Fox Posts Full Video of ISIS Burning Jordanian Pilot, Michigan Recognizes Some Gay Marriages, All Vaccines All the Time: P.M. Links

FCC: Brace yourself, Net Neutrality is coming.


  • Rick Snyder
    Rick Snyder

    Fox News showed the full video of Muath al-Kasaesbeh burning to death on its website. The Jordanian pilot was brutally murdered by ISIS.

  • The horror of ISIS burning a man alive has at least united much of the Arab world against the terrorist group.
  • FCC: Brace yourself, Net Neutrality is coming.
  • Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said the state will recognize 300 same-sex marriages that were performed last year after a district court struck down Michigan's gay marriage ban but before another court issued a stay of that ruling.
  • Everybody is still buzzing about mandatory vaccinations. Here's Reason's Matt Welch on the subject.
  • And here's The New Republic's Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig on libertarians horrifying parenting views: "To avoid a hellish death spiral of infectious disease and neglect, we would all do well to reject Paul and his cohort on the subject of child rearing."
  • The trailer for Magic Mike XXL was released today. Trigger warning: Body insecurity.

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  1. I blame the delay on Fist.

    1. Hello.

      I blame the Jews.

      And Fist.

      1. I just assumed the Jews were a given.

        1. Who controls the British Crown?
          Who keeps the metric system down?
          Jew do, Jew do

          Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
          Who keeps the martians under wraps?
          Jew do, Jew do.

          Who holds back the electric car?
          Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
          Jew do, Jew do.

          Who robs cavefish of their sight?
          Who rigs every Oscar night?
          Jew do, Jew do!

        2. Just in case anybody forgot.

          /narrows eyes.

  2. Everybody is still buzzing about mandatory vaccinations.


    1. Ultimately, Jenny McCarthy’s.

      1. I blame Wakefield, but it was already a thing even before him.

        1. Yeah, Jenny McCarthy never pretended to be a doctor.

          1. How about a, um, nurse?

    2. I’m not buzzing abou it.

      And would you rather everybody be buzzing about circumcision?

      1. What’s wrong with circumcision? shouldnt all infant boys be circumcised?

        1. Maybe everybody should start buzzing about deep-dish.

          1. I thought we were buzzing about artisanal mayo…

          2. Could you “circumcise” deep-dish to make it thin crust?

            1. No, because one is pizza and one isn’t.

      2. Why not both?

        Now circumcision joins vaccines on parents’ list of no-nos

        The parental movement against vaccines, revealed in the West Coast measles outbreak, apparently is broader than just shunning immunizations, as new hospital evidence and polling shows that especially younger parents are refusing to circumcise baby boys.

        Long considered an operation that leads to better male hygiene and a sure way to reduce cancer and chances of getting HIV, more parents are deciding that it’s just not needed.

        1. “Long considered an operation that leads to better male hygiene and a sure way to reduce cancer and chances of getting HIV”

          And I always thought it was long considered a sure way to prevent self-abuse

          1. Doesn’t work.

          2. And I always thought it was long considered a sure way to prevent self-abuse

            Fuck John Kellogg with a rusty spike.

            A remedy which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision, especially when there is any degree of phimosis. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering an anesthetic, as the brief pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment, as it may well be in some cases. The soreness which continues for several weeks interrupts the practice, and if it had not previously become too firmly fixed, it may be forgotten and not resumed.

            And for the ladies

            In females, the author has found the application of pure carbolic acid (phenol) to the clitoris an excellent means of allaying the abnormal excitement.

            1. He sure was into enemas, though.

              1. So was Mao. He tried to kill a rival by replacing said rival’s regular enema with something, but chose something foul smelling. I can’t remember what it was now though.

          3. And here I thought it was just a simple surrogate human sacrifice black magic ceremony performed by pig-ignorant dirt-worshiping savages that got co-oped by sexophobic Victorian monsters.

    3. I tried to explain a market based approach to a friend. I said there was no force in my solution. He said:

      how is there no force? the average American family cannot pay for insurance which will likely be exponentially more expensive in your vaccinated/non-vaccinated insurance system, and the threat of not being treated by doctors is one that most sane people would not be willing to take

    4. Boy, they sure are scared of Paul, aren’t they?


    Alleged Silk Road darknet mastermind Ross Ulbricht was convicted of drug conspiracy and other charges Wednesday for allegedly founding and running the drug-trafficking site that served as an underworld version of eBay for dealers and users worldwide.

    oh well

    1. That needs much more than an oh well. The real terrorists in our society are winning.

      1. It was the only thing I could think of beyond a long streak of obscenities.

  4. Brace yourself, Net Neutrality is coming.

    Now with Attack Watch! built in?

    1. Issue a beige alert.

    2. So, the way I read that article, the FCC is going to, by regulatory decree, fix a problem that doesn’t exist and create thousands of new problems?

      This will be a nightmare.

      1. Not if you’re a regulator.

      2. Unlike health care, which Obama has also ruined, this is something I think impacts people more regularly on a daily basis. I don’t think the people will stand for it.

        1. I think Ocare is more likely to get repealed.

        2. Unlike Marco Rubio,mare you admitting to having done drugs with this statement?

          The federal government doesn’t issue rules to give themselves less power. This administration especially so.

      3. We need a decentralized internet infrastructure.

        1. Don’t you know when you say ‘we’ it drives Irish mad?

          1. Yeah I do. HWe’ll have to get over that.

            1. I’m glad you’ve learned your lesson.

  5. Dude ordered the wrong cage match.

  6. The trailer for Magic Mike XXL was released today. Trigger warning: Body insecurity.

    Oh hai!

    1. XXL? Who wants to see fat guys?

      1. P.H.A.T. Fist, not f.a.t.

      2. Magic Mike 30? I didn’t know there were 29 others.

        Speaking of Roman numerals, what will the NFL do for Super Bowl 50?

        1. I read they’re scrapping the Roman numerals.

          See here

          1. The NFL announced Wednesday that it will be called Super Bowl 50

            L, no!

            1. They could’ve gone for Super Bowl Quintuple X.

              Missed opportunities.

          2. Yeah, they might want to do that with Super Bowl 500…

    2. Didn’t the original come out just a year or two ago? How did they find time to make 28 other sequels between then and now?

      1. Throw him roughly to the ground, Centurion.

        1. Don’t you mean “Thwow him woughly to the gwound, Centuwion.”

          1. If he doethn’t then he thertainly thould!

    3. I don’t see what women see in Matthew McConaughey. He just looks greasy.

      1. You’re focusing on entirely the wrong person in that movie.

        Also, Los Doyers is also way into McConaughey (no homo), maybe you can ask him.

      2. Maybe gay men see something in him?

        1. He’s fairly low on my celebrity todo list.

          Being able to say “Oh Matt? Yeah he’s a tiger in the sack, but a total weirdo” to women getting all wistful about him might be fun though.

        2. Enh, he’s alright. Greasy, as noted above, and all too often an unkempt mess – but in the right light and after a shower and a haircut, it can work.

          1. Right. See ’95 Rust Cohle

            1. Jesus, stop touching yourself in public, Los Doyers.

              1. I’m in my car, and my windows have illegal tint.

      3. He seems country-ish with money. Like an attractive Jed Clampett. It has a certain appeal.

        1. He is also really, really deep and introspective while driving.

          1. that commercial is so bad it’s almost good

      4. My fave McConaughey is the chiseled and burnt out Rust Cohle. Not much greasiness going on there, just a lot of coke.

  7. And here’s The New Republic’s Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig on libertarians horrifying parenting views: “To avoid a hellish death spiral of infectious disease and neglect, we would all do well to reject Paul and his cohort on the subject of child rearing.”

    Parental choice = hellish death spiral.


    1. We should concentrate the children into camps where only responsible, government-approved adults can look after them. If this could save the life of even one child, don’t we have an obligation to try?

      1. So, 24-hr public schooling?

      2. We ARE trying, haven’t you noticed? Government daycare. Govt preschool. Govt school. Student loans. “Free” junior college.

    2. Hellish death spiral would make a great band name.

    3. Didn’t you hear? If SWAT teams aren’t going around shooting kids with vaccine darts then no kids will get vaccinated.

      1. Nice.

    4. Except Paul is pro-vaccine. He’s not pro-mandatory-vaccine, and that is just too much for Elizabeth Stoker Bruening.

      1. Correction: he’s not pro-mandatory-all-vaccines. He said that “most” vaccines should be voluntary, and he seemed open to the idea of a mandatory smallpox vaccine or something similar. And he’s said nothing about changing the requirements to be vaccinated for public schools.

        1. That is an on-point, coherent and intelligent position which does not fit the narrative, ergo no one registered any of it.

    5. Wasn’t that the woman who wrote that “the wealth of the rich is literally the stolen property of the poor” article about how Catholics should all be Marxists that we were dissecting the other day?

      1. The very same.

      2. She is a veritable fountain of fascism. Seriously, her articles are all government force, all the time. And she is obsessive. She gloms onto a topic and then cranks out several articles on it a day.…

    6. The fellow who posted the Rand Paul quote on his FB yesterday told me that even though he isn’t pushing for vaccines to be illegal, his rhetoric will surely influence people to not vaccinate their children and sentence them to a life of disease and death…. Apparently people are mindless fools just waiting for their politician of choice to tell them how to live.

      Then some other obviously informed gentleman came in with this quote:

      Because that was his scapegoat that his advisors crafted into the statement. Whole political teams of people put their hands on these things before they get released. The strategy here is obvious: Paul is losing his 2016 thunder to the other tools hand picked by the Koch head oligarchy so a drastic move is needed. Paul desperately turns to the anti vaccer nuts because they are in the heart of the populist conservative movement. His only move now that there is a better selection of conventional puppets for the money to elect. This is a political move that hurts kids.

      Wow.. these koch fiends exist even in Canada.

      1. You know, there are people with more money than the Kochs. And those are almost all of the left persuasion.

        1. Like William Koch?

      2. Aren’t a majority of the “anti vaccer nuts” playing for the other team?

        I know there are religious fundamentalists in that camp, but aren’t most of them smelly hippies who think nature never made anyone sick?

        1. They are.


          Just in case you’re wondering.

      3. anti vaccer nuts because they are in the heart of the populist conservative movement.

        What? The only anti-vaccers I know of are hardcore progs.

        1. I’ve noted this before–it’s like 10-1 for the ones I know personally. It’s entirely possible that enough fundamentalists have an anti-vax position to make up the difference, but this seems to live much more with the GMO-hating, granola-eating left.

          1. As I understand it, anti-vaxers in the country are Christian cultist nutjobs, anti-vaxers in the cities are Whole Foods no-GMO cultist nutjobs.

            1. Ah, I see. Makes sense. Perhaps they should all get together and live in communes separate from the rest of us.

            2. According to “Democrats Have a Problem With Science, Too”, equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans are anti-vaxxers:

              In fact, I will freely admit I had trouble at first finding examples. Concerns about vaccine safety and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are often held up as evidence of anti-scientific beliefs among liberals. But opinion polls about those two issues rarely ask about political affiliation the way polls about climate change and evolution do. The exception is a 2009 Pew Research survey, which indicated that Democrats and Republicans appear to support child vaccination equally (71 percent of both favor it) [emphasis added].

          2. You have the Christian Scientists but outside of that, yes most of them are of the “reality based” SWPL group.

      4. This survey (page 11) says that anti-vax sentiments are pretty constant among moderate to very conservative, but drop off only among those who self-report as very liberal. However the biggest anti-vax group are moderates, so no.

        1. Moderate what? Fruitcakes?

          1. Moderate Stalinists. Think Elizabeth Warren.

            1. I see. So much is getting cleared up for me in this thread.

        2. Nothing there to tell me about the self reporting of their leaning.

          Most people tend to think of themselves as moderate; everyone else is fucking crazy.

          i.e. Everyone who drives faster than me is a lunatic, everyone who drives slower is ready for the nursing home.

      5. The anti-vaccine nuts are in the heart of the populist conservative movement? I didn’t realize Jenny McCarthy was a populist conservative.

      6. His rhetoric being that the parents should have some input in the decision to vaccinate, and that it’s a good idea for them to vaccinate?

        Dangerous rhetoric!

        1. I tried to figure out why his generous praises of vaccination for the previous minute would be completely ignored and only the single dumb sentence about vaccines and neural disorders would be taken as gospel.

          Never got a straight answer.

          1. All they want is an excuse to bash the one candidate they actually fear.

        2. Doesn’t this whole vomit-fest about his comment basically come down to this underlying thought: “When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.”?

          1. Very good point? and if those same people were in charge, they’d magically make The Right Decision.


      The Pew Research Center finds modest differences in views about vaccination?34 percent of Republicans, 33 percent of independents, and 22 percent of Democrats believe parents should have final say on vaccination?while we know from anecdotes that vaccine rejection is present in conservative religious communities (like the Amish in Ohio) as well as in crunchy college-town communes like Boulder, Colorado. In fact, the available data shows stability in anti-vaccination views across ideology?neither side is substantially more likely than the other to hold anti-vaccine beliefs.

      1. So roughly 2/3 of people think there should be forced injections. The libertarian moment is just around the corner.

      2. I like the conflating of the Amish as a “conservative religious group” with “crunchy college-town communes”.

        The Amish have a couple centuries history of isolating themselves and of not participating in society at-large. The liberal anti-vaxxers are sending their children to public schools.

        I’m sure there are plenty of conservative religious groups that don’t believe in vaccines or other aspects of modern medicine. Slate couldn’t have been bothered to cite them, or to more honestly contrast the Amish vs. Orange county liberals?

    8. I think it’s hilarious that fucking Elizabeth Bruenig is now working for the New Republic.

      That magazine had been terrible for years, but it’s really gone into a ‘death spiral,’ to borrow a term, since their entire staff left.

      Now they’ve got literal Communists like Bruenig working there instead of just having Communist apologists as in the past.

      1. Is she a literal Communist, really? like Jesse Myerson type Communist?

        1. She’s a real Communist.

          “Now we come to how the state should respond to these circumstances. It seems pretty clear. If the state is here to recognize and protect property rights, then the state must recognize that the excess of the wealthy quite literally is the property of the poor, and act accordingly. Just as the state would work to retrieve a stolen article, it must retrieve the hoarded wealth being stolen from the poor, and deliver it to them. If it’s not obligated to do this, it’s not obligated to protect property rights whatsoever: after all, why yours, and not theirs?”

          She’s also a psychotic Catholic approximately 700X more religious than Eddie. She’s a total prude who is obsessed with Belle Knox because Knox is a filthy harlot who doesn’t even adhere to the dictates of Karl Marx.

          1. Ew.

            This is the best talent that TNR can attract? Embarrassing.

          2. Commie Catholic, eh? Kind of like, I dunno, Hitler?

            1. Pope Hitler the first?

          3. In this case, pre-political property rights are attached to all people, because they arise from human nature, i.e. the way God made people and things. In this case, the question is: how do we know who gets what?

            So, this lady is trying to address the Hopper-Rothbard contingent of libertarians (she also includes von Mises, even though Mises is substantively different). And this is just about the dumbest thing you could ask to a Christian Rothbardian. Who gets what? People get their bodies. That’s the base level of property. Everything else is homesteaded or traded. This is literally the first step in the Rothbardian program.

          4. In this case, pre-political property rights are attached to all people, because they arise from human nature, i.e. the way God made people and things. In this case, the question is: how do we know who gets what?

            So, this lady is trying to address the Hopper-Rothbard contingent of libertarians (she also includes von Mises, even though Mises is substantively different). And this is just about the dumbest thing you could ask to a Christian Rothbardian. Who gets what? People get their bodies. That’s the base level of property. Everything else is homesteaded or traded. This is literally the first step in the Rothbardian program.

            1. Ooh, double post, haven’t seen you in a while!

        2. Probably. Based on her twitter feed she is absolutely obsessed with vaccines.

          1. Not that those two things have anything to do with each other.

    9. She gets destroyed by one of the 3 commenters:

      morganwarstler 2 hours ago
      Lizzie, nobody wants you to have input on their kids. They don’t. We don’t. Seriously, nobody wants your input, you seem nuts. Have some kids! Ruin them on your own!

      As noted yesterday, the Libertarian solution on vaxing kids is simple: If you are getting transfer payments (Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc), we can just require parents to vax.

      It’s a great “moral” trade. Also it gets incentives right.

      Parents who are competent and capable and don’t need help, and are covering their own nut, have more latitude, and less Lizzie on their back.

      The people who are not able to do so, have to put up with Lizzie!

      1. And he destroys an ad hom by one of the other commenters:

        shantanusaha 1 hour ago
        @morganwarstler I just hope that you don’t have kids, because as a teacher I cannot bear to see another idiotic Libertarian parent ruin them with sociopathic drivel in the guise of a philosophy.

        morganwarstler 1 hour ago
        @shantanusaha @morganwarstler you should SEE THEM! Top of their little elementary classes. Little girls being forced to learn to code! Family full of conservative public school teacher moms… grandma (who ran the state debate league for 15 years) negotiated the public school union contract and then so finally disgusted with bad teachers not fired, quit the union.

        Look, the topic is, do parents own kids, and the answer so easily stated is: SURE, the ones who are already paying for the state have a MORAL claim on not needing the state, and the state having no claim on them. Those who DO need the state, are clearly the ones who are underperforming what the state (RUN BY the top half) might be able to do.

        Think of it this way, here’s who is best at taking care of kids:

        Those who don’t need state State Those who need state


  8. Fox News showed the full video of Muath al-Kasaesbeh burning to death on its website.

    If that doesn’t get the base riled…

    1. “I tell you Sean/Bill/Shep. If we don’t get troops in there, boots on the ground, it could be our young men and women who end up burning in an ISIS cage. That’s what we’re facing here.”

      If it hasn’t been said on Fox yet, it probably will be soon.

    2. Enhanced interrogation of a non-enemy combatant. Dick Cheney approves.

    3. I will not click on that link.

      I refuse to sanction anything that gives ISIS publicity for this horror.

      1. I agree with Aresen.

        1. I agree with Tonio’s agreement with Aresen.

          1. I agree with Tonio, but feel that Pro Lib is just a bandwagon jumper.

            1. I agree with HeteroPatriarch’s assessment of me agreeing with Tonio agreeing with Aresen.

      2. I’m actually too chicken to watch it but I’m going to pretend it’s a noble reason like this. So yeah! me too. :/

        1. Yeah, I avoid it for the same reason I avoided all the torture porn horror movies: I just don’t want certain imagery in my head.

    4. My first thought yesterday was that we must still have some napalm let over from Vietnam.

    5. If that doesn’t get the base riled…

      Wait, I thought Fox and their base liked brown people getting incinerated. At least that’s what a lot of people here have told me.

      1. I recommend that you don’t trust what you’ve read here.
        Why not watch many more Fox segments so that your own opinion can be formed?

        1. Only a sadist would recommend (even in jest) that someone watch “many more” Fox News segments.

          You know what you don’t have enough of in your life? Inane talking-heads opinion chatter! Go get it!

    6. Here’s the immolation video. Action starts at the 18 minute mark – the rest is just propaganda we can’t understand.

  9. a leading Sunni scholar, was so angered that he called for the Islamic State’s extremists to be “killed, or crucified, or their hands and legs cut off.”

    Alrighty then.

    1. I, for one, call for castration and bobbitization as add-ons.

      I mean, if we’re going forward with cruel and unusual, why the heck not?

      1. *** looks around anxiously ***

        Can we also go with The Boats?

        1. Why does it always come back to scaphism with you?

          1. He’s got a surplus of old wooden boats and sees a financial opportunity?

            1. Do they have to be wooden?

              1. Are you looking to horn in on his business?

          2. People who say “always” should be submitted to … a good spanking!

    2. They practice barbaric forms of punishment! Cut off their legs!

  10. FCC: Brace yourself, Net Neutrality is coming.

    More like net neutering.

  11. The horror of ISIS burning a man alive has at least united much of the Arab world against the terrorist group.

    I’m waiting for the First Lady of ISIS cheering a Jordanian pilot BBQ.

  12. And here’s The New Republic’s Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig on libertarians horrifying parenting views: “To avoid a hellish death spiral of infectious disease and neglect, we would all do well to reject Paul and his cohort on the subject of child rearing.”

    At least she got to the third paragraph before bringing up racist neewsletters

    1. The racist newsletters were his Dad. For the son, it is him hiring someone who called himself the Southern Avenger or something like that.

  13. i wonder if taxpayers will ultimately end up on the hook. I also wonder why it took this long to free him.…..story.html

    What I don’t wonder is why in the fuck the cops weren’t criminally charged and prosecuted for putting this man behind bars for over 9000 days.

    1. Hahahaha. Sloop, the taxpayers always end up on the hook. You know that.

    2. I was wondering when that story would make it here. It took so long to free him because the state was fighting tooth and nail to keep him in prison. And of course the taxpayers are paying.

      (that’s the city adjacent to where I live. So I’ll end up indirectly on the hook.)

    3. Pierson, 65, of Inverness, said he did not want to say much about the case: “I’m at a loss for words. This is something that happened 30 years ago and I didn’t do anything wrong.”

      So…you should have to pay because you framed a retard 30 years ago? Or you shouldn’t have to pay because you did nothing wrong? (the court respectfully disagreed)

      1. The same DNA tests that exonerated Caravella linked another man to the vicious crime ? Anthony Martinez, the victim’s neighbor and the last person seen alive with her. Martinez and Jankowski left a bar together shortly before she was raped, stabbed more than two dozen times, strangled and left on the grounds of Miramar Elementary School.

        Martinez, who was 17, was the detectives’ prime suspect, but they dropped him when he and his mother stopped cooperating.

        Investigating crimes is hard.

        You know I have unhappily witnessed several criminal court proceedings. Some cops seem nice and like they want to be good guys, … BUT…. the quality of the effort put into investigating allegations, prosecuting actual crimes & being mindful that the accused might be innocent and thus shouldn’t have his/her life destroyed is utterly pathetic.

        Essentially, the system is shoddy, half-assed, undisciplined and any justice it achieves is more a happy accident than purposeful. People who watch police and legal shows have a vision that it’s like the kitchen of a high end restaurant, while in fact its like a school cafeteria where pink slime is the only meat they can afford and hygiene consists of wiping off something if it’s been on the floor more than 15 seconds and the cockroach droppings are passed off as cinnamon.

    4. These cops should get The Boats.

  14. Former Fulton Co Georgia narcotics prosecutor disbarred for felony drug charges
    The high court noted the disbarment of Rand Csehy, who was then in private practice for several years, came after he had received a first-offender plea bargain in his drug case and then was jailed again in September after a Cobb Superior Court judge suspected he was on illegal drugs while representing a client in court.
    “The Superior Court of Cobb County, noting during an appearance that Csehy was disheveled and unable to stand without support, ordered a drug test, which showed the presence of illegal drugs in his system,” the opinion said.

    1. So, remember, when appearing in court on drugs, be neat, tidy, and able to stand on your own.

  15. Vox just wrote the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

    The headline: “Study: Feminist Ryan Gosling meme makes men more feminist”

    Oh dear God. What does this ‘study’ entail?

    Well, it was a study of THIRTY MEN carried out by two Ph.D. CANDIDATES which was not peer reviewed. Best part:

    “The work was presented as a poster at a conference, which means that it hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed. ”

    Okay. This sounds totally legitimate. I’m glad Vox decided to write an entire article taking this at face value.

    1. No one takes posters seriously. Does anyone even go to poster sessions? I thought poster sessions were for eating and drinking and chatting about sports/politics.

      1. I was always annoyed when someone would ask me a legitimate question about my posters. Really, dude? Don’t you understand what a poster session is?

        1. Go finish your dissertation and stop messing around.

          1. No! You’re not my dad!

            1. Get me my slippers and stop mouthing off, or I’ll cuff you.

            2. Of course not. I didn’t think you had a father, Warty. I thought you were spawned by some evil ritual.

              1. PIV sex counts as an evil ritual.

                1. PIV sex counts as an evil ritual

                  Only if you’re doing it right.

              2. He has a father, a mother, and was spawned by some evil sex ritual.

      2. I went to poster sessions to eat their candy and look at the pictures.

      3. What the fuck is a poster session?

        1. It’s an excuse for masters and doctoral students to go to the conference.

          1. Presenting little fictional accounts of their research in visual form to other people as uninterested in their research as they are. Some vague efforts at copulation occur, and some drinking.

      4. Does anyone even go to poster sessions?

        In the physical sciences. Yes.

    2. So, it was presented like I presented my new razor holder invention in 5th grade?

      1. My 5th grade science project on flame retardant pajamas actually followed the scientific method

        1. How many people did you burn before achieving success?

          1. Enough to make the results statistically relevant.

    3. “The work was presented as a poster at a conference, which means that it hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed. “

      Yeah, it was favored to take home top honors at the conference, but then it lost out to a bitchin’ baking soda volcano some other kid made.

  16. On vaccines:

    1. If you don’t get your kids vaccinated, you’re an idiot who should be shunned by the entire community.
    2. Public schools should ban any non-vaccinated kids, fuck “religious” exemptions.

    Does that work from a libertarian perspective? Especially #2.

    1. #2 in the sense that any organization should be able to do so. I mean, if you can have a dress code, why can’t you have a not-infected code?

    2. Ban public schools.

      1. Well, yes. But similar to the argument where I support gay marriage in the knowledge that as much as I wish it so, government will never get out of the marriage business, I support this rule in public schools, with the knowledge that as much as I wish it not to be so, public schools will always exist.

        1. Agreed, I think it’s a kosher rule given the real world. If there must be public schools and mandatory school attendance, it is not fair for the local government to be forbidden from requiring a safeguard against a reasonable risk. If private schools can do it, public schools ought to retain the power as well.

          1. Au contraire. If schools are mandatory, and attendance requires compliance with XYZ “health code” then you are legislating force for your own personal, private benefit.

            Voluntary schools, voluntary vaccines. You might get an adverse reaction, you might get the disease anyway, or might not get an actual education, but then you made your choices. Informed or not is your problem.

    3. Forgot #3, which is “Obviously, no government-coerced vaccinations”

      1. I agree with Andrew S.

    4. We’re in that dilemma at the moment. My sister was never comfortable having non-vaccinated kids here at the daycare but always accepted them anyway.

      Now that we can be more selective, she wonders if we should not do so.

      Tough. We believe they should be vaccinated and the reasons we often here from parents who don’t are often nonsense.

      1. I can’t drop my dogs off at the kennel without bringing current shot records.

        Why would anyone let people drop off unvaccinated kids in the middle of a group of snot-nosed, disease carriers?

        1. I can’t drop my dogs off at the kennel without bringing current shot records.

          *** rising intonation ***

          What about your religious objections?

          1. The 1st doesn’t apply to dogs I guess.

            1. Not to DOGma?!

        2. It’s tricky with the government. Can’t turn people away. If someone complains there could be problems.

      2. I would imagine you’re incurring serious liability by admitting unvaxxed kids.

        1. Could be. That’s why we’re going to stop it once we confer with the government, our lawyer and insurance agent to make sure.

    5. 2 is problematic because presumably the parents paid taxes to fund those schools.

      Privatizing schools would be the best solution.

      1. Yes, of course, but the argument that they pay for it doesn’t necessarily matter. We pay for private institutions, too, and more directly.

      2. Indeed.

        And ban kids that are deathly allergic to things like nuts instead of banning those substances from the schools.

        1. Just serve peanut butter and let them decide whether to eat it or not. The gene pool is getting too shallow with all the aversion to disease we employ in society now as well as the way we prolong the lives of defective people like Sugar Free.

          1. Do you have your kids eat dirt? I think kids eating dirt, which they were wont to do in the Before Time, is the key to strong immune systems. I didn’t come to this realization until my kids were too old to benefit, but you still have a chance to breed a stronger, more indestructible scion.

          2. Actually, the gene pool is getting too broad. Carriers of disease-prone genes are not being culled from the population.

            Time to drain the gene pool.

            1. This sounds like one of those Canadian plots to exterminate the rest of the world. And Quebec.

            2. That’s what I meant. I just said it like shit.

    6. If public school is compulsory, how can they ban someone whose parents chose a perfectly legal vaccination policy?

      1. For the same reason they can have school dress codes and/or uniforms at public schools? Public school is not compulsory; to the extent you’re dumb enough not to get your kids vaccinated, homeschooling or private schools are options. Look up Waldorf Schools as an example of an anti-vax private school.

        1. Have you ever been to rural west Texas or any plains state? For,many working people, homeschooling is not an option. And there might not be a private school for a hundred miles.

          I’m playing devils advocate here, but they’re legitimate from people’s le in those areas. And yes, a primary and secondary education are compulsory.

          1. And there might not be a private school for a hundred miles.

            market failure?

  17. “To avoid a hellish death spiral of infectious disease and neglect, we would all do well to reject Paul and his cohort on the subject of child rearing.”

    “public awareness of how good vaccines are for kids and how they are good for public health is a great idea.” The horror! This man’s opinion on child rearing will kill us all!

  18. Trigger warning: Body insecurity.

    You know nothing of body insecurity, Soave. NOTHING. *recalculates today’s protein intake*

    1. I’ve got some protein for you…

      1. *performs a set of hip thrusts*

        1. Let’s do the time warp again.

        2. *Faints*

          1. That’s a real thing, by the way. I’m pretty sure people who do it have fallen for an elaborate joke.

            1. That looks like the kind of stupidity that leads inexorably to crippling lumbar pain.

              1. As long as lumbar extension is maintained, I don’t think there’s anything particularly unsafe about it.

                1. That’s fine, but do you expect the people doing that exercise to be good about their form?

                  1. Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t really think it’s possible to do that with a rounded back. So there you go. It gets Uncle Warty’s Stamp of Safely Looking Like a Dumbass Approval.

    2. I’m not insecure about my massive genitalia.

      1. You have flappy labia?

        1. So the real question is: is Ted really Belle Knox or is he Hope Solo?

          1. I could really go for an Arby’s Big Montana.

            1. I forgot to order new mud flaps from Pep Boys. Thanks for the reminder.

        2. Winnah!!

  19. “All indications point to this announcement as reassuring for the future of the Internet, free speech and American innovation”

    said the Magic 8-Ball.

    1. Strange the explosive growth and success of the Internet without government regulation. Must’ve been some sort of weird accident, or maybe the penumbra of regulation helped guide it to success?

      1. penumbra of regulation

        Nice band name. Well, not as nice as Corrosion of Conformity.

      2. Look, if it had been properly managed by bureaucrats from the beginning it would have been so much better. That video that made those Libyans attack would never have been allowed, for one thing.

        1. +56 kilobaud

  20. Polaneczky: TSA jails innocent traveler when he asks to file a complaint

    APPARENTLY, working as a supervisor for the Transportation Security Administration at Philadelphia International Airport comes with a perk: You get to throw people in jail for no good reason and still keep your job.

    If that’s not the case, why is Charles Kieser still employed by the TSA?

    Under oath, Kieser told the court that he had been monitoring Vanderklok’s interaction with the bag screener because “I saw a passenger becoming agitated. Hands were in the air. And it’s something we deal with regularly. But I don’t let it go on on my checkpoint.”

    Kieser intervened, he said, and that’s when Vanderklok complained that the screening was “delaying him.” While he said this, he “had both hands with fingers extended up toward the ceiling up in the air at the time and shaking them.”

    Vanderklok also “put his finger in my face. And he said, ‘Let me tell you something. I’ll bring a bomb through here any day I want.’ And he said you’ll never find it.”

    Vanderklok repeated the aggressive finger-pointing two more times, Kieser testified.

    But here’s the thing: Airport surveillance videos show nothing of the sort.

    1. If a private citizen lies under oath – jail. If a government goon lies under oath – nothing.

      1. Private citizen doesn’t even have to lie under oath to go to jail. See: Martha Stewart.

      2. What are you going to do about it?

        Because that is, essentially, the point. Action – reaction.

    2. Even if what dipshit said was true, none of that constitutes a threat or crime. “Aggressive finger-pointing” is not illegal.


    If I have read the article correctly, the author claims computer models that have not accurately predicted the actual trend of global temperatures are not really wrong because if we simply rephrase the question of whether the models were right to whether other models are always wrong in the same way, the answer is no. In other words, the models that were wrong are actually right are right because, hey! look over there! …and that’s why “climate skeptics are cherry-picking when they point out that climate models didn’t predict the recent 15-year hiatus.”

    It is almost as much fun as watching actual contortionists. Which is to say, oddly disturbing.

    1. What my step dad told when I asked him about the hiatus, is that apparently anyone that knows the science knows that warming is supposed to be a stairs not a hockey stick. Apparently, we are supposed to plateau for a while then shoot up, rinse and repeat. The longer this goes on the more I think whoever told him that is full of shit.

      1. pparently anyone that knows the science knows that warming is supposed to be a stairs not a hockey stick.

        They and their computer models just didn’t want to ruin the surprise when they made their ‘up and up’ predictions ten years ago.

      2. Can he explain why the models don’t predict this stair stepping phenomenon?

    2. suprise, they’ve picked their new interval of “meaningful”:

      Only when the researchers used longer-term intervals (of more than 60 years)

  22. In today’s “freedom is asking permission and obeying orders” news: I don’t know if it made the national news, but there was a bomb scare in Atlanta the other day. The police completely shut down the downtown connector for three hours because someone spotted a Suspicious Object – an aluminum can with shiny tape holding it in place with a note written beneath it saying it was a long exposure camera. Having evacuated the surroundings, the bomb squad used their own bomb to detonate it the Suspicious Object, which turned out to not be a bomb but an aluminum can being used as a long exposure camera.
    The camera was part of an art project undertaken by some Georgia State U. students. They are now potentially in trouble for… well, gee, inciting pants-shitting fear and over-reaction in the police.

    1. “Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

      1. Well, you say that…

    2. somebody should ask John if they should be arrested and charged with contributing to the ensuing panic.

      1. Were they wearing body armor?

  23. Everybody is still buzzing about mandatory vaccinations

    Rand Paul has tweeted a few times today to tout his bipartisan criminal justice reform bill.

    The responses have been full of people hounding him about vaccines. Great to see they have their priorities in order!

    1. He should have just said, “the recent measles outbreak shows that parents need to vaccinate their kids. I would only send my kids to a school where all the children have to be vaccinated. Here is a photo of me getting a vaccination. OK, next topic!”

  24. Tuesday, Georgia State University announced what actually happened and released the following statement:

    “Georgia State University sincerely apologizes for the traffic problems resulting yesterday from the mounting of a student camera at the 14th Street Bridge. The camera was one of 18 used by students in an art project and deployed at various locations in the city. Georgia State Police are closely cooperating with the Atlanta Police Department in the removal of all of the cameras.”

    Evidently they are dangerous cameras or something.

    Anyway, the media did not ask the questions I would have liked answered, such as how come the Atlanta Police bomb squad can’t tell the difference between an empty soda can and some tape and an actual explosive device? Did they use any kind of explosives sniffer? A portable x-ray? The police spokesman said the objects looked like bombs, because as we all know bombs are made as shiny as possible so everyone will spot them. And of course in this post-9/11 world we have to be afraid, all the time, because you never know when some dipshits like the dudes in Boston (the marathon ones, not the ATHF ones) may be up to evil.

    1. And yes, I know if we don’t blow up seemingly empty soda cans then no-goodniks will start placing bombs in empty soda cans, so we should just blow up everything just to be on the safe side.

    2. the Atlanta Police bomb squad can’t tell the difference between an empty soda can and some tape and an actual explosive device

      Littering == Terrorism

      1. We need Iron Eyes Cody again, but instead of a single tear it’s a drop of blood running down his cheek.

        1. Ha. If the progs have their way, it’ll be a drop of the government’s semen running down his cheek.

          And he’ll be smiling.

    3. I’m maybe sympathetic to the cops overreacting until they know what they’re dealing with, but I’m absolutely not supporting even the slightest hint of culpability or even the vaguest suggestion of a threat to pursue these students who did nothing wrong.

      1. It would have been smarter of the students to include contact info of some kind – though I’d hate to be the one to take a dozen crank calls from bored street people. The whole searching for the rest of the cameras as if they were dangerous items is just preposterous.

        I guess I’m just sick of people – especially cops – being so afraid of extremely unlikely events all the damn time.

        1. Yeah, we’ve got a real problem in our society assessing risks.

    4. I hate shit like this. Instead of just admitting that they totally fucked up and looked stupid, the cops insisted on removing the other cameras.

      I wish someone at GSU would have had the balls to tell them to pound sand when they were told that all the other cameras needed to be removed.

  25. Question and Comment Time with Cytotoxic: Is the Yuan The One to take down the USD as a global reserve currency? Everyone says this won’t happen for years, but they also said oil would not fall 50% in a few months. China has a lot of problems but it isn’t an over-indebted over-obligated mess like America.

    Two years ago, the yuan was ranked 13th in the world for global payments, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Telecommunication, best known as SWIFT. Last November, the yuan surpassed the Aussie and Canadian dollar to become the fifth largest currency used in international trade.…..d-by-2018/

    Not only is China on the verge of becoming a net exporter of capital, it has already overtaken its Western counterparts as a primary source of credit for the developing world.


    1. Question and Comment Time with Cytotoxic

      You’ve decided to degenerate into a parody of yourself, then?

      1. Someone’s angry they didn’t get the idea first.

        1. Really. You just said that to the living basis for Warty Hugeman. Soon to be a major motion picture.

          1. I stand by my words.

            1. To answer your question, I think China is in bigger trouble in the U.S. We’re staggering around like a drunk, but at least we don’t have a political upheaval just waiting for a good recession.

    2. Given that China has the biggest debt bubble in history at the moment and its banks are on life support, I’m going to say no.

    3. “Is the Yuan The One to take down the USD as a global reserve currency? Everyone says this won’t happen for years, “

      It won’t ever happen.

      The dollar isn’t used because of mere economic power. Its used because – shocking as this may seem to people here who consider the Fed Reserve the spawn of satan – the system that ‘regulates’ it is seen as the most-trustworthy on the planet.

      That says less about the trustworthiness of the Fed than it does the utter fiscal insanity of the rest of the planet.

      1. Really? More trustworthy than the EU central bank, which is far more transparent? Or the authority responsible for Hong Kong’s currency?

  26. Raymond Chandler or Chandler Bing? Discuss.

    1. Is the second one the character from that stupid, yet popular sitcom? In any case, the former wins.

      1. You mean, Dharma and Greg? No, Chandler was from Friends.

        1. I didn’t say the stupidest. Just stupid. That show was amazingly unfunny.

          1. Which one?

            1. Friends. I don’t think I ever saw any of Dharma and Greg.

    2. “There was a stillness in the Central Perk that day, a quiet that curled your hair and made your nerves jump and your skin itch. On nights like that every conversation with the barista seemed on the verge of devolving into violence. The kind of night where meek little wives like my darling Monica would feel the edge of their carving knives and eye their husbands’ jugulars.

      Anything could happen.”

      *So no one told you life was gonna be this way
      Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D O A*

      1. So, revive Friends, but re-tool it as a Chandler-esque, hard-boiled detective novel.

        Who would make a good showrunner? Vince Gilligan, maybe?

        “Could I BE anymore of a degenerate, scumbag?”

        1. So a showrunner is what in movies we’d call a director?

          1. No, TV episodes have directors. It’s kind of like Gene Roddenberry was for Star Trek. They used to generally get producer credits, but now titles are a dime a dozen.

            1. OK, thank you.

          2. It helps if you have a Vision, a story arc and How It All Relates.

    3. Chanandler Bong.

  27. Wheeler’s next move after net neutrality is to overturn state laws by FCC administrative decree that prohibit or limit their municipalities from operating their own broadband services. Because municipalities are sovereign entities and not political subdivisions of states.

    Stab that last bit of federalism! It’s not quite dead yet!

  28. Pope Francis confirms that four people were Catholic martyrs: three people killed by Shining Path in Peru, and the famous Oscar Romero, murdered during Mass by right-wing hitmen.

    Now that it’s confirmed these four were martyrs, killed out of hatred for the Catholic faith, the way is clear to beatify them.…..-the-pope/


    slamic State militants are selling abducted Iraqi children at markets as sex slaves, and killing other youth, including by crucifixion or burying them alive, a United Nations watchdog said on Wednesday.

    Iraqi boys aged under 18 are increasingly being used by the militant group as suicide bombers, bomb makers, informants or human shields to protect facilities against U.S.-led air strikes, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said.

    “We are really deeply concerned at torture and murder of those children, especially those belonging to minorities, but not only from minorities,” committee expert Renate Winter told a news briefing. “The scope of the problem is huge.”

    I am sure they are doing that as a result of US foreign policy.

    1. human shields to protect facilities against U.S.-led air strikes

      Does that even work? Or is it the ISIS equivalent of a used car salesman spiel?

    2. I didn’t RTFA, but what does the minority status of the victims have to do with anything? Or is that just something NGO-types name check every time they open their mouths?

      1. This afternoon, I found myself reading an aviation accident report (yeah, I’m weird) by Swedish Aviation Authorities. Older male captain and younger female first officer had engine trouble on final approach. They almost crashed. The aircraft manufacturer had vague instructions as to what emergency actions to take when one ran into this engine problem during landing. As a result, the captain and the first officer had to make it up as they went along. FO wanted to feather the misbehaving engine and shut it down. Captain refused because he didn’t want to risk shutting down the wrong engine and distract them from landing the plane immediately.

        It turned out the captain was wrong, the first officer was right, they almost crashed. BUT! the captain’s argument is sensible, and once he made his decision he and the first officer worked together to land the plane.

        It being Sweden though, they had to analyze the affair from a SJW perspective:

        SHK has considered whether the relationship with the commander being male and the co-pilot female affected the sequence of events. It can be concluded that several other circumstances may also have influenced the relationship between the pilots: The male was the commander, older and had greater experience. The pilots themselves did not assign any importance to the difference in gender.

        The investigation has not shown that any lack of equality of opportunity
        affected the development of events during the incident.

  30. Today in Nothing Left to Cut news:

    The U.S. Department of State has committed $150,000 to provide American music, dance, and poetry performances to the citizens of Saudi Arabia.

    The U.S. Embassy in Riyadh requested the funding last week for a nonprofit organization to organize four performances that will advance “cultural diplomacy.”

    “This cooperative agreement (CA) is for a multi-phased program that provides uniquely American cultural presentations (primarily, but not limited to music) to audiences in Saudi Arabia,” the grant announcement read. “Touring performers are often likened to ambassadors of culture and are vital players in cultural diplomacy.”

    1. You say that, but that $150K is buying the services of 100 strippers, who will strip and prostitute Saudi Arabia into a more secular culture.

    2. There once was a country where sand
      Covered oil wealth both vast and grand
      The King got filthy rich
      And behaved like a bitch
      Though his family no-one can stand.

    3. Ah, Ms. Findley, so glad you could make it!

    4. Poetry? Are we talking slam poets or dry, academic poets who don’t believe in allowing emotion to creep into their reciting because then someone might pay attention to it?

      1. Poetry set to music – The Cure is performing!

        1. Dammit, those are limeys, not good, honest American poets!

          Is it weird to anyone else that The Cure went from being a freaky band only weirdos listened to to music played in supermarkets and on mainstream radio stations? (Granted, not “Why Can’t I Be You” but “Love Song”)

          1. I recall vividly hearing some Led Zeppelin song in Muzak form in a grocery store in the late 80s and being totally pissed off.

          2. ” a freaky band only weirdos listened to”

            First = every teenage girl in the 80s and 90s loved the cure

            Second = there was a bartender at a place where i used to play pool who would play every single cure album front to back until someone (*usually me) insisted he stop for the #!*($& love of god.

            He was South African. He thought it was funny when i told him only teenage girls listened to the Cure – he loved them and thought there was nothing weird about playing their music exclusively in a public place. For hours. and hours.

            1. When I said only weirdos listened to them, I was not excluding myself.

            2. I always regarded the Cure as a freaky looking band that did relatively tame music.


          3. The weirdest thing about The Cure, to me, is that according to Trey Parker on the Orgazmo director’s cut, Robert Smith told him that Orgazmo was one of his favorite movies.

  31. OT: after receiving a hefty salary increase last year(the trailer park’s become more dangerous to patrol), this lurker is looking into going the PC gaming route this generation. Any advice on sources before I build a rig?

    1. Lay off the bim jeam, Mr. Lahey. We know you didn’t get a raise. The park is fucked.

  32. Random thought: I believe that prostitution is going to be the next set of laws to fall to the kultur war. Ive been talking with my classmates about prostitution over the last few days, and they all have said something to the effect of they think it shouldn’t be illegal. This in conservative Dallas of all places (granted, law school isn’t exactly a bastion of conservatism)

    1. Recommended reading: Dallas Backpage and Craigslist escort ads.

      You can call Dallas conservative all you wish, but the market begs to differ. Dallas is awash with lower priced-higher market (comparative to other cities in Texas) escorts.

      Maybe it’s all those broke law students

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