Brickbat: Big Buddha Is Watching


Burmese police have charged Tun Thurein, Htut Ko Ko Lwin, and New Zealand national Philip Blackwood with two counts each of violating the nation's religion law. The three operate a night club that allegedly had an image of the Buddha wearing headphones on its Facebook page. They face up to two years in prison if convicted.

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  1. Behead those who would insult Buddha!

    1. According to the act, anyone who attempts to insult, destroy or damage any religion can be punished by a maximum of two years in jail, with another two-year penalty for those who try to insult religion through the written word

      Fortunately, it has not yet reached that level of absurdity in punishment. Though even two to four years is a grodd absurdity, especially given what I unserstand about Buddhist philosophies.

      1. …grodd absurdity…

        Grodd does not approve.

        1. Grodd is actually my cousin who owes me money, and can’t approve of shit as far as I am concerned.

          1. Is that a cousin through marriage? Because I have trouble beleiveing you have a gorilla for a cousin by blood

            1. We get around

            2. I have a gorilla for a cousin who makes up to $8456 USD per day just from his laptop!

      2. I’ll take “The penis mightier than the keyboard,” Alex.

    2. “You have offended our religion. Do you know what we do to people like you?”

      “You forgive me?”

      1. “Right *after* ‘Chi-Chi’!”

  2. Animist bullshit. I have little faith in ever seeing the ever impending libertarian moment as 99% of humanity can’t get the dust from the cave off of themselves.

    I am off to my brothers place in Texas this morning. We are going to grill, shoot some guns, cut some firewood and consume copious amounts of alcohol (not all at the same time) for a few days. We might even fish a little bit.

    The last time I was there we went to the store to get some ammunition. As we entered the sporting goods dept I noticed a tall cute blonde wearing camo and loading sacks of deer corn in her buggy. I stopped in my tracks, pointed at her and said “Thats hot!”. My wife started laughing and said “Damn Suthenboy, you couldn’t be more of a redneck if you tried. You are a walking, talking Jeff Foxworthy joke.” Yeah, I guess I am.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. Merry Christmas everyone.

      That’s an insult to Buddha! Four years in the clink fo ryou!

    2. “Merry Christmas everyone.”

      Where’s my trigger warning?

  3. I’d have thought Buddha would be the sort of fellow who wouldn’t want to disturb people around him with music he wanted to listen to.

    1. Pretty much this.

      Perhaps Heroic Mulatto would care to weigh in?

      1. Actually, those are some pretty high end cans he’s wearing. No vow of poverty, apparently.

        1. Ah, but is “he” Buddha?

          1. Transubstantiation, dude, transubstantiation.

        2. Beats by Dre would insult the Buddha’s good judgement.

  4. Somehow I doubt spiritual leaders like Buddha or Jesus or anyone else would tyrannically arrest people. I like to think they’re chill and have a sense of humor.

    1. Yeah, hard to imagine “Jesus, sacker of cities, slayer of men” or “Buddha, destroyer of worlds”…

    2. Well…

      The Buddha and Jesus certainly believed in talk, debate, and even humor.

      There is a story about a Jainist Monk debating the Buddha and losing horribly. When he asked to become a follower, the Buddha sends him home to think it over. Pretty sure that guy wouldn’t be offended by headphones.


      That Mohammed guy, on the other hand, seemed pretty touchy, devoid of humor, and insecure. Amazing he could pass it down to entire cultures across the centuries.

  5. It’s a common-sense restriction to protect the freedom not to be offended, right?

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  7. Perhaps he was listening to one of those deep relaxation recordings?

    It’s just silly, and the attempt to protect and preserve a transient thing — in this case, the institution of Buddhism — is so fundamentally at odds with the fundamental teachings of the Buddha.

    Moreover, there is nothing in the core teachings of Buddha that is anti-technology per se. So why would the Buddha be so offended my headphones?

    The Buddha, unlike most religious leaders throughout history, did not expect anyone to follow him blindly or take his pronouncements solely on faith. He recommended subjecting his insights to the cold hard light of truth and evaluating them before deciding whether to accept them. Shielding the guy from criticism doesn’t seem to mesh that greatly with this principle either. But then, those enforcing religious laws generally tend not to have a very developed sense of either compassion or irony.


  9. Shake your Buddah!

  10. A Buddhist monk sat with his feet resting on a statue of the Buddha. A traveler came by and demanded that the monk remove his feet from the image of the “holy Buddha”. The monk replied, “And where shall I put my feet that is not holy?”

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