Jeb Bush 'Actively Exploring' Presidential Run, Mom Calls into CSPAN to Scold Bickering Pundits (Her Sons), Vox Is Confused About How Milk Is Made: P.M. Links


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    Pikaluk / Flickr

    The Taliban attack on a Pakistani military school is over. All the terrorists were killed, but 145 people—most of them kids—died in the horrific attack.

  • Jeb Bush is "actively exploring" a run for the presidency. Can he win?
  • Anti-gun surgeon general nominee approved in 51-43 vote.
  • Political activists and brothers Brad Woodhouse and Dallas Woodhouse were arguing on CSPAN when the program took a caller: their mother. She told them to stop arguing before coming home for the holidays.
  • A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled against President Obama's immigration dictates in a criminal case, but it's unclear whether his decision would impact national policy at all.
  • If you ordered Cards Against Humanity's specialty Black Friday product, congrats: it's shit.
  • Vox doesn't understand where milk comes from.

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