'The origin of global warming lies in capitalism'


Evo Morales

Lima, Peru—Evo Morales, the president of the Plurinational Republic of Bolivia, is a superstar politician here at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP-20) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The press gaggle follows him around like puppies and enthusiastically applauds his unrelenting diatribes against rich industrialized countries. The headline is a quotation taken from Morales' response to being asked at a press conference if he was optimistic about the summit meeting here in Lima? "The deep causes of global warming are not being dealt with here. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism," asserted Morales. "If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution."

Morales further observed, "After thirty years of negotiations, global warming is still going on." He added, "So many people and countries do not act responsibly. They are only thinking about profits, luxuries, and markets. They are not thinking about life, but only of money and how to accumulate more capital."

Capitalism is also the deep cause of great goods like doubled average global life expectancy over the past century; global literacy up from 25 percent of the world's population to 80 percent today; a 23 percent increase in per capita food consumption since 1961; and an increase since 1989 in the proportion of countries that are electoral democracies from 41 to 63 percent now. Just saying.  

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  1. 'The origin of global warming lies in capitalism'

    1. You had me at "the origin of global warming lies". I was hoping to find out who made it up first.

  2. Poor Evo.....he wants all the stuff......he just figure out a way to get them if he has to go full Maduro!

  3. They're only thinking about profits and luxuries, eh, Evo?

  4. If capitalism causes global warming, what causes climate change?

    1. Honestly? Rapists at UVA. True story.

  5. Wow - another tinhorn pol who, it turns out, is a pinhead.


    1. I think "Evo" is the Spanish word for "Emo".

      That pretty much explains his outlook.

  6. "If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution."

    Oh, the humanity.

    On a day when many markets are being destroyed in large part because of central planning. Looks like he'll get his wish fulfilled.

  7. Deep thinker, that Morales.

  8. Well, you must admit, the average North Korean has a very small carbon footprint.

    1. and a very small foot

    2. And Cuba? Why, except for the exhausts from '50s clinkers, practically zero!

  9. The hilarious part is that there's plenty of capitalism in Evo's Bolivia. He's backed off of full socialism and just spends too much money.

    1. The hilarious part is that there's plenty of capitalism in Evo's Bolivia

      Bolivia is one of the most difficult regions in the world to invest in. Morales may not be doing much worse than his reputation would suggest, but he sure as fuck is not making things better and the idea that Bolivia is some sort of capitalist paradise is utter fantasy. Bolivia is one of the most economically unfree nations in the world, and Morales' nationalizations are part of the reason why this is the case.

      1. It's bad but he has backed off from the nationalizations.

  10. I wish most people heard what he meant...Capitalism is code for Freedom...

    "If we could end freedom then we would have a solution."

    1. A more accurate claim would be "If we could end humanity then we would have a solution." But only the most radical are willing to admit it.

      1. Well, end humanity except for the enlightened few, and possibly a few regular folks to do all the icky jobs.

        1. Paul Watson's breeding program is probably one of the most creepy environmentalist concept I've ever seen.

          1. Watson feels that "no human community should be larger than 20,000 people," human populations need to be reduced radically to "fewer than one billion," and only those who are "completely dedicated to the responsibility" of caring for the biosphere should have children, which is a "very small percentage of humans." He likens humankind to a virus, the biosphere needs to get cured from with a "radical and invasive approach," as from cancer.[32]

            Of course as one known to be "concerned" about the earth...he would of course be spared.

            1. So he's Dr. Strangelove.

    2. Sounds like the final solution.

  11. Fuck this washed-up Maoist piece of shit. US interests and corrupt, entrenched politicos worked together to make the early 20th century miserable for Latin America; Maoist and Communist scum like Morales made the other half unlivable wherever they had power. Trusting them with power is like trusting Ted Bundy with a knife and a box of chocolates, and paying attention to them feeds the ego and will to power which they accuse everyone else of having.

  12. I've been to Bolivia. Too much capitalism is not its problem.

    1. What about too much cocaine? I could take some off their hands...

      1. They do have this big old lake of salt.

      2. Too much cocaine is never a problem. Idiot.

        1. It was for your mom that time at the Bellagio. You know the time I mean.

  13. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism," asserted Morales. "If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution."

    Of course. Look at China and the Soviet Union--they're actually absorbing heat from capitalist nations (where's the Soviet Union again?). Socialism, in its full worker-worshipping, heavy industry-loving glory pollutes less than capitalistic countries with their nimble, highly-adaptable technologies. Is there any wonder why socialism/communism is better for the environment?

    1. By "capitalism", Morales means "people as actors beyond the control of the state". Morales dreams himself the God-King of a eco-theocracy.

      1. I think you're right.

        Additionally, since "capitalism," or free markets, is the most natural condition for humankind, Morales is essentially claiming that since fossil-fuel powered automobiles cause pollution, getting rid of transportation will end pollution. It will, but nobody really wants to live that way.

        1. I'm pretty sure the bulk of human history shows that free markets/capitalism is not our natural state. It may be our best state, or the state that allows us to flourish, but it is an anomaly and requires constant vigilance lest we decline back into socialism/mercantilism/feudalism/tribalism.

          1. The free market with some form of capitalism is what naturally forms in human communities.

            It requires constant protection from humans whose brains are defective enough to come up with the idea of 'fairness' as a standalone thing.

      2. God-King of a eco-theocracy

        Now that's clever.

    2. Evo Morales isn't a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, he's just an egotistical authoritarian who views himself as the will of 'the people' incarnate.

      1. Evo has identified as Marxist in some Spanish language interviews he's done (he goes back and forth depending on the audience). Bolivia's VP (who does strongly identify as Marxist) is upfront about stating that he doesn't see Bolivia as having the requisite social development to be a socialist country just yet; Evonomics is essentially Andean NEP.

        1. He's had the chance to go Full Socialist for some time but he's not. Same with Ecuador.

    3. That's perhaps the dumbest thing about the Watermelons. Environmentalism is a capitalist luxury. At least old school Marxists and Socialists didn't pretend that they were about anything other than the human world. They were totally wrong and awful about that too, of course, but they were honest enough to say that the natural world had to be exploited to build a better world for people.

      Wasn't there something about losing the city/rural distinction? Not exactly a good way to preserve wilderness and natural stuff.

  14. So, Tupac Taco there lives in a cave and subsists on lama and potatoes, correct?

    1. Come on now, his new palace only costs $36 million. That's practically a cave.*

      *Caves now come with helipads standard.

  15. No capitalist would ever get the Moe bowl haircut like Evo did.

    1. Maybe he'll make it the official haircut of Bolivia and everyone can get one? Or else.

    2. Kulaks and wreckers are to blame for Evo's bowlcut.

  16. We need to go back to the time of Kings and serfs and making every thing by hard labor and average life span of 40.Then the Earth Mother can heal.

    1. There was this movie and eventually a hero killed all the robots. Then people went outside again. It's like that, right?

    2. And living only in the equatorial zone as hunter-gatherers so that we can live without Gaia-polluting fire.

  17. Sweet, bro! You're welcome.

  18. If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution.

    And that solution be of the, ahem, permanent variety.

  19. Something else occurred to me. What if people like Morales use socialism as an excuse for the backwardness of their home economies? Do they hate capitalism because they suck at it?

    1. Would this article not be better if it were written by Judge Napolitano?

      1. Too much of an inside joke?

      2. Too much of an inside joke?

    2. I think that probably comes close to the truth. As long as you think that some people being rich is the reason why others are poor you don't quite get the whole capitalism thing.

      1. And people like Morales probably think that rich people only get rich by exploiting the poor because that is how they get rich.

        1. Projection? From a leftist?!? That's un-possible!

  20. If by "capitalism" he means "human progress" then I would have to agree with him.

    Oh wait, but is Human-induced Climate Change real?

    We'll have to circle back around to that question. Let's put a pin in that. *boop*

  21. If Ronald Bailey is really a science correspondent, a prize winning one no less, why doesn't he write about science instead of global warming political hogwash?

    I'm happy for him to write whatever tickles his fancy and Reason will pay him for, but his stuff ain't about science.

  22. Re the new book, "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels" by Alex Epstein:

    Our use of fossil fuels, Mr. Epstein says, correlates with dramatic increases in life expectancy and income, especially in the developing world. No other technology available to us today can meet the energy needs of everyone on the planet. The average American uses machine energy of 186,000 calories per day, equal to that produced by 93 physical laborers, and the vast majority of this is produced by fossil fuels. These fuels, Mr. Epstein writes, have turned us into "supermen" compared to our ancestors. "Mankind's use of fossil fuels is supremely virtuous?because human life is the standard of value, and because using fossil fuels transforms our environment to make it wonderful for human life."

    1. What's the ratio 186000 calories per day to orphan labor?

      1. It's right there in the article:

        186,000 : 93 orphan laborers (laborers that have no mother.)

  23. "The deep causes of global warming are not being dealt with here. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism," asserted Morales. "If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution."

    "Once we end capitalism, then the obvious failings of my own economic policies will become less obvious to everybody!"

  24. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism," asserted Morales. "If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution."

    Well, he's not wrong there (if you accept the premise that global warming is predominately anthropogenic).

    But I wonder how much he'll like living in his palace when its heated by dung, there's no running water (or sewage), and no electricity to power the lights - and the tv stations that broadcast his stupidity to the world.

  25. A grown man, president of a country, who thinks like a child.
    Deja vu........

  26. While Materialism is far too important to be left to the Marxists, as a matter of objective fact, the atmosphere is made of matter, as is all the neat stuff we enjoy courtesy of free minds and free markets .

    In the long run as well as the short, a lot of that stuff tends to oxidize , so our stuff is inexorably ending up in the atmosphere

    What to do about it is the question.

    1. Re: Russell,

      What to do about it is the question.

      Oxidation means some money down the drain. The less oxidation, the more money that stays in our pockets. The solution is to let our ingenuity play freely to come up with ways of achieving less oxidation rather than imposing top-down "solutions" that are in reality rent-seeking schemes.

      1. Damn but that's an easy one for any chemist! All we need to do is find a heap of some reduced material, and react it with all that oxidizer, and problem solved!

        Now, what could we use?

        1. Or we could replace the oxidizer with something neutral. Like, say, carbon dioxide.

          1. Alas, the pesky reversibility of the coal gas reactions gets in the way of that idea, and a lot of metals burn in CO2

  27. Evo Morales, the president of the Plurinational Republic of Bolivia

    Evo Mor?les is the laughing stock of Latin America along with Cristina Fern?ndez de Kirchner (the current Argentinian president).

    They both have contributed to the utter fucking up of their countries through really stupid economic policies. Argentina is again on the verge of hyperinflation whereas Bolivia is considered just another supplier of coca leaves. They're pathetic.

    What makes me so angry is that this self-serving narcissist would host a conference for anti-capitalist ideologues while his people are finding more and more difficult to scrape a living, and then has the gall to blame Capitalism for the world's troubles, when it is obvious his nationalizations and redistribution schemes have driven the economy to the very ground.

  28. Capitalism is also the deep cause of great goods like doubled average global life expectancy over the past century; global literacy up from 25 percent of the world's population to 80 percent today; a 23 percent increase in per capita food consumption since 1961; and an increase since 1989 in the proportion of countries that are electoral democracies from 41 to 63 percent now. Just saying.

    But capitalists *weren't thinking* about providing those goods - those happened to be unexpected byproducts of ' thinking about profits, luxuries. . . '.

    Communists, on the other hand, think about providing those goods all the time - they just utterly fail at *actually* doing so.

    But because they have the right *intentions*, we should start with central planners and hope that one day they can come up with an economic theory that allows good intentions *and* public goods rather than accept a theory that allows people with bad intentions to provide public goods.

  29. Seriously, isn't Morales essentially just doing a retread of "the tragedy of the commons" that leftist environmentalists love to make noise about but that has been amply rebutted above?

  30. Plurinational Republic of Bolivia

    That caught my eye. According Wikipedia it's the "Plurinational State of Bolivia".

    I have no idea what either of those concatenations of words mean.

    And Morales' barber must laugh his ass off every time el Presidente leaves the shop.

  31. Translation: The origin of global warming alarmism lies in Communism.

  32. Actually, Mr. Morales is correct. If it wasn't for capital and capitalism we wouldn't be worried about global warming.
    We'd be too busy trying to figure out where the herds had wandered off to so we could kill our next meal.

  33. Those goddamn capitalists. We could have clean hemp diesel and water based mass power. Fuck them and their innovation killing regulations and "intellectual property" protection...


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  35. Just an attempt by poor countries to extort money from rich ones. China asking for money from "rich countries" when they have the fastest growing economy in the world is the epitome of arrogance. Any money given to China will be used for the development of military weaponry, not combating pollution. China does not give a damn about saving the environment or being a partner with the rest of the world.

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