Best of 2014: A Ride-Along With Guatemala's Volunteer Ambulance Drivers on The Front Lines of America's Drug War


Here at Reason, we produce lots of content highlighting both the destructive outcomes of the drug war in the U.S. and the positive results we might expect from legalization of recreational drugs. But it's less often that we have a chance to delve into the havoc that drug prohibition has wrought in other countries, particularly in Central and South America where drug and street gangs wield enormous power over the people and their governments.

That's why this profile of the volunteer ambulance drivers of Guatemala City, men who risk their lives daily in a city boasting one of the world's highest murder rates, means so much to me. The ride along was jarring, uncomfortable, disturbing, and inspiring on a personal level, and the resulting video is one that I'm proud to have produced for Reason TV this year.