Obama Says Politicians Invented College, New Saudi King Is Crowned, Tom Brady Talks About Balls: A.M. Links


  • Tom Brady

    President Obama credited politicians with inventing college—an ahistorical remark that nevertheless explains why college is so worthless.

  • The death of Saudi King Abdullah has made Queen Elizabeth the world's oldest monarch.
  • Tom Brady denied any wrongdoing in the Deflategate scandal as Twitter erupted into juvenile humor.
  • ISIS video shows clock counting down to zero—at which time the terrorist group has vowed to execute two Japanese hostages.
  • A 67-year-old woman claims the NYPD arrested her for informing on drug dealers in her apartment complex too frequently. The woman called the police, or a drug hotline, 40 times in 15 months. Eventually, police came to her apartment and arrested her.
  • A speedrunner just set a new world record for beating Super Mario World. The play-through, which exploits a glitch, only takes 5 minutes and is nothing short of incredible.

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