Charlie Hebdo Massacre

The Independents on Charlie Hebdo


Last night's episode of The Independents featured two segments about the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The first included Reason Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward and New York Times Science Correspondent John Tierney:

And the second awarded our periodic Enemy of Freedom to Financial Times editor Tony Barber:

Reason on the Charlie Hebdo shooting here.

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  1. Who owns the rights to each produced episode?

    Would it be too much to ask for a download that I can listen to in the car or whatever?

    1. I personally often use IDM (Internet download manager) to just download videos like this.

      Another thing is, with my cable provider at least I can watch the episodes live and could capture them, if not with IDM, some other software.

      Also, While I was trying to watch the first video posted here, it cut out right when they were getting to the discussion about the 2nd amendment. Reloading didn’t help. Kept telling me the stream wasn’t found. However, was able to download both videos and watch them just fine with IDM.

  2. Good to know that The Catholic League president Bill Donohue is now aligning himself with the Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary in justifying the attack on grounds of blasphemy.

    Well done Bill.


    CNN’s Don Lemon, named “Worst Journalist of 2014” by CJR, making a strong early showing in 2015 to retain title.

    “Again in August, 16 percent of French citizens support ISIS,” Lemon pressed. “Would you describe those who support ISIS as Islamic extremists? Do you support ISIS?”

    The question stunned Iftikhar.

    “Wait,” he replied. “Did you just ask me if I support ISIS?”

    Last year, Columbia Journalism Review named Lemon as one of the worst journalists of 2014 for asking questions that were not chosen wisely, such as wondering if Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had been swallowed by a black hole. He also told a rape victim that there were “ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it,” and he reported that protesters in Ferguson, Missouri “obviously” smelled like marijuana.

    1. “Don Lemon – asking the dumb questions that Bill O’Reilly missed” – one of the commenters, lulz!

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