ISIS Claims Airstrike Killed American, Fort Hood Victims Qualify for Purple Hearts, Harvard Bans Sex Between Professors, Students: P.M. Links


  • Kayla Mueller ||| The Mueller Family
    Source: The Mueller Family

    ISIS claims that an airstrike by Jordan in Syria has killed American aid worker Kayla Mueller, 26, whom they had kidnapped. The Jordanian government is skeptical, and American officials are investigating the claims.

  • Victims in the Fort Hood massacre of 2009 will receive Purple Hearts after all. Initially the attacks were described as "workplace violence," and the 13 people killed after Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan opened fire on the post were denied the honor. Congress then passed legislation expanding the eligibility guidelines.
  • The White House has outlined a new National Security Strategy for the final two years of President Barack Obama's term. Ed Krayewski noted the world police posturing of it all here.
  • In yet another example of Americans having to deal with benefits being scaled back in the workplace, Harvard has banned professors from having sex with undergraduates.
  • Shiite rebels have completed their takeover of Yemen and dissolved parliament.
  • Pope Francis says it's okay to spank children, as long as you do so with dignity and do not demean them. They'll have to wait until they're adults to find somebody to demean them while spanking them, the way God intended.

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