Romney Not Running for President, Big Game of Thrones News, What's Belle Knox Doing These Days? P.M. Links

Haters and Chaiters: weigh in here.


  • Belle Knox

    Mitt Romney has decided against subjecting America to another one of his campaigns. The 1 percent weeps.

  • Today in awesome Game of Throne news: The trailer for season 5 has been leaked. The Lord of Light bids you to watch it here.
  • Today in terrible Game of Thrones news: Book 6 won't be out until at least 2016. The night is dark and full of terrors.
  • Reason's Jesse Walker has written a timely history of the term political correctness. Haters and Chaiters should read it.
  • Duke University porn star Belle Knox is "Remaking Herself as a Libertarian Activist," according to Business Insider (even though she was already widely known to be a libertarian and involved in libertarian activities, as far as I know).
  • Meanwhile, the new New Republic took the occasion to opine that libertarians like Knox have no idea what libertarianism is. Really, it's TNR's Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig who has no idea what libertarianism is, given her obviously false assertion that Catholics can't be libertarians.

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