Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Reform: 6 Crucial Areas Congress Should Investigate

Proper investigations could help publicize the agency's looniness and yield further details about the agency's questionable methods and relationships.


Congressional hearings should be used to investigate and shed light on shady science, ties, and practices from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Although many failings of the EPA have already been exposed, proper investigations into these issues could help publicize the agency's looniness and also yield further details about EPA's questionable methods and relationships.

Congressional investigations and publicized hearings provide a way for the public to understand the real objectives of extreme environmentalists (known as "radical greens") and the incredible costs these impose upon America, in terms of both lost jobs and wasted resources. But such an undertaking needs to be done intelligently, with skilled, persistent questioning and sustained focus on particular, egregious issues, not just letting congressmen grandstand for their home districts. Below are six issues these hearings should address to help bring about reform at the EPA and remind Americans to be skeptical of exaggerated EPA warnings. 

Oil Spill Inaction

Dr. Oscar Garcia/Florida State University via John Amos/Flickr

A good issue to start with would be exposing the EPA's role in exacerbating the damage done by BP's giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Few Americans know that the spill might have easily been prevented from reaching shore. Holland offered during the first days to send over its experienced skimmer boats from the North Sea, which take up oil off the sea surface and separate most of it. The Dutch even offered to train Americans in their procedures. But EPA regulations stated that any cleaned ocean water must be 99.9985 percent free of oil before being dumped back into the ocean.

Despite the emergency, the agency refused to modify the regulation until a month later, when oil was already reaching shore. (Many more details are in my 2010 Reason article, "Government's Catastrophic Response to the Oil Disaster.") A Congressional hearing with subpoena power could get to the bottom of who at the EPA was responsible for this delay, how, and why.

Regulation through Litigation

Second, Congress should subpoena emails sent between EPA officials and their radical green (RG) brethren on the outside concerning the multibillion-dollar scam known as "sue and settle" litigation. Here's how it works: RG lawyers sue the EPA demanding it tighten standards on some obscure but costly issue. The EPA then "settles" the suit by agreeing to new, often impossibly-tight standards. An October '14 report from the National Center for Policy Analysis found these regulations "run the gamut from dictating precisely how much sulfur is allowed in a gallon of gasoline to setting efficiency standards for microwaves." A 2013 paper from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that "EPA chose not to defend itself in over 60 lawsuits from special interest advocacy groups" between 2009 and 2012, resulting in more than 100 new regulations.

Natural Gas Nannying

The EPA's shutting down of coal mines—and wasting tens of billions on subsidies for "alternative" energy—is already on Congressional agendas. Coal may be the EPA's first target, but natural gas is next. In its crosshairs is hydraulically fractured oil drilling ("fracking"), with new plans to force drilling rigs to shut down unless they pay for very expensive collection of flared methane gas, now burned away when gas pipelines are not close by.

Distorted Science

EPA's distorted use of its own "science" and methodology needs serious questioning and exposure. The agency's carbon dioxide rulings are already under fire, and I have written in detail about how its radiation limits were preposterously irrelevant to real threats. Under these limits, a "dirty" nuclear-radiation dispersal device which actually contaminated a hundred-foot distance would require an emergency evacuation of half a city. The Government Accounting Office even insisted that EPA revise the limits.

EPA's rules come from the discredited "linear no threshold theory" (LNT). Explaining to the American public the basis for this theory is vital and needs repeating over and over again. Its main premise is extrapolating any possibility to illogical extremes. For example, LNT deducts that, if 100 aspirin is a fatal dose for healthy humans, then out of 100 people each taking one aspirin, one of them will die. This nonsensical model is used to decree that even a few parts per billion of something or other will cause a cancer somewhere, with someone, and on this basis it shuts down industries and orders the spending of billions of dollars upon non-existent problems.

Another example of the agency's poor science is the Clean Air Act, where EPA uses standards and regulations set for densely populated cities to demand that oil drillers keep the air above the Arctic Ocean pristine clean. This requirement cost Shell Oil a whole year in lost drilling, because it was effectively forced to close during the few months of the year when drilling is permitted by the extreme weather.

Lead Paint Regulation

Lead paint is another hyper-scare where EPA policies are hurting more than helping. Its removal or painting-over should be done properly and carefully. But stringent EPA requirements for precisely how contractors must go about this (and the fines they'll pay if they don't) has some home contractors scared to work on houses built before lead-paint use was discontinued. Threatening small contractors with $37,000 per day fines for scraping paint from an outside window is preposterous. Congress could cut through the hype and highlight how such strict rules for removing lead paint harm American workers and businesses, without making us any safer. 

Ground-Ozone Regulation

The EPA wants industry to spend tens of billions more to bring ground-level ozone further down, from 75 part per billion to 65 to 70 parts per billion, all based on its LNT theory. In 2011, it said that costs could reach $90 billion to gain public health benefits of $100 billion. It should explain the methodology! And the alleged benefits that this reduction will bring.

Unfortunately, we can expect to see more action on ozone regulation in 2015: last December, an appeals court overturned (at the behest of the National Resources Defense Council) EPA rules allowing states more flexibility and time in complying with ozone regulations. "All statutory indications militate against allowing the agency's lengthening of the periods for achieving compliance with revised air quality standards," the court ruled. Last week, the White House announced that "EPA will develop new guidelines to assist states in reducing ozone-forming pollutants." 

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  1. Hello ?

    What the hell ? Where is everybody?

    Man we really have a beautiful day today down here on Galveston Bay. Bright and sunny with temps at 70.5.

    I think I’ll go fishing and leave the EPA to you guys.

  2. I love these articles where it says that Congress should “do” something. As if Congress gave a rat’s ass about any of this shit. They let the agency bureaucrats go hog wild because they don’t want to bother with any of this stuff, and because the bureaucrats are dug in like ticks and will outlast most of them.

    Congress is not going to come to the rescue of this situation or pretty much any other. Those politicians are there for their own power and aggrandizement, not to “make things better”. Best get used to that.

    1. They are only there to create these monsterous beauracracies after the media shouts and screams for them. Then they move on to the next media created crisis Once created the inefficiencies, bloated budgets, and shark jumping are never far behind.

  3. Another solution to the problems caused by EPA activism would be to give the whole boiling a fifteen minute head start and then let loose the velociraptors.

    Probably as realistic a solution, sadly.

    1. Ha ha HA!

  4. OT: Remember the feminists who wanted birth control to be free? Well, this feminist wants tampons to be free:


    When her idiotic proposal was criticized, Salon jumped to her defense:


    1. Why do you hate women?

    2. Holy shit, what delusional cunts.

    3. Maybe she requires thousands of jumbo flow tampons every month. Judging by her ideas she must be a huge cun hole.

    4. I was in the most embarrassing place my then-11-year-old self could have imagined: my grandparents’ house.

      Because grandma and grandpa are such cavepeople that they’ve never seen or heard of anything as newfangled and crazy as a woman bleeding from her vag, you narcissistic moron.

      Jyoti Sanghera, chief of the UN Human Rights Office on Economic and Social Issues, called the stigma around menstrual hygiene “a violation of several human rights, most importantly the right to human dignity”.

      LOL WUT.

      food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products…

      Is there some confusion with the definition of food?

      Women in prison often don’t have access to sanitary products at all…

      Might I recommend not going to prison if one can help it?

      Why aren’t tampons free?

      Another proud, empowered feminist, wailing and stamping her feet for a man to come and fix her problems for her.

      1. …food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products…

        There was a colorful dumpster diver who lived under the underpass near one of my old apartments who claimed the soiled tampon to be one of man’s most under appreciated delicacies.

        Not food. Close, though.

        1. Was his name Charlie Kelly? Maybe Frank Reynolds? Rickety Cricket?

          1. It’s been some years so I don’t recall what he called himself. Around the neighborhood people called him “Pogo.”

            1. Free tampons are a bullshit idea in the Western world. No problem saying that.

              I have no problem with the idea that they could and perhaps should be tax-exempted, though.

              1. So, while I can object to much of the article, it raised some fair points and had a few stats/issues I was personally unaware of. She did make a massive leap in logic by associating issues women have in Bangladesh with those Western women (even the poor) face.

                So, compared to most of the feminist material produced by Slate that has zero purpose, that’s a five star article.

                1. So, while I can object to much of the article, it raised some fair points and had a few stats/issues I was personally unaware of. She did make a massive leap in logic by associating issues women have in Bangladesh with those Western women (even the poor) face.

                  This is western feminism 101: Compare minor annoyances faced by upper-middle class American women to gang rape in Saudi Arabia.

                  Christina Hoff Sommers made a point of attacking some idiotic feminist text book that claimed America was as sexist a country as Somalia.

                  Their argument was that in Somalia they’ll cut off a woman’s clitoris, but in some states in America there are restrictions on abortion and they won’t give you free birth control, so really that’s almost like the same thing.

                  1. Ha, I found the Christina Hoff Sommers article and it’s as awesome as I remember:

                    One color-coded map illustrates how women are kept “in their place” by restrictions on their mobility, dress, and behavior. Somehow the United States comes out looking as bad in this respect as Somalia, Uganda, Yemen, Niger, and Libya. All are coded with the same shade of green to indicate places where “patriarchal assumptions” operate in “potent combination with fundamentalist religious interpretations.” Seager’s logic? She notes that in parts of Uganda, a man can claim an unmarried woman as his wife by raping her. The United States gets the same low rating on Seager’s charts because, she notes, “State legislators enacted 301 anti-abortion measures between 1995 and 2001.”

                  2. Worth noting that all of their screeching is directed at the lack of free BC in the west while they have little criticism of actual rape cultures.

                  3. This place is no stranger to that – remember that article by what’s her name that said India is better for women than the US?

                    1. This place is no stranger to that – remember that article by what’s her name that said India is better for women than the US?

                      Yes, and Shikha Dalmia is roundly mocked every time she says something like that.

                      The difference is that we mock people who say stupid shit like that, whereas feminists take the argument at face value.

          2. Take your clothes off in the sewer.

        2. “who claimed the soiled tampon to be one of man’s most under appreciated delicacies.”

          My dog agrees.

          1. I lol’ed.

    5. But what if I’d been in school that day, like so many other girls are ? without an extra pair of underwear or a quarter in my pocket to plug into the vending machine?

      Oh, perhaps maybe you could have asked a friend, teacher, school nurse if they’ve got an extra rag they could loan you? THE HORROR!

      1. if they’ve got an extra rag they could loan you?

        They really wanted that rag back? 😉

        1. The rag really tied the room together.

            1. What’s a Moon Hut, Walter?

              1. Donny, you’re out of your element.

        2. apparently they are delicacies

    6. Boy, I can’t wait for the Hillary 2018 campaign to start and the “War on Women” schtick to really go into overdrive.

    7. It’s funny how progressive ideas, if implemented, would always turn society into the opposite of what their name suggests.

      Tampons are good and convenient, but someone had to INVENT them. If you take away the rewards for inventing something, does that make future progress more or less likely? They should be called regressives.

      1. There is a flag for the regressive party. It features a T rex skull.

    8. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what the face of socialism looks like in our modern, wealthy society. Check out some of Valenti’s other articles. She is completely batshit.

      If people like her had their way….well, we don’t have to guess, all we have to do is look at Venezuela. There are no tampons available at any price. Or toilet paper. Or drinking water. Or anything really.

      Crazy, evil cunt.

    9. Idiot A is Valenti
      Idiot B is Marcotte

      That whole thing went over this summer around the time of Hobby Lobby, when “not giving women free shit” was ranking higher than the Armenian Genocide on the list of repressed human atrocities.

      This is S.O.P. for their ilk, and i’d be surprised if it hadn’t been coordinated from the start

      Step 1 = write ridiculous proposal which takes as its premise that “Biology is Patriarchy and Government exists to Rectify Inequalities”

      Step 2 = wait for the hordes of “sane people” to point out you’re a fucking idiot

      Step 3 = Marcotte rides in screeching “HARASSMENT!! OPPRESSION! RAPE APOLOGISTS!!”, throwing poop at everyone who dared criticize her sister who was just ‘thinking out loud’

      The ‘flopping around like a wounded soccer-player’ thing that feminists do these days is absurd

      Whether its gamergate or “jackie” or the Pando journalists who routinely cry-foul whenever the subjects of their assaults (Uber, Tor) push back…

      …the Lefty/SJW media has perfected the “I’M BEING OPPRESSED!!”-game. MSNBC helps out by always providing one-sided coverage of their victimhood.

      Even the moderate-left are getting sick of the SJWs. The hysteria has become grating and Dems know that doesn’t win elections.

      1. It doesn’t win elections because most people are busy living real lives and that requires some measure of sanity. They don’t have the luxury of descending into madness and indulging their delusions, not if they want to maintain the degree of functionality required to put food on the table and raise children. Getting people like that to join a death-cult or sacrifice whatever financial success they have gained through hard work is a tough sell.

        Every one of these groups, the feminists, the envirowackos, the inequality nuts, the hate speech assholes, all of them are just fronts for socialism. They are trying desperately hard to demoralize society and tear it down so they can replace it with their brave new world. Most people aren’t buying.

        1. “Every one of these groups, the feminists, the envirowackos, the inequality nuts, the hate speech assholes, all of them are just fronts for socialism.”

          Sure, but I’d argue that many of them don’t even know it.

          They’re just lefties who think that their *version* of hard-leftiness is somehow freed from the historical baggage of socialist ideas.

          You call them socialists and they’ll LOL and call you a rightwingnutjob (or as shreek says = RWNJ)

          It doesn’t matter that they openly call for capitalism to be destroyed, or that they think free speech is “problematic”, therefore we should arrest and re-educate people with the Wrong Ideas…

          …no, but if you CALL them socialist? They’ll giggle and laugh and think you must be some Fox News watching MRA who drives a truck and works for the oil industry…

          ..because they don’t actually understand anything about the spectrum of political ideas. They think there’s “hard left” and “moderate left”…and everyone else is nuts.

          The Millenial generation grew up with zero awareness of the Cold War, and genuinely have no idea what the point of it was.

          In some sense they’re right= but they don’t connect the dots between their own leftist impulses, and the dirty basements where the NKVD shot people behind the ear.

          1. Nicely put.

      2. The only good part about Pando is that they publish The War Nerd.

        Otherwise, everyone writing for that website is an idiot.

    10. Actually the best thing that could happen is for for the government to socialize the tampon industry. Outlaw private manufacturing and sales of tampons and all tampons going forward will be mailed for “free” via US Post Office. That may end up creating more libertarians than any act imaginable.

      1. Better yet it will create female libertarians. However, real female libertarians use moon cups, so we have more money for monocles.

  5. The weaponization of the EPA should be a matter of great concern to all Americans. Sadly, as usual in these cases it’s welcomed, justified and even applauded by the vast majority on the left. As weaponizing governmental agencies becomes more and more the norm the likelihood of the agencies being turned placing their creators as targets into the same sights they once used to destroy their opposition. Not to mention, as history shows, weaponized agencies can go rogue; J.E. Hoover.

    1. That’s a feature not a bug to the eco death cults.

      1. I sort of like the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement’s eco death cult approach.

        Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health.

        It’s voluntary ( for now ).

        1. I encourage all of their members to participate vigorously. I’m even prepared to offer some modest financial assistance.

          I do wonder if these ecotards are willing to sue the Sun to prevent it from inevitably rendering the Earth an uninhabitable cinder. You know, for the health of the biosphere.

          1. Species rise, achieve their evolutionary zenith, then die out. Once gone, all that’s left to show they ever existed at all are a few fossils, assorted artifacts, etc.. That being the cold reality of it, each human should see it as their duty to leave behind a nice solid mark on this place. Should another species down the line rise to our level of intelligence it’s certain to give them countless hours of enjoyment all we’ve left behind. As far as the Earth goes, there’s no proof it’s even going to be here next week. The Universe is a violent place. What is certain, though, is the Earth has survived repeated ultra-violent, natural catastrophes many times more powerful and destructive than anything mankind could ever throw at her.

          2. I am with you NotAnotherSkippy, I will toss some dough at that too.

        2. They mean those other, icky people. Years ago I worked for a business where the boss would piss and moan about how humans were a blight on the planet, pollution, blah blah blah, and we’d be better off if a plague took us out.

          It didn’t stop him from taking a cruise or two a year, of course.

        3. I wonder how much this kind of insanity has been around in the past. I suspect it has always been with us and the internet just makes it more visible now.

          1. I think survival trumped this sort of stupidity in the past. It’s only through our recent successes at removing ourselves from Gaia’s loving clutches that we’ve had the luxury to become this idiotic.

            1. Thomas Sowell said that the past 50 years has largely been replacing what worked with what sounded good.

          2. In the fairly recent past, when the end of winter meant the apples you stored are going soft and meat is a five-mile hike through snow and the five miles back included carrying the deer you killed, and you and your kids are so hungry your belts were cinched up to the last hole, Gaia tended to suck hind teat.

    2. I work with the EPA every day. The problem I’ve seen is that the best people in the EPA (by which I mean those people with good intentions AND respect for things like federalism, tax payers, accountability and compromise) are drowned out by petty, insecure bureaucrats, environmentalist true-believers who want to launch an inquisition, and your standard, mediocre government employees who know they can’t get a job in the private sector and desperately want to keep the status quo. The petty tyrants call the shots and drive the agency, supported by the faithful and the barnacles. Naturally, that prevents any real internal auditing; in fact, dissenting voices are routinely denied promotion ad infinitum and relocated to other offices if they get too lippy about things like not embellishing the results of studies and so forth.

      The best thing that could be done to reform the EPA would be to eliminate it entirely. And I say that as an environmentalist AND a libertarian.

      1. You think local authorities would be up to the tasks? I’m not saying they wouldn’t, just asking your opinion since you have some experiance with them. Nixing them as a rules and regulations setting org sounds prudent but there is still pollution enforcement which can certainly be more complex then just dumping a bunch of crap in the ocean and such.

    1. Dammit! I missed it again! Putting in Outlook first thing Monday.

  6. Noted muzzy thug Anjem Choudary praises Hebdo attack:


      1. Hahaha, I’ve seen him before but not these. Why am I not surprised?

      2. Religion is great for scoundrels. You can sin all you want, and then when you feel guilty you can find religion and act all holy and superior.

        A friend of mine was once accosted by a beggar. He started giving a speech about how he found god and was turning his life around when my friend interrupted and said “listen, I’ll give you $20 right now if you promise to spend it on alcohol. Pray with me now- in the name of Jack Daniels, amen.”

        1. And new converts are often the most fanatical.

          1. They want to prove themselves.

            Converts often don’t even give up their sinful ways. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Anjem guzzles Kingfisher lager when no one is looking.

    1. If the English had any balls themselves a mob would drag that piece of shit out into the street and cut his off.

  7. Wow man that looks like a very serious fire. Wow.


    1. Pedo-bot can not only read text but now it can recognize images.

      Scary. Sky-net is upon us.

  8. Cripes, that’s what “linear no threshold” means? WTF, what idiocy.

    1. Read and weep. Of course if the LNT were true, then we should ban granite counter tops, bananas, and cohabitation since all three are mildly radioactive. About the only safe things would be to live in iron (not steel since that has carbon) and lead houses.

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  11. Who’s the worst person in this story:

    1. The crazy white supremacist anti-Semite who says things like this:

    “My heart swelled when she used racial epithets to insult someone engaged in a miscegenatory relationship. She was full of hatred and racially aware.”

    2. The man hating radical feminist who may be a closet white supremacist just pretending to be a social justice warrior in order to punish her enemies.

    3. Milo Yiannopoulous for making me aware that these people exist.

    1. Eric Hoffer said something about people who are fanatic for one thing can easily become fanatics for something else.

      Some people get their jollies from rattling cages and if stop getting a reaction from one, they just switch to another.

      1. i mentioned that today (the stalin thread)

        total coincidence?

        1. Upon further reflection, I remember reading that comment.

          So not a coincidence. I just forgot where I’d read it first.

      2. Aren’t libertarians fanatics for freedom?

        Sorry, my inner Bo got the best of me.

    2. The worst person in that story is you, for clicking on it, recognizing that everyone involved is a shit, then telling other people to go check it out because “WHOA these people are really a bunch of shits!”, and consequently helping to generate click-income for people who publish stories about really-shitty people.

      1. I take it back

        This Person is the worst thing ever

        Its like someone took the worst parts of Valenti, Marcotte, Dworkin, etc and put them in a blender with Methamphetamine and out comes Godzillawhore

        That her steez may in fact be entirely contrived?

        “Auernheimer says Kane switched to feminism and social justice merely as an excuse to bully people, and that until very recently she was an outspoken racist.”

        makes no difference to me. Whether real or contrived, its just as bad.

        This i believe =

        “”Shanley was highly interested in the techniques of Internet trolling. She’d lay next to me and ask how to make words silence or terrify someone, or how to properly command a mob of people….I told her that if she wanted to be truly great she needed to “A/B test” her copy.

        “She showed herself to be among the best copywriters in the world… She decided to become a ‘social justice’ advocate and dedicate her time to getting men in technology fired. It wasn’t long before her copy was honed to a razor-sharp blade that she wielded on the prison compound of social media, shanking everyone…”

        I have long noted = SJW’s language is a lot like Code. Its not hard to use. And it is designed to be attacked, so that ‘attackers’ can be identified as targets for destruction.

        1. Which leads me to the broader point =

          probably the best thing that can be done to destroy the SJW crowd? Ignore them.

          They want to be attacked, because the fight itself becomes the drama they swim in.

          Being ignored is their biggest fear. Much like the “No” that the Oberlin Statistics professor sent to whatshername…. if you don’t dance with them, they have no power.

          A secondary issue is to attack the institutions and people who DO take them seriously (which tend to be Colleges, and of course the DoE); because they have credibility to lose, whereas the activists dont.

        2. See! I’m not the shittiest person in this story! You are for tracking down this person’s twitter feed!

          1. I projected my shame into an attack on you

  12. The inevitable keeps happening harder and harder. Children are told to bring their own toilet paper to school while Maduro flies around the world looking for more ‘other people’.


    I see bad things ahead.

  13. If you think people stand in line only in Venezuela to not buy milk, butter and steak, think again. It’s coming soon to a store near you. Ground beef is already five dollars per pound.

    Fucking. Ground. Beef. I wonder what the price will be next year. Where is shreek to tell us how wonderful the economy is under the chocolate jesus?


    1. A U.S. federal court has ruled for the first time that manure from livestock facilities can be regulated as solid waste, a decision hailed by environmentalists as opening the door to potential legal challenges against facilities across the country.

      So does that mean we can sue all organic farms for spreading pollution? Sign me up. I again offer some modest financial support.


    2. the price of beef in general is high due to the multi-year drought


    An international panel of 18 researchers in collaborations have provided evidence that four out of the nine systems that our planet requires in order to maintain the constant threat we pose to our planet in check have gone serious and alarmingly rapid changes due to our afflictions.

    These include climate change, biodiversity integrity, land system change and nitrogen-phosphorus cycle. Changes in the Nitrogen-Phosphorus cycle have lasting impressions as this cycle is primarily important in the development of food. Nitrogen is required by all life on Earth while Phosphorus helps regulate the growth of ecosystems and without these two fundamental life materials, it’s plausible to say that food and water supply would become non-existent.

    Umm wut?

    1. In any con you have to create a sense of urgency. This creates pressure so that the mark doesn’t have time to think things through, they just pay up.

      We are on a countdown to disaster….it looms! See, systems are failing! Hurry! We must have a carbon tax!

      The whole thing is a two-bit con and transparent as hell.

      I can find just as many claims that 2014 was the coolest year ever as I can ones touting it as the warmest. The 100,000 trees I planted four years ago say it was pretty damn cool. They only grew about 75% the usual rate for trees that age.

      1. I forgot to add – ‘in spite of the unusually high amount of rainfall. Lots of rain should have made them grow more than the usual amount.’

        1. We’re clearly destroying the planet and are on the verge of starving!

      2. Yet another reason to nuke Gaza (see the TTAPS study for details.)

    2. Yes, we’re running out of Nitrogen. Burning it in the Great Nitrogen Engine should be banned!

  15. When employees at the EPA personally follow all of the rules they want to impose on others I will believe they actually believe what they are sellibg. Until then, they are simply hacks liokng to line their own pockets.

  16. probably the best thing that can be done to destroy the SJW crowd? Ignore them.

    I do my part.

  17. great. lets turn the US into China with its clear skies, clean water, and non-contaminated soil.

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