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Amash Won't Be Voting Boehner for Speaker [UPDATED]


Amash / Facebook

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) confirmed that he won't be voting for Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) to continue in his role as Speaker of the House. Amash declared in a Facebook announcement that he would "vote for a new Speaker."

Here is his full statement:

Republicans have a historic opportunity in this Congress. We can pass significant legislation and push President Obama to the bargaining table for the first time in his presidency. We can uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law. We can expand liberty and economic freedom for all Americans.

Our success is not assured. To accomplish our goals, we need sound strategy, crisp messaging, and a commitment to running the House as a deliberative body in which all its diverse voices are heard. Committees must be given enough time to do their work. Rank-and-file members must have sufficient time to read and debate legislation that can profoundly affect the lives of our constituents.

We have been told much over the last few years about opening up the House's legislative process and returning to regular order. Yet time and again, it seems that Congress governs by crisis and raw partisanship.

Our party and our country are different than they were a generation ago. Americans at home have learned from the policy mistakes our Congress has made over the last few decades. It's not clear that the men and women in congressional leadership have done the same. To appeal to more Americans and better reflect today's Republicans, we need modern leaders who respect the diversity of ideas within the House of Representatives.

Speaker Boehner has been the leader of our party in the House for eight years. We have welcomed at least three large waves of new representatives during that time. Republican conference rules limit chairmen to six years in their offices to promote fresh thinking and new priorities. We should apply those same principles to all our party's leaders.

The speaker of the House has one of the most challenging jobs in government. Speaker Boehner has given his best to our conference, and I thank him for his service. But it's time for Republicans to change our leadership. This afternoon, I will vote for a new speaker.

It's not clear, however, whether Amash will vote for either of the two candidates vying to replace Boehner, Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Ted Yoho (R-Fla.). The vote will take place Tuesday afternoon.

Amash has had an icy relationship with Boehner in years past. The libertarian-leaning Republican's penchant for needling leadership cost him a commitee seat in the wake of the 2012 election. Amash did not vote for Boehner in 2013, either.

*Updated: Amash voted for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). I guess that's this guy.

More from Reason on Amash here.

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  1. The problem is that the Speaker is the head of his party first and head of the House second. It’s all well and good to say the Speaker needs to take care of business, but if you assume his business is improving the lot of the nation rather than improving the lot of his party you’re going to be in for a heap of disappointment.

  2. I like this guy. Too bad Boner will make sure he loses any future re-election bids.

    1. Boehner and the Chamber of Commerce already went all out to do just that. They failed. Pretty miserably, at that.

      1. That makes me happy, but I’m a bit cynical regarding the willpower of people in our country.

  3. So, anyone want to take the over/under on how long it takes Suderman to pull up whatever “embarrassing” quotes from Amash he can find? Hell, he might even find something from Amash saying he thinks foreign adventurism might not always work out so well.

    1. As long as Amash doesn’t vote for Louie Gohmert, or even worse, say mean things about Obama, he’ll probably get spared.

      1. Gohmert is a nutbar; stop whining.

  4. how does Boehner have enough votes to remain speaker? what kind of world is this, anyway?

    1. The general populace has neither morals nor ambition.

      1. well, I’d rather them not have the second if they don’t have the first.

        1. I can at least respect someone with ambition that lacks morals, or morals that lack ambition. To lack both is to be no better than a monkey, and deserving of no better treatment.

          1. Show us on the doll where the monkey touched you.

            I’m not sure how much morals I have, I’m too lazy to find out. But what’s it to you if I sit here quietly minding my own business and doing nothing worthwhile with my life? Is it not my life to waste as I wont? So what if I choose to live my life in a manner no more noble than that of a monkey?

            Now, I can understand your respecting people of no morals but great ambition – the history books we learn from are filled with the names of the great rulers who fit that description – but those men are known to history mostly because they killed a shitload of people. They really deserve no respect whatsoever.

            So who do you respect more, Alexander the Great or Adolf Hitler? Genghis Khan or Josef Stalin? Julius Caesar or Mao Tse-Tung? Tamerlane or Pol Pot? Attila the Hun or Hillary Clinton? Because there ain’t a nickel’s worth of difference between any two of them. We would all be better off had none of them been born.

            1. Genghis Khan gets a way worse rap than he deserves. He wanted to trade and got betrayed for it. He essentially established a vast trading corridor that was essential to the Silk Road, a boon to economic growth. Alexander was no Hitler either.

              1. “Hitler gets a way worse rap than he deserves. He wanted to ally Great Britain and got betrayed for it. He would have established a vast free trade zone across all of Europe, a boon to economic growth.”

                Spare me the ‘way worse rap’ for a mass murdering conqueror. Temujin deserves his status as a brutal borderline genocidal leader, regardless of several admittedly positive elements of Mongol society.

                1. Jesus Christ I get it you’re ignorant and trying to compensate with mendacity.

              2. At least you are historically consistent in your apologies for mass murder.

            2. Respect does not mean admire or idolize.

    2. Speakers are really good at raising money (and had that gift well before becoming Speaker). They enforce loyalty by spreading the wealth to other members through campaign donations.

      Boehner, for example, raised over $17MM in the last election cycle, 10x more than the average House member. That’s enough to cut a $39K check to every House district in the country.

  5. *Knock knock*

    Who’s there?


    Ah. Do come in, Mr. Speaker.

  6. But did he vote for Biggio into the hall?

    1. if Biggio doesn’t get in this year I’m going to (metaphorically) burn that hall down.

  7. It’s so absurd. Everyone keeps publicly wondering, including many conservatives, whether the new Congress will actually change anything or just settle into business as usual. Nothing screams the latter more than confirming Boehner as Speaker.

  8. “Republicans have a historic opportunity in this Congress.”

    I laughed.

  9. As much as I respect Justin Amash, I would hold him in even higher esteem if he came right out and said “John Boehner is a big-government douchebag, and any Republican that votes for him is a goddamned hypocrite.”


    1. Yep. That sums it up pretty well.

  10. it’s a bit ironic that Amash clings to a party that appears to want nothing to do with people like him.

    1. It’s not like he has much of a choice. Would the Dems put up with him?

      1. that is true. Just noticing the glaring deficiency in the system and why substantive change is next to impossible.

      2. That is unfortunately true. The current way we select House members makes it extremely difficult for anybody not a dues-paying member of the duopoly to get elected.

        Seriously, how many independent or third-party members of Congress have we had in the past 20 years? I can think of maybe 5… and they usually only win because one of the parties doesn’t nominate/support one of their own.

        1. The last time a Third Party won a seat was the American Labor Party in 1948. The last time a third party won multiple seats was the Wisconsin Progressives in 1944.

  11. Any dirt on Jim Jordan?

  12. *Updated: Amash voted for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). I guess that’s this guy.

    Less offensive than Boehner and has great takedowns and mat control.

    That’s all I got for this guy.

    1. Wants M-1 tanks built in his district. So Con.


      1. Government handouts are DIFFERENT when they go to your constituents! It’s not wasteful, but necessary for economic development.

  13. We have been told much over the last few years about opening up the House’s legislative process and returning to regular order.

    How would regular order help the cause of limited government? Right now the house only votes on bills with majority Republican support, allowing the tea party types to block spending that would easily pass floor votes under regular order due to democrat votes.

    1. I don’t see him making a direct connection between regular order and limited government. He seems to posit that the alternative is government by crisis and partisanship. I think you can be for limited government and against government by crisis and partisanship at the same time.

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