Some Mexican Drug Cartel Is About to Get an Angry Letter from the FAA

Dealers turn to drones for deliveries.


As Amazon taps its foot testily at the FAA.

Oh, sure, if you want to get perfectly legal beer delivered via drone, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is going to tell you no. But there's an easy way to get around them. Just be a drug cartel!

It seems somebody in Mexico is using drones to deliver meth. Black market innovation in action! There's still some perfecting to be done, as the drone ended up crashing in the parking lot of a Tijuana supermarket. Police believe it was attempting to cross the border into the United States, according to NBC's San Diego affiliate. A report last summer from the Drug Enforcement Agency said cartels started turning to drones back in 2011, but have stepped up their use to deliver drugs across the border because it's cheaper than methods like digging tunnels and can't be picked up on radar.

All this absurd activity is because America has been successful in making it hard to easily purchase the ingredients for Americans to make their own meth. This doesn't stop people from wanting to use meth in any way, shape or form. It just makes it cheaper for Mexican cartels to provide the meth to Americans and fuels international drug trade. But now that states like Washington and Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana use, we're seeing the opposite. As it becomes cheaper (and safer) for America to produce its own marijuana, its wrecking Mexico's crops. Maybe those drones were also going to pick up some ganja from our side to bring back down south.