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Here Are 10 Outrageous 'Zero Tolerance' Follies of 2014

Here are 10 of the most infamous "zero tolerance" punishments handed down to kids-and even some adults-this year.


Zero tolerance
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Are your children safe at school? That depends on if you're worried about bullies or administrators.  Here are 10 of the most infamous "zero tolerance" punishments handed down to kids—and even some adults—this year.

1. Student, 13, shares lunch, gets detention

A 13-year-old boy at Weaverville Elementary School in California shared his school lunch (a chicken burrito) with a hungry friend. For this, he got detention. Superintendent Tom Barnett explained, "Because of safety and liability we cannot allow students to actually exchange meals."

2. Sunscreen not allowed on field trip—kids might drink it

A San Antonio, Texas, school forbid students to bring sunscreen on a field trip. Why? According to spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor, "We can't allow toxic things to be in our schools." The children, "could possibly have an allergic reaction (or) they could ingest it. It's really a dangerous situation."

3. Kindergarten cancels its year-end show to allow more time for college prep

A letter home from the Harley Avenue Primary School in Elwood, New York, read, in part: "The reason for eliminating the Kindergarten show is simple. We are responsible for preparing children for college and career with valuable lifelong skills and know that we can best do that by having them become strong readers, writers, coworkers and problem solvers."

4. Teacher suspended on weapons charge for demonstrating carpentry tools

A second grade teacher at Chicago's Washington Irving Elementary School was suspended for four days without pay for bringing screwdrivers, wrenches and other shop tools to class, and demonstrating how to use them. These are dangerous items.


5. School bus driver loses job for keeping kids warm when bus breaks down

This one's in Canada! On a day when the windchill dipped to -34 Fahrenehit, school bus driver Kendra Lindon's bus broke down. Knowing it could take a long time for a replacement to arrive—and that kids would be waiting outside till it did—she picked up the few children on her route (including her son) in her SUV. A neighbor noticed two kids sitting in the cargo hold without seat belts and called the bus company. She was promptly fired.

6. 79-year-old substitute teacher fired for having student-friends on Facebook

Carol Thebarge was a substitute teacher at Stevens High School in Claremont, New Hampshire, for nine years and was friends with about 250 current students on Facebook. She was told to unfriend them or lose her job. She chose to lose her job. Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin told the press, "She's loved by many, but that doesn't give you allowance to ignore a protocol designed to protect all."

7. Student suspended for slicing apple with knife during health food demonstration

Da'von Shaw, a Bedford, Ohio, high school student, brought apples and craisins to school for a "healthy eating" presentation. When he took out a knife to slice an apple, his teacher told him he was not allowed to use it. He immediately handed it over to her. Case closed? Nope. Later that day he was suspended for a week because he brought a weapon to school.

8.  School goes on lockdown when mom fails to sign-in

The mother of a special needs child in Walnut Grove, Missouri, raced to school when she got a "frantic" call from her kid'steacher. After she was buzzed into the building, she ran straight to his room, thereby committing the cardinal sin of not signing in. The school went into lockdown. Cops arrived and took the mom to the police station, where she was charged with trespassing.

9. Girl in wet bathing suit forced to stand outside… in February… in Minnesota… due to school policy

After the fire alarm went off in Como Park High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, everyone evacuated, including Kayona Hagen-Tietza, 14, who had been swimming in the gym pool and didn't have time to change. School policy forbids teachers from having students in the car, so she stood outside, barefoot, for 10 minutes in 5-degree weather until a teacher obtained "permission" to let her sit in her car just this once.

10. Student suspended for twirling pencil, subjected to five-hour evaluation

Ethan Chaplin, 13, was twirling his pencil, which made the child sitting behind him feel "threatened or uncomfortable." That's all it took for the Vernon, New Jersey, school to send Chaplin for a 5-hour physical and psych evaluation. His urine was tested and blood drawn. "We never know what's percolating in the mind of children, okay?" the superintendent, Charles Maranzano, said. "When they demonstrate behaviors that raise red flags, we must do our duty."

And a very Happy New Year to everyone who goes to school, works at a school, or is suspended from school for a sandwich swap, monkey wrench, or pencil twirl!

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  1. These are jokes, right?

    1. In a sick, twisted way, yes.

      I’m soooooo glad my kids are out of school. It was bad enough when they were in. This? I’d drive my car through the wall, get arrested – it would be ugly.

      Fuck public schools, the pants-wetting, idiot school boards, teachers and administrators who create this environment. Oh, and the [ditto] parents who want exactly this.

    2. The sort of joke that gets less and less funny as it’s repeatedly told by progressives.

    3. No, they’re harbingers of doom, but most folks are too stupid to recognize them as such.

  2. perhaps these top minds should just ban childhood and be done with it. Seriously, without the citations for each incident, a sane individual would think these the work of The Onion.

  3. “School policy forbids teachers from having students in the car, so she stood outside, barefoot, for 10 minutes in 5-degree weather until a teacher obtained “permission” to let her sit in her car just this once.”

    You know who else kept people barefoot, wet, and frozen outdoors during winter?

    No, seriously, this was a form of torture and execution on the Eastern Front during World War II.

    1. So, Russians, then?

      1. Sometimes. Partisans were known to repay Axis troops in kind.

        1. I know, just being facetious. The Eastern Front was a sea of hatred on each side, dictator against dictator, propaganda against propaganda, no holds barred.

          1. So, very similar to school in other words.

    2. You know who else kept people barefoot, wet, and frozen outdoors during winter?


  4. So it must be impossible to teach metal or wood shop anywhere with all those dangerous weapon-tools. I thought it was just our school district that dropped it so kids could be prepared for college where they’ll learn about important stuff like white-privilege.

    1. I was soooo glad I was able to take shop class for three years in Middle School. My dad died when I was 12, so I learned about – most everything shop related – in shop class.

      Couldn’t make it work in HS due to the intentional conflict between “college prep” classes and shop class (cause no student ever would be interested in both, amirite?)… But I learned how to use hand tools, power tools, weld, cast metal. I LOVED shop class. Loved it.

      In retrospect, it was incredibly dangerous. Casting molten lead, stick welding, every kind of saw imaginable.

      But no one ever got hurt, AND NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED.

      Fuck schools today. They don’t even offer shop in the local schools any more. I haz a sad.

      1. We had wood working and auto shop at my HS. (mid 80s) Funny that you mention it but all our AP classes were scheduled during the same hours as well. I had to give up wood working to take advanced math classes.

        The only person ever injured was the teacher. 🙂

        1. My seventh grade shop teacher was missing two fingers from a band saw incident. Yet, we had band saws, table saws, drill presses, etc.

          1. Band saws are evil motherfuckers.

            Almost lost a hand to one in California. Father in law was teaching me woodworking and I was an asshole teenager that didn’t pay enough attention.

            Still wakes me up at night, sometimes.

      2. A girl chopped her own arm off at my high school during shop class.

        She had one of the first successful arm reattachment surgeries.

    2. At least with inner-city second graders. I mean, as stupid as that guy’s suspension was, I wouldn’t want those 7 year olds doing much with saws.

      1. Learned helplessness.

        In another age, 7-year-olds were learning how to fix fence posts, paint houses, and repair pipes.

        Furthermore, the linked article does not mention saws and says the teacher was only demonstrating the tools’ use, not giving them out for the kids to play with.

        1. I was responding to a guy talking about shop being banned, which is very different from suspending a guy for showing kids tools. You ass.

          1. You can still have 11 year olds doing shop and not want 7 year olds using circular saws.

          2. Perhaps I misunderstood the context of your comment but the hostility is unwarranted. Even so, my point stands about lowered expectations.

          3. People are asses for misunderstanding? You could have replied to the comment you were responding to. Then it may not have been misunderstood.

            1. I did, you ass.

              1. (now I’m definitely doubling down on that :P)

              2. As you will see replies descend to the right. Your post was clearly to the left. So you owe some people apologies hole of an ass.

                1. No. My reply was obviously to Drake. Add yourself to the list of asses.

                  1. And is in-line as such, so I don’t know why you’re all being such, well, asses

        2. Think about this. Akid was suspended for wearing a tee-shirt with a picture of a rifle on it. Another was suspended for drawing a picture of his Marine brother wearing an ammo belt with a grenade on it and carrying a rifle.
          Now, tell me, how can they possibly teach kids about cavemen who carried clubs and used primitive tools, or military history that demands the use of weapons? What about the atomic bomb attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, or even the attack on Pearl Harbor?


    How too many laws are ruining us.

  6. Having a 14 year old daughter right now in public schools, the one funny thing about stuff like this is that all it does is undermine the students’ respect for their teachers and administrators. They think these people are as much idiots as the rest of us do.

    1. If that’s true, then perhaps there is hope. But the kid feeling threatened by a twirling pensil suggests otherwise.

      1. I guarantee, the kid who “felt threatened” by a classmate twirling a pencil definitely thinks the people in charge at his school are idiots.

    2. HOC, you deserve some credit for this as well. Keep fighting the good fight, and well done.

      1. Perhaps all those years of watching me yell at the television are finally paying off.

  7. I wish there was some way to hold school board members and school administrators to the same standard that they hold these kids to. And the police that for some reason are helping to enforce some of these ideas.

  8. All hope is lost. Let it burn.

  9. i still have a few years before i get saddles with kids. but if and when i do have kids, they will never set foot in a government run school. I would rather my kids learn that jesus rode a dinosaur to fight the communists from Creationist Academy than have them learn how to be a slave to the state.

    1. I want to know where you live where the creationist academies are chock full of commies. LOL.

      1. No, I think he was saying Jesus rode a dinosaur to fight commies, not that the creationist academies are full of commies. That would be an interesting clash.

    2. I don’t have any data behind this, but aside from Pledge of Allegiance type stuff, I don’t think most public schools are that bad.

      Of course, they’re still somewhat bad.

      1. I don’t have any data behind this, but…I don’t think most public schools are that bad.

        You realize this site is called “Reason,” right? If you want to make decisions based on teh feelz, Salon is over there.

        1. Oh, and the rest of these guys making decisions based on less than that are reasonable? Moron.

        2. You’re literally trying to kick someone off this site for stating that they have an opinion based on an admittedly very small amount of data, when responding to a person having an opinion based on no data.

          1. holy shit, I used “literally” slightly inaccurately!

      2. I can’t believe you would say that.

        Do you have kids?

        The average kid graduating today can barely write a proper sentence. Talk to any college prof and ask how well the average student has been prepared for college, and ask whether they can write proper essays.

        1. Yes, I have a child in the early stages of public school. Like me, she doesn’t need it to be educated to the level to be accepted into an elite college, so I don’t really have much I can learn from it from her experience about what it teaches.

          That said, you didn’t argue with or even address my point, which had nothing to do at all with the writing skills of graduates.

          1. Wait until the enforcement of idiotic zero tolerance rules PREVENT your highly-gifted and otherwise very qualified child from attending an elite college. Come back and give your opinion then.

    3. There are communists from Creationist Academy now? Things have gotten worse than I thought. (In my day, all we had to worry about was those bullies from Commie Martyrs High School, but the name kinda tipped us off to their presence.)

      1. +1 Mudhead

      2. Yeah, this stuff wouldn’t happen if Adolph Tirebiter was in charge.

      3. Guess you didn’t have to worry about reading comprehension either.

  10. 79-year-old substitute teacher fired for having student-friends on Facebook

    My wife was thrilled to take my very common last name specifically because it made her harder to find on Facebook. She would get friend requests from 200 new eighth-graders each year back when she used her maiden name, but the kids can’t seem to figure her out anymore.

  11. Fark had a link to a Daily Fail article a few years ago, where a British school cancelled Easter festivities for their 1st and 2nd graders (I think) because the grass field was too lumpy, and the precious snowflakes might fall down and get hurt.

    Criminy, that’s what teaches 1st and 2nd graders how to coordinate physically — run around, chase each other, laugh and yell, fall down, bawl like banshees for 30 seconds, get up, rinse, lather, repeat. Later they go home and show off their scrapes and bruises. It’s what kids do!

    FWIW, there seemed to be a rush on British nannyism around that period. Some council forbade their firefighters from using 3-step stepladders to check smoke detectors, because they hadn’t had the proper training. Some garbage collectors refused to pick up rubbish that fell out of wheelie bins because it landed in gutter overflow and anything in flowing water was a different union.

  12. Bottom line – the parents are responsible. Why would they put up with this kind of behavior from their public servants. Of course, it only affects one or two “students” so why make a big fuss? Because this type of mentality permeates the entire system and further indoctrinates the young minds into being subservient to “authority.”
    Oh, i forgot, the parents also were indoctrinated by the government school system and now believe they have no course of action. It’s all by design.

    1. What can parents do? The administrators will throw up their hands and say “Rules are rules.” School board members tend to be petty tyrants who will politely tell you to go fuck yourself if you question their policy, knowing that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of them getting voted out of office. There is no accountability, and without that nothing will change.

      1. Plus:

        “Oh, you clearly don’t CARE about your child if you fight us. We’ll have CPS over to abscond with your chirrens shorly….”

      2. Take out an add in the local paper explaining his shit policy or see if you can get a reporter interested in taking down a local government official. Then run against him.

        1. Then run against him.

          That’s the libertarian conundrum. People with no desire for power don’t tend to seek out positions of power.

          1. It’s the hardest thing about being a libertarian parent.

      3. Parents who give a shit make massive economic sacrifices to send their kids to decent private schools. The school boards love it because:

        1. they still get my property tax revenue but don’t have to educate my kids.

        2. the don’t have to listen to me complain when their school sucks.

      4. The local school board took a noticeable turn downhill when it went from appointed to elected.

        The problem with school board elections is that you have no fucking idea who these people are or what they do. You have to choose like 5 people from a slate of nobodies.

        Who would even want to run for school board anyway? It is almost inevitably going to select for the least interested and most corrupt individuals possible.

        The people who care want to work with the kids, and the ones who aren’t corrupt are going to have a hell of a time getting enough name recognition with the voters.

        Plus, if you take any positions aimed at actual reform, you’ll make enemies with the teachers’ union.

        1. But, but, but… Democracy!

          1. The challenge of republicanism is to channel the democratic process in the manner that is most conducive to liberty. Unfortunately, democracy is a beast that hates to be chained, and inevitably seeks to break free from any limitations placed upon it, regardless of causes or consequences.

    2. Round here we had a fight with the local school board about busing. Several families have their kids in a daycare that’s literally a quarter mile into the next town. One bitch on the council said the bus cannot drop the kids off there, even though it turns around in the driveway across the street. Every objection of hers was soundly excoriated, yet for every rebuttal she had another ridiculous hypothetical. There was no changing her mind. So now several families are in a quandary since the other daycare centers in the area either suck ass or are full.

      1. So, they can’t do out-of-town field trips on those buses either, right?

        1. And obviously no away sporting events.

          1. What if some sports-loving and extremely geographically specific terrorists went after the bus, huh? WHAT THEN???

        2. She was protecting local businesses from foreign (out of town) competition.

      2. This makes me glad my kids’ daycare offers transportation, or we’d be in the same boat. There’s a couple daycares in town but they’re all full.

      3. Can they walk the 1/4 mi.? Just drop them at the town line, and the group walks from there.

        1. What? Children walk, WITHOUT AN ADULT?? Are you some kind of monster?!?

  13. I just left my 6.5 year old daughter at home for 40 minutes while I went shopping. Nobody tell the cops!

    1. Well, your kid can’t if you keep her busy polishing monocles!

      1. I keep my kids busy scraping lead paint off the walls.

    2. Oh, careless. Nobody needs to call the cops! The NSA is monitoring this thread for terrorist threats. They’ll stop by later to check on you.

  14. How can people that stupid possibly teach children anything? Then again, that explains a great deal about the results of modern education — and particularly why home-schooling works better than public miseducation.

    1. No, most homeschooling is even worse than these stories. Parents intent on brainwashing their children with a specific set of thoughts sprinkled by a bit of book learning. Most homeschool parents are unqualified to actually teach multiple subjects.

      1. Not what the studies show.

        1. I guess it depends what studies that you want to use. Try this one.


          My best study is my own experience with scores of homeschoolers. I love the families that I know that homeschool, but the majority follow some very disturbing trends in teaching that include: censorship, highly authoritarian parental control and a lack of trust of any authority other than parental authority. Another way to describe the common thread: teaching what to think over how to think. And of course many homeschool only teach distrust of those that are not homeschooled forgetting that those of us that have our children in public schools also homeschool by instructing our children at home.

          1. So what grade do you teach?

            1. I don’t teach and I am an ardent opponent of teachers unions. I just have hung out with too many homeschoolers. People that I love but just don’t agree with.

      2. You are admitting you don’t know any actual homeschoolers then?

        1. I know loads. We kind of run in the same circles. I think that they have every right to homeschool, by the way.

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    1. My friend’s dog’s uncle’s owner’s cousin’s sister’s aunt’s lawyer’s co-worker’s previous boss’ wife said this is BS.

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  17. Ban sharing the burritos, but they’re fine with the kool aid I bet.

  18. “10. Student suspended for twirling pencil, subjected to five-hour evaluation

    Ethan Chaplin, 13, was twirling his pencil, which made the child sitting behind him feel ‘threatened or uncomfortable.’…’When [children] demonstrate behaviors that raise red flags, we must do our duty.'”

    In looking for the “red flag” behavior, they identified the wrong kid.

    1. Maybe they meant “red books”

    2. This doesn’t say anything about how the kid behind him pressed the issue. FAWK, s/he may have just made one brief squawk which then got inflated by the authorities into this.

  19. We need a nickname for the cases that Lenore brings up. Not all of them are necessarily nutpunches, but they al fill me with the strong desire to strangle a useless school administrator (I know, that doesn’t narrow it down much). My wife and I are planning on having kids. I am thinking of teaching my kids to share and use sunscreen, but continuing on this road, that would get us reported to CPS.

    1. Rage triggers?

    2. Let’s call them “squinks”. That was a slip of the pen in Illuminatus! that its creator imagined to be a cross between a squid and a skunk.

  20. These policies may be made on the promise that it keeps kids safe. But I would say these policies always make me feel the adults are the ones who want to feel safe. Kids being kids are terrifying to these teachers and administrators.

  21. I hate it when teachers go on murderous rampages with screwdrivers.

  22. WAKE UP AMERICA. Elect school board members that won’t put up with this type of crap. Ones that will immediately fire, for cause, a superintendent that allows this type of behavior. Most superintendents sign an employment contract, make it clear in the contract that this type of behavior in the district is unacceptable.

    I guarantee that these stupid twists of zero tolerance policies will end if the result for the administrators is that there will be zero tolerance for their idiotic behavior. As part of a phd in Education, they need to require a common sense class.

  23. “We never know what’s percolating in the mind of children, okay?” the superintendent, Charles Maranzano, said. “When they demonstrate behaviors that raise red flags, we must do our duty.”

    Mindset of these fuckers in a nutshell.

  24. …buzzed into the building…charged with trespassing.


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  26. Where does all this zero tolerance crap come from, anyway?–it’s clear that it lends itself to stupid outcomes–why do it?


    Like most incredibly stupid things in this country, zero tolerance policies can be traced to people trying to fight racism.

    White kids weren’t getting punished at school in numbers proportionate to black kids. It must be racism.

    So zero tolerance policies were created–each specific offense has a specific punishment. No leeway for racists now.

    And the result?

    White kids aren’t getting punished at school in numbers proportionate to black kids. It must STILL be racism.

    The new solution seems to be to allow black students a given level of criminality. We’ll see how this works.

    Minimum sentencing laws come from the same place. And people have started complaining about their ‘disparate impact’. What fun do you think will come of this?

    Here’s a really fun example of how this works.

    When crack first appeared it became such a problem that community activists cried out for harsher punishments to keep crack out of the ghetto–thus the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine began. But–uhoh–more black guys were getting busted for crack than white guys–must be racism.

    And the very same people who demanded the harsh sentences now demanded that the racist harsh sentences be removed–because now they’re racist!

    Defined sentencing can work–as long as it isn’t undermined. Unfortunately, it always is–because reality isn’t PC

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  29. 3. Kindergarten cancels its year-end show to allow more time for college prep

    This. . .doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I realize it’s kindergarten, but still.

  30. I would have been very proud of my daughter for sharing her lunch with a fellow student, who was hungry. Didn’t we all trade lunches in school? It certainly doesn’t warrant detention, or any punishment for that matter.

    If my child had been made to stand outside in a wet bathing suit in zero degree weather, there would most certainly be an angry rampage taking place at that school. Completely unbelievable that adults have such little common sense. Plain and simple, this is most definitely an instance where it’s better to “act first, ask later.”

    Check out my blog sometime.

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  32. One need not be ein kinder to be at the centre of such risk-averse madness in the US. Common sense and decency have been in check in this society for decades and the result is a collective personality disorder.

    The Victim Culture that defines mandated social contexts in the US is a result of the Feminisation of nearly all aspects of the persona, which is now a differentiator of the US Consumer Society from other nations. It is tragic.

    One are where risk averseness morphed into Victim governance is the economy. Capitalism is a sport and markets were playing fields. Extend the metaphors as you wish and then read the article on the Tragedy of the US Military on the parallel pages today in the Atlantic Monthly.

    Then think of life on the Planet when American women want to birth babies through the new artificial-sperm technologies and raise children with men as options, while the UN fails to keep pace with population counts exceeding 9.5 billion. Their current estimates show we are fast approaching and extended life spans (6 yeara above the 1990 average) are at odds with the changes American society now sees as their purview, uniquely for awhile at least.

    Brendan O’Neill writes of the articial-sperm advances today in

    The absurdity of the cases cited in the article above are unlikely to abate until Nature serves a very rude slap that even a Pope cannot anticipate or welcome.

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  39. Until the school boards start firing the idiots who made these decisions, we will continue to get similar decisions. However, a few firings and their judgment will “suddenly improve.

  40. So I’m guessing Middle and High schools no longer have Home Ec programs? I distinctly remember lots of kitchen knives just lying around… I guess I’m lucky they didn’t jump up and start stabbing someone.

    1. LOL!

  41. Though none of these make common sense, I especially don’t understand #8. If she was called by the school, THAT is an INVITATION, so how can they arrest her for trespassing?

  42. Someone should send their kid to school and have him complain that he feels threatened by all of the kids with pencils or pens.

  43. “…Editor’s Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and ON-TOPIC… … We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time….”

    Maybe Reason SHOULD monitor their comments and get rid of the multiple SPAM comments about working at home.

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  45. You can’t entirely blame administrators or teachers.
    As a former public school teacher (which I quit), I can tell you, if one of these kids goes home with a bruised knee, some parents call their lawyers and sue the peawaddies out of the school district, the administrator loses their job, and can never work again.
    The teachers and administrators both are as shackled with ridiculous regulations as the kids (thus the teacher fired for demonstrating tools and actually teaching them something useful, right?).
    You never even know who’s going to get the axe next, or worse, a law suite, over something we all would have considered completely innocuous when were kids.
    Our litigious culture of pants-wetting weenie parents whose precious little angels can’t ever be caused discomfort in the schools are as much to blame as the schools themselves.
    I felt this insane pressure while teaching. You couldn’t look at a kid cross-eyed without some of them whinging to their parents that they were insulted in class and thus, somehow, their right to a free education in an environment free of discrimination, or blah blah, that respects their individuality, etc., blah blah was violated.

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