Jordan Vows "Relentless" War Against ISIS After Execution of Air Force Pilot—Time for the U.S. to Decide Its Role for Itself

Jordan's king vows revenge for the execution of an air force pilot by ISIS. The US has to decide its role in the conflict before it's decided for the U.S.



After the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a video showing a Jordanian Air Force pilot the terror group had captured being burned alive, the Jordan, which had been attempting to negotiate for the pilot's released, executed two Al-Qaeda terrorists in their custody. The Jordanian government, part of the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition, promised a "relentless" war.

Haaretz reports:

"We are waging this war to protect our faith, our values and human principles and our war for their sake will be relentless and will hit them in their own ground," state television said.

Jordan will intensify its efforts with an international coalition fighting Islamic State, a government spokesman said earlier on Wednesday. 

"We are talking about a collaborative effort between coalition members to intensify efforts to stop extremism and terrorism to undermine, degrade and eventually finish Daesh," Mohammad al-Momani said

Regional and western leaders prefer to use the name Daesh, an Arabic acronym for ISIS, because the terror group says it hates it.

Jordan's king, Abdullah II, met with U.S. lawmakers behind closed doors today. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Ca.) described a visibly angry king. Though Duncan's observation that "the only problem we're going to have is running out of fuel and bullets" was meant as a throw-away comment, it suggests Jordan's anger may not fit its resources.

While the U.S. has not taken a public role in leading the anti-ISIS coalition, the campaign would be impossible without access to U.S. military resources. President Obama says he wants authorization from Congress for ongoing operations against ISIS but says he doesn't need them. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently said he believed destroying ISIS was an unrealistic goal and that even rolling it back would require boots on the ground—an idea Vice President Joe Biden may have endorsed earlier.

"As we grieve together," the president said in a statement after the Jordanian pilot's execution yesterday, "we must stand united, respectful of his sacrifice to defeat this scourge." Congress ought to act on Obama's request for authorization—either granting it or specifically disallowing anti-ISIS operations. Otherwise the U.S. could see itself slide into a war with ISIS without anyone having made a specific decision out of some misplaced sense of unity or duty.

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  1. Here we go again.

    1. what do you mean again. it’s never stopped.

      1. Good point. I stand corrected. 🙁

  2. the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a video showing a Jordanian Air Force pilot the terror group had captured being burned alive

    Mossad fabrication, or CIA false flag?

    1. neither. awful murder by awful murderers.

      1. And as awful as the immolation in this video is, shit this bad or worse happens daily, mulitple times, to innocents by murderous thugs, all over the world.

        1. yes. especially on the continent of africa and subcontinent to its east.

  3. “Kerry stopped referring to the group as ISIL (short for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and instead began referring to them as Daesh, an acronym for the group based on the Arabic original.”

    It was sort of a topic around Sept/Oct why the admin continues to insist on calling them “ISIL” when the media and general public have tended to prefer the “disease-suffix” of ISIS to the “skin creme-suffix” of the former.

    this new one? “Daesh” = i’m almost a little pissed no one told us sooner. Can’t we do one better and come up with something in Arabic along the lines of “C.H.U.D”, only “repressed-homosexual jihad-junkies”, or something like that?

    I personally think step-1 in a proper policy towards terrorists is being able to have your own names for them which are horribly derogatory, insulting, and offensive, and project the utter contempt which any sane society should have for these murder-fetish scumbags.

    1. FAGhadis?

      I mean, if we’re assuming that they will hate anything gay and that it’s not because gay is bad.

      1. Easiest is just do a shuffle and produce “SiSi”. Then we can hear things like “The Sissies….” or “The Sissy Group…”

        1. what about something that takes the high road and doesn’t use anti gay phrases?

          Surely there’s some word in arabic that means “false prophet” that we can use.

    2. I also think this should have gotten more coverage in the US press =

      ISIS urges Muslims to ‘kill disbelievers’ and calls Secretary of State John Kerry an ‘old uncircumcised geezer‘ in latest audio release

      1. that’s the same way people are going to talk about me in a few decades…

      2. So, Kerry showed them his dick?

    3. I’ve soured on his warlust, but I’ve always loved Churchill’s insistence on mispronouncing Nazi as Nazzie. I think GHWBush was trying to do the same thing with “Sodom” Hussein.


    These people need to be exterminated.

  5. Wow, that was bad. I mean, really bad. I have seen some bad shit, but I feel for that guy. Jesus wept…. that is a fucking bad way to go. If you are captured, MAKE THEM KILL YOU DURING AN ESCAPE.

    1. I think this sends the message to people fighting ISIS not to surrender…

  6. After the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a video showing a Jordanian Air Force pilot the terror group had captured being burned alive, the Jordan, which had been attempting to negotiate for the pilot’s released, executed two Al-Qaeda terrorists in their custody.

    Which Jordan?

    1. Transjordan.

  7. In the pilot burning video, Daesh identified Jordan, the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Morocco as all being puppets of the western powers. The have also declared war on Turkey and are actively fighting the governments of both Syria and Iraq, with the former being an ally (well, vassal) of Iran. Let’s add in the Kurds, Yazidis and Christians of the region. Now, with ISIS basically daring the entire Middle East to form a regional coalition against them, are you telling me that nobody has the resources to turn northwestern Iraq and northeastern Syria into an ash heap?

    1. This is what I can’t wrap my head around. ISIS is essentially declaring a Fatwah against, well, pretty much every standing middle-eastern government currently operating. If they can’t do this without the U.S., the ME is worse off than I ever imagined.

  8. Good. This means that the US doesn’t need to waste anymore money or lives fucking up the middle east. We can let the Jordanians deal with their own problems while we focus on actual defense.

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