Cops Say Nothing Happened at UVA Frat Accused of Gang Rape, But Who Really Cares?


Monty Python

The University of Virginia reinstated its chapter of Phi Kappa Psi—the fraternity where Jackie claimed to have been gang raped, according to Rolling Stone—after the cops failed to find evidence that the horrible crime actually occurred. The fraternity's national organization has reinstated it as well, effective immediately.

According to the press release:

The reinstatement resulted after consultation with Charlottesville Police Department officials, who told the University that their investigation has not revealed any substantive basis to confirm that the allegations raised in the Rolling Stone article occurred at Phi Kappa Psi.

U.Va. President Teresa A. Sullivan informed fraternity officials of the decision to reinstate the chapter's Fraternal Organization Agreement with the University after learning of the update to the police investigation.

"We welcome Phi Kappa Psi, and we look forward to working with all fraternities and sororities in enhancing and promoting a safe environment for all," U.Va. President Teresa A. Sullivan said.

That's it? No apology? No sorry about our huge mistake and rush to judgment? Keep in mind that the false accusation had consequences for the Phi Psi house, which was vandalized by angry students after Rolling Stone's story broke. UVA President Teresa Sullivan caved to public pressure to make some display of force against the frat; I would think she should be more contrite, since she was dead wrong.

For what it's worth, frat officials don't sound too upset:

"We believe that in the midst of this ordeal, there is an opportunity to move forward with important safety improvements. This has prompted us to take a closer look at ourselves and what role organizations like ours may play in this problem. It's opened all of our eyes to the problem of sexual assault," Scipione said. "Now it's time to do something about it. As a fraternity, we are going to continue discussing that need in the coming weeks."

Well, it's always a good time to do something about sexual assault, although it's weird to think this was the event that made Phi Psi aware of the problem, since its members weren't responsible; if something happened to Jackie, it wasn't at Phi Psi. And there is good reason to doubt that Jackie underwent an ordeal that closely resembled her claim—all evidence in her favor has been debunked, even as the likelihood of a pre-planned deception on her part continues to grow.

But in any case, Phi Psi will become the first UVA fraternity to sign the new "Fraternal Organization Agreement" with the university administration. The pact obligates Greek organizations to baby-sit their guests and puts restrictions on what kinds of alcohol they can serve. Frat bedrooms will now be guarded.

It's not surprising that a pack of overbearing bureaucrats are peddling dubious safety requirements based in Victorian sexual morality—legislating morality and covering people in bubble wrap are two of their favorite things. The only surprise here is the timing. In a sane world, this would be an occasion for the angry villagers to lower their pitchforks and discuss the biases and processes that led them to the wrong conclusions.

But the angry villagers seem undeterred. I suppose that's what makes them angry villagers. For too many people, it was always the agenda that mattered, not the truth.

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  1. I hope being suspended taught Phi Kappa Psi a lesson.

    1. Rape, College

      Saw the links at the bottom of the page and thought “Is that anything like Clown College?”

      1. They are both in the ACC.

        1. ^THIS! lmao

    2. I hope it taught them to keep a lawyer on speed dial. The University, the University President, the accuser, the reporter, and Rolling Stone need to be sued.

      1. YOu’d think they’d have at least some lawyer alumni

        1. Those alum were probably the ones advocating a public capitulation to the angry mobs of social justice warriors.

      2. Ironically the lesson they may take to heart (who could blame them) is that women can’t be trusted or held responsible the same way men can, not legally nor socially. And of course that would make them misogynists, thereby justifying feminists continuing to repeat this cycle.

        I say with great confidence that feminists are the greatest cause misogyny these days.

  2. That’s it? No apology? No, sorry about our huge mistake and rush to judgment?

    Methinks the lawyers had something to do with that.

  3. Robby continues to be a RAPE DENIER!!11!!!

  4. And what’s the latest on Rolling Stone “re-reporting” the story? The news cycle has obviously moved on from this, so I would think they would just get the check book out and then pretend like it never happened.

    1. They are going to do a article about the Multiverse theory where even if Phi Kappa Psi was not technically guilty in this universe it does mean that in at least one alternate universe they were guilty. The title of the article will be Rape Culture Multiverse and You.

      1. Ah, the Sliders defense.

        1. The first 3 seasons of that show were awesome. Too bad they didn’t make any episodes after that.

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  6. There is no apology since the fraternity is still guilty of being part of the Rape Culture since it is still guilty of having men in its membership.

    1. …guilty of having men in its membership.

      Members promote rape culture.

      1. Time to get rid of that Members Only jacket…

    2. All men are rapists, even if they don’t know it.

      1. Yeah, I am the last one to find out about a lot of stuff I do.

    3. Only a penis can rape…kind of like only white people are racists.

      1. And only Jews can lend money at unfair rates. Oh wait, are we using that one?

  7. This has prompted us to take a closer look at ourselves and what role organizations like ours may play in this problem. It’s opened all of our eyes to the problem of sexual assault,” Scipione said.

    In other words, the near brush with mob violence convinced the frat to accept the yoke of collective guilt and to mouth the shibboleths of social justice.

    As a UVa student, I’d steer clear of this house. This statement accedes responsibility ex-ante for any incident or nonincident that may take place, or may be alleged to take place, in or around or during the fraternity grounds or events, simply by accepting their share of guilt. They’re under scrutiny already, and by not standing on their presumptive innocence and fighting back against the keel-hauling that took place they’ll be strung up the next time someone takes umbrage with their activities.

  8. If a gang rape had occured, it plays into narrative of fraternities as unregulated bastion of white male privilege in which rape is just part of the culture.

    If Rolling Stone fucks up a story beyond belief, well that’s certainly bad, but what’s the narrative here? I mean, perhaps there’s a larger point about the rush to judgment, or flawed statistics of the ‘campus rape epidemic’, or perhaps the very uncomfortable topic that some of the assumptions of modern feminism when it comes to these issues can lead to a presumption of guilt environment, or of the current media environment rewarding sensational stories being printed and incentivizing going easy on the fact checks, especially since no one will care much later. But really, no guarantee of clicks on any of those, and the media is not gonna like that last one.

  9. ” it’s always a good time to do something about sexual assault”

    Why does that sound like a beer commercial?

    mmmm. smooth, refreshing. Sexual assault = *Always a good time*

    “it’s weird to think this was the event that made Phi Psi aware of the problem, since its members weren’t responsible”

    Au contraire: nothing makes someone a believer like a brush with the inquisition. Hell, i’m surprised they haven’t denounced all the other fraternities as sodden rape-dens while they begged for forgiveness for non-existent crimes.

    Its *not weird*. Its exactly the kind of behavior expected by a witch-hunters that were never looking for ‘evidence’ in the first place.

    The compulsion of contrition (sans trial) is the entire point. GENUFLECT TO THOSE WHO HOLD YOUR FATE CHEAP

    They won’t fight their treatment by UVA in the slightest. *maybe* they’ll sue rolling stone, but i doubt it. They will do their best to try and be forgotten.

  10. Progressive rule #1: Never, ever, EVER, under any circumstances, admit when you are wrong. Just pretend like nothing happened and appeal to a sense of unity and moving-forwardness. After all, you had good intentions and so nobody should question your moral sanctity.
    Lest of all, should you ever attempt to make amends, because that would only involve giving money and power to your enemies.
    Even when your enemies are right, they must not be allowed to benefit from it. If they try to point out that you are wrong, they are partisan meanies who are just trying to score cheap points.

    1. I was audited by CRA a few years ago (Canadian IRS). My auditor wanted some documents and I dropped them off at her office in a mailbox in the lobby. I couldn’t bring them to her desk because guards prevent the public from accessing the office area. A few days later she called me and asked for the documents. I told her I had dropped them off, she asked where, and I said in the mail drop in the lobby of your building. She said next time please call her and she’ll come down, because the docs I dropped off have to go through a security check now.

  11. The pact obligates Greek organizations to baby-sit their guests and puts restrictions on what kinds of alcohol they can serve. Frat bedrooms will now be guarded.

    At some point, they’re going to have to admit that they’ve watered-down fraternity life to the point where it can no longer be held responsible. I thought it had already happened but, apparently, not so (everywhere).

    1. I think it would be simpler if they were allowed to have crazy parties, but not allowed to let any girls attend.

      1. So real Greek parties, then.

      2. A crazy party with no girls attending? So, a LAN party?

        1. Except, at a frat house.

      3. Universities may as well go ahead and ban drinking for women. You should be allowed to do something which, after you’ve done it, makes you legally immune to whatever you do afterward.

    2. It’s normal for a person cleared of murder charges to sign a pact promising not to murder anyone and agree to be under police surveillance.

  12. Also, it’s important to make sure everyone knows how much you are against rape, by doing all sorts of irrational unjustified things.

    I hate rape so much, I’m willing to vandalize random frat houses!
    Grrrr! Rape is BAD! See how much I hate rape?
    Look how crazy I am! This is how crazy rape makes me! Raaargh!
    I hate rape more than you, you and your dispassionate rational anti-rapeness, therefore I am a better person!

    1. It should be repeated whenever possible that vigilantism against accused rapists has at times included savage beatings and hangings. I doubt many in the #listenandbelieve crowd have the confidence of their convictions to carry out murder, but their petty vandalism and defamatory grandstanding lives in the same continuum of extralegal moral crusading.

      1. To really get their goat, point out how many of [i]those[/i] are black men in the early 20th Century. Beat them with their own rhetoric.

    2. That’s perfect, Hazel.

  13. even as the likelihood of a pre-planned deception on her part continues to grow.

    I didn’t realize Rob was so pro-rape.

    1. Its not that. He’s as opposed to rape as anyone = More so! its just that he doesn’t have a Master’s Degree in journalism from Columbia, which hampers his ability to mind-meld with all the rape victims in the universe and then project their collected suffering onto “Jackie”

      1. which hampers his ability to mind-meld with all the rape victims in the universe

        Show me a dimwitted, disingenuous, over-emotional prog., and I’ll show you a Rape Vulcan.

      2. I think it’s that he’s only against the rape that’s rape, but fails to condemn rape that isn’t rape. Don’t be fooled, non-rape rape is one of the worst kinds of rape. Or non-rape. Rape rape rape.

  14. So what does Phi Psi mean in addressing “the problem”? Violent planned gang rapes that never occurred? The article wasn’t based on college sexual assault in general; it was based on a very specific attack against Jackie at Phi Psi, that is now known to be complete bullshit.

    I Phi Psi are being politically correct but this moral grandstanding based on the delusions of sociopath and her enablers at Rolling Stone really needs to stop

  15. Should UVA’s Honor Code be seen as anything other than a joke? It’s clear, now, that “Jackie” wasn’t telling the truth. Under the UVA Honor Code, assuming it’s similar to those governing student life at other Virginia schools, that means she needs to be either suspended or expelled. To date, there’s no indication that she’s been brought up on Honor Code charges at all.

    1. I’d think in the case of something this sensationalized, and based entirely on different reports by media outlets, the university would basically wait until there is incontrovertible evidence of what in fact did and did not take place, and then proceed with any administrative processes well after the hubbub has died down. In fact, i’d assume they’d be far more likely to simply suggest “Jackie” take a year off and consider transferring out of UVA rather than face the music.

      yes, i know that they didn’t wait for a shred of evidence in the fraternity’s cases – but this is how institutions tend to behave.

      1. But, that’s just it. Without an investigation (and it doesn’t seem one has been initiated), they’ll never establish whether an Honor Code violation occurred. There’s no incontrovertible evidence because hasn’t even bothered looking.

        I get it, in a way. The school doesn’t want to run afoul of the SJW brigades. And expelling someone for false accusations would almost certainly do just that.

        But, there’s a price for that stance. UVA’s Honor Code is now properly seen as a joke (Actually, it was even before. But, that’s another story.) The school can’t hold its Honor Code out as much beyond a farce. And, as far as I’m concerned, the administration, the trustees, and the alumni should be reminded of that on a regular basis.

        1. You have a real point here. If the honor code is to mean anything, then it has to apply to everyone, accused rapists and rape accusers alike.
          Otherwise its just “honor codes for thee, but not for me.”

          Now, I get the point that you don’t want to punish a rape victim just because she can’t *prove* she was raped, but there have to be some sort of consequences for making false rape accusation, otherwise you’ve rendered the Honor Code a farce.

          It may be that the testimony of the three friends might be enough to give her story enough credibility for her to avoid expulsion. But that process needs to be followed, otherwise you are commiting an injustice to every person who has gone through that same process.

          1. It’s also worth noting that they face more lawsuit risk from expelling a woman who filed a false allegation than from expelling a man for being falsely accused. The organizations siding with the former are much better funded and more influential than what few might defend the latter.

            Effectively, the threat of politically motivated litigation renders one group’s rights worth less than the other group’s rights.

  16. The only actual problem in this fracas is the knee-jerk support of a false accusation. The frat should be litigating for major damages, and demanding the resignation of the chief inquisatrix as their first condition.


  17. Individual responsibility, individual blame, individual PUNISHMENT. Even if the rape HAD occurred and even if the fraternity house was SOMEHOW to blame (group conspiracy? Ha.), why punish the other greek houses? Simple, the sociologist president of UVA hates the greek houses, as all good lefties do, and therefore any excuse was good enough.

    1. I think one can be fairly confident that the rules proposed are just for show and will be flagrantly ignored as soon as the semester gets going.

  18. Scipione has a wonderful future ahead working in some high bureaucratic function.

    He got it. Never let an ‘incident’, even a manufactured one pass by without getting something out of it.

  19. I’m going to assume few if any who apply to UVA and few if any who donate to the school will change their actions based on Sullivan’s demonization of the greek system based on falsehoods. So, why would she or the school change their behavior? That applies to all of the autocratic actions across most of the academe.

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  21. part two……’Why?’, I asked. ‘Because of the anthrax incident of 2001.’ ‘Holy cow, there was an anthrax incident? I hadn’t heard that’, I said. I asked what happened. In 2001 an envelope came in dusted with a white powder. The CRA main building in Ottawa was evacuated. The man was arrested who sent the envelope, and later released. His wife had been baking, he had placed the envelope on his kitchen counter and then picked it up, put a stamp on it and mailed it. It was flour on the envelope. Since 2001 EVERY ENVELOPE GOING TO CRA IN CANADA GOES THROUGH A SECURITY CHECK BECAUSE OF THIS INCIDENT. And, when I say a security check it is sent to a special facility that was built and set up specifically to check these ‘anthrax’ incidents. I was aghast. Why, I asked? She seemed exasperated. ‘Because of the anthrax incident. We can’t take a chance on having another one.’ But, you didn’t have an anthrax incident, you had a flour incident. ‘No’, she replied, ‘we had that one in 2001’.

    This has been going on since 2001! Zero incidents, flour or otherwise since that time.

    1. Obviously, the counter-measures are working. Zero incidents since they were implemented!

      1. Hey I can appreciate their reasoning. I live in Minneapolis and I haven’t been attacked by a bear since I’ve had this rock In my pocket. Would anyone like to buy one of my anti-bear rocks?

        1. No thanks, your humor is too dry, and even worse, you haven’t proven that the anti-bear rock actually works (there’s always the future, you know) . . .

        2. When I was little, all I did was eat and sleep, nothing to worry about; life started going downhill once I stopped shitting in my pants. I suppose I’ll regain the happiness of early childhood if I start shitting in my pants again.

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    1. Your roomate’s half-sister’s name is “Jackie” and she’s making this money by extortion!! Sociopath!

  23. Part one didn’t show up for some reason.

    Here it is again:

    I was audited by the Canadian IRS – called CRA up here and was asked to submit some documents. Which I did. My auditor called me a few days later and asked where they were and I told her I had dropped them at the mail drop in the lobby of the CRA building in my City, where her office is. Of course I couldn’t get past the guard to go to her office directly. She asked if next time I called her first and she would come to the lobby and pick up the docs from me personally. ‘Why?’, I asked…..

  24. My point is, to a bureaucrat every incident is an opportunity to expand the structure. Even those that are wholly manufactured.

    1. Problem is bureaucrats act like robots. They can’t really make any decision other than to do what is explicitly commanded of them. And the people doing the commanding are incompetent power hungry morons.

  25. Doesn’t that “honor code” that UVA never enforces against poltically-connected shits like Teddy Kennedy require expulsion for lying? Why is “jackie” still a student there?


    1. Rules are created by oppressors, and therefore only apply to oppressors.

    2. Rules are created by oppressors, and therefore only apply to oppressors.

  26. Frat bedrooms will now be guarded.

    This made me laugh. Out loud.

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaags! NTTAW…well, there IS something wrong with being utter pussies*. Burn out, don’t fade away!

    * Yeah, I said it! Cause I lived it – never gave in, constantly in trouble, but NEVER acceded to the administration. It’s harder now than in the 80’s I’m sure. Tough – stop being pushoever pussies, or just join Pan Hel and call yourself a sorority if you’re going in for all the PC bullshit, kids.

    1. This reeks of the national fraternity telling the chapter leadership exactly what to say and do. We had a similar situation involving a change in on-campus alcohol policy. The university informed us of the change and said it was “for our own protection, as our insurance policies didn’t cover the current activities.” When I pointed out that our insurance policy did in fact cover the current activities, the university officials flipped out on me in front of 300 some Greek organization leaders and I had a nasty voicemail from my national organization waiting for me when I returned to my house. When I explained to them how our insurance policies differed from others’, I was told to shut up and do as I was told. The implicit threat is our charter would be suspended, not by the university, but by the national fraternity if we didn’t stop rocking the boat.

      1. Exact same situation happened to my fraternity in college. We were told that, because fraternities couldn’t get liability insurance for alcohol-related incidents, that they had to micromanage what kind of parties we held. We pointed out that we had comprehensive coverage that handled all of these things (and no history of problems with our parties) and were told “tough shit”. We went to our national organization about it and were told to roll over and do what they said.

        It was a valuable lesson for me about trusting neither my school administration nor my fraternity’s leadership…fortunately I never got myself into a bind where I’d have to rely on either.

  27. Covering people in bubble wrap…sounds kinky.

  28. They should start passing out big “Don’t Rape Me, Bro!” stickers to each of their female guests.

    There. Rape Culture rejected! Woot!

    1. Or, to give the wimminz a choice, a sticker that says “Rape is Bad, mmkay?”

  29. In a sane world, this would be an occasion for the angry villagers to lower their pitchforks and discuss the biases and processes that led them to the wrong conclusions.

    But the angry villagers seem undeterred.

    Phi Psi isn’t signing on to this because of “angry villagers.” It’s signing on because insurance companies are going to start demanding that fraternity chapters adopt policies like this if they want coverage.

  30. False accusations ought to be punishable by the same sentence the falsely accused would have faced.

    1. I agree with this 100%. Also I would take it further and say that if a cop or lawyer fabricates evidence then they would receive the sentence against the wrongly accused person.

  31. This whole rape and sexual assault campaign has gotten way out of hand. There is a new study that says that campuses experience a sexual assault rate of 6 out of 1,000. That seems really, really good to me. This whole “Not one more” campaign is absolutely ridiculous. There is no such thing as utopia. There is no such thing as a world without rape, murder, violence, theft, abuse, etc.

    I would rather see 100 guilty people go free than 1 innocent person be wrongly convicted. How many sacrificial lambs need be slaughtered before people rise up against these absurd “Zero Tolerance” and “Not One More” campaigns?

    1. I find the ‘world without rape’ rhetoric quite forbidding. It implies that no measure is too extreme if it prevents just one more rape. Castrating all men at birth would be an easy way to reduce rape significantly, so isn’t it worth it? According to the logic of Ezretard Klein, it is. If it stops just one, even just one…

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  33. To politicized feminists, it seems, false rape is the same as real rape. It presents an opportunity to talk up the “rape culture,” not, as you said, reflect on the (anti-male) bias that led to whole mess.

    Here’s an example of what can happen to a man falsely accused:

    “Charges: Murder in Fairbanks result of false rape accusation,” Jan. 8. ’15

    What would have happened if a male student at UVA had accused seven female students of sexually assaulting him? Too improbable for me to make the comparison?

    Think again. Women not only falsely accuse men of raping them, they also rape men:

    “A rape epidemic — by women?” http://malemattersusa.wordpres…..-by-women/

    “When the rapist is a she” http://www.salon.com/2011/08/03/male_rape/

    1. You must be some kind of Nazi-fascist-chauvinist-misogynisto. How dare you use your screen name to imply males matter! Politically incorrect sob.

  34. “That’s it? No apology? No sorry about our huge mistake and rush to judgment?” Ha ha! Who you kidding? It’s a ‘Well, we couldn’t make it stick this time, but in time we will. We will..just a matter of time.’

  35. “This has prompted us to take a closer look at ourselves and what role organizations like ours may play in this problem.”

    The problem? What problem? The problem of women who manufacture rape accusations out of thin air for attention or personal gain?

    I think Bill Frezza might be able to give you some advice as to what role your organization can play in THAT particular problem. Too bad Forbes fired him for daring to write an article about it.

    I’m thoroughly disgusted by this entire debacle. If one of the members of the frat had been actually hit by a brick or broken glass, perhaps injured or killed, would anyone give a shit?

    I’m not a religious person, but Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness used to be on the top ten list of things not to do for a reason–because it can lead to people dying. Just this week in Wales, a teenage boy killed himself after school officials told him he was a rapist for having sex with a girl his age at a party. Just this week in the US, a woman and her father were sentenced to prison because her false rape allegation lead to her father and an impromptu mob beating an innocent man to death.

    1. 2/2:

      Theodore Roosevelt quoting Bishop Galloway of Mississippi in 1906: “When the rule of a mob obtains, that which distinguishes a high civilization is surrendered. The mob which lynches a negro charged with rape will in a little while lynch a white man suspected of crime. Every Christian patriot in America needs to lift up his voice in loud and eternal protest against the mob spirit that is threatening the integrity of this Republic.”

      The KKK had the exact same opinion of due process protections that feminists do–they see due process as unjustly privileging the accused and denying justice to accusers. They had the exact same notions of criminal behavior being inherently attached to a person’s genetic make-up. The only difference is that the “savage negro” has been replaced by “toxic masculinity”. Next verse, same as the first, but now it’s about all men, not just black men, and all women, not just white women.

      And when they perpetrate an injustice and lynch an innocent man, they don’t feel any need to apologize. Hell, even the wrongly accused frat is willing to toe the line and confess that they “contribute to rape culture”.

      Again, absolutely disgusted.

  36. Robby Soave, You speak of “. . . covering people in bubble wrap . . . .” May I point out that this is ecologically unfriendly? Or, is this a new kind of performance art? If the latter is true, I suppose I could get on board.

    Anyway, here’s at least one takeaway: “Fact Checkers Unite! You have only your reputations to preserve.”

  37. Innocense is no defense against the charge of xxblaspxemyxx sexual assault!

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  40. Let me get this straight. There is no evidence that fraternities have done anything wrong. In fact, Phi Psi was the victim of baseless accusations and there has been no apologies. However, fraternities are still being punished. Universities have become dangerous places for males because due process doesn’t apply any more.

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  42. This is 21st century America. Nobody admits guilt or offers an apology, especially those in authority.

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