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A survey by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics found that more than 80 percent of Americans support mandatory labeling on foods containing DNA.

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  1. Get your DNA-free Salt here!

    1. No way. I eat organic only.

  2. The Oklahoma State survey result is probably an example of the intersection between scientific ignorance and political ignorance, both of which are widespread.


  3. We should also have heavier regulation of that dangerous di-hydrogen monoxide.

    1. Why does everyone focus on DHMO when the equally common Hydrogen Hydroxide contains an alarming 156 ppm of Deuterium!

      1. Really? We have that in our house. Ugh, I don’t feel so good–maybe I should go soak in some.

  4. Gonna keep retweeting this for everyone til everyone reads it:…..ves-arbys/

    Remember a couple of days ago the cops that killed a girl with a gun in their lobby. This CITIZEN managed a good deal more than that with a good deal less:

    “This guy went above and beyond the call in terms of avoiding violence. Upon returning to the restaurant he confronted the deranged robber and ordered her to cease and desist. In the initial encounter ? probably hoping that the woman was aware of the rule about not bringing a knife to a gunfight ? he didn’t even draw his weapon. He just showed her the butt of the weapon. Rather than complying, she she kept her knife and approached him, causing him to then draw his weapon.

    Even then, with every justification to take the shot, he chose to grab her arm and take away the knife. When police arrived he set down his weapon and gave them all the details as they took her into custody.”

    1. She was lucky, we all know how it would have turned out if it was a cop who first confronted her.

    2. And then the cops shot her?

  5. There are a couple of issues here. First, obviously, is that the public doesn’t understand what DNA is. Ignorance for the win! But it is less of a concern.

    Far more importantly, public does not understand what a mandate is. Mandate must be backed by force and punishment for non compliance, otherwise it is useless. So if public understands what DNA is, understands that it is present in all foods, and still wants wants to make this triviality a probable cause for fine or arrest, we are off to a fun future. It also gives an idea why Obamacare mandates passed.

    Perhaps better question would be ‘what should the punishment be for not including trivial information on a label?’

  6. Calcium causes hypercalcemia. Ban calcium or children face hypercalcemia. why do you hate the little children so? why do you homophobes fear man-dates?

  7. Next up:


    As if they don’t come with enough stickers on them.

  8. Sounds a lot like those polls asking people to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide. The only difference is the DNA poll isn’t a hoax designed to reveal how frightened and ignorant people can be easily manipulated into making very poor decisions. It does prove the same point, though.

    1. Look, GMOs contain DNA. Why do you want to hide the truth from consumers?

      1. Look, so-called ‘Organic’ foods contain just as much, if not more, given their lack of pest controls and overuse of excrement-based fertilizers.

        1. Then the only answer is synthetic food. Down to the base elements, without this evil DNA substance.

          1. For a 2,000 calorie a day diet without DNA, drink about five ounces of gasoline a day.

            1. Miscalculation. 8-9 ounces actually.

        2. Oh, no, there’s DNA in my children!

          1. DNA is the new carbon ( to be avoided at all costs ).

        3. Organic foods (i.e., those containing carbon) certainly contain more DNA than non-organic foods (i.e, those, such as NaCl, or salt, that don’t contain carbon).

          1. We all know carbon is evil. From now on I’m only feeding my children table salt.

      2. Because I’m a dick?

  9. Since the general population and, perhaps even more so, politicians don’t have much of a grasp on science–method or knowledge–it makes little sense to leave scientific decisions in the hands of government. This goes for most other things, aside from stealing money and killing people.

  10. A little DNA, like a few insect parts, in the food is fine.

    It’s the presence of *charged sub-atomic particles* that should be labelled.

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  12. Does the label have to include the entire genetic map of all DNA in the food? They are going to need bigger labels.

    1. Nah. This is the 21st Century. The label will contain a matrix barcode to bring up the genetic maps on your smartphone.

  13. Comment winner?

    Sheryl Boutin
    1/25/2015 10:18 PM EST
    And we wonder where all the autism is coming from…

  14. Hang on. In comes Dave:

    Dave Harris0413
    1/25/2015 7:05 PM EST
    Republicans take it a step further. They are not only ignorant, they think their ignorance makes them better than somebody else. To them, only people who know nothing know anything, because knowing anything makes you an ‘elitist’, and they hate them. Especially those uppity scientists who are always STUDYING things. Everything Republicans need to know is in their Holy Book, which they’ll get around to reading one of these days.

    1. There was an interesting bit on NPR this morning regarding studies that show bilingual people use more of their brain. Turned out that there were four studies, only one of which showed the desired result. That one got published while the others were shelved. Then when someone tried to duplicate it, they failed. That one didn’t get published either.

      Did the reports make any logical leaps?

      Of course not.

      1. I’m trilingual.

        I proof the study can easily be refuted.

      2. Rag, from Hardbodies, can flip you off in like 20 languages. He must use 110% of his brain!

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  17. Whoops. Back to the lynx.

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