Arrested Teen Risks Own Safety to Help Save Officer's Life

No get out of jail free card for the juvenile, but he is being honored by the city next week.


Fort Lauderdale Police Department

17-year-old Jamal Rutledge was being booked in a Fort Lauderdale police station in September when he saw the cop processing his paper collapse. No other cops were present to see the cop collapse, and Rutledge started banging on the security door to get the attention of the cops. It's a good thing he put the cop's health over his own safety that day—he could have been worried cops would misinterpret his attempts to get their attention as violent gestures, or assume he caused the officer's collapse. One of the criticisms of police in questionable shootings is the amount of time it often takes for medical assistance to arrive. Cops put their safety first.

What happened was caught on surveillance video:

Because he's a minor, it's unclear what Rutledge had been arrested for but police, who say they've grown fond of him, also say he's been arrested multiple times since then. Nevertheless, Rutledge will join several of the responding officers to be honored for their life-saving actions at a city ceremony next week.

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  1. No longer is it sufficient to be proud of your actions, the state must hold a ceremony to “honor” them.

    With yo money.

    1. He saved a cop’s life! A cop! A hero! A knight! One of the king’s men! Someone whose life actually has value! Someone who, had the situation been reversed, let the kid die! A hero! There must be a parade! A holiday! We must honor this young man! He saved a hero who would have let him die!

      1. Someone who, had the situation been reversed, let the kid die! A hero!

        Not only would he have let the kid die, he’d probably have accelerated it.



          *kick, punch, pile-on, choke…*

          1. Needs more “worthless scumbag”.

        3. “Sorry! Procedure requires that I let you lay there and bleed out from that gunshot wound I just inflicted. Liability and all, you understand. Can’t be too careful.

          Hey, you listenin’ to me, punk?”

        4. Or called his union representative first.

    2. That seems like an odd takeaway from this story.

  2. Amazing, isn’t it, that a 17 year old who has been caged by these officers shows more humanity and decency than any number of cops who have let people bleed out while they chatted with their union reps or just plain old hung out.

    And don’t get me started on the cops who actively prevent or delay medical assistance.

    1. I’m actually a bit surprised the kid wasn’t arrested for some kind of bullshit “assault on an officer” charge.

      1. Or at least damage to state property. You don’t just bang on the door!

      2. Can you arrest someone who is already under arrest? He was already arrested, which makes making up bullshit to arrest him for kind of unnecessary.

      3. I figured avoiding that was why he did what he did. So the next officer who glanced into the room didn’t see a cop on the floor and taser him to death.

  3. A story I read yesterday said he was arrested for a probation violation in connection with a robbery charge. It was unclear as to whether he was on probation as a result of the robbery or if the robbery was the violation.

  4. Because he’s a minor, it’s unclear what Rutledge had been arrested for but police, who say they’ve grown fond of him, also say he’s been arrested multiple times since then.

    Is it really cynical of me to wonder if the cops have arrested him multiple times since then because they recognize him, even if they are fond of him, and see him as a viable target?

    1. No, that’s how it happens. Once the system gets its grubby paws on you, it’s hard to break free.

    2. Not cynical at all. Once the cops recognize you, they’re going to stop and harass you every single time they see you. The only solution is to move out of their jurisdiction.

    3. Seems they want to have him around, just in case there’s an emergency at the station.

  5. …he could have been worried cops would misinterpret his attempts to get their attention as violent gestures, or assume he caused the officer’s collapse.

    He should have been worried.

    1. I wonder if there was more risk via action vs. inaction at the time.

      1. If that cop had died, the kid could have had his charge upgraded to negligent homicide.

  6. Dear god. Here, look at this 2 1/2 hour unedited video clip and just wait for the exciting parts…

    1. Ahahahaha, what you get for watching/reading!

      1. As a general rule, I don’t watch videos from Reason. (Especially not those from the commentariat).

        1. Yeah, I usually don’t watch the posted videos. I’d have to be paid to watch any of the deranged shit you bastards post!

    2. 37:45 is roughly the beginning of the “event”

      1. You can also double the speed with the cogwheel settings. Changes playback from “officer response time in rural Detroit” to the relatively brisk “calling paramedics after shooting perp.”

        1. Detroit? That still exists?

          1. It’s a geographically defined zone, yes.

          2. It’s a legend shrouded in the mists of time and the smoke of countless structural fires.

            Which reminds me of my favorite line from 30 Rock: “In other global warming news, a tornado hit downtown Detroit, putting out several fires.”

  7. Whoa, the size of a number of those law enforcement professionals in the video. I’m surprised more of them aren’t dropping over.

    1. Look, dying takes energy too. Energy they just can’t afford to waste!

    2. They really are paragons of athleticism and healthfulness.

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  9. OK, I’ll say it.
    The fact that the author, and all the posters, do not see the abject lunacy if believing this kid “put himself at risk” by alerting others to a cop in distress, is astounding.
    There are a large number of REASON devotees, who are so consumed by police derangement syndrome, that the only way to obtain any peace would be for you to put yourselves out of our misery.

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