Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Charlie Hebdo Suspects Intend to 'Die As Martyrs', More Hostages Taken at Paris Supermarket, Connecticut Orders Teen to Get Chemo: A.M. Links


Charles Adler/Twitter
  • Several hostages were taken at a Paris supermarket Friday morning, following a shootout between Paris police and an armed suspect. There's speculation, but no confirmation, that the shooter is the same suspect who killed a police officer in suburban Paris Thursday and that he has ties to the Charlie Hebdo massacre on Wednesday. Police have named two suspects connected to the situation, Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene.
  • Meanwhile, the two men suspected in the Charlie Hebdo office attack are barricaded in an industrial park north of Paris and said to have taken one hostage. The men reportedly told negotiators they plan to "die as martyrs."
  • The U.S. economy added 252,000 jobs in December, with unemployment dropping to 5.6 percent.
  • New Russian road-safety violations bar anyone with "mental and behavioral disorders", including transgender people and others considered to have "sex disorders", from obtaining a driver's license. 
  • The Republican National Committee has green-lighted the Iowa GOP's quadrennial August straw poll; its future had been uncertain after Republican officials worried that the poll compromises the state caucuses. 
  • A 17-year-old Connecticut girl with Hodgkin lymphoma is being forced by state officials to undergo chemotherapy. 

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  1. A 17-year-old Connecticut girl with Hodgkin lymphoma is being forced by state officials to undergo chemotherapy.

    Oncologists need to get paid, too.

    1. Morning, Mr. Fist.

      After yesterday, I made sure to wear my kevlar-lined cup today. Hopefully that’ll be enough.

      Also, today is my wife’s 40th birthday. Should I be cruel about that or not? I’m thinking not, because I want to live past today.

      1. Not. Because there are worth things than a quick death.

        1. A quick death is not necessarily worthless.

          1. Are you making fun of my lithp?

      2. You are required by the laws of family teasing to decorate her car with announcements of the momentous event, so that all her coworkers may join you in congratulating her.

        1. She’s a stay-at-home-mom, so no co-workers. And only one sibling, and we live 1000 miles from her family. So I’m the only one that could do it!

          I won’t. I might make a joke with the cake and not having enough candles because we don’t want to set off the smoke detectors, but that’s it.

      3. Speaking from experience, it is best to be VERY quiet and prepare to duck a lot on such an auspicious day!

      4. If she has siblings she’ll probably get enough teasing from them. Also she probably feels old enough, so do something romantic like buy flowers

      5. If you can or haven’t thought of it already, maybe a weekend in a nearby city to celebrate? My ex and I used to do this for our anniversary every year until she started training for triathlons/marathons. It was great fun to relive our pre-kid lives for a couple days.

      6. Be nice to your wife. Unless you’re living in Cougartown, her birthday should remind you that you’re old, as well.

      7. Heh, when my wife turned 40 I told her I was going to trade her in for two 20’s.

        1. To which she replied “you aren’t wired for two twenties, dear.”

    2. If were the doc and she said, “I don’t want to do this” I would put the meds away and let her go.

    3. I wonder if she could just pay a penaltax and be done with it?

    4. Hello.


      Well, those poor Muslims are disenfranchised because of white people. What did you expect? Community leaders to work with each for a common cause to improve things? Come on! They’re desperate. I can understand their frustration and the need to lash out and kill things and stuff.

    5. So they are forcing her to get a cancer abortion?
      /runs from thread

      1. Oh, Florida man…

      2. I believe she should be forced to bring the cancer to term.

        1. /sneaks back in

          HER body, MY wallet, GOVERNMENT’S choice!!!

          /runs off again
          reply to this

          1. OK, I’m replying as requested, but that’s a hard act to follow…

            1. Dang, I didn’t know “reply to this” was an order


              1. *tosses live nutria to pythongator minion*

                1. pythongator minion*

                  They’ll never last north of Jacksonville.

                  1. They’ll never last north of Jacksonville.

                    You found my one weakness. Temperatures under 80 degrees.

    6. What’s interesting to me is that they’re saying the seventeen year-old is not competent to make such an adult choice. If she kills the doc trying to chemo her, what’s the odds the state wouldn’t even consider trying her as an adult for the murder?

    7. The forced chemo really grinds my gears.

      My recommendation to our staff would be that they decline to treat her, respecting her wishes.

      If the court wants to order a physician and hospital to provide care against their wishes, I’d also recommend that we fight that. The word “slavery” would be featured in our briefs.

      1. Could she claim religiuous exemption? First amendmend. Or does that even matter anymore.

  2. The U.S. economy added 252,000 jobs in December, with unemployment dropping to 5.6 percent.

    The Summer of Seasonal Recovery is upon us.

    1. We’ve almost caught back up to the “disaster” projections of no-stimulus!

        1. Well worth it. Do you really want to be in this same state years ago?

      1. Shhh! Those projections have been memory-holed.

        1. /sneaks back in

          HER body, MY wallet, GOVERNMENT’S choice!!!

          /runs off again

          1. Sorry, in my stealth state I broke into the wrong thread.

            1. Floridah is not a ‘stealth state’.

              1. You’re right. I knocked over my drum of methylamine right before jumping out.

    2. or as Zero Hedge puts it:
      Labor Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 38 Year Low; Record 92.9 Million Americans Not In Labor Force:

      “Another month, another attempt by the BLS to mask the collapse in the US labor force with a goalseeked seasonally-adjusted surge in waiter, bartender and other low-paying jobs. Case in point: after a modest rebound by 0.1% in November, the labor participation rate just slid once more, dropping to 62.7%, or the lowest print since December 1977. This happened because the number of Americans not in the labor forced soared by 451,000 in December, far outpacing the 111,000 jobs added according to the Household Survey, and is the primary reason why the number of uenmployed Americans dropped by 383,000.”…..ans-not-la

      1. How much of this is job loss and how much is baby boomers retiring?

  3. Turn your cat into a lion…..mane/45526

    1. Saved that as a project for my daughter. The ginger cat looks exactly like my cat Jumper.

      Pro Tip: Never take the cat that the shelter names Jumper, unless you have a sense of humor and a lot of space.

    2. I have never known a cat who would be OK with fashion accessories.

      1. Lots of girls have vagina piercings. …oh wait, wrong thread

        1. Mourning Lynx is never the wrong thread for anything.

  4. The men reportedly told negotiators they plan to “die as martyrs.”

    But apparently take their time about it.

    1. They’re arguing over how to split the 72 virgins.

      1. Jesus, that sounds painful

      2. I’ve always enjoyed this little ‘bennie’ about the Islamic afterlife. Exactly how long will those virgins stay virgins? The afterlife is forever afterall. Wouldn’t take long til they were worn out like the rest of us mortals.

        1. Always best to not ask too many questions.

        2. Some scholars say it’s a mistranslation, and they’re really being promised 72 white raisins. Which raises a similar problem, unless they or the virgins are magically self-renewing

        3. Breaking in virgins doesn’t sound like paradise to me.

          1. 72 virgins sounds messy.

    1. Dang…there goes my alternate career path!

    2. Not surprising one bit. The Indian bureaucracy is by far the worst bureaucracy in the whole world. It is incompetent and corrupt.

      1. Soo… could I get a no-show job as an Indian Mandarin and just keep attending my job here in New York?

        1. You weren’t able to get a no-show job here in New York? 😉

      2. I recall Thomas Sowell mentioning Indian bureaucracy, as an example of his concept of cultural capital, in his book Race & Culture. IIRC he says a tenacious societal ideal over there is the bureaucrat with a sinecure.

        1. He is right. Pre-1991, the best “careers” to enter into were in the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Foreign Service, the Indian Forestry Service, the Indian Police Force, or some other government sh1t.

      3. I did not know that the Indian bureaucracy was incompetent and corrupt, I always thought that it just didn’t function because there are a thousand rules about absolutely everything, some of them naturally conflicting, and the bureacrats work strictly to rule. Just like a union can bring a production line to a screeching halt by actually exactly following the work rules rather than continuing work in a “close enough, you know what we mean” regard for the rules.

        1. The rules are byzantine, but the bureaucrats will get your stuff done if you bribe them. And everyone had to bribe them to get anything done. F***ing leaches.

      4. I ship some stuff to India and I can attest to that. Though Brazil is right up there with them. As far as exporting stuff goes, I’d almost say Brazil is worse.

    3. India evidently took lessons from D.C. under Mayor Barry.

      1. I think the reason bureaucracy in the US is much better behaved than Indian bureaucracy is because, to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, it has a “pistol at its head”, courtesy of the Second Amendment.

        1. And our system didn’t develop with the 19th century British civil service as a model.

    4. Maybe he was working for the CIA on something seekrit.
      Ex-EPA adviser admits to fraud, CIA stint claim, 13 years of lies…..2J20130927

      1. son of a bitch, I need to read down first

    5. Why didn’t he just pretend he was doing covert operations for the CIA?

  5. did you see the light worker’s new proposal for “free” community college? What a populist demagogue SOB.

    1. Community organizers, community colleges…why do you hate community?

      1. Because it shares letters with COMMUNISM!

        1. +1 Archie Bunker

      2. Who could hate Community? That show’s awesome, and it has Alison Brie on it.

          1. the claw clip just makes it that much better

      3. The guy has benefited from “free” government sh1t his entire life and has not held a private sector job ever. I guess in the end it should not be surprising what a real a$$ he is.

        Still, the demagoguery is what really annoys the heck out of me. Why stop at community college? Why not make life in its entirety “free”?

        1. I like it. Just maintain a 2.5 Life Point Average and show steady progress.

        2. “Free college until retirement” was the suggestion I saw last night.

    2. Dammit, Hiawatha, why do you hate America? Germany now gives free college education to all, including Americans living there. Do you want us to fall behind? As a matter of national pride we must provide all citizens with post-secondary education.

      1. Then, when a bachelor’s degree is as watered down as a high-school diploma is now, we’ll have to pay for everyone’s education through the master’s level. At least all of those people with postgraduate degrees in trendy identity studies will finally have jobs that don’t directly involve pizza.

        1. I refinanced my house and on the application it had years in school. 19. 19 fucking years of my life wasted spent listen to other people talk about God knows what. We need stream lined education not more bloated credentialing.

          1. 19? Do you have a Master’s degree?

            1. Yes.

          2. More years delayed entering thee work force, more years delayed starting a family.

            I wonder how much of the industrialized world’s current demographic death spiral is a direct result of credentialism, and this idea that everyone needs to waste 10 years of their life, building up debt and getting a degree in something that is absolutely worthless?

            1. For the last 4 years I’ve spent every extra dollar paying off debts. Imagine all that money employing contractors, service providers, travel industry, etc. I could by myself employee 2 people full time with that money.

        2. When this happens I am going to go to trade school and become an electrician and charge everyone out the ass for my services.

          1. Electrician is my back up plan if healthcare gets too fucked. People will take a crack at their own plumbing. No one wants to be electrocuted to death. Ask topsy the elephant.

            1. Agreed. Plus, I don’t want to face all the human waste that I presume a plumber comes across on a regular basis. I’ll take the rodents and other vermin instead.

            2. I’ve considered that too. I am one who does his own electricianing, and I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself.

              The trouble is that you need to do years of apprenticeship and learn how to wire up a three phase industrial system before you are allowed to install an outlet in someone’s house for money.

            3. No way I do my own plumbing. Every plumbing job invariably ends up in a dark cobwebby place touching something unspeakably foul.

              1. I do plumbing too. Though drains are terrible. The glue for plastic pipes is nearly as bad as the sewage.

                My problem with plumbing is usually that I end up needing 5 trips to the hardware store every time I try to do anything.

        3. I was being sarcastic, Doc. Please recalibrate your filters. Don’t make me break out the “/sarc” tags.

          1. I got that you were, but that’s where we’re headed.

      2. Yeah and I’m not sure I’ve met a German who left the University system before 26 or so.

        1. Unintended consequences, how do they work?

        2. Part of that is, I believe, a national service requirement.

        3. But at least they don’t promote the fiction that college is for everyone – or they didn’t back in my day.

          1. As far as I know it is still that way. And they don’t encourage everyone to study whatever they feel like, but try to encourage people to get onto career tracks, whether that’s a technical school are university or what.

            If you are going to massively subsidize post-secondary education (which we shouldn’t), the US model is pretty terrible.

        4. And those are just those who are fortunate to be allowed to go. The bulk of people are tracked out of the University path in their early teens.

      3. Spot on, Tonio. This is where people like Obama and National Greatness/Pride Conservatives get together for an unwholesome orgy to screw Lady Liberty.

        1. Don’t go all SugarFree on us, dude.

          1. What’s the SugarFree reference? I _did_ get the sarcasm and was kind of piling on.

            1. “Screw lady liberty”. You’d need to get a lot more explicit to get to SF territory, though.

            2. SF is known for his political satire involving sex scenes.

              1. this is the most “gentle” description I think possible.

          2. “Statist Fucks and the DOOMCOCK of Liberty”?

            1. “You actually think that’s a torch she’s holdin’?”

            2. I’m seeing cover art with a certain famous Lady sporting a DoomCock.

  6. The Republican National Committee has green-lighted the Iowa GOP’s quadrennial August straw poll; its future had been uncertain after Republican officials worried that the poll compromises the state caucuses.

    I fell asleep 3 separate times reading this.

    1. Maybe we should force you to undergo sleep disorder treatment.

      1. Do you want me to stay awake or stay asleep?

        1. We want you to commit!

    2. The Republican National Comm…

      Zzzzzzz…huh, wha?

    3. worried that the poll compromises the state caucuses

      Which translates as “worried that the rank and file might select someone the RNC doesn’t like.” Now, who are they so worried about?

  7. The U.S. economy added 252,000 jobs in December, with unemployment dropping to 5.6 percent.

    Community College enrollment officials?

    1. The good news (if your a marxist)…is that the Labor Participation rate is now at a 38 year low. 92.9 Million working age adults are no longer participating. So redistribution for the win

      1. That’s a part that, by the most amazing coincidence, my Obot Facebook friends keep leaving out.

      2. 1 American for every mile between here and the sun…interesting.

    2. I love that he waited to unveil this brilliance until he lost both houses of congress and therefore made it impossible for this to pass.

      It’s almost like he doesn’t even think it’s a good plan, but just wants to get Republicans to shoot the plan down so he can claim Republicans hate education.

    3. It kinda depends on which survey you go with.

      That’s the “establishment” (employer) survey, replete with “seasonal adjustments”.

      There’s also the household survey, which is not so rosy:

      The household survey says that the total number of people employed fell by 476,000 last month. This, on the back of a -270,000 print last month, making this one month off from a trend (three makes a trend) and worsening from the last report. In addition the number of those who left the labor force increased by 959,000 last month on the back of 506,000 leaving the labor force last month — also two months of three, and again worsening.

      The employment:population ratio decreased by two tenths, also being the second month in a row of declines.

      So the bottom line here is that the “decrease” in unemployment had exactly nothing to do with improved employment (in fact actual employment declined for both of the last two months) but instead was comprised of people who are unemployed giving up on finding a job!

    1. “the social evil of pedicurists”

      Sounds like a great movie title/album name/novel

      1. And the only thing that could beat Pump Pump was this classic of paedo pop

      2. Wow, I never knew Captain Kangaroo was a giant Finn.

    2. That. Was. AWESOME!

      ‘My t-shirt says ‘dammit’.


    3. Punk seems like a good genre for the learning disabled.

      1. I was going to argue with you as there is a lot of good punk rock out there. But I think you are right about that.

  8. The Republican National Committee has green-lighted the Iowa GOP’s quadrennial August straw poll; its future had been uncertain after Republican officials worried that the poll compromises the state caucuses.

    The wrong person won the last straw poll, so now they want to ban it.

  9. New Russian road-safety violations bar anyone with “mental and behavioral disorders”, including transgender people and others considered to have “sex disorders”, from obtaining a driver’s license.

    Have you seen dashcam footage of what goes on on Russian roads? I didn’t even know they tested for drivers licenses.

    1. Have you seen dashcam footage of what goes on on Russian roads?

      Just imagine if they had no standards.

    2. It’s a common-sense restriction on individual liberty for public safety. Why do you hate public safety so much?

    3. That was the 1st thing I thought of. I think they realize they have a problem, & are grasping at straws to solve it. I doubt anyone went thru the list of disorders from WHO & said, yeah, let’s target these guys; they just saw WHO had such a category & said, hey, we’ll get new respect in the int’l community that laughs at our drivers. Now all the groups listed by WHO & therefore swept up are looking at it & squawking. The Russians are to blame for malice in many things, but this one’s a dumb unintended consequence.

  10. Come on ENB, you’re not new at this anymore. You know what we want. Just because there aren’t quite as many people clamoring to take your job doesn’t mean that you can skip the alt-text!

      1. Se Juis Alt-text!

        1. The alt text is juicy?

          1. Juicy Couture!

    1. The complicated process of signing up for Obamacare is now being matched by IRS instructions to help Americans figure out how much in healthcare taxes they owe Uncle Sam. The agency has issued 21 pages of instructions, complete with links to at least three long forms and nine tip sheets.

      The trainwreck continues.

      1. Everyone just let John do it – he says this stuff is “easy”.

  11. I’m an even bigger fan of a armed population now.Try running around WV or Texas for a day trying to take a hostage,Good chance you’ll run into a well armed good old boy.

    1. Not to mention the soccer moms. Pro tip, in Texas, if a soccer mom reaches for her purse she is not reaching to give you her wallet.

      1. were I live all the people out my way have 3 or 4 guns,and know how to use them.Veto Ohio is well armed. [ near the Ohio river}

        1. were I live

          Are you not? I had no idea you were even sick.

        2. “Veto, Ohio”

          Best town name ever?

    2. Who was it who said “an armed society is a polite society”.

      I’m always tempted to quote this at academic meetings, or gatherings of pinko in-laws. But I would soon find my self without a job sleeping on the couch.

        1. Thanks.

      1. Some overrated sci-fi writer, I think.

          1. Drag him to an airlock!

  12. Someone get Liam Neesson to Paris

    1. Neeson. I blame the weather.

    2. Bah, Qui-Gon Jinn was mediocre with the light saber.

      1. Bryan Mills could kick the shit out of Qui-Gon Jinn.

      2. Yeah but he sure could meditate behind a force field with his double-bladedlightsaberthingy opponent standing menacingly before him.

  13. New Russian road-safety violations bar anyone with “mental and behavioral disorders”, including transgender people and others considered to have “sex disorders”, from obtaining a driver’s license.

    You know what I’d like to see? Instead of these nut punches from across the sea, I want to have stories about places that are freer in some aspect in the US. An envy punch if you will. Then we could stick that in smug faces. “Well in X country they have legal “Y” and it works.”

    1. That type of argument has worked so well for weed or prostitution.

      1. I’m skeptical of any libertarian moment in the US but it is nice to be able to point to real world examples of working freedom. I don’t see the chronic nut punches as doing any good other than keeping me cynical.

    2. There is total “freedom” in Somalia, you rat-bagging teafucker.

      1. I do have vacation coming up.
        /looks at world map

  14. “New Russian road-safety violations bar anyone with “mental and behavioral disorders”, including transgender people and others considered to have “sex disorders”, from obtaining a driver’s license. ”

    Does this apply to manual trannies or automatic trannies or both?

    1. I miss my six speed rx-8. I got a Tacoma with automatic so the wife could drive it in a pinch. I tried teaching her manual but for the sake of our relationship I stopped.

      1. All I understood from this is that you married a man in a dress.

        1. Then you read me well.

      2. Manual is too much work. I can shift gears on a motorbike, but not a car. So I feel your wife’s pain.

        1. I learned to drive manual and my first 3 cars were stick so it was natural for me. I don’t miss it in Orlando 5 o’clock traffic though.

          1. I learned to drive a “stick” in my dad’s chevvy pick-up – it had the shifter on the steering column. I loved driving that beater.

            1. My brother had a ford F-1 I think with shift on the column. Weird but fun.

              1. 3-on-the-tree, Baby!

                I try to get all my cars with manuals. It’s the libertarian answer! I don’t need no transmission telling me what gear I should be in!

          2. I learned stick at the bottom of a goddamn hill. Never again.

          3. I actually prefer manual. I learned to drive on a 3-speed manual with the shifter on the steering column. Colloquially a “three on the tree.”

          4. Lol Shortly after I got my license My parents bought a 3rd car for me to use (mostly so I could run errands for them)

            It was a 1983 Ford Escort wagon with a stick shift.

            My father had me come with him to pick it up, handed me the keys and said “That 3rd pedal is the clutch, you need to press it before shifting into a different gear. See you when you get home.”, then got into his car and left.

        2. I’m always amazed at how few cars have manual transmissions anymore. I’ve never had anything else.
          Automatics are weird. I feel like I’m driving a motor boat and I tend to hit the brakes really hard with both feet.

          1. Having not driven an automatic in a number of months, I drove my SiL’s GMC.

            Somewhere along the way, I stabbed at the (non-existant) clutch, and almost ended up in the ditch.

        3. I prefer standard, though it’s increasingly hard to get these days.

        4. Manuals are awesome, unless you have a lot of stop-and-start driving (urban commutes, etc.).

          Then, they blow chunks. Sometimes, chunks of your clutch.

      3. Got a 5-speed BMW (harder to find than you think) and a 6-speed Mini Cooper S (easy to find).

        The Mini has the shortest clutch travel I’ve ever experienced. It’s more of a button than a pedal. It makes the Bimeer feel rubbery.

        Damn enough sexual connotations for one day. Good day to you, sir!

      1. At least he has the courtesy of driving backwards. When I was in New Delhi, people were making u turns and driving against traffic on 8 lane highways because they didn’t feel like paying toll change.

      2. It was probably easier than waiting for some bureacracy to give him permission to get it fixed.

    2. Does this apply to manual trannies or automatic trannies or both?

      Thanks. Everyone in my office now wants to know what I think is so funny.

  15. In Russia, lingerie wears truck drivers!

  16. A bit surprised this didn’t turn out to be an official link:

    Boston selected as US bid for 2024 Olympics

    The part about this that is the worst is that they considered the shutdown after the marathon bombing to be a point in Boston’s favor.

    1. I’d offer a ‘Congrats Boston Taxpayers, now bend over’, but that would be redundant.

      1. Officially it’s not supposed to use Boston taxpayer money for any of the funding…

        1. HAHAHA!

          I timed my drink of coffee perfectly. I don’t need to buy a new monitor!

    2. My first thought was, does the US always submit subject a city to this and if so why in bleeding hell?

      1. FTA: the USOC had 3 other cities who wanted to host (LA, SF, DC) and selected Boston; something, something, civic pride…

        1. Well at least there’s no chance in hell it will go the US anytime soon.

          /knock on wood

    3. I hope Boston doesn’t get it, and if does, that I’m out of the area before then.


      Oh wait, my daughter will be in college. I won’t have to live in this state anymore.

  17. False Rape Accusation Leads To Alaska Man’s Beating Death
    …The woman, 31-year-old Dominique Vasquez, reportedly did not want to admit to her boyfriend, 39-year-old Abraham Stine, that she had cheated on him and so lied about the rape, according to Alaska Dispatch News….

    …”Later, Vasquez admitted she lied about being raped by Lord and she had consensual sex with him,” according to the complaint. “Vasquez knew Stine has a history of assaulting people, from her personal experience.”

    Both Stine and Vasquez face second-degree murder charges, according to Alaska Dispatch News. Vasquez reportedly held her hand over Lord’s mouth while he was being assaulted.

    1. What a bitch.

    2. She also knew that Stine had a history of violence when she lied and told him that 37-year-old Wesley Lord ? who was also Stine’s cousin ? raped her at a the Extended Stay Hotel in Fairbanks


      Yeah. Fantastic people, these two. Somehow I think the SJW activists will stay very, very silent about this one.

      1. Stine had to assault Lord, otherwise he would be a rape denier.

    3. But I thought there were no false rape accusations, ever.

    4. James Stewart can defend her, and the case can hinge on her panties.

    5. If only they would have worn police uniforms before killing him they would have gotten away with it.

  18. News of an “ongoing” incident at the Trocadero Centre near the Eiffel Tower via BBC News.

    Holy fuck.

    1. Thankfully, it’s now being reported as a false alarm

      1. Fortunately you are correct.

        Trocadero ‘false alarm’

        Posted at 14:27

        A police spokesperson tells the BBC that a possible incident reported at the Trocadero (near the Eiffel Tower in central Paris) is a false alarm.

    1. That’s been posted in randoms over the few days. Kind of surprised they haven’t gotten around to a story about it.

      It has everything, doesn’t it?

      1. It has… WINNING!


      2. Dang, I spend too much time here as it is and I still hadn’t seen that one mentioned.

        How this outrageous stuff keeps happening and people haven’t noticed that their streets have lampposts and Home Depot sells rope and made the obvious connection between the rope and the lampposts and the outrage is beyond me.

    2. That story seems like a legitimate mistake, because they say the police officer was trying to stop the woman from hitting the man and her dog jumped up on his back. Then he slipped and was shooting like a maniac. Okay, maybe not a legitimate mistake…

      However, this Iowa cop story seems worse to me. It is infuriating.

      1. HE was trying to stop the woman from hitting the man by shooting at the dog? And since when is shooting to stop someone from hitting not an outrage?

        1. Oh come on, his post was pretty freaking clear, you’re just being obtuse in trying to pretend it wasn’t. The cop was trying to stop the woman from hitting a man. The woman’s dog jumped on his back. He panicked, tried to shoot the dog on his back and instead slipped and shot the woman.

          1. … and then prevented the husband – who had been trained in giving first aid to gunshot victims – from giving her first aid while they waited for the ambulance.

            What do we call it when you knowingly prevent medical assistance to someone who is bleeding out and they subsequently die? It’s a word that? ‘furder’? ‘turder’? ‘nurder’? something like that.

          2. Since when is trying to stop someone from hitting another person by shooting them a legitimate action?

            1. It can be.

              IF you saw a guy built like Mike Tyson at his prime punching a woman full power in the head over and over again, shooting him would be legitimate use of deadly force to defend someone else.

              I would be surprised, though, if a mundane had been in the cop’s shoes, if the accidental shooting wasn’t universally held to be reckless.

    3. What blows my mind is the lack of outrage over this unbelievable tragedy. A mother murdered by a cop in front of her kid because of a dog.

      Yet, a couple of thuggish kids like Trayvon and Brown makes everyone lose their minds.

      Our priorities are whacked.

      1. Well the black community is used to being fucked over by the po-po, and things finally reached a tipping point.

        White middle-class suburbanites are not used to that, and on those rare occasions where that happens to one of their own they go into denial and assume the victim must have been doing something wrong.

        1. I get that – and the media’s excuse?

          1. It doesn’t advance and promote the narrative of racism and pit working class white people against blacks and white liberal elites.

            1. Or sell ad space.

          2. I think it’s a combination of laziness and wanting to be socially relevant and “make a difference” or something.

  19. So how long until a smug Boston-based police official or politician crows about the current situation in Paris as proof of how right they were to shut down the city?

  20. So how long until a smug Boston-based police official or politician crows about the current situation in Paris as proof of how right they were to shut down the city?

    1. And how do we take care of those terrorist squirrels?

      1. Arr. They’re drivin’ me nuts!

        1. aHHH…the oldies.


        I can show you how to make a squirrel pole if you have an old fence post and spare wire.

        1. My lawn is infested with moles. Do you have anything to suggest for them?

    2. And ignore the fact that all the lockdown accomplished was allow him to hide in the boat all day without anyone seeing him, while costing the city a billion dollars and impacting millions of people? Yeah, someone probably already has said it.

  21. I think this point may have been made here already, but I think it’s worth repeating: if Charlie Hebdo had been based in London, all the terrorists would have had to do was pick up a phone, and the police would have done their work for them. Britain is truly disgusting.

    1. You mean report people for racial insensitivity?

  22. Ex-Miami Dolphins Player Falls Overboard, Swims 9 Miles to Shore

    That’s probably one of the qualifications to call yourself a Dolphin.

    1. That’s probably one of the qualifications to call yourself a Dolphin.

      I thought this was going to be about rape.

    2. Also the last Syracuse RB to wear #44! And, 9 miles swimming is amazing. I’m in decent shape, and I have to take breaks after a few laps in the pool. And that’s in calm pool water, not in the open ocean.

      There used to be a bar on Marshall Street near the Syracuse campus called Konrad’s. Long gone though.

      1. I swim a few miles per week, but there’s no way I could come close to 9 miles in one session. I’m supremely jealous.

      2. It’s easier to float in salt water but yeah, impressive.

        1. Elementary Back Stroke. Simple, easy, SLOW yes, but effective.

    3. He must’ve been Csonked out.

  23. Why are there no Libertarian Muslims?

    Anjem Choudary

    “People in Europe are rejecting Democracy (note the occupy phenomenon) Communism failed, Capitalism is dying, ISLAM is the future for mankind”

    1. To be fair, Choudary is one of the more retarded ones. Given that Brits put people in prison for anime cartoons, its amazing they haven’t gotten him yet.

      1. The police won’t touch anyone in the UK if it might give an appearance of racial insensitivity. It’s like the opposite of American urban policing. One could almost conclude that leaving lots of enforcement power in the hands of the State never seems to work very well…

    2. You know who else thought communism failed, capitalism was dying, and a different system was the future for all mankind?

      1. The third-way Democrats?

        1. We gave the world order!

          1. No, no, no, they offered the world order. The offer was declined.

        2. Also, anyone know why the writers of ST: TNG felt the need to recycle the name Noonien?

          1. Because they hardly ever did anything original on that show?

      2. David Koresh?

  24. Every time I think progressives can’t get any dumber, they shock me.

    Yesterday on twitter there was a ‘free community college’ hashtag which was filled with progs drooling all over themselves and proclaiming that the only reason anyone could oppose this policy is because they hate education.

    Never mind that 95% of the people who take advantage of this program are just going to sit in a classroom learning nothing and will come out of community college as uneducated as they went in. If you think there are obvious problems with this idea, you just want poor people to stay dumb.

    1. This isn’t anything special, Irish, this is just run-of-the mill prog preening over another free stuff program.

      However, I’m not sure about that 95% figure. I’d say at least 50% could benefit. Remember that CCs also offer certificates in things like electrical, mechanics, etc. While I disapprove of free stuff programs on principle, this is far from the worst they could do. It’s a shame they aren’t cutting the truly wasteful unessential programs in favor of this.

      1. “Remember that CCs also offer certificates in things like electrical, mechanics, etc. While I disapprove of free stuff programs on principle, this is far from the worst they could do. It’s a shame they aren’t cutting the truly wasteful unessential programs in favor of this.”

        Problem with this argument: Most of the people who are going to attend a free shit community college are not going to go there and get a certificate to be an electrician. It’s going to be bad high school students having two years of community college subsidized and using it essentially as the 13th and 14th year of high school.

        1. Wanna increase unemployment? Make access to post-secondary education ‘free’.

          1. Wouldn’t that decrease unemployment, since it idiotically doesn’t consider people who don’t have employment but aren’t looking right now “unemployed”?

            1. and if you have more “unemployed but not looking for work” college educated people, you get more community activism. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of the long game.

    2. To me the worst part would the effect on community colleges themselves. If you actually complete a degree, an associate’s can be a great ROI. Not so if it’s free. Suddenly you have a ton of students and no teachers. Basically a medicare college.

      1. And the Associate’s Degree would be rendered virtually useless from an employment standpoint because so many people would have them and the market would be glutted.

        1. The other aspect of this is the increased demand on the cc side rather than the four-year side. If this is “all community college is free no matter what,” that’s a huge number of instructors (and administrators) that will be needed to cover the millions of students. Most community colleges don’t have the bureaucratic or physical infrastructure to handle that kind of demand. They’ve always been entry-level institutions for the less academically inclined or for career switchers looking for training.

          And as watered down as a Bachelor’s degree has become, it’s still enough to at least not get your application thrown in the trash right off the bat. An Associate’s degree really doesn’t mean anything outside of a few trades or grunt-level occupations like CNA or dental assistant. Once everyone starts going, it will really end up being 13th and 14th grade–something you do before trying to get into a traditional college.

          And how would something like this affect regular four-year institutions? The people rejoicing about this proposal aren’t taking into account the effect something like this would have on those places’ bottom lines. If millions of Millenials decide to forgo the first two years at the four-year schools, does Obama really think that won’t impact their bottom lines? They’ll inevitably have to increase tuition at even greater levels to make up for the lost revenue.

          1. If your choices were, State U at $15k a year tuition or Community College at free, and the credits have to transfer, gonna be a lot fewer freshman gals at the state campus making false rape allegations.

    3. “…every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.”

      – Bastiat

    4. Even if this is successful. I don’t know what it’s going to do, other than make the lower bar for entry-level jobs move from “High School diploma” to “Degree from a community college”.

      Also, given that funding seems to be based on GPA and “progress towards a diploma”, is there anyone who doesn’t think that it’s going to lead to rampant grade inflation (I mean, even worse than it is now) so the colleges keep getting the funding?

    5. I know intentions and emotions are all that matter, but seriously. This would be nothing short of a Federal takeover of community college education. Five years after this goes into place you’ll see massive shortages in available courses, not only because they’ll be flooded with students, but because salaries will lower and raises will not be forthcoming. You’ll have a massive teacher shortage. Then you’ll start hearing about budget cuts, salary freezes, and campuses shutting down.

      Yep, completely decimating the community college system will be awesome for everyone!

      1. Obama is from Chicago. Everything he does is about paying off his supporters. Not only would it end in a federal takeover, it would be a giant jobs program for various Democratic voters in academia.

        1. But not really, because it won’t take long at all for the whole cc system to be destroyed and those “academics” out on their asses.

          Plus, the (thankfully very few) academics I know would not ever deign to work at a cc. That’s for, like, working-class teachers. If Obama wanted a massive jobs program for academics, cc is not the way to go.

          1. Yeah, but that won’t stop them. There is never enough free money. You are right, the parasite will kill the host. But that never stops them. It was obvious decades ago that if something wasn’t done about the public employee pensions and salaries in Detroit, the city was going to go belly up and the workers would get nothing. That fact, didn’t, however stop them from continuing on the same path.

            If given a chance, they will totally kill community colleges. And it won’t be by design. That sounds amazing I know. But time and again they do exactly that.

          2. Most cc already function with very high levels of adjunct/part-time instructors.

      2. This would be nothing short of a Federal takeover of community college education.

        Good call, KK. But remember it’s only us anti-government extremists who would see any problem with that.

        Hope the diet is going well.

        1. No carbs since that discussion thread (except a couple sips of some really fucking fantastic chocolate milk from a dairy in upstate NY).

          1. You go, Girl!

      3. “Five years after this goes into place you’ll see massive shortages in available courses”

        This is what I was thinking too. You only need to look to Medicare patients and how difficult it is for them to find primary care physicians.

      4. I’d better get in my cc courses now while I can.

        (this proposal would push out mid-career professionals from seeking continuing education at cc’s. One of the ways they’ll deal with the inevitable shortages is to do triage on applicants, and if you already have a job and a salary, you’re probably SOL. It’s a good thing there’s stuff like Khan Academy, Lynda and others to fill in the gap).

    6. Every time I think progressives can’t get any dumber, they shock me.

      Stop right there. Don’t you know there is not such thing as Peak Stupid?

    7. We can’t pay for all the shit we’re giving away now. I mean, I get that the left these days has a tenuous connection to reality, but we really don’t have infinite money to spend.

  25. Hey, isn’t there supposed to be a Friday Morning cartoon? Are the guys in hiding or are they working on the forthcoming Everybody Draw Mohammed feature we know Reason is going to run?

    1. I would have respected Payne if he had drawn Mohammed getting butt pounded by Santa Claus for the Friday funny.

    1. The city let him down once too often?

  26. Heard this locally the other day.

    A guy from CO has a prescription for pot from his doctor. (I don’t know why he has a RX in CO since it is legal there). His dad is dying so the guy drives back to see him. During a traffic stop cop notices drug paraphenalia and more searching turns up pot brownies.

    Of course he gets charged with 2lb of MJ (total weight of brownies). He ends up getting fucked with by county DA. His dad dies wondering how bad his kid will get screwed.

    Eventually the DA lets the kid off with a plea bargain where he has to be on probation for 3-5 years.

    Ironically, one of the conditions of the plea deal is that Hallgren stay away from alcohol or mood-altering drugs — unless they’re prescribed by a doctor.…..-minnesota

    1. Another story with more details on the arrest. This was written prior to the plea deal.

    2. I don’t know why he has a RX in CO since it is legal there

      There are still medical dispensaries. I think the price is lower, because you need a red card to buy from them. So if you had a med card, it would make sense to keep it even though it has been legalized.

  27. France’s New Hero Is The Muslim Police Officer Killed Confronting The Charlie Hebdo Gunmen

    Rest in peace, Ahmed Merabet.

    1. I’m still appalled that there are troofers claiming his murder was faked.

      1. I didn’t need to hear that, Warty. Ugh.

      2. I just looked at the front page of I suspect based on the bylines of at least one of the stories that they are going to get into the troofer bit on the Paris massacre.

        1. I had enough of Lew 15 years ago. It’s nice to see he hasn’t changed.

          1. I swing by occasionally, partially out of morbid curiousity but occasionally there is a diamond in the rough.

    2. How long until Pamela Geller writes an article claiming that we shouldn’t be applauding a dead Muslim when there are dead white people to worry about?

      I put it at under a week.

      1. I don’t know who that is, and suspect that I’m happier for my ignorance.

        1. She’s the legitimately anti-Muslim bigot (an actual bigot, not like when progressives call someone a bigot for having the audacity to criticize Islam) who wrote an article about how pissed she was that New York was naming a street after a Muslim firefighter who died on 9/11.

          It was on Breitbart, so the mouthbreathers over there were actually claiming he might not have gone to work if he’d known it was a Muslim terrorist attack out of solidarity for his terrorist Muslim brothers.

          This actually happened.

          1. Thank’s, Irish, from saving me the horror of actually reading her stuff.

    3. Why didn’t the cop have a pistol? He could have shot at those assholes.

      1. It’s France. Enlightened, progressive, forward-leaning France. Guns are unnecessary in such a pinnacle of human achievement.

        1. According to the article he drew his weapon, but it’s unclear if he could open fire when wounded (eg had he dropped his weapon when shot?)

    4. Just watched the video linked in the article.

      If you were sitting up there, if that was your apartment with your gun collection, how many times would those fucks have been dead?

      They’re running around the streets with AKs not looking up at all. I could have dropped both of them without ever taking a returning shot.

      1. Yeah, I had the same thought. Easy with my .30-06.

        1. I mean this guy is sitting on a balcony with his cell phone. He’s what, 30 feet or so from them, with nothing blocking his shot or behind his target. If he had a gun, this whole thing could have had a different outcome.

          It boggles my mind just how easy it would have been.

          1. They had bulletproof vests so it would have to be a head shot. If you miss they would scatter, find cover, and start shooting back. It wouldn’t be so easy as you say.

      2. Very easy. I have an 8mm Mouser that would reach out and touch them at 300 yards. And if I got a good head shot or torso shot, they would likely be dead before they hit the ground.

  28. According to an article on Cracked, Reason’s bots want us to become phone psychics, not (only) camwhores.

    There are all kinds of downsides to this sort of work: No 401(k), having to lie and exploit the gullible, the medical bills incurred after psychic duels — but at least the hours are flexible. You’re expected to work 40 hours a week, but which hours are up to you. Here’s how it works: you dial in, and your number goes green whenever you get a call, just like suicide hotlines. They monitor how long you spend talking to each client, and you keep taking calls until your personal well of bullshit dries up. You know those “work from home and make $5000 a month” ads that get plastered around college campuses? This is what that’s about.

    1. I am pretty sure there are worse fates than being a cam whore.

      1. Cam *crack* whore?

    2. I read a book about that once. Unfortunately, the author at least partially bought into his own bullshit.

  29. So the New York Times in one of their stories about the attack in France initially published the true fact that the attackers told one of the women something to the effect “we don’t kill women, so you can convert to Islam but if you don’t, you die”. The NYT later scrubbed this detail from its stories and was called out for it by several right wing blogs and on Twitter. The NYT editor’s response is priceless.

    I obviously don’t expect all to agree. But let’s not forget that Muslim family in Brooklyn who read us and is offended by any depiction of what he sees as his prophet. I don’t give a damn about the head of ISIS but I do care about that family and it is arrogant to ignore them.…..e-night-4/

    The jokes write themselves don’t they?

    I don’t care about the pope, I care about that Catholic family in Brooklyn and then reading things they find offensive about their church, so we can’t print that Priest child molestation scandal.

    I don’t care about Bush. I care about that veteran living in Brooklyn who doesn’t want to see his military service slandered by what happened at Abu Garib.

    1. It isn’t even a joke at this point but outright dangerous.

      Thankfully, even though it is the ‘paper of record’ fewer and fewer pay attention to it.

      As an aside, I was somewhat heartened by the comments in response to an op-ed written by a cop in response to the de Blasio/NYPD dust up.

      1. I honestly don’t think anyone outside of the leftist journalistic hive are buying this crap. Even the liberals I know are appalled at what happened in France and see it for the threat it is.

        I said yesterday, give me a hundred suicidal lunatics who are willing to murder and happily die for the cause and I could get every woman in New York wearing a head scarf in public within a year. I just have to every few weeks send out one of my minions to shoot as many women not wearing one as possible and every woman in New York will be on notice she is risking her life by not wearing one and will start doing so. That is wear this leads. They start with “don’t slander the Profit” and when they have that, they move onto other things.

        1. Exactly right.

        2. John, you are absolutely,100% correct. You did say that yesterday.

    2. Basic facts should be withheld from the public by journalists because facts might make someone feel bad.

      The reality based community.

      1. The link notes that the New York Times hired the artist who did Piss Christ to do their anti-Bush cartoons.

        The cognitive dissonance is epic even for the New York Times.

      2. This is a fact so alarming, that it should be announced loud and clear to the whole world. These guys see the entire world as “Islam” or “Infidel”. They won’t stop until all infidels are converted or killed. It is a totalitarian ideology, and the NYT is sweeping “an inconvenient truth” under the rug.

        1. Hey, the bible has bad stuff, too! So it’s no worse than Christianity!

  30. Overrated Lou Reed dies, and the staff goes on an don and on about him. Nobody can be bothered to mention Rod Taylor’s death, however. 🙁

    1. The Time MAchine was cool

      1. Having read the book (twice)* has spoiled all of the movie versions for me. Rod Taylor did look good in that move, though.

        *The first time was for a book report in the 8th grade. The teacher complained that I dealt with topics too advanced for the grade.

        1. I did a book report on Ian Fleming’s Doctor No in 6th grade.

          1. How did that work out for you?

          2. In a fit of desperation, I did a book report in 10th grade on a biography of Phil Esposito. I got a C. Better than the F I would have gotten otherwise.

    2. Lou Reed is dead?!?!?

      1. Taylor, like Errol Flynn, was an Aussie too.

        1. Yeah i know, from Lidcombe in Sydney. No wonder he shot through and lived in Hollywood.

    3. Lou Reed is overrated?

      You, sir, are dead to me.

  31. We’re gonna split those hairs so fine, you guys. I mean we can’t condemn Muslim extremists for being thin-skinned and we couldn’t possibly restrain ourselves from talking out of you ass about a subject we obviously don’t know anything about, right?

    Behold the groupthink power of Journolist 2.0:

    Charlie Hebdo Is Heroic and Racist

    Two ? but only two ? cheers for blasphemy

    1. How Much Did We Need This Blasphemy?

      You needn’t bother reading all three, they are all the same limp-wristed nonsense.

      1. star-spangled anus of Jesus Christ

        Nice band name.

      2. How much do we really need public Synagogues? Couldn’t Jews worship in basements and be less public about it?

        Why do we really need public consumption of alcohol? Do you really need to get your buzz on so badly that you can’t do it at home or in a private club?

        Why do we need women in public without head scarfs? IS it that much of an imposition to show some respect for other people’s faith while in public?

        This is where this goes. If we judge one for of speech or action by “whether it is really worth the reaction it causes”, then we will judge all of it.

      3. Typical prog-logic. Whether or not something is okay is dependent on how much the collective ‘needs it’ not based upon the individuals right to do it.

      4. How much do we ‘need’ Gawker?

    2. Sugar Free. I should not have told you to fuck off yesterday. I still don’t agree with you but upon reflection, it was not exactly the way I took it. My apologies.

      1. I was running hot as well; I apologize also.

        1. Accepted, though I don’t think you owed me one. But I wouldn’t be a dick if I didn’t think you were worth responding to. Honest.

          1. And you are very good about be civil after an argument.

            1. Awwww, he’s so overcome with emotion he lost control of his grammar!

              1. Me am verklempt.

            2. When does the kissing begin?

              1. When you get past the shrieking eels.

            3. Je suis Sugarfree

            4. Jesus Christ.

              Send flowers and spare us such a spectacle.

          2. I wouldn’t be a dick if I didn’t think you were worth responding to. Honest.

            *** wipes tear ***

            1. *slap!*

              1. so, i was busy yesterday (something most of you have no idea about) and had to research the SF/John blowout…holy shit guys! Evidently weed needs to be legal more places.

                BUT I have noticed in my personal experience I get WAY MORE WORKED UP with people I care about and especially with people for whom I have a great deal of respect. I can barely talk politics with people I respect when we disagree because, internally, I expect more from them I guess. I can talk to strangers, rationally and rather effectively, without any emotional involvement but my former boss (Hard Right Winger), My College Fraternity Little Brother (Insane left wing public servant for HUD), My best friend of 20 years (National Park Service Employee, CAGW believer married to a English Lit PhD from Boulder whom I also respect). I love all these people and absolutely refuse to discuss anything political. I realize this is 98% me but still, it sucks.

    3. When we find ourselves feeling the need to valorize the courage of scabrous, offensive cartoons in order to affirm the right of their publication, we are operating in a framework made by terrorists.

      What a bunch of fucking pussies these fucks are. I have almost as much contempt for Matty Matt here as I do for the terrorists.

      1. I have more contempt for the people making arguments like this than for the terrorist.

        Contempt is a different emotion than hate. I hate the terrorists because they’re evil. With contempt, it’s a lower level of hate, but it’s mingled with a sense of pity and disgust.

        The terrorists are more worthy of hatred and loathing, but at least they stood by their convictions. The Voxers and Gawkerites are just pitiful eunuchs.

        1. There is a common emotion we all recognize and have not yet named – the happy anticipation of being able to feel contempt.

          ?Thomas Harris

        2. I disagree. The man who willingly surrenders his capacity for thought is the worst and most contemptible creature on the Earth. No one better exemplifies that impulse today than the followers of insane Muslim preachers.

          1. Yeah. Ad tempting as it is to call these people worse than the fanatics, it is not true. The actual losers who follow this ideology are the worst scum imaginable.

    4. Charlie Hebdo Is Heroic and Racist?


      They’re blaming the victim for egging on the perps?

      I’m waiting for Slate to run a headline that says “Rape victim is Sexy and Provocative”.

      1. How was he a racist? That is what I don’t get. The guy brutalized all religions. It is not like he spent all of his time only satirizing Islam.

        1. “Hebdo” means weekly, and I think “Charlie” was intended to make fun of Charles de Gaulle.

          And the magazine was racist because stupid people like Matty Matt can only think in a framework of privilege and oppression. Bad behavior in lower groups can only be fundamentally caused by sins in the higher group. And what sin is worse than racism? People like Matty Matt are not rational human adults. We shouldn’t judge him too harshly. He was programmed to be this stupid.

          1. And of course Islam is a religion not a race. So even if the guy did hate Islam in particular, that doesn’t make him a racist.

            Racist has become this generic term for “anyone who does anything Progs like Sad Beard don’t like. If anything the guy was bigoted against religion, though I don’t know that. Of course, Sad Beard and his ilk, have no problem with that, so he must be a RACIST!!

          2. Actually, Charlies was named after Charlie Brown.

            Saw it last night on the news.

        2. “How was he a racist? That is what I don’t get. The guy brutalized all religions. It is not like he spent all of his time only satirizing Islam.”

          There are a couple of out of context covers progs are passing around online to shore up the claim that they’re racists.

          One of them shows pregnant ISIS sex slaves and makes a joke about them being angry about benefits cuts. However, this is an instance of Americans not understanding a joke. The ISIS sex slave thing first came out the same week there were moderate benefit cuts in France. They were literally just jamming two recent stories together to make a surreal and bizarre cover, but progs don’t know the context so they declared it racist.

          I’m also not sure how that would have been racist anyway. It’s in terrible taste, but that was their thing.

        3. Also, Muslim is not a “race”. It seems the definition of racist to equate the religion with one.

  32. Grand jury recommends charges against PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane for leaking grand jury investigative material.

    1. Hard to cry for a politician, but why should that be a crime? Why the hell are Grand Jury proceedings secret?

      And note the irony that the paper is reporting Grand Jury Investigation Material. The DA is not commenting. The results and recommendations have not been made public. That means committed the same crime Kane is accused of committing.

      1. Agreed.

        I also think the DA won’t do a thing. They have to look out for each other you know.

        1. That kind of stuff leaks all of the time. I wonder what Kane did to cause her enemies to go after her for it. Was the case some big political corruption case and the subjects of it want revenge or something?

          1. I don’t know, I’m not as knowledgeable about what goes in PA as I was when I lived there.

            If I remember correctly, she did go after Corbett for alledgedly sandbagging the Sandusky investigation.

            1. Ah, that’s right, she did, and she called it a lousy investigation:


      2. Why the hell are Grand Jury proceedings secret?

        Not saying it works this way now, but might it originally have been to protect people who were not indicted?

        1. Also, it could be to prevent poisoning the jury pool and ensuring the defendant’s right to a fair trial. Remember the prosecution only has to show it has a prima facie case, and the defendant can’t cross-examine the evidence. That means evidence that might turn out to be total bullshit gets presented to the grand jury.

          Interestingly, we have committals in front of a magistrate instead of grand juries, and those are open. But then we don’t present as much evidence, I believe.

        2. That and what Hand said. And yes, there were originally good reasons for it. The problem is that the harm that is done by having what amounts to a secret one sided court hearing outweigh whatever good the secrecy ever provided.

    1. *parse error, compilation failed*

    2. Wait. Isn’t that headline from Physics Today?

    3. This month, David Haglund, Katy Waldman, and New York Times Book Review editor Parul Sehgal discuss My Brilliant Friend, the first of reclusive writer Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels about the difficult, lifelong enmeshment of two working-class Italian women.

      Novels about working class women in Naples, Could you make up a subject for a novel more targeted at the Slate readership? Could the Slate readership not find a novel about “two working class women in Naples” brilliant? It has everything; condescension towards the lower classes, concerns two women and not evil white men, and takes places in a really cool Slate kind of place like Naples

      1. And the blithe assumption in the headline that everyone who is anyone must already know who Elena Ferrante is.

      2. John, they’d need to be lesbians too who periodically discuss all the terrible things men do. These things include:

        Manspreading: The vile act of a man spreading his legs on a subway so as not to crush his balls.

        Manslamming: When a man accidentally bumps into you on the street, which proves that he hates women and sees you as his property.

        Mansuiciding: When a man hangs himself in the bathtub without even having the goddamn courtesy to put the toilet seat down.

        1. Manspreading: The vile act of a man spreading his legs on a subway so as not to crush his balls.

          Because only rude assholes have balls?

        2. Manspreading: The vile act of a man spreading his legs on a subway so as not to crush his balls.

          Don’t forget: Mantruding: When a man asks a woman who is wearing headphones and taking up a second seat on the train with her bag to move her things, and when she ignores him due to the headphones, dares to touch her things so he can claim the second seat for himself.

          I still can’t believe the irony of that article.

  33. Boston sure does love its massive taxpayer-funded projects, doesn’t it? But most Massholes don’t seem to mind that they’re being robbed for the sake of politicians’ vanity. So serves ’em right, I guess.

    1. Sorry, KK. Slow fingers on my part.

      1. Very slow.

  34. The thanks of a grateful San Franciscan goes out to the Boston taxpayers!

    “Boston named U.S. bid city for 2024 Olympics”…..ansspreu11

    1. I think the American taxpayers get fucked regardless of which American city might get chosen. How much of the funding would be local?

  35. Being the True Fundamentalist Muslim that I am, I saw those cartoons and said to myself,” Self, that is just ink and in no way depicts the real Mohammed, that is some jokers image of him. The rule of not depicting or ridiculing the prophet therefore doesn’t apply”.

  36. WaPo joins NYT in pants-shitting cowardice, slide towards irrelevance: Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article included images offensive to various religious groups that did not meet the Post’s standards, and should not have been published. They have been removed.

    1. To various religious groups. Various. Various.

      1. Well, CH has also come down hard on the Catholics. But we all know exactly which religious group they mean.

      2. Sunnis and Shiites. They certainly don’t consider themselves the same religious group.

  37. Someone needs to start a new Olympic organizing group to compete with the IOC. I really like the Olympics, but the IOC is just the worst.

    If I were in charge, I’d always have the games somewhere that already has all of the necessary infrastructure. And the winter Olympics would always be somewhere in the Alps.

    1. That was apparently one of the factors in why they choose Boston for the US bid: the majority of the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

      1. Which means Boston won’t get it. Breathe easy, Massachussettsians!

  38. Hey guess what guys, the PA legislature’s buffoonish overreaction to the Jerry Sandusky case has mandatory reporters running scared, and requires reporting even slight suspicion of child abuse with no physical evidence to CYS in the state. Predictably, CYS has been getting completely slammed with calls, overloading the system, and potentially burying real cases of abuse in an avalanche of noise.

    This per my social worker friend who, while not a CYS employee, has to deal with them on a frequent basis. On the upside, the more sensitive reporting requirements have the potential to expose upper middle class and wealthy families who send their kids to daycare to the grinding gears of the State Children and Youth Services machine.

    1. On the upside, the more sensitive reporting requirements have the potential to expose upper middle class and wealthy families who send their kids to daycare to the grinding gears of the State Children and Youth Services machine.

      And while that’s truly terrible for the children, perhaps it will be good for the parents to have their unexamined statism challenged.

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