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The London Sun Is Keeping Its Topless Models

Reports of a cover-up prove premature.


The London Sun is denying reports that it will no longer publish photos of bare breasts on page three of the newspaper. Actually, it's doing more than denying the reports: It's running a new topless photo in tomorrow's paper, printing it below the headline "Clarifications and Corrections" and above this notice:

The Sun

As one of the bloggers who repeated the story after it appeared in the London Times, I apologize for relaying a tale that turned out to be untrue.

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  1. If they’d gotten rid of page 3, what would have been next on the list of iconic English things to get rid of?

    Bangers and mash? The Nelson column? Subtle, understated, dry British wit like this?


    1. They already hounded Benny to death. That was the first blow in the destruction of British culture. The rest is inevitable now.

      1. I remember seeing boobs on PBS when I was a kid – I forget if it was Benny Hill or Python. I think my mom was watching too. That was a little uncomfortable.

        1. Benny sounds more likely. Especially in later years the show was very risque (and considered sexist by the people who worry over that sort of thing) and that’s what eventually led to its plug being pulled.

          1. I never saw Benny Hill on PBS. It was a Thames show, Monty Python was BBC.


        2. Early 80s – the local ABC channel showed Benny Hill at 11PM. Obviously unedited since I saw a fair number of boobs, side boob shots, and girls running around in skimpy clothing.

          To a pre-teen it was heaven.

          Now when I watch Benny Hill on DVD, it doesn’t seem very risque at all. And a number of the girls – especially the Hills Angels – suffer from British Female Syndrome.

  2. Topless models were first introduced by the Sun in 1970, less than a year after Rupert Murdoch bought the title.

    In recent years, the paper has faced growing criticism from campaigners who said the feature was out of date in the modern world.

    So true. The modern world demands naked.

    1. My lawsuit against the Sun, for failing to put me on page 3, is ongoing. It is a key trans rights case, since I feel like a 22 year old woman.

      1. Alternatively you still have to respond to the court summons in regards to my counter suit forbidding you from appearing naked on page 3 in violation of my Eighth Amendment rights and Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

      2. Hell, I feel like a 22 year old woman, too. Where can I find one?


        1. I just want to feel a 22 woman. Men who think they might be a woman need not apply. I could do that sort of thing all by myself, thank you.

  3. I believe the paper just said:
    “Up yours!”

  4. I was actually just coming to post this because it is one of the greatest trolling operations in the history of the human race.

    As one of the bloggers who repeated the story after it appeared in the London Times, I apologize for relaying a tale that turned out to be untrue.

    In fairness, I don’t know why you should be ‘apologizing’ for repeating what you heard in a legitimate English broadsheet. It’s not like you unquestioningly listened to something printed in the Daily Mail.

    Also, from another article I read:

    The No More Page 3 campaign, which had triumphantly celebrated the apparent change earlier in the week, announced “It seems the fight might be back on”.

    You know, if I was the Sun, this would make me less likely to get rid of Page 3. If people were just like ‘hey, that’s a bit anachronistic’ I’d probably say ‘good point, let’s do away with it.’ But when you’ve got these nattering busy bodies whining about something so inconsequential, I feel like you have to continue the institution, just to rub their noses in it.

    1. A nice pair of double Ds is NOT inconsequential. The OL has some. And I GET SOME.

  5. It’s too bad these feminists weren’t able to save our moral purity from the vulgar sex-addled evil of the Sun.

    If only they’d managed to get rid of Page 3 nudity, there’s clearly nowhere else in 2015 where a young British lad would have been able to see a naked girl.

    1. Well, they’re working on banning internet porn in Britain too, so there’s that.

      But Americans are sexually repressives by comparison…..

      1. *sexual

  6. Also, here are actual quotes from Josh Earnest regarding the Republicans being big meanies and inviting Netanyahu to speak without first consulting Barack the Sun King, First of his Line.

    WH: “typical protocol would suggest that the leader of a country would contact the leader of another country when he’s traveling there”

    Except, dipshit, that we have separation of powers in this country, no matter what that little tin pot tyrant in the Oval Office may wish. As a result, Congress inviting someone to speak before Congress is clearly within their authority because they are an autonomous body that is not supposed to answer to the Executive.

    Mark Steyn mentioned that technically Congress doesn’t have to invite the president to give his State of the Union. Boehner should just not allow Obama to give his State of the Union on Capitol Hill next year, just to really rub some salt in the wounds and show that the House maintains sovereignty.

    1. Not only that, but there’s a huge difference between a ‘leader’ visiting another nation as a ‘leader’ and that ‘leader’ visiting a nation under less formal conditions.

      Basically, there are ‘official visits’ and visits that aren’t official.

      I think anyone who’s been in the military (or at least the navy) knows the difference between when an official is making an ‘official visit’ (with all the pomp and circumstance that entails) and when he’s simply there because he has some business to conduct.

    2. I wonder where Earnest stands on Fucknut Carter’s decades of extra-official foreign policy bullshit?

    3. “Except, dipshit, that we have separation of powers in this country, no matter what that little tin pot tyrant in the Oval Office may wish”

      And if Obo can pass laws on a Friday afternoon, I can goddam well orchestrate foreign policy in my spare time from the kitchen.
      See how that works, Obo?

      1. That would actually be the perfect response from Boehner:

        “Mr. President, we’ll consult you on who we invite to speak before Congress when you consult us on the passage of legislation.”

        Of course, Boehner does not have the balls.

  7. Once again, fuck the S*n and everybody associated with it. That poor excuse for toilet paper should’ve gone out of business years ago.

    1. For those who wonder why this trash angers me so:


      Fuck the S*n.

      1. Ah, I didn’t make the connection. Well, they did apologize 25 or so years later so that’s gotta be worth something right?

    1. Missing a camel toe.

    2. Thank you, kind sir.

  8. On the flip side, Twitch, a gaming video network (yeah, I don’t get why people watch other people video games) is banning any streams of HuniePop, a game meant to tweak SJWs.

    I could understand the uncensored version being banned, since it’s X rated, but the censored version is sold on Steam and is R

    1. HuniePop, a game meant to tweak SJWs.

      Hilarious. The fact that I didn’t hear about this game until now indicates that my information feeds obviously require review.

  9. Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth

    I heard she’s pretty bad, but not the worst.

      1. No no! The worst Nicole is from Chicago, not Bournemouth!

  10. Great Britain Media Pornography

    Why does a topless woman count as pornography? You got a problem with boobies, Jesse Walker? Or are you just the resident prude?

    1. Why does a topless woman count as pornography?

      Some say it is, some say it ain’t. See the discussion in the original post.

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