Nick Gillespie Interviews Andrew W.K. About His Life's Work and His Unabashed Libertinism


Musician Andrew W.K. has been called "the great unwashed rock star" and "the great god of partying." His best-known songs include "Party Hard" and "We Want Fun." In June, he lectured at the Oxford Union on the topic "Andrew W.K. and the Philosophy of Partying." He delighted a generation of children as the host of Destroy Build Destroy, a live-action Cartoon Network series in which teams of kids compete for the right to blow up each other's creations. He's a regular on Fox News' late night show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and an advice columnist for The Village Voice. Reason TV's Nick Gillespie sat down to talk with Andrew W.K. about his life's work and his unabashed libertinism.