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On The Independents: A New Year's Eve Best-of Show, Featuring Montel Williams, Killer Mike, John Bolton, K-Walking, Keepin' it Kmele, Where it's Matt, and (of Course!) Two Minutes Hate


Never forget. |||

Tonight on The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later) we're showing the best clips we've compiled since the last time we compiled a best-of show! This includes but is not limited to Kennedy cuddling (literally) with John Bolton, the hip-hop artist Killer Mike acting as the voice of reason on race relations, Kennedy harassing innocent humans on the streets of New York, readings of your very own hate mail, and more!

Speaking of the talky gal—she'll be on Fox News from 9 p.m. onward as part of an ensemble cast live from Times Square, if you're into that sort of thing. Happy New Year!

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  1. Which one am I supposed to comment on?

    OH the Humanity!

    1. Now there’s only one link and I end up looking like an asshole.

      Happy fuckin new Year!

  2. A clip show? Happy Effing New Year, Independents!

      1. Showing CLIPS!!!

  3. I can’t even watch your stinkin’ show because I have basic cable.

    1. Yeah, law school will do that to you.

    2. Just imagine Kennedy suckin’ your dick whilst readin’ Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy for at least 14 minutes… I have no fuckin idea where you want your cum to fly….

  4. Is Kennedy trying to melt Bolton’s icy heart?

    1. I see that she’s in Bolton’s lap. What I want to know is who the hell is in Kmele’s lap???

    2. She not going to give Bolton a woody unless she starts bombing people.

  5. “On The Independents: A New Year’s Eve Best-of Show”

    Well shucks. Now I need an attire-review “clip reel” too.

    The Independents Attire: Year in Review

    Lowlights =

    – Matt: as “Sheriff Woody”

    The floppy collar red shirt …w/ a brown vest? someone needs to post some pictures of this for posterity.

    – Kmele: as “General Manager, Chuck-E-Cheese”

    Kmele’s half-dozen ‘bow-tie’ attempts have been mixed, but the red one made him look straight-up ‘movie-theater usher’ lame.

    – Kennedy: goes Retro

    Its not that Kennedy’s ’60s housewife’ dresses aren’t hip, its just that they’re *scary*. Also, we think the muted colors were not her best. The 1980s palette suits her far better.

    Highlights =

    – Kmele: keeps us busy all year with a combination of solid, traditional ‘conservative’ looks (like his 3 piece suit, deft sportcoat combos) as well as left-field offerings that regularly push the fashion envelope. If he failed on occasion it was most notable for its rarity.

    – Matt: goes through midyear Paradigm Shift, completely re-constitutes his wardrobe around the New Navy suit; end of year addition of 2 new grey suits, presages new era of Sartorial Competence. A classic Cinderella Story.

    – Kennedy: Hardly ever looks bad, but on occasion brings some Crazy Hotness like the party-dress mix we saw Halloween Week, ranging from the ‘space thing’ to the ‘snake woman’.

    Feliz A?o Nuevo

    1. Kennedy should never wear green.

      1. This “thing*”?

        (in fact, the name for it “The Thing”)

        Its not bad. Blue (other than cyan) is her enemy. My comment on the green jobby is that it looks like she’s on on the Irish Women’s Field Hockey team

        1. Her skin is so white especially under their lighting that certain colors particularly green make her look anemic. A darker emerald green may not be as bad but the one puke green dress I saw her in was not flattering.

          1. “Her skin is so white especially under their lighting that certain colors particularly green make her look anemic”

            indeed, you’ve hit on it exactly.

            which was the early-noted blue effect. But yeah, same thing. This was an exception like you say (the red lipstick helps offset the ‘bloodless’ thing)

  6. Apropos nothing, today I found out about Hedy Lamarr, so now I understand that joke in Blazing Saddles.

    Bonus: it turns out she sued over that. Sheesh.

    1. Just so you’ll sound smart at the New Year’s Eve party:

      In 1958’s “A Pizza Tweety Pie”, Sylvester is waterskiing behind a motorboat in pursuit of Tweety through the canals of Venice, Italy. Sylvester raises himself by the tail to avoid a mooring mast, but impacts hard against a pedestrian bridge that’s marked “Duck-a you head / Lowla Bridge-ada” (a pun on Gina Lollobrigida, a popular Italian actress of that era).

  7. Bolton has a better mustache than Stossel. Happy New Year!

      1. Frank d’A, you’ve been taking the wrong mustache ride.

    1. Who, the Lorax?

  8. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m stuck at my in-laws house without alcohol. They’re currently watching that “Blue Bloods” show. Never watched it before, but 30 minutes in it seems to involve the main characters threatening people into cooperating with them if they dare ask for a warrant, and then screwing the person over anyways.

    Why’d I used to like cop shows?

    1. Why’d I used to like cop shows?

      You used to watch The Wire, which wasn’t exactly a positive portrayal of police?

      1. Well, yeah. And The Shield. But I also used to like shows like Law & Order and CSI.

        1. Law and Order and CSI were cop shows about solving crimes with victims.

          Murder, theft, property damage, etc. They actually did some good in those shows.

    2. I thought you mentioned having kids, but I could be wrong.

      If so, I suggest using them as leverage. My mother-in-law is fucking crazy. If she tried to tell me that I couldn’t consume alcohol at her place, I would be gone in 5 minutes, and she wouldn’t see the grandkids again.

      This isn’t just about booze, though. My in-laws have no say about how I live my life. None.

      Just my $.02. Your dynamic might be quite different than mine.

      1. Yeah, my sanity has been kept only by my mother-in-law’s attention being trained on the kid.

        My in-laws just don’t like alcohol. Never have, never will, and my wife, not wanting to make waves with her parents, would frown on me if I tried to sneak some in. They don’t say anything while they’re visiting us and see what I have in the pantry, but since I’m too cheap to pay for a hotel, it’s their house, their rules I guess. I generally don’t drink too much anyways (haven’t been drunk in a decade), but having a drink or two right now to take the edge off would be nice.

        Just 36 more hours and I’ll be out of here. I can make it, right? :twitch:

        1. I don’t get drunk anymore either. But I hate my in-laws, and associate them with alcohol.

          I say in-laws like they’re together, but they’re not. My MIL is on husband #5.

          1. Have you tried digging around in her garden for the other 4?

          2. Fuck alcohol, Manhattan. Horrible shits do that crap. and your life is so fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!

            1. I wouldn’t have met my wife without alcohol. There’s a time and a place for everything

              1. Your wife is a booze logarithm, playa. I surmise this. But are YOU a booze logarithm or a booze 1/0?

                1. If you divide by zero, you’re going to blow up this chat room. Knock it off!

          3. #5?! Yikes. Once or twice, you’re unlucky. 3+, _you_ are the problem.

    3. Why do people insist on inserting their worthless hell on other people unless there is a great fucking sex story on the side.

      1. Mrs. Robinson?

      2. Because, I figure, why suffer alone when I can make others suffer with me?

        1. Dear, you need a sweetheart to shit on your face.

          1. A Cleveland Steamer.

  9. I assume they’re recycling “Two Minutes Hate” as well.

    However, I’ll ask, against all hope: Is this show STILL on?

    1. If they do, it will be nothing but GILMORE.

    1. As a pen or phone? WHICH?!!

      *panicked look*

  10. Also, most of these bowl games this year just suck ASS. Like most years, I guess. I hope it’s better tomorrow.

    Velocity, won’t you rerun the Isle of Man TT or something? PLEASE?

  11. Thing I learned today: Kim Il-sung’s birthday is April 15th. Be sure to wish your North Korean friends a Happy New Year 103 when you file your taxes.

  12. Since this did not get enough love at lunch time:

    The Walking Derp

    During my family’s unofficial holiday debate, my brother argued for “taking money out of politics”. I told him money and power always find each other. His solution? If we pay the politicians more, they will be less corrupt. I believe there was a Dilbert cartoon about that. I pointed out that a junior House rep gets a 176k salary, but he insisted this was perhaps not enough to ward off corruption.

    Our guest that evening was an ex-hippy who belongs to my parents’ Tea Party group. To his credit, he believed in leaving drug users alone, but still wanted dealers and traffickers arrested. He said a bunch of his friends died from heroin overdoses, so that’s why he wanted it banned. I told him progs apply the same logic to guns- guns kill, ban guns. He said guns have legitimate uses. I said painkillers like heroin also have legitimate uses. I challenged him to present one argument for drug bans that could not also be used to ban alcohol. I also pointed out heroin used to be legal and somehow society did not collapse. Crickets.

    He said I should wait 20 years and see if I change my mind. He also played the “won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!” card a few times.

    1. ‘ I pointed out that a junior House rep gets a 176k salary”

      @#*$&@*($ What?

      That said =

      does brother think that the ‘corruption’ is money that politicians take as ‘earnings’? Or (duh) money that goes to their campaigns for re-election? because they get paid plenty, but the real vig is *power* and the ability to move tax $ around.

      1. My bad- they only get $174k.

        My brother’s view is that all candidates should get equal financing from a neutral/public source. That way, big donors do not get more influence than voters. I said even if that could be done, the interest groups would find some other way to bribe politicians.

        There are a hundred people hacking at the branches of evil for every person hacking at the root.

    2. The planet-rocking and Jebus-crucifying Romans pondered the crickets and their fucking douchebag establishment massive military society collapsed like a vacuum of retarded after-cross painkillers.

      Fuck hippies.

      I hate hippies because they are stupid and horrible at thinking. Like most of my patriot neighbors. Horrible shits who read lame writers and never ponder the true brilliants like Russell and Nietzsche.

  13. So, an hour of nothing but Kennedy? I can’t.

    1. Wait. What? Is your imagination so scarred by the sports channels that even mental sexual deviant sexual trysts are impossible?

      1. He hasn’t figured out how to turn the sound down on his tv.

    2. I’d **** **** b*******.
      You would too.

      1. I would, but whenever I try to achieve coitus, she interrupts me.

  14. Luv me sum Two Minutes Hate!


  15. That stache is nowhere near as good as Stossel’s.

  16. Which name is funnier:

    Commodore Archibald Crinklecut


    Baron Oscar von Meyer

    1. Funny? Those are BOSS

      Also, I spell the latter M A Y E R

    2. Dixie Normous?

      Hugh G. Rection?

      Dick Pounder?

      Jack Goff?

      1. Joe Zass

    1. Not much different than news shows here sadly.

  17. The Federalist is hilarious because a lot of the writers are really rational and yet all of the people who comment there are fucking idiots.

    As a result, Ben Domenech wrote a pretty good article about the lawlessness of the modern NYPD and the comments have to be seen to be believed.

    Geez. sorry, I would have expected better from the federalist. The cops ‘feel’ less safe because they ARE less safe, and one reason for that is DeBlasio’s comments. It’s pretty rude (at best) to denigrate people who don’t want to be shot from behind. If the police are not bringing in the usual # of perps, writing the usual # of tickets, so what? By all appearances, that’s what the people of NYC want.

    WAAAAHHHHH! Sure policing is provably not a dangerous profession, but that never stopped cop fellators from fellating.

    Uh, wrong. A nation which accepts “public-sector unions” must accept the inconvenience when those union members strike or bargain for better conditions. “Democracy” is threatened by rioters, looters, & killers whom de Blasio encourages & supports.

    I’m no fan of De Blasio, but you’re going to need to cite the instance during his tenure when he encouraged and supported murderers.

    1. Another guy goes a step further and claims De Blasio subsidizes looters. What? How?

      And why are idiot conservatives forcing me to defend Bill De Blasio?

      The Mayor has made it clear that, as far as he is concerned, the one place cops belong is under the bus if things go wrong. He refused to back his officers when Eric Garner resisted arrest. His rhetoric–along with the rhetoric of people like Al Sharpton–led to two officers getting murdered.

      Backing off from standards enforcement is the only rational response to this input from the municipal executive.

      These people are really intent on blaming Bill De Blasio for murders which are in no way his fault.

    2. I hate both De Blasio and the Cops and I refuse to even participate in the issue.

      as Kissenger(?) said of the Iraq-Iran war= “its a shame one of them has to win”

      That said- quick quiz: How did Eric Garner Die?

      – Asphyxiation?
      – Heart Attack?

      1. The cops are worse than De Blasio in this instance by far. They’re basically throwing their weight around and trying to manipulate an elected official into folding to the demands of an entrenched special interest public sector union.

        They’re behaving like the fucking Janissaries.

        1. i want to introduce you to the MTA.

  18. They stole the “Spot the Not” idea

    1. I’ll file the court papers tomorrow.

  19. Anyone from SF in here? Sevo? I’m visiting from LA and need a drinking buddy tonight.

    1. Sevo has not been seen today, He’s probably doing something classy tonight, unlike you.

      1. I brought my classy clothes in case he shows.

      2. Sevo is still in the lord’s class… Playa hattan left early to scrub his closet clean.

        1. Dust? Yes. Scrub? No.

          It’s not a murder closet. yet.

    1. “”Dancing man wearing a horse mask cooks wild mushrooms. “”

      They should have pointed out the gas-mask on his penis.

      1. This is, what, an 80% chance the man in the video is Agile Cyborg, right?

        1. ugh: s/This/There/

    2. Let it all hang out. It’s just an asian penis.

    3. That is not how you prepare mushrooms. Is that ELP?

      1. My bitch ass face eats’m raw…

  20. LOOK its the hot space-dress!

    1. In Re: New Years.

      I did have one awesome New Years Eve. The millennium in Vegas. My best friend’s uncle was CEO of the Tropicana at the time. Epic night, among other things, we were on the roof for the Strip fireworks show. Plus, Nevada Everclear. I did a backflip into a rose bush, just because.

      If I don’t have a hookup like that, I stay home.

      1. “The millennium in Vegas.”


        You must really have been serious about the “potential end of the world” thing.

        1. Just an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

          What else is a college kid going to do on New Years?

  21. It’s time for Spot the Not! This episode will feature socialist economist Thomas Piketty.

    1. While advances in technology have improved production, they merely postpone the capitalist apocalypse. So long as capital accumulation remains possible, social collapse from excessive wealth inequality is inevitable.

    2. Taxation is not a technical matter. It is preeminently a political and philosophical issue, perhaps the most important of all political issues. Without taxes, society has no common destiny, and collective action is impossible.

    3. To put it bluntly, the discipline of economics has yet to get over its childish passion for mathematics.

    1. I’ll go with 1. 2 is suspicious. but 1.

      1. Right you are, sir. Would you like a Lena Dunham plushy or an autographed copy of Al Gore’s Sensible Planning, Reasonable Future ?

      2. I agree with Gilmore.

        3 is too succinct and derpy to make up.

        1 and 2 are very close, but seems like something he’d get called on.

    1. I missed it.


    1. Gilmore, suck your dick and eat your cum.

      Who here expects their fucking hot wife or lava sister or gf to suck their dick and NOT eat their cum WHILE NEVER eating their own cum?

      You want people to suck your dick and eat your cum?

      Jerk off and eat that shit or you ain’t a fucking real dawg you fucking horrible ass.

  23. Sumthin, sumthin, Dobbs.


  24. Happy new year kids. Still alive.

    1. This is a triumph.

    2. This is a triumph.

      1. The squirrels had to get one last shot in at me this year, didn’t they?

        1. Andrew andrew…. must stop speakin to theeself {pats Andrews S head gently}

    3. Where have you been, other than having your balls cut off?

      1. Moved to Houston. No interwebz at work. Shit got crazy. Baby #2 probably on the way. Wheeee! Hopefully I’ll figure out how to comment in the new year. How’s things?

      2. Playa, balls cutoff?
        you scream ball cutoff..

        Man… what? is yo life adjusting?

        You really dont fuckin seem Playa…anymore…

        you seem kinda fuckin weak.

        Not dissin’ my bro… what’s up? tho? you def seem NOT Playa Manhattan… energy seems different

        1. I’m getting a vasectomy next week. So, yeah, my… energy will be different.

          The balls cut off reference is about Brett L getting his wife pregnant with out permission. Chicks seem not to like that. Sample size n=1

  25. So as an aside from all this thang, whores..

    Old parents already know this shit……

    2 types of what I call magik sauce for the notso babies:

    Female 8 year old looooves warm milk in a cup with a heaping tsp of honey

    Male 10 year old looooves warm milk in a cup with a heaping tsp of sundae chocolate…

    Sleep comes fuckin quickly in front of a fuckin Disney flick…

    Warm the milk and add the magik for the sleep for the lovelies…

    1. Putting this back for a couple years.

      1. Parenting advice from Agile. Now that’s something you can take to the bank.

        1. Eh. It isn’t crazy for AC

  26. So 20.15 arises. Bertrand, Nietzsche, Rand, and our sweet boy Hitchens the lords of the Megaton traveled into the to and fro of the universe sandwich…. from the behind and beyond. From the eclipse to the unclipse.

    Life doesn’t give allowance on this globe to the decay. Earth is the decay. Streams of mystery and math and its geniuses and science and its ponderers and law-breakers have forged a path into a recognizable routine called 20.15.

    Most of us have no children that have died in their young age. Most of might break many of the traditional marital rules but we’ve moved into a new marital year. Most of us are creating businesses, assessing properties, gauging lifestyles, earning reputations for raises, and sucking a lot of human genitalia…

    Life in 20.15 beckons like an Indian Chief warrior.

    Life in 20.15 requires we be stout men and women flying starships in the face of the sun….

    karate chop!

    1. Don’t tell me you’re staying in tonight.

      1. Yea… put the kids down… Just blew a load in hot wife’s ass… she went ta sleep… First night ever just fuckin boozed and well…. boozed with my sweets on reason until 20.15. I club all delio time… tonight? well… kinda like a jade light piercing into human future math…. Reason broods are lovely projectiles onto the future moons…

  27. 2015… Suck My Cock!

    Free speech and free love will never die…!!! Signing off the best fuckin webspace on the interwebs ever!!!!!!!!!!!! becuase I have to fucking fuck again… and suck some hot blonde clit….

    1. calm down, whore dog.

      1. Hypebaby… you needta fuck 20.15 into submission before it starts, sweet thread lord!! is your 2015 blonde, asian, brunette, or Scottish?

  28. Feliz Ano Novo and Happy New Year, you anarchist extremists!

  29. Fucking M&B Warband shit, fuck this game, and especially mods like Brytenwalda, you fuckers, fuck you! I hate shit to do!

    1. 2015 – edit feature?

        1. Your angst makes my rectum sweat, dear.

  30. 2015 precum!!!

  31. What kinda load will 2015 unleash? slight and into picnic napkin on a hazy church carry-out in the south. spurting. gentle rollin sperm waves all over your belly button in your early morning before coffee while your s.o. grabs your balls. hot blonde happy slurp where the cum just fires right into her nose and she has to clean all that shit out of her fucking nose with a tissue… and you promised to stick your tongue deep into her pooper like its a horrible chore which it will never be…

  32. Happy New Year from the only time zone that counts.

    1. Warty’s basement?

      Happy New Year, you magnificent bastard. And same to all you other Reasonoid fucks.

    1. Aaaaand…nice to see the little fucking rodents are still on the job!

  33. Oh, and Happy fucking New Year, Reasinoids.

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  35. Summertime in the winter is always good.

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