Scott Shackford on the Concepts of Liberty Analyzed in Dragon Age


Dragon Age: Inquisition

The basic plot of Dragon Age: Inquisition sounds terribly conventional to any fantasy video game fan: A group of heroes bands together to battle an evil wizard who seeks godlike power and world domination. It's the plot of dozens of role-playing ventures set in worlds built by game designers who grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons. This new release, the third in the Dragon Age series, truly expands the fantasy world's setting and its own version of the conflict between liberty and security. According to Scott Shackford, the games use the fantasy setting to explore how power is used to control a group of people perceived as a threat to the larger populace, the unintended side effects, and ultimately, how that power becomes corrupted and ultimately ends up serving its own aims. In short, part of the game's identity is about exploring the conflict between liberty and security, using magic as a metaphor.