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A College President Had to Apologize for Saying 'All Lives Matter'


Smith College
Kevin Rutherford

Smith College President Kathleen McCartney thought she was showing solidarity with students protesting racism and police brutality when she sent a campus-wide email with the subject line, "All Lives Matter." But the anti-racism slogan popular with students is actually the more selective "black lives matter."

Uh oh. Burn the heretic!

Students were furious and offended, according to Fox News:

The Daily Hampshire Gazette, which first covered the story, quoted one Smith sophomore, Cecelia Lim, as saying, "it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives."

In response to student backlash, McCartney apologized in another campus-wide email Friday, saying she had made a mistake "despite my best intentions." 

She wrote that the problem with the phrase lay in how others had used it.

"I regret that I was unaware the phrase/hashtag "all lives matter" has been used by some to draw attention away from the focus on institutional violence against Black people," she wrote.

In her apology e-mail, McCartney also shared some of the student emails she received.

She quoted one student as saying: "It minimizes the anti-blackness of this the current situation; yes, all lives matter, but not all lives are being targeted for police brutality. The black students at this school deserve to have their specific struggles and pain recognized, not dissolved into the larger student body."

I understand that police brutality is a problem more commonly faced by black people, and in light of recent events, it's absolutely right to focus on reducing racism in law enforcement (though there are certainly other factors at play). Still, asserting that "all lives matter" doesn't really conflict with this, especially when the person expressing that statement was attempting to show support for anti-racist activism. Context matters, too.

According to Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and author of Freedom from Speech, the muzzling of McCartney is just one more example of the stifling grip of political correctness at college campuses. "It's hard to challenge minds while walking on eggshells," he told Fox News.

Unfortunately, as I noted in a recent op-ed for for The Press Enterprise, "more and more teens are learning all the wrong lessons about speech – and believe they have the right not to encounter ideas that might upset their delicate feelings."

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  1. Fucking pussy.

    Grow some balls and say “No.” for once in your life, pathetic shitsipper.

    1. “I am so sorry that my college has admitted so many morons as students. There are applicants who were turned down in favor of these retards, and I apologize sincerely to these unsuccessful applicants.”

      1. That’s perfect. You should run a college.

        1. Might I recommend St. Thomas Aquinas in Ojai, CA.

          1. I’d rather infiltrate a Protestant college from within, like James II tried to do with Oxford and Cambridge.

            1. I’d rather infiltrate a Protestant Catholic college from within, like James II Linda Fluke tried to do with Oxford and Cambridge Georgetown.

              1. I’d rather infiltrate a Protestant Catholic college from within, like James II Linda Sandra Fluke tried to do with Oxford and Cambridge Georgetown.

      2. “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.”

        Those are the words of a moron who has been fully indoctrinated by her shitty school.

        I’ll never post an internship or job opening with Smith career services.

        1. I don’t know, I think I could have some fun interviewing a couple of these kids.

          1. And be sued when you didn’t hire them.

        2. Well, she did forget to put the word “lived” in front of ‘experiences’. I think she was also supposed to throw in the word “voices” a few times and put “social” before each noun in the sentence. I’m sure she’ll get there though.

    2. Mortgages have to be paid, boo.

    3. Why are college Presidents such wimps. The proper response to the backlash is: “OK, tell me what lives don’t matter” and then be done with it.

  2. Wtf?

  3. All lives matter…except the lives of kulaks, wreckers, and cosmopolites.

  4. Allow me to paraphrase Jim Moriarty.

    “That’s what students DO!”

    1. I ruin everything. I can’t even make a joke that ~10 people will get.

      I meant to quote this, first
      Students were furious and offended, according to Fox News:

      1. Your intentions were good…

        1. It’s intentions, not results that matter, after all.


    1. Only to burgeoning time travelers.

    2. Wow, Fist. Wow.

      You fucking nailed it.

      I’d give 10:1 odds this is what 50% of progs immediately say upon reading this headline.

      1. And Hitler’s life is worth consideration. I think most people conclude regardless of his virtues as a proficient polemical orator and amateurish artist his life amounts to one of what a fucking pile of authoritarian shit. But his personal shittiness does not make an average German a pile of shit. Or does it?

        1. Objectively, Hitler’s life mattered. A lot. Roughly worth 6 million jew lives.

          1. I wonder about that. National Socialism was a very popular ideology throughout Europe, complete with elimination of the Jews. So the odds are, NSDAP would have probably gained power with or without Hitler.

            Hitler himself however, was paranoid, and overconfident, which led to a number of strategic mistakes. This made dealing with Germany easier compared to a situation where Germany would be led by a more mentally balanced Nazi.

            Maybe time travelers protect Hitler rather than try to kill him.

            1. National Socialism was a very popular ideology throughout Europe, complete with elimination of the Jews. So the odds are, NSDAP would have probably gained power with or without Hitler.


              Uh, no. When Hitler joined the NSDAP the party had forty marks in a cigar box. He made it what it began.

              The belief in the “inevitability of history” is thoroughly Marxist.

              1. ughh typo

                He made it what it became.

              2. Well, the bulk of NSDAP growth came thanks to Great Depression, assuming Great Depression happened in the alternative history as well, what was Hitlers’ value to the party? Gifted speaker? If he was gone, would, say, Bormann be as good as Hitler at the rallies?

                1. No, probably not. Consider that any number of French generals could have been picked by Talleyrand and his conspirators to overthrow the Directory. Had he picked a less savvy one, the conspiracy might have failed and France summarily destroyed by its enemies. Or if they had picked a more balanced leader, one that would have made peace rather than try to conquer all of Europe and Russia, the Bonapartes might still be reigning in france just like the Windsors in Britain.

                  Events like the Great Depression may provide the rank and file, but most of them follow orders anyway, so the idiosyncrasies of leaders do, for better or worse, make all the difference.

                  For example, Gregor Strasser, Hilter’s chief rival in the NSDAP, would probably not have tried to exterminate the Jews, as he was not nearly so rabidly anti-semitic as Hitler. He was also more of a bona fide socialist and might have tried to make a lasting alliance with the Soviets instead of invading them. He probably wouldn’t have been as militarily aggressive either, so WW2 may not have happened anyway. But alas, Hitler managed to have Strasser killed for precisely that reason, that he was the only one who threatened Hitler’s hegemony in the party. And so it was Hitler rather than Strasser who became the Fuhrer.

              3. maybe not “National Socialists” but fascism in general was popular, and also ruled Italy and Spain. These days it’s becoming increasingly more popular among progressives.

                The root word comes from the Latin “Fascis” meaning “bundle” – the idea that all elements of society are to bundled together, in common cause, behind a common narrative.

                In practice, the Fascists of the 1930’s segregated society into victims and villains, so that the “victims” are emotionally invested in a system that uses the strong hand of the government to vanquish those who had victimized them – giving an excuse to gather all power to the government.

            2. Maybe time travelers protect Hitler rather than try to kill him.

              Assuming the invention of time travel is inevitable, then yeah, he’s being protected. Or else we wouldn’t be talking about him.

              1. Or else we wouldn’t be talking about him.

                At least, in our timeline/corner of the multi-verse anyway.

              2. When I was explaining the JFK assassination to my youngest son he asked if Oswald might have been a time traveler and maybe knew something we didn’t. My kids scare me sometimes!

              3. “Assuming the invention of time travel is inevitable, then yeah, he’s being protected. Or else we wouldn’t be talking about him.”

                Perhaps the Time Travelers know what we don’t that if it wasn’t for Hitler an even more Satanic killer might have arisen.

                Stalin x 2 maybe ? So matbe they protect him because he is the literal lesser of two evils.

          2. Worth? Was he worthy? Where the Jews a side-project? Who the fuck knows?
            But I don’t understand why there isn’t some fucking stupid book out with a Caldecott award explaining that maybe if Hitler was treated better by his peers, he wouldn’t have turned into a vicious fuck.

        2. Everyone tries to kill Hitler on their first trip.

          1. No wonder he became such a jerk.

          2. If whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

            And, if everyone tries to kill Hitler on their first trip.

            Then does every time traveler make Hitler stronger?

            1. Geez. That explains the paranoia.

            1. Hahaha thanks for posting this Juice. That was a very entertaining read.

    3. You know who else thought Hitler’s life mattered?

      1. Herman Goering?

      2. Charlie Chaplin? How else was he going to popularize that mustache?

  6. “Really, all I meant so say that all human lives matter, regardless of their stage of development…

    “Why is everyone gesturing at me to shut up?”

    1. ‘Individualism’ is a construct of the Right. You must submit to the General Will or you don’t exist in any important way. What don’t you get?

      1. I see you missed my effort at trolling. No matter.

        1. Your attempt at trolling was aborted.

        2. I love ‘trolling’ fer gods sake. And I believe I’m trolling in my comment. The trick to trolling is that you seriously hope that whomever reads your post sees the irony.
          But, if I missed it, it was because of the indentations. I know your work Notorious. I’m not that new around here. I just post much more sporadically.

        3. He doesn’t know you as well as we do.

  7. We’re becoming such a bizarre society.

    1. It’s all part of the progressives effort to shut down debate.

      1. When the debate gets this fucking stupid, what’s the point?

      2. Diversity is all-important so that people of differing perspectives can learn from one another. Just don’t dare ever to express any of those differing perspectives except the One True Perspective.

    2. We’re becoming such a bizarre society


      1. I don’t think we’re done.

        1. I appreciate your optimism. I agree. We will grow out of this in a non-collectivist way through our natural social inter-dependence and scholars will someday write books about Reason threads saying shit like, ‘ Goddam! There were at least a few bright lights out there.’

          1. I think he meant we’re not done becoming completely retarded.

            1. Sadly, that’s correct. I’m not a pessimist at heart, but this is one area we’re still quite messed up in.

              1. So, you’re sayin’ there’s a chance!

                1. Sure. We’re not dead yet.

            2. Never go full retard.

    3. Are you saying that my bizarreness isn’t unique!!!!?????

    4. Remember that this is a limited reaction by the loudest, most obnoxious voices on a very insular college campus, and the president’s backing off is amazingly pussy. This is not society-wide, this is a very singular environment.

      PC is still a fucking disease and totally reprehensible and antithetical to free speech and ideas, but it is nowhere as prevalent in regular society as it is at Smith.

      1. I’d love to believe you, but as a resident of the great state of Massachusetts I just can’t see things through your rosy glasses.

        1. Eastern or Western Mass?

          1. Western. It’s not as bad as out east, but we’re being overrun.

            1. Move to Bangor.

          2. I’m not fucking Catholic. Can you explain? I don’t even go to ‘church’.

            1. +1 great schism

            2. Transubstantiation rules, and Consubstantiation drools, fools.

              1. Public transport sucks. As a rule.

      2. You’d think that someone who had risen to the top post of any organization would have even a nominal spine, but college presidents seem to be largely invertebrate goo.

        1. why do you think she was promoted?

        2. Consider she may be the product of her own institution.

      3. I agree. PC is on its death throes. My inner bully likes to beat up on it while it is weak like a retard.

      4. Epi, you’re right.

        The problem is that it will spread out from these college campuses as students infected with the proggy/SJW disease graduate, and as precedents are set.

        We’re rewarding this behavior on college campuses. We can expect to get more of this behavior, and I see no reason to believe it will be limited to college campuses.

      5. Apparently, listening to Boston radio, radio Smith has always been moonbat central.

      6. It is very limited, though I would estimate the limits to be not at the borders of this particular college, but at the gates of our institutions of higher learning in general.

        That is something to be concerned about since these institutions have been the guardians of traditional liberalism. Undermining liberalism in the university positively undermines liberal society. Our so called leaders come out of those universities and they will put into practice what they have learned. Today liberal education is being actively and systematically destroyed. These chickens will come home to roost.

    5. Do you think any Romans said that near the end?

      “I say, Gaius, we’re becoming a bizarre society.”
      “Quite right, Cassius. Quite right.”

      1. Cato seemed to think so.

      2. It’s really hard not to see the parallels.

        1. I can’t imagine it will be long now, 50 years maybe.

          1. I look good in togas, so I’m ready.

          2. The five marks of the Roman decaying culture according to Edward Gibbon:

            Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth;

            Obsession with sex and perversions of sex;

            Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original;

            Widening disparity between very rich and very poor;

            Increased demand to live off the state.

            1. We’re not Rome, of course, but we are a declining republic. So there are bound to be parallels, along with symptoms of decay unique to the United States.

              1. Of course, in the end, after Octavian returned from defeating Marc Antony, the Romans all but asked Octavian to take over as emperor. In the beginning their republic was stript from them and they lamented it, but eventually they came to fear instability more than tyranny, so they gave it up willingly to Octavian.

                When the people start asking for a tyrant, that’s when you’re really in trouble.

            2. I’m obsessed with sex and what ‘you’ call perversion. What’s it to you, you fuckin’ punk?

            3. I’m obsessed with sex and what ‘you’ call perversion. What’s it to you, you fuckin’ punk?

              1. I’m obsessed with squirrels and what you call squirrels. What is it to you, you fuckin’ punk?

                1. So gay-triplet insest then?

                  1. incest.

                2. As a squirrelkin, I find your obsession with my kind a little rapey.


                  1. http://squirrrelygirly.tumblr……quirrelkin

                    The next wave of identity politics.

          3. Who will be the first to bring troops across the pomerium?

            1. Alea iacta est?

  8. This is….I just can’t…..WTF did I just read?

    1. Wise words from The Leaders of Tomorrow.

  9. “It’s hard to challenge minds while walking on eggshells,” he told Fox News.

    Something we all can join PETA in condemning.

    1. What? Walking on eggshells is easy, they flatten out really neatly and make a fun ‘crunch’ sound when you crush them underfoot.

      1. You’re supposed to walk on them WITHOUT breaking them, hence the implied apprehension of the act. Eggshells Noob.

      2. I wonder how many vegetarians don’t eat eggs because they see it as immoral and yet are pro-choice as well.

  10. (this is why I’m terribly glad my childhood best friend got a job at a museum after her PhD, rather than in academia. She would have fallen further and further into this kind of dark pit. Now she at least has a chance at interacting with real people in the real world)

    1. And also at interacting with the installations when they come to life at night, right?

      1. Gawd, I hope so, cause I’m-a visit her ASAP.

        1. Had your eye on that Neanderthal exhibit for a while, have you?

          1. Awwwwww yeah! Bow chik-a wow wow!

            1. “Let’s do it Sabertooth style, Og!”

    2. After having been around university people for an extra 3-4 years, I think I may avoid people like the plague and stickk to interacting with statistics and computer programs.

  11. What did the Philosophy students say? It’s hermeneutics, baby.

  12. A Nation of Petulant Children.

    I’m buying stock in Kimberly Clark; the demand for diapers will never go down.

  13. Only a racist would give equal weight to the lives of blacks and whites. Obviously.

    1. Equality is inequality. Paging Mr. Orwell. Mr. Orwell, please to go any white courtesy Telescreen.

      1. White telescreens?

        So, so racist. Report to re-education. Due to budget austerity, you will be required to bring your own rats.

  14. White Lives Matter!

    *runs away*

    1. Stop invalidating experiences!!

    2. Hey, we can’t have anything challenging the narrative that police brutality is all about racism, rather than expanding applications of unaccountable government force.

  15. you have to marvel at society’s ability to continue pursuing peak derp. I believe the current crop of young folks insures it will never be reached.

    1. At last, we have discovered infinity!

  16. Have the alumni risen up and demanded her resignation for allowing the school yo become a cesspool of ignorance and superstition?

    1. It’s Smith. They alumni are probably thrilled about this whole thing.

      1. It’s Smith. They’re alumnae, not alumni.

        1. I’m not so sure about that…

  17. …yes, all lives matter, but not all lives are being targeted for police brutality.

    Uh… Yes they are. Somebody book Balko for a speech at Smith please.

    1. The late Kelly Thomas can join the ever-expanding ranks of unpersons.

      1. Crazy dirty white people lives don’t matter.

        I’d bet that crazy homeless people in general get treated at least as poorly by the police as black people in general.

      2. Dillon Taylor is an unperson, too. And Jose Guerena. And the homeless guy they shot for camping out in New Mexico. And….ah, fuck it.

        1. Luis Rodriguez, who died the same way as Eric Garner, with even less provocation.

  18. So the race hustlers are racists. Completely unexpected, shocking, etc.


  20. Other news from Academia:…..53519.html

    1. Agggh, SFed the link.…..53519.html

      1. Particularly delicious quote:

        Graduate student Kayla Wheeler said she’s had nightmares and been unable to sleep since Friday. Jose Orduna, an adjunct instructor in creative writing, said seeing the statue left him feeling afraid and alone, and he’s since slept with chairs against the door of his home.

        1. Jeezus, you and I are on a disturbingly similar wavelength right now.

          1. Are you a child molester, too? Cool!

        2. I don’t believe them.

          1. Well, I think that goes without saying.

        3. I’ll say it again, the creative writing prof needs to stop being such a pussy.

        4. Ha, this is great! I’m beginning to think maybe we should provide free psychiatric care.

      2. Ok, I give up. How did TheOnion hack Yahoo?

      3. If seeing a giant KKK robe gives you nightmares or makes you feel afraid and alone, you should probably seek some psychiatric help or something. Good grief.

        1. “Ending it all now” is something, right?

    2. SF’ed


      Graduate student Kayla Wheeler said she’s had nightmares and been unable to sleep since Friday. Jose Orduna, an adjunct instructor in creative writing, said seeing the statue left him feeling afraid and alone, and he’s since slept with chairs against the door of his home.

      1. Don’t worry, the real world will deal with them harshly soon enough.

        1. Deep down in (what’s left of) my soul I hope for this to be true.

          But my mind cannot see it ever happening.

          1. Only so many of them can stay in academia forever. Most will have to deal with reality, one way or another.

            1. The problem comes when they start demanding that the real world conform to academia. Why do you think most offices have “sensitivity training” as part of the standard HR fluff?

              1. Why do you think most offices have “sensitivity training” as part of the standard HR fluff?

                Harassment lawsuits?

              2. Or when they become schoolteachers and start indoctrinating children at an ever younger age.

        2. Like a fucking brick wall.

          1. Like a wrecking ball. They take out brick walls, too.

      2. There’s a couple of women like this on my FB feed. Everything is SUPER personal. After the FSU library shooting a month ago, they were posting about how “drained and afraid” they felt days later. Why? You are more likely to get killed by a lightning strike while in your car than a shooter. There is literally nowhere on Earth safer than a college campus the week after a mass shooting.

        This weekend some idiots spray painted “KKK” on three predominantly black churches in a town just up the road. Same women were posting, “OMG, so sick that this still happens so close to us!” Like it would be okay if it happened in Oregon. I really do think it is a toxic narcissism.

        1. I think GILMORE used the phrase “moral narcissism”, and it applies here. It’s just pure, shameless posturing. If people don’t get ridiculed for this shit, certain types of people will start engaging in it to greater and greater heights.

          1. Similar to the rationalizations people made before going to max voltage in the Milgram experiments.

            “I would never do such a thing. Except that I just did.”

          2. Yes. I agree. The thing is, I’m moving and they are pretty much destined to live in a college town and be provincial college collectivists. However, they both have cool boyfriends who are very rarely on FB, so I can keep up with the guys through their girlfriends’ FB page.

        2. Maybe they’d be better served worrying about themselves and the people in their lives. It’s this abstractification and collectivism that makes acts of evil more likely in the first place, as people get messed up enough to lose empathy for individuals.

          1. Trusting authority is easier and more convenient than treating it with skepticism.

            Once of the by-products of the self-esteem/lack-of-individual-responsiblity movement in schools is that abstract empathy is the only actual empathy people can muter.

            1. That’s incredibly dangerous.

        3. If you want to really stir the shit, take bets that the perps are either black, SJWs, or both.

          1. No one will give you even money on that. You gotta at least open the line at 10 to 1 that the perps are SJWs

          2. I bet the KKK thing was done by one to three stupid 17 year olds that not even the fucktards who call themselves the KKK want to be associated with.

        4. I had to endure weeks of wailing and shirt rending from the wife-unit over the missing UVA girl. Every day was a new day of breathless reports and rampant speculation as to her demise and the suspect.

          I kept saying that she wasn’t our daughter, the daughter of a relative or even a friend and we know no one there. It’s horrible for the people who actually fit that description, but we aren’t one of them.

          “But it *could* be our daughter.”

          1. “But it *could* be our daughter.”

            See, I told you not to marry that swarthy Barack fellow.

          2. There have been several girls “disappear” from my part of the world over the last decade or so, it’s pretty popular spring break destination. At least once a week while driving somewhere my wife will ask me “I wonder what really happened to _______” My response is always “Who?”

        5. It just highlights how sheltered they are from actual troubles. If seeing some initials of a bad organization is the most traumatizing part of your life then you must be incredibly well off.

          1. This is assuredly true.

        6. This weekend some idiots spray painted “KKK” on three predominantly black churches in a town just up the road.

          Anybody want to give me odds on whether this is yet another in a long list of false flag attacks?

          1. Correct, but tardy.


          2. I’d give about even odds that it is either false flag or just some kids being assholes for kicks. And very low odds that it is actually done by a member or supporter of the KKK.

            1. For one thing, they used black paint.

            2. I remember when the international student office got vandalized with racist slurs and some students held an outraged community meeting at how racist our school was (Warren Wilson College, which often makes the most liberal college in the US lists).

              Turns out the vandals were a few international students themselves trying to provoke fake outrage…

      3. Neo-cargo cultists.

        Only, instead of bringing wealth, their avatars only bring misery and confusion.

    4. A picture of the statue in question

      I guess it’s not 100% obvious what the message is, so I can understand thinking it wasn’t a particularly well done piece of art. But that should be about the end of it.


      2. Well thanks for that. Now I’m gonna have to barricade my apartment in order to fall asleep tonight

      3. Am reminded of this statue at Wellesley.…

  21. God! Isn’t this just the best!?!

    1. No, This is the best

  22. All lives are equal. But black lives are more equal.

    1. Hmm… so your reference to black lives is taken from a reference to Animal Farm?

      BURN TEH RACIZT!11!1!!!1!

  23. it’s absolutely right to focus on reducing racism in law enforcement

    No! Its absolutely right to change the way law enforcement happens so that racists can’t use the power of the State to be racist. Then Step 1 doesn’t have to be “identify all racists”.

    1. Nah, you just need a couple more laws to make sure all the other laws get enforced fairly . Then it will be perfect and nothing bad will ever happen.

      1. And by “fairly”, I assume you mean that everyone gets nutpunched by thugs without regard to their race, gender, or sexual orientation? Or do you mean only straight white men get nutpunched?

    2. The problem is in the specific application of government power. The problem is never, ever, ever the fact that government has that power. Ever.

  24. Lives are targeted by police brutality because Progressives have been trying for to goddam long to save ‘them’ from ‘themselves’. It’s a foolhardy agenda because in the end there is no ‘race’. Black people and white people both belong to the human race. We are the same and at the same time we are individuals.

    1. Hey, take your bullshit somewhere else, buddy. We can all see right through your Nazi propaganda.

  25. The Daily Hampshire Gazette, which first covered the story, quoted one Smith sophomore, Cecelia Lim, as saying, “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.”

    I guess that makes sense if the “experience of black lives” involves being against anyone that isn’t like them.

    1. What about invalidating the experience of non-black lives?

      1. White lives already have too much validation that they’ve stored up over the centuries. We need a validation quota, or better yet, no validation of white lives until the black lives are as validated as white lives. Or, actually, even more validated, you know, to account for validation inflation.

        Oh, and apparently we need to murder six million Germans to restore balance to the universe.

  26. The black students at this school deserve to have their specific struggles and pain recognized

    Yeah the epic struggles of the black Smith student should be an inspiration to us all.

    1. Totally. Now what was her name again…? Wasn’t she in the class of ’88?

    2. Why does Smith hate Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islanders?

      Ethnicity of Students from U.S.

      0.2% American Indian/Alaskan Native
      14.4% Asian
      5.5% Black/African-American
      11.0% Hispanic/Latino
      5.5% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)
      0.0% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander
      52.9% White
      10.5% Unknown

      1. Linky:…..choolId=61

  27. 1) “That was a dumb thing you said, you should feel dumb for saying it” =/= “muzzling”. Whose skin is thin, exactly?
    2) “All lives matter” is one of those things that is both completely true and completely unhelpful, to the point of being actually harmful. It’s akin to saying “all diseases matter,” and then getting mad that people are spending so much time and money trying to fight cancer and AIDS instead of alopecia and gout. I’m sure this woman meant it earnestly and compassionately, in which case, see my first point.

    1. Is “black lives matter” any more helpful? It’s not as if anyone on the Smith campus needs to be convinced of that fact. It’s not a terribly controversial statement.

      1. nailed it. Not a controversial statement. Gain popularity for your movement by chanting something that nearly everyone agrees with, then use that popularity to push through an agenda that is much more controversial, such as a white police officer should be charged regardless of what the evidence says. Much the same what you gain popularity for your movement by championing women’s health and then push through laws that force men to pay for women’s health issues or force people to violate their religious beliefs to pay for those health issues (some of which are loosely health related at best).

    2. Hey, gout matters!

  28. he’s since slept with chairs against the door of his home.

    Collapsing onto his fainting couch at intervals.

  29. “” it felt like “”

    There’s yer problem right there. Yer using yer Feels instead of the Thinks-Box

    1. Politically correct people have actually told me to stop using logic. No, really.

      1. logos is phallocentric

      2. Logic crushes their stupidity. Of course they wanted you to stop using it.

        1. No, it penetrates their stupidity, then thrusts into the hole left by it over and over and over again.

    2. That’s what i thought when they talked about experience of black people. Perception is not necessarily reality. And the statistics do not actually point to racism when unless you cherry pick the data and use circular reasoning.

  30. Smith sophomore, Cecelia Lim, as saying, “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.”

    Okay, what the fuck does this even mean? Saying that no one should be killed by the police over failure to pay taxes derogates the idea that black people shouldn’t be killed by the police for failure to pay taxes?

    Is this one of those ideas that’s so stupid, it takes a TOP MAN/WOMAN/GENDERFLUID to believe it?

    1. I’ll take an honest shot at this. I suspect she was trying to say that, by removing the specific focus from black lives, the statement implies that black people have no more or less reason to fear cops than anyone else. But this goes against the experiences that black people have, and therefore trivializes those experiences.

      1. I can say, definitively, that not a single black protester at this college has ever been killed by a cop.

      2. Probably a very charitable interpretation.

        I suspect its more like “refusing to treating black people as being special is racist, because my professor told me so.”

      3. I’ll take an honest shot at this.

        Says a guy with “lynch” in his name.

        Now that I have made that realization, I have to go into my Moral Panic Bunker for the next few weeks.

      4. This is the jist of what they’re saying, I think, but the phrasing is itself dismissive. Trivialize is a fair word to use, while invalidate suggests that the person is saying the “experiences” are false or wrong. It is divisive language, probably intentionally so (you get to call yourself a victim one more time).

    2. No, she’s saying that Brown and Garner and others were only shot because they were black and nothing else was a factor, not taxes or police culture or anything else. Those cops went out that day looking for a black person to murder and that’s what they did.

      1. That’s what I take from it, and why I find it so myopic.

        1. Not only that, it’s near-sighted too

          1. Not only that, but it is why nothing will come out of Brown and Garner’s deaths that will actually address their root cause.

      2. One of the reasons nothing fucking changes is that we’ve allowed the stupid government and the political parties to divide us on all issues, which is amazingly stupid when you realize that it takes large numbers of us in concert to change anything major in our system.

        Cops are running amok, acting illegally, without accountability, and are being increasingly treated as having superior rights to the rest of us. I’m sure there’s racism in the overall equation, along with sexism, class envy, and God knows whatever other psychological disturbances endemic to the kind of people who want to be cops these days, but the truth is that it’s the unlimited power and lack of recourse/accountability that threatens all of us. The fact that blacks are affected disproportionately, whatever the reason for that, should make them more incentivized, not less, to build alliances to stop the madness.

        1. Look, in any large interaction of humans, there are going to be opportunists and other people who try to fuck with the situation for their own advantage or psychological reasons. So obviously in a situation like this, SJWs and race-baiters and white-guilters are all going to try and bend the situation to their particular issues. It’s human nature for people to do that, and you should expect it.

          The reason they’re so prominent is that they’re the obsessed ones. Obsessed people will always win because the normal people aren’t willing to devote all their energy and time to something so stupid. Again, this is human nature and you should expect it to a degree.

          The real question is: how much can these obsessed retards actually, for realz, affect the rest of us.

          1. Well, I think they do affect us. Not in the sense that the country as a whole is adopting their stated values, but we seem to not be willing to laugh off this nonsense, either. We see an increasing amount of this sort of thinking in our laws and regulations, for instance.

            Whatever these nutcases do, the rest of us need to stop being distracted by their delusions and to deal with tangible and largely universal problems.

            1. I think that normal people–many of them–are still fooled by these people’s pretensions of “caring” and “justice”. But that’s changing, because these people are nothing if not incredibly stupid and tactless. They are good at getting what they want at first, but they always overreach, they always go too far. They can’t help it. And as they do that more and more, and as they do it in a world of social media and the never-forgetting internet, more and more normal people are going to start seeing them for what they are: malignantly narcissistic sociopath scum.

              They are their own worst enemy and they will destroy themselves in time. We unfortunately are living right at the time when they are most ascendant and just before they start shooting themselves in the foot more than they succeed. So, the worst possible time. But still, these people couldn’t reason their way out of a paper bag and they sure can’t capitalize on any kind of victory because they have the strategic skills of a moose. They will fuck themselves royally if you just wait.

              1. I tend to agree that they’ve let their masks slip a little too much for the saner majority to continue to pay attention to them, but we’re in such weird and precarious times that I worry that a collapse (or collapses) will occur before enough of us get our shit together.

          2. Maybe it’s just because of the times I grew up in, but I don’t remember people being this nuts about such minor stuff before.

            For example, in the late 60’s/early 70’s some group (possibly Black Panthers, but maybe not) spraypainted the following on 2 Dan Ryan Expressway overpasses in Chicago:

            PICK UP THE RED FLAG

            The first time someone sees that, it’s rather shocking. But the graffiti was up there for 20 years! By the second year of its existence, it was barely noticed by anyone.

            This SJW shit is meeting the same fate. Ineffective loudmouths eventually become ignored because of the ineffectiveness. If not for the fact that lazy media outlets need near-zero-cost content, no one would even know what an SJW is. Media outlets continue to cover at their peril because SJW is becoming a yawn. It’s like the PETA goofs went SJW because PETA was getting ignored after too many years of coverage.

      3. This is what vast swaths of the SJW movement believe. Hell, I do think that a majority of blacks earnestly believe this as well.

        1. So black is the thinnest skin?

      4. Don’t forget the newest case, Tamir Rice, who was killed by a cop with a documented history of sociopathic tendencies, was fired from one police department for failure to abide by the rules, and in this instance, jumped out of his car and started firing.

        Yes, there is a significant rot in American policing and always has been. In yesteryears, cops, at their worst, were goons with badges. Today, they are an occupying force and treat American citizens accordingly, ever more fearful of the people they are supposedly protecting.

        1. I can’t find any information on the person who called 911 and reported that Tamir was pointing a gun at people. Would be interesting to find out that it was another black person who sicked the police on the poor boy, as it often the case.

  31. I get the feeling Mary may be lurking around here somewhere…

  32. Reminds me of this black guy I knew many years ago. Every time something didn’t go his way he’d say “It’s because I’m black.” Didn’t matter what it was, the world was against him because of the color of his skin. The fact that he was a crybaby who never did a thing to improve his life had nothing to do with it. No, it was all because of his race. I wonder how he’s doing. No, actually I don’t.

    1. No, actually I don’t

      Is that because he’s black?

    2. Its very common.

      “White privilege” is just the flip side. Everything good that happens to a white person happens because they are white.

      These people can’t go any deeper than skin-deep in dealing with others. And we’re the racists.

    3. Maybe he was being sarcastic, like when I say “Thanks Obama!” when soft serve machine is broken at McDonalds.

  33. I’ve seen this argument on friends’ pages on my Facebook feed like 3 separate times now. It’s mind-numbing. Not once have I seen AllLivesMatter used to “draw attention away from the focus on institutional violence against Black people” – instead it was used to imply that the solution to this problem lies not in calling out the rights of people by race individually, but by making sure we include everyone, regardless of race, in the baseline.

    People (well, progs) are going apeshit on this stuff. Because of course they have their own definition of what these stupid hashtags mean. And of course we all are supposed to know every nuance of what THEY intend in their meaning since it is obviously the only way to interpret the english language, and because they obviously copyrighted the meme, or something.

    It goes without saying that most of these people are not black. But they have such tremendous pride in being “allies” that they need to defend any perceived slight to the absolute max.

    God these people are assholes.

    1. People (well, progs) are going apeshit on this stuff.

      This is more TEAM OUTRAGE, and they are becoming absolutely addicted to these kind of ragegasms/moral narcissism outbreaks. They get whipped up by social media as much as they can and then go into paroxysms of outrage…because they love it. It makes them feel great. It’s not going to stop until they are ridiculed mercilessly by the larger society. But they’ve insulted themselves from that–quite brilliantly, actually–by always presenting themselves not as narcissistic opportunist scum, but as people who “care”. They can get away with so, so much more as long as they cloak their actions in the thinnest veneer of “caring”.

      1. ‘Ragegasm’, did you just coin that term or has it been around for a while. I think portmanteau has been overused lately, and I’m as guilty as any, but ‘Ragegasm’. Great word. It rhymes with chasm, spasm, dasm, skliorasm, chthornasm, phantasm…

        1. It’s been around for a while. I’d like to claim credit but I can’t.

          Some portmanteaus work better than others.

  34. “I regret that I was unaware the phrase/hashtag “all lives matter” has been used by some to draw attention away from the focus on institutional violence against Black people,” she wrote.

    When it comes to the people who inflict institutional violence, the only lives that matter are their own. Making this a racial issue completely misses the point. Which, unfortunately, is the point of making it a racial issue.

    1. Well, that and 11/4/14…

  35. Judging by what they are protesting about, aren’t they really saying that black lives ended by (white) cops are the only ones that matter?


    1. Yes. That is exactly what they are saying.

      1. So, am I a bad person for thinking that they are more concerned about racial grief mongering than they are about actual black lives?

        1. Not just a bad person, but a hateful racist. You see, if you do not want some races to be treated differently than others, then you are a hateful racist.
          Tolerant people understand that blacks require a helping white hand to get anywhere in life.

          1. Yep. To add to this, all whites are born privileged and powerful. All brown people are born poor and disenfranchised. To believe otherwise is extremely racist of you.

        2. “RG|12.10.14 @ 1:25PM|#

          So, am I a bad person for thinking that they are more concerned about racial grief mongering than they are about actual black lives”

          Nevermind that Reason has been covering excessive police-violence, the utter lack of consequences for wrongful deaths, the perverse incentives that Federal DHS funding/handouts to small departments have created to encourage them to turn ‘warrant service’ into ‘Armored Assault’, etc….

          …there will be ONE article @ Salon pointing out that

          Reason Claims Police Killings NOT About Race = TYPICAL RIGHT-WING RACISM PERPETUATES DEATH CULTURE

          …and they will think themselves the vanguard of the issue, despite only having stumbled upon it after Ferguson

        3. Actually, you’re just one step away from being Hitler.

  36. “all lives matter”

    Smith sophomore, Cecelia Lim, as saying, “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.”

    good job perpetuating the stereotype about women and math.

    1. Smith sophomore, Cecelia Lim, as saying, “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.”

      Of course, the exclusivity of black lives mattering never struck her as “invalidating the experience” of everyone else.

    2. One gets the feeling that Cecelia never heard of a Venn Diagram.

      1. It was an editorial gaffe, an elision, to be specific. She meant to say ‘black olives’ as she was preparing to host an important get-together, but it came out ‘black lives’.

        1. Black olives are proof of racism. Unlike the green olives, which are sold in clear jars, black olives are hidden inside a can.

          1. So what is the racial significance of white asparagus making your pee smell weird?

    3. For what its worth, can we just start calling people like this morons? I mean, does anyone think this lady deserves to be in an institution of higher learning?

      1. I am OK with her being in an institution.

      2. I prefer to maintain the higher ground and not assume that people with stupid political views are also stupid in every other way as well without good reason.

  37. So what are these people who are traumatize and made to feel afraid and unsafe by the slightest of slights going to do when the barbarian hordes come? Say go away please, before you trigger me?

    1. I saw an episode of one of those prepper shows where the group being featured had no weapons. They planned to “share” with the community and had no doubt everyone would come together and no violence would ever happen to them.

      That’s the first place the squeeze and I and his arsenal are going when the zombie apocalypse ramps up.

      It’s somewhere in MA, BTW, in case you all want to get in on the hostile takeover. Looks like they had some nice agriculture going on, and decent stockpiles.

      1. So, first we save them from the barbarian hordes, and then loot their stuff? Sounds like a plan, I’m in.

        1. Time-tested, as most governments can trace their roots back to some variation of this.

          The ones that can’t started out as the barbarian hordes.

        2. Save them? I was thinking just drive them off the land and let them learn the consequences of refusing to arm themselves.

          1. Nice way to fall for the bait the commune of obvious cannibals set for you, dummy.

          2. Kristen, you gotta think long-term.

            You don’t want to have to do all that hard ag work yourself.

            So you keep some of the former owners around as serfs.

            C’mon, this isn’t rocket surgery. This is Warlordism 101.

            1. Then you’d have to feed and shelter them so they can keep working, so really, you’ve done just what they expected you to do. Join their commune and share your services (in this case security via armament) with their services (stockpiles of food and agricultural ability).

  38. The black students at this school deserve to have their specific struggles and pain recognized, not dissolved into the larger student body.”

    So, segregated.

    1. separate but equal.

  39. Piece of evidence number one billion that the modern left is completely off its rocker.

  40. Welp, serves you right for being president of Smith.

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    1. You misspelled jobsphish.

  42. So if a black guy gets shot by a white cop while raping a Smith student, is he the perpetrator or the victim?

    1. If the student being raped is white, he’s the victim.

      1. Can you explain something else to me? Why are latinos a historically oppressed group? Didn’t the Spanish half of their ancestors oppress the other half, so doesn’t the oppressor half cancel out the oppressed half?

        Or is being oppressed a dominant trait? Like how if 31/32 of your ancestors are white oppressors, and the other 1/32 are natives raped by the other 31/32, you’re still somehow oppressed and entitled to a scholarship? cough*Elizabeth Warren

  43. What if she’d responded, “Oh, I see what you mean now, sorry, so I’ll rephrase: Only black lives matter.”

  44. When I saw the headline I thought it was due to Police complaints. I should have known better.

  45. Well, there is a silver lining for those of us of a certain age. We are encouraged to drink, smoke (and whatever), eat what we like, and hope to peg out before this crop takes hold of the reins.

  46. Before: Free speech form minds
    Now: Free speech from minds

  47. At the end of the day, people murdered by cops bleed the same color blood.

    Except for the Jews and their disgusting neon green goo blood.

    1. Wait — the Jews become the Vulcans?

      This explains so much.

  48. I will be honest. I expected her to need to apolgize because “All lives matter” is too hurtful to those who have had abortions. It is too pro-life.

  49. The real outrage in the Smith president’s e-mail is that she is hiring another useless educrat to be their “diversity coordinator” or whatever. If these precious little student snowflakes could do math, they’d realize that yet more of their future earnings are being wasted on non-teaching stuff. Serves ’em right, I guess.

    1. They won’t need teaching stuff where they’re going to be.

    2. Diversity Coordinator. They need to hire an R Lee Ermey. That would be fun to watch.

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    1. Hi Tiffany,
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      Now thanks to your wonderful job offer I may not have to eat my starving children for survival after all! I can’t wait to swim in my money all day like Scrooge McDuck. Thank you! You’re a saint!

  51. SPLUNGE!

  52. SPLOOGE!

  53. This overly sensitive & childlike squealing is the reason Chris Rock has stopped doing his shows at colleges. The students are babies & the faculty are not much better. Presidents & administrators enable this behavior.

    1. They’re all crybabies.

  54. These Smith students are too sensitive. How are they going to get along working at Starbucks after they graduate with their degrees in “psychology of transgendered art history studies”?

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  56. Robby must not deal with Progressives that often if he doesn’t understand where these shitheads will turn on each other faster than Grant took Richmond. Go on Indybay and do a search for Vegans of Color and you’ll see what I mean

  57. I hear WAY too many stories about tyrannically hysterical college crazies.

  58. We need to publish a No-hire list of these leftist idiot factories. If students knew that half the companies in the country will not even consider hiring graduates from these places, they would either have to straighten up of go belly up.

  59. OK. All lives dop not matter, especially student lives. Back in the monoxide vans.

  60. Oh. Right. White lives don’t matter. Just black ones. She should have stood her ground.

    1. Maybe they’re really offended because saying “All Lives Matter” means that Darren Wilson’s life also matters, which makes the GJ decision not such a bad thing.

    2. Maybe they’re really offended because saying “All Lives Matter” means that Darren Wilson’s life also matters, which makes the GJ decision not such a bad thing.

  61. Apologized? She apologized?
    What is WRONG with these people?

  62. Sounds like something out of The Onion

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