"Can We All Shut Up About the Weather for a While?"



So New York and the East Coast more generally got much less snow than was predicted, an event which provoked this memorable headline: "Men Promise Brooklyn Women 8 to 12 Inches, Deliver 4.3."

In a new Time column, I try to draw some lessons from this latest example of overhyped weather coverage. Among them:

Can we shut up about weather for a while, especially weather that is totally in keeping with the seasons in which it's taking place? It's only 2015, but it seems like we get storms of the century about every three to six months. Our parents famously walked three miles (uphill both ways, mind you) in sub-zero and scorching temperatures in shoes made of detergent-box cardboard while also mining coal and smoking unfiltered cigarettes by the carton. And here we are, snug in our all-wheel-drive vehicles and Gore-Tex weather wear, demanding work and school be canceled on a 40% likelihood of snow flurries….

As one Twitter wag put it in response to the non-blizzard of the moment, "Remember: no snow = global warming, lots of snow = global warming, less snow than you thought = global warming." The important thing being, of course, that we always feel bad about ourselves no matter what's happening. The United States doesn't have colonies anymore, but we can still feel bad that our productive might is somehow making the world a worse place….

Which leads to a second lesson to learn from this latest snow job: To politicians, any and every day is a campaign rally just waiting to happen. Within recent memory, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took heat for failing to react quickly and efficiently to snowstorms, among other weather events. It's funny, isn't it, the way that our elected leaders never really seem to be there when it matters but are always quick to petition for extra money from taxpayers, the federal government, or private businesses for the next big catastrophe?

Read the whole thing.

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  1. I hear the whole thing has been overinflated.

    1. The whole business does highlight how retarded the NFL is. A Super Bowl in New York? Playing craps with a moneymaker like that is a level of insanity I can’t easily fathom.

  2. Men Promise Brooklyn Women 8 to 12 Inches, Deliver 4.3.

    Well, I’m willing to bet 4.3 was still enough to leave them sitting on their fat asses all day to recover.

  3. “Twelve inches? How about four inches, three times?”

  4. I might stop by not starting.

  5. Why is our web overlord writing for Time? Did Look and the Saturday Evening Post not offer him a column?

  6. Heh, “weather porn.” The wife and I went on a weather porn binge in the fall of 1993. We had just bought our first house, and it had an 90-foot-long driveway. I had a tiny, rusty 1970s Sears single stage snowblower.

    It started snowing in November, a month after we moved in, and didn’t stop. We would have a storm just about every week until February. We kept the Weather Channel on in the background like the radio–bright green and white storms crossing the TV screen while cool jazz played.

    At its peak, I had to crawl on top of the ridge of snow lining my driveway to shovel off the top because my brave but dinky snow thrower couldn’t toss it that high.

  7. It really does crack me up, as I actually do recall walking to and from grade school (dodging pedophiles of course) in blizzards. Yet they closed my office and all the public schools today, and we got about 6 inches here.
    I know it’s been a gradual pussification, but since the last day my job was closed was the day after 9/11, I’m going to say 09/12/01 is the day the USA officially became a nation of pussies.

  8. Um, Nick New York is not all of the “North East”, and Boston is still getting clobbered

    1. NYC is the center of the universe (at least as far as the MSM are concerned.)

      A five alarm fire in NYC is national news good for 5 days of coverage.

      Denver getting wiped out by an asteroid would rate one day of coverage as a filler item. (Even then, it wouldn’t get covered if the NYC teachers go on strike.)

  9. Also, don’t forget what happened in Atlanta last year when the city didn’t panic and the storm got worse then expected.

    They got excoriated for not taking a storm seriously. So absent developing a supernatural ability to see the future, cities are kind of stuck in a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” situation with regards to storms.

    1. And yet, Atlanta is still part of the US, and their basketball team is pretty good this season. Maybe they took the right path after all by not over-reacting.

    2. They should have panicked. For sure the storm would have been much less bad if they had panicked beforehand.

  10. Looking at NYC only, and going back to 1888, five of the top ten snow falls have occurred since 2003. Three have occurred since 2010. The biggest NYC snowfall of all time was in 2006, which I would think would still fall into the category of “recent history.” Maybe the reason why people talk so much about record snowfalls (in NYC) is because there have been so many of them.

    1. But…..Global Warming!

  11. All that snow must have melted before it hit the ground due to Global Warming.

  12. snow job


  13. Snow-Mageddon-Gate-Apocalypse-II.

  14. I got almost 30″ at my house. This storm kicked my ass, frankly, so I’m not sure why people are saying it was a disapointment. I’m still not dug out.

  15. Not agreeing or disagreeing – just sharing:…..ard-worse/

  16. I am sick and tired of the story tellers in weather/climate science starting with how those scientist hold out that they’re not related enough to draw conclusions from weather about climate. Secondly, that neither of them can make reliable predictions much past what they see on the horizon and they can even bobble those.
    You know what they get right? The obvious.

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