Half a Million U.S. Tax Dollars Literally Melt Into Afghan Countryside


||| Afghan Building/SIGAR

A $500,000 shooting range for Afghanistan police officers fell into disrepair four months after its completion, according to a report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

The building was destroyed not by a bomb, earthquake, or other irregular unforseen disaster, but rather by water. This is because the center was built "mostly of sand" and had a roof that didn't properly drain, according to the report.

U.S. contracting officials visited the site on seven different occasions during construction but never noted a single structural issue in their reports. Someone finally pointed out the deficiencies in early 2013, months after the building was completed in October 2012. A report from the Regional Contracting Center (RCC) subsequently explained: "The facility is completely unsafe…It appears the contractor intentionally used different materials and construction standards to cut costs or/and fraud the government…It is recommended that the contractor completely deconstruct to the foundation and properly construct under close supervision."

At that time, the Afghan construction firm Qesmatullah Nasrat Construction Company (QNCC) was still under warranty and required to make things right. But instead of rebuilding the shooting range as recommended, it simply attempted a partial repair of the already-doomed building. During this process, U.S. officials were prevented from taking photos: QNCC demanded there be no cameras allowed at the site, and the Americans—incredibly—complied.

The attempts to address the range's deficiencies failed. By September 2014, according to the report, the sand bricks had melted into the ground and the entire facility needed to be reconstructed. By then, the warranty had expired, and QNCC was paid in full in 2012 so there's no getting the money back now.

It seems U.S. taxpayers spent $500,000 on a perfectly iconic metaphor for American investment overseas.

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  1. Melting shooting ranges are the new broken windows.

    What part of government stimulus do libertarians not understand?

  2. And yet Hitler's Uboat pens still stand.

    1. Hitler didn't pay a half mil and let you off the hook because the contract expired. You would have ended up on the wrong end of a range test.

  3. And the fucking thing had no business being half a million dollars to begin with. Shit costs $10 to build over there.

  4. As an ex fed employee, I can tell you that this stuff happens every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    1. I wish the government only wasted half million per day.

  5. Gee, you'd think the U.S. Gub'mint would get some sort of clue, after a few billion dollars go missing or are completely wasted like this in A'stan: the corruption, waste, nepotism, and dishonesty of these Third World shitholes is...kinda how they become and stay Third World shitholes.

    We keep writing them checks under the delusion that there's some outside, black-hatted force that keeps the Afghan people down, that keeps their country unlivable, that keeps their little girls from being able to attend school and keeps their own police and government absofukinglutely impotent and useless. That force is the Afghan people.

    We stop meddling in their affairs, stop bankrolling them, and just let them go back to growing poppies and fucking goats, things might stay about the same for them, but we'd get to keep just that much of our own money.

  6. "investment", in the final sentence should be in quotes or should be proceeded by 'government'.

    So I guess the Afghans got our shove-ready jobs - to remove our, "investment".

  7. Kill them

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