Brickbat: The Next Chapter


A Chinese court has sentenced Shen Yongping to one year in prison for running an illegal business. Shen produced a documentary on China's efforts to achieve constitutional rule. The government said that was illegal because he never got a permit to make the documentary.


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  1. Brickbats from China, eh?

    Well, at least his video never started an embassy protest that ended with one of his country’s ambassadors getting killed.

    1. Brickbats from China, eh?

      reason outsourced to cheap foreign labor. They figured since everything else was being made there already…

      1. Why not? They’re probably already making a perfectly acceptable knock-off called Brikkbat.

        1. I prefer the more upscale Terracottaclub, News Nuggets for Nabobs.

        2. “Perfectly acceptable” is always easy to achieve by continually lowering standards.

  2. Clearly detente works.

  3. Thomas Friedman feels a stirring below…

  4. We can learn a thing or two from China.

    1. Yeah, we just need to overturn Citizens United.

      1. 🙁 I had a snarky response, but it relied on reason accepting inline styles for test rotation.

  5. Forget it Charlie, it’s China-country.

  6. OT:

    We have been playing “is it a parody” with this article condemning free speech for the last couple of days. Now the author/artist has doubled down with a response to “her” critics. I still say parody, but it is a pretty extensive effort. Kinda Andy Kaufman-esque in the extent and commitment to character.

    For those who didn’t bother, the original screed called for outlawing the Libertarian party as a hate group.

    1. Skimmed through a little bit of that and I really hope it is parody. That said, I would not be surprised if it is not.

      1. That’s what makes it…. funny? We all know people who think that way, but just haven’t bothered to collect their various thoughts into a cohesive whole that exposes their totalitarian roots.

        I have a “human rights expert” in my circle … well, my wife’s circle… who is exactly like this parody. Just not as cohesive.

        1. We all know people who think that way

          Every prog I’ve ever known because they cannot think passed their emotions.

          haven’t bothered to collect their various thoughts into a cohesive whole that exposes their totalitarian roots.

          Most have few actual ‘thoughts’ and are not intellectually/ideologically honest enough to do so.

    2. LOL, I couldn’t read the original article since I was blinded by the ads for Lena Dunham’s ‘show’. I won’t go back.

    3. For those who didn’t bother, the original screed called for outlawing the Libertarian party as a hate group.

      So, she calls for imprisoning people because their views (as she sees them) are repugnant. Imprisoning people is violence. The entire article is hate speech — arrest the author!

    4. I am dumbstruck people could read through the twenty item list of speech to outlaw and not come to the conclusion it’s parody.

      1. Because I’ve heard people actually argue for the same thing in all earnestness.

        1. Yeah, I was convinced the initial article had to be parody, but then I’ve thought about things that people like our troll ‘Tony’ has written in seriousness, and now I’m not quite sure. Because there really are people on the left who think those things.

        2. That is scary, did you recommend they see a shrink?

          1. Naw, I just built an inside-out asylum like the guy from ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’.

            1. *(not meant to invalidate the initial statement with snark, but these views were too prevalent in this region)

        3. I never thought it was a parody. Its pretty much the ‘middle of the road’ POV from young college grads today.

          “UnCivilServant|1.9.15 @ 8:14AM|#

          Because I’ve heard people actually argue for the same thing in all earnestness.”

          see= Dartmouth

    5. Tanya Cohen contributes to Thought Catalog

      It is a stretch to call that article “thought.”

      1. Why do you think they have to order thought from an outside catalog?

    6. 4 ? Reply?Share ?
      Pixy Misa ? 2 hours ago
      More brilliant satire. Keep it up, Tanya, you’re a star!
      5 ? Reply?Share ?

      Not everyone has been trolled.

  7. At least he didn’t run afoul of the City Planning Commission.

  8. Picture, if you will, President Obama sitting in the Oval Office. He has crazy big ears and super exaggerated facial features that approaches a type of racist caricature that harkens back to the Japanese soldiers featured in WWII-era Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    In walks a man with an oversize forehead, bulldog face and the air to him that screams either erudite or effete or possibly both. He asks the president what is to be done about the low employment numbers for the young voters who had helped put this administration in office.

    The president looks contemplative and then declares, “If they never leave school, they are never unemployed!” And then Cash 4 Clunkers 2 happens.

    I give you your Friday Funnies.

    1. Needz moar labelz

      1. and TRIGGER WARNINGS!

    2. I’ll never get tired of cash for clunkers being mentioned. What a fiasco. A government program that worked so well that they had to abolish it!!!!!!!

      The fact that it sent viable cars to the crusher and raised the prices of used cars to the detriment of the poor is sheer poetry.

  9. The lack of activity around here is because everyone’s watching the latest from Paris, I assume

    1. Marcel Marceau?

      1. Still dead, alas.

        For those who haven’t checked the news yet, the Charlie Hebdo shooters have holed up with a hostage, and the suspect in the shooting of a cop yesterday has seized a kosher deli, killed 2, and is also holding hostages.

    2. Watching Paris? I am lucky enough to be able to comment here…

  10. You know, if Reason is going to start posting brickbats for China, they’re going to need a bigger website.

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