policy?

            1. So you admit that Rothbard’s views of Soviet Foreign policy was nonsense? And he never thought that the “proper and principled foreign policy” of the USSR was something that they rejected.

              What does it say about Rothbard that he used such nonsense in the name of non-interventionism?

              1. If someone says ‘look at Jim, he lives a life of excellent principles if which if we all followed I think we’d be happier’ and it were later found that Jim had him duped that wouldn’t make the second part false. Maybe we would be happier doing what we erroneously thought Jim was doing.

                1. Why are you assuming that Rothbard was “duped” by Lenin and Stalin? Nothing that they did was secret at the time or in 1960s and 1970s?

                2. What Rothbard did is more like pretending that Jim had excellent principles when you know for a fact he doesn’t because you don’t want admit that you are wrong and your enemies were right.

                3. Also Rothbard wasn’t talking about what Lenin said before Red October but what Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev actually did afterwards.

  7. Didn’t anyone explain to them that the reason for nude beaches was that they couldn’t afford clothes?

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        1. I like the shy one.

  9. There is no one on Earth as awesome as Al Sharpton thinks he is.

    I’m dealing with the White House. I’m talking to the mayor. I’m on TV. I’m organizing the marches. If I didn’t exist, they’d have to invent me.

    Is there anyone else who can do all of this? Anyone other than me? Seriously, I’m talking about anyone else?

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  10. Hey, Canada’s Supreme Court lifted their doctor assisted suicide ban Friday…..P_national

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  12. Currents are like latent desire. Humans are electrical pulses. Ebbing and flowing. Attracting deflecting rejecting… seems like deep surprises in life so fucking goddamn short. 90 odd isn’t long enough to explore the ‘verse so we live collectively and adamantly forcing a massive will on distracted sources, yet NEVEr fucking truly coinciding or relating. Humans are fucking jerks. Our art-philosophi-religions-and muzak have failed to contract our deepest thoughts.

    The tides of the mind can transcend our planet but when millions die the universe will not grant us the hall pass into the silent stars.

    1. Currents are like latent desire. Humans are electrical pulses.


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          1. Heroic Mulatto is an arrogant sliver of horror where worlds collide…

  13. I found this hilarious Tedx talk about ‘vortex mathematics’ which is a pseudo-scientific word salad. Basically, a crazy person was allowed to give a Tedx talk about how everything is totally connected by coils man and we can use these coils to control the universe and make all our current technology obsolete and make infinite food. *hits bong*

    Unsurprisingly, the comments are a bit…crazy.

    there aint no such thing as a free lunch, what an ignorant comment. of course there isnt in a society based on charging people for the means of life so others can make a profit. of course when people think they need 4 fucking cars just to live life it demands that profit be the center of a society. when people think they need a bunch of gadgets and shit just to live life when really theyre just made to think they need all this shit so profit can be made off of their wage slavery. if people lived and used resources and energy only as much as they needed and werent wasteful and selfish cunts who want to have 5 or 6 kids which ends up overpopulating the earth causing a demand for more resources to meet the higher number of people who all want to have 5 cars and 5 kids, well then ya, your gonna fucking pay for it if you want to be a selfish cunt who has to have it all.

    1. the shitty little capitalist dream you think is so fucking great which is really killing your planet and your future but your are too fucking blind and selfish and fucking dumb to see it. if we lived intelligently we would be able to have free energy and grow our own food and run our own lives and not be slaves and let corporations run them for us. but sadly the human race is fucking stupid, so they look to stupid fucking lying leaders to take care of their shit for them and solve their problems. Energy is free, its all around us, we just need the knowledge on how to harness it, empty space is not empty. but when dumb fucking people just shut down the possibility of new things based on their narrow little empty headed capitalist worldview nothing can be possible or accomplishable. why the hell do you think they kill people in other countries for the oil to keep this shit going, why do you think they attack countries that have large oil reserves, its not a fucking coincidence, were all being enslaved by evil fucking parasites, time to wake up an take back your planet, grow some balls and stand up.?

      Sounds legit.

      1. Sounds like someone needs to get that guy back to his drum circle before he pops something.

      2. Sorta like finding a pocket full of mummies. No one expects that shit.

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    2. We need to get the Time Cube guy a TEDx talk, statim.

      1. The best line in the video is:

        Your blood cells are a vortex, DNA is a vortex, galaxies, magnetic fields all vortexes. That’s why a tornado is more powerful than an atom bomb.

        I don’t even know what the craziest part of that comment is.

        1. Why, I believe it can be enjoyed as a whole!

        2. Looks like Agile could do a TedX talk.

          1. *TEDx

          2. At one point he says ‘My work has suffered from a lack of funding, even though it has been peer reviewed by some of the best minds in science.’

            The best minds in science? Well I’m sold!

            1. Hey, I thought if your head was right, everything was FREE!
              What’s with the “funding”, doooooooood?

            2. The best minds in science? Well I’m sold!

              No chance they reviewed it and said “This is batshit crazy.”

      1. As a professional observation, I would add the several “Be Fluent Any Language in [ridiculously short amount of time]!” talks to that list.

        1. Christ you are so fuckin sexy

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  28. Wow, I’m competing with Agile here. (Seriously, literally lay off the shrooms)

    “…We in the news media?in different ways between new and old?are exaggerating ethics at the expense of maintaining a civilized and free society.

    “…many in the news media are rushing to man the barricades for certain ethical interpretations of press freedom and independence as if they were absolutes?immutable principles worth dying for. Literally….

    “I do not know if American courts would find much of what Charlie Hebdo does to be hate speech unprotected by the Constitution, but I know?hope??that most Americans would. It is one thing to lampoon popes, imams, rabbis and other temporal religious leaders of this world; it is quite another to make fun, in often nasty ways, of their prophets and gods. The NPR editors were right not to reprint any of the images.”…..the-nation

    1. NPT’s retiring ombudsman wrote the above.

      1. NPR.

        1. More words of wisdom from that column:

          “National security is similarly another area of misguided media fundamentalism. The new digital media is the loudest in demanding that journalists be blind to the security concerns of their government or their country. Secrecy is a priori bad; information, even about individuals and companies, demands to be out and free. These are the modern Puritans, in the rabid service of a universal ideal, and here the humanitarian left finds company with the libertarian right and that curious hybrid we might call Silicon Man. Wikileaks and the Edward Snowden leaks from the National Security Agency are to these fundamentalists the great coups of our time.

          “…It is not wrong for an American journalist to be patriotic; I am.

          “…editors rightfully should exercise judgment on what secrets to publish and what to not, taking into account the national and personal damage their revelation might cause, balanced against the public’s need to know what the government is doing.”

      2. Hebdo is a blacksmith of ethics.

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    3. “”I do not know if American courts would find much of what Charlie Hebdo does to be hate speech unprotected by the Constitution, ”

      You’d think a professional journalist omsbudsman would know more about media law than this. Sheesh.

      1. Bo, it’s even worse than that. Look at this paragraph:

        The French news media may have their ethical standards, but they are not American or sacred universal ones, and they shouldn’t be French ones either. The United States has never had absolute freedom of the press. And the framers of the Constitution?I once held the James Madison Visiting Professor Chair on First Amendment Issues at Columbia University?never intended it to. You wouldn’t know this, however, from listening to the First Amendment fundamentalists piping up from Washington to Silicon Valley.

        Really? They never intended complete freedom of the press? How’s that square with this:

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

        It seems to me the founders explicitly advocated press freedom and explicitly denounced the establishment of a religion. The idea that they would have been cool with laws that stopped the press from criticizing a religion (which is a de facto blasphemy law) is absurd.

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They didn’t allow comments on that blog post.

          Solid defense of free speech, NPR, you fascist morons. You start by advocating the elimination of press freedoms and then close down comments so no one can accurately refute your provable dishonesty.

        2. Did *you* hold a James Madison visiting professorship? If not, bow before this ombudsman’s greater wisdom.

        3. Maybe he’s got some weak technicality like ‘the 1st was never meant to apply to the states’ or ‘common law defamation precedent at the Founding show the right was not absolute’ card in mind.

          1. From the sound of it the good professor seems like he’d just like to see European style hate speech laws passed in the US. I’m sure he’s got some twisted logic that, to him, makes that totally legit, but it’ll be bullshit plain and simple. His choice of French “ethics” as a target is telling.

          2. If he’s claiming to channel Madison, he should at least rule out any *federal* censorship, even of defamation:


            1. That Wikipedia piece does reflect the tension between those who, at times, professed a tepid type of liberty, and those who aspired to suck the cock of an all powerful nation state.

  29. Well.

    This thread has taken an odd turn.

    If Agile Cyborg didn’t exist he’d have to invent himself.

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  36. From “Post War” (Judt, Pg 615)
    “On November 28 [1989], Stefan Heym, Christa Wolf and [others] issued an appeal […] to save socialism […] and stand firm against what Heym described as the ‘glittering rubbish’ of the west”

    Note these are government-protected writers griping that the proles might have access to what the GDR government presumably provided them.
    Fortunately, at the time, the general population decided some ‘glittering rubbish’ wasn’t too bad a deal.

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  43. Agile Cyborg or James Joyce? Who is better?

    1. Depends. Do you want to walk around Dublin or Ohio on Writer Appreciation Day?

  44. I think we need a thread in which the only commenters are Bo and Agile Cyborg. The rules: one starts, the other replies, the first one replies to that, and repeat. Whoever stops first, loses.

    1. I find AC far less a total POS than Bo. But after Bo adopts his ‘I can split hairs better than you!’ and AC starts bragging about the shrooms and coke, it’s pretty much a toss up in that it’s impossible to continue any sort of coherent thread.

      1. BTW, AC, I’m of an age where memories of all sorts of psycho-active drugs are easily accessed; I *was* there in the 70s and *do* clearly remember them.
        I’m also glad I didn’t have anything like the web to broadcast the immediate effects. You’re prolly not gonna be proud when you read what you’ve posted.

  45. OT:
    A look at Youtube has Brian Williams “addressing” his lies, apologizing for “stretching” the truth. And “exaggerating” what happened in NOLA when he claimed a body floated by.
    Help yourself:
    NBC news, OTOH, has taken a brave stand. The gave the lying POS a chance to make a bigger fool of himself than Nixon did:
    “In the midst of a career spent covering and consuming news, it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions.
    As Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News, I have decided to take myself off of my daily broadcast for the next several days, and Lester Holt has kindly agreed to sit in for me to allow us to adequately deal with this issue. Upon my return, I will continue my career-long effort to be worthy of the trust of those who place their trust in us.”

    Yes, you lying piece of shit, you’re a ‘bigger part’ of the news because you’re a lying piece of shit.

    1. But remember, it’s Fox News that’s supposedly filled with lies.




    1. Somehow labor became the only cost of making a burger, too. Why just clap your hands together and–BAM!–you got a beef patty, bun, and cheese!

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