President Leaks Policy Proposals Ahead of State of the Union, Pope Francis Goes Full Joe Biden, Pizza Named as Obesity Villain: P.M. Links


  • Pope Francis
    Korean Culture and Information Service (Jeon Han)

    Well aware that his state of the union address is mostly an opportunity for mockery by critics of all political persuasions (Reason will be livetweeting the tedious event), President Obama has taken to leaking his (largely DOA) policy proposals to social media.

  • With off-the-cuff comments calling for speech restrictions, criticizing those who breed "like rabbits," and pondering giving con men "a kick where the sun doesn't shine," Pope Francis is gaining a reputation as the Joe Biden of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • In their ongoing efforts to win hearts and minds, the nice folks at ISIS say they'll kill two Japanese hostages unless the government in Tokyo coughs up $200 million.
  • With Social Security disability benefits well on the way to becoming Americans' favorite scheme for "free" money, Republicans and Democrats line up to battle over the nearly broke program.
  • Food nannies have fingered a new villain: pizza. Give it a rest, you friggin' killjoys.
  • Analysts in Europe see growing political instability and a rising tide for populist and nationalist parties. Well, so long as the nationalists mix in a little socialism, what could go wrong?

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