Friday Funnies: Gas Price Crisis



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  1. Five Man Electrical Band wrote a song about this cartoon.

    1. And you know what band did a live cover of it? Man, the layers here are blowing my mind. It’s like a modern day The Da Vinci Code.

    2. “And the sign said you have to hold a concert ticket to get inside. Ugh.”

  2. The fucking hell? Just awful, and…um, awful.

  3. I like how the guy in the car is describing the cartoon. Very meta.

    1. I thought that was a label.

      1. #NoLabels


        1. *slap!*

          1. *slap*


  4. You labeled the tesla bok? Don’t you know there are no female libertarians and since we are all guys we would have known that the stylized T is the symbol for the Tesla motor company? Now everything else needz moar labelz! Who is in the car? Who is that man on the sign? What town is this? Etc.

  5. Is that supposed to be the President in the car? Despite his idiotic statements, I don’t think he’s upset about low gas prices.

    1. Some retard at the AP claimed that low gas prices could hurt the European economy because “deflation.”

      You keep using that word…I do not-a think it means what you think it means…

    2. You can’t be serious. Left-wing shitheads like him hate cheap oil and gasoline more than almost anything in the world.

      1. “…under my plan energy prices would necessarily skyrocket…”

        Yeah. He said he wants to fuck us good and hard. The idiots cheered and voted for him.

        Post-racial America!

      2. On Monday during the siege in Sydney, one of our left-wing journalists opined that, sure, the siege was bad, but the shutting down of streets around the crime scene meant we could see what a car-free future might look like. I’m amazed she didn’t say it showed the dangers of non-fair trade chocolate as well.

        1. If she did I would have to fly over and scream YOU LEAVE LINDT AND SPRUNGLI ALONE!!!!! in her face.

  6. I…just…don’t even…

    Awful. Therefore, PERFECT!

    An early Merry Christmas, Reasonoids, and may you experience health and happiness now and through the new year.

    Wait..WHAT?? I mean…I hope you all die of loneliness, friendless and penniless on Christmas, and, in one final, ignominious moment, your cat eats your liver. That’s more like it…

    Also, *SLAP!* and *SLAP!* again!

    1. Perfect – except I would have the cat eat your face instead of the liver.

    2. That’s funny. I’m having cat liver and onions for dinner tonight. With a nice Jose Cuervo.

  7. You all realize, don’t you, that subsidies for green cars will now be increased.

    1. Of course, the market is even More Wrong than ever so market correction is needed to bring it in line with what Top Men think it should be doing.

      1. Because prices dictated by the House of Saud are the indicator of a healthy market. Or something.

        They’re trying to starve the fracking and tar sand industries again.

        1. Markets sometimes involve big producers doing that sort of thing.

          1. Yes, but it’s not good when they do it. That’s why we have laws restricting mergers and breaking up big companies.

            Breaking up Saudi would be a good thing IMHO but it’s likely to be a bit more messy than Ma Bell’s dissolution.

          2. Agreed. Wal-mart sells some items under cost to bring in more customers. The Saudis strangling fracking in the crib is good for their business and the consumer.

            1. Decreasing competition is a good thing for consumers? Back to Econ 101 for you.

              The Saudis are fattening us up for the slaughter.

              1. okay I’ll bite, how is lower energy prices bad for the consumer oh paragon of economics?

                1. Because they won’t be low for long.

                  How can an all you can eat trough be bad for a little piggy?

                  1. Then what, the natural gas and tar sands will have disappeared because it was a limited time offer? No then when energy prices rise natural gas will be viable again and either the Saudis lower prices again or NG eats their lunch. That is competition. What would you like to do? Subsidize NG and Tar sands to compete like the enviros do with solar.

                  2. No, prices kept falling because OPEC didn’t cut production to raise them. I realise that’s still a monopoly/collusion, but the prices falling is not a bad thing. Unless you hate people.

                  3. Weyoun|12.19.14 @ 8:49AM|#
                    “Because they won’t be low for long.”

                    You’re a laugh riot!
                    You bet! Then they’ll be higher and then loser and then…

              2. Back to Econ 101 for you.

                Let’s play “Where’s Tulpa”: it’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo”, except shittier and devoid of any difficulty.

              3. Decreasing competition is a good thing for consumers? Back to Econ 101 for you.

                Back to Econ 101 for you.

                Competition not only lowers prices, but spurs innovation. The break even price for fracking has already dropped to between $50-55/barrel. This will drive it yet lower.

                As it stood before the glut, there was no reason for frackers to improve their methods and make fracking more efficient. They could sit back, do nothing and make a fortune. Today there is and they are going to need to innovate to survive.

                The Saudis don’t realize it, but they are slitting their own throats. The consumer will see lower energy prices for a long, long time. This is simply the market…working.

                1. The break even price for fracking has already dropped to between $50-55/barrel.

                  Not quite? it varies from field to field and operation to operation. Some require 80$/barrel while others require 50$/barrel and many are in between.

                  What this is going to do is weed out the least efficient producers and leave behind the producers that can run cheap either through highly productive fields or innovation. Ultimately, I think it’s going to result in oil going up but not as high as it had been.

                  1. I think it’s going to result in oil going up but not as high as it had been.

                    Going up? Above $100-110/barrel?

                    No, since the price of oil has been hovering about $100/barrel it’s going to result in oil going down, but just not as low as it is now.

            2. Oil goes over 80$ and fracking is profitable again in the current market conditions. Even without a price drop, innovation could bring the break even point down lower. I don’t get your point of the Saudis strangling fracking in the crib.

              1. The theory goes the Saudis are lowering energy prices to keep fracking from becoming more wide spread and cheaper. If they can make their oil so cheap people stop exploration, then they can raise prices. If that is their plan it is still good for consumers because if they raise their prices fracking will get cheaper to compete. No matter the motivation cheap energy is good.

                1. Of course you could simply resume exploration when it becomes profitable again. Or do the Saudis have some way of erasing existing knowledge and future actions from OPEC competitors?

              2. What about innovation? I am confident enough in the natural capitalist desire to make more money that somebody, somewhere, is going to figure out how to become profitable at a lower cost than 80$. I dunno how yet, but I believe somebody will figure it out. Maybe it starts at 75, then they can tweak it to be profitable at 70, or lower. Who knows. If Americans are good at anything it is figuring out how to make money.

            3. So basically we now have permanent leverage over the desert rats with the threat of the fracking capability. Sounds like a good thing to me.

  8. Thanks for sharing. We have a lot of depression and anxiety in our family. As a church, I think it’s important to mention those things to help others know it’s ok. It’s helpful to go to counseling and anyone can suffer with depression sometimes. Thanks for your honesty and sharing.

    Try it, you won t regret it! ….

    1. mungerkyra, I served with anonbot. I knew anonbot. Anonbot was a friend of mine. mungerkyra, you’re no anonbot.

    2. As a church, I think


      1. The Church of the Orange Lion Towing?

        1. I’ve always been partial to The Church of the Presumptuous Assumption.

          (Props to Firesign Theater.)

    3. Ah, the “” church. Peace be unto … uh … as.

  9. So funny I forgot to laugh. /Peewee Herman voice

  10. Well there goes my plan to save money by buying a Tesla.

  11. I’m not sure the Tesla’s butt-hole was the best location for the plug-in.

    1. hence the “crap” label

  12. Ha-ha, it’s a lefty’s worst nightmare in a cartoon.

  13. OK, sage didn’t chime in, so I will take it… *ahem*


  14. Is it me or does that car not have any doors?

    1. No, both you and the car are bereft of doors

    2. +1 General Lee

      1. +1 Jim Morrison

        1. +1 Aldous Huxley

  15. Bonus for me. I’ve been running with my MAF unplugged and my mileage sucks. However my gas expenses are still lower.

    +1 going easy on my shitty trouble-shooting

  16. That Saud sign is RACIST!

    1. Because it has a picture of a camel wearing lipstick?

      1. No. Because everyone knows the Middle East has mangers and not barns. White privilege.

    2. And the car is pictured in a manner offensive to pork-abstaining religions.

      1. Well, the Tesla is financed through pork…

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    1. there dads buddy haz cheezburger?

  18. When the gas price was high, the usual suspects placed the blame on (1) Oil companies trying to fix prices and make a profit (2) some sort of speculation game. But it was supply and demand after all.

    Now those guys say falling gas prices are actually a bad thing.…..olumn.html

    “The American consumer is incredibly shortsighted,” said Jonathan Rubin, an energy economist at the University of Maine. “It’s very troubling.”

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