Gang Rape Story's Credibility Blasted, Garner Grand Jury Denied Options, Supreme Court to Consider First Amendment and License Plates: P.M. Links


  • "Won't somebody think of the children? They're delicious!"
    Credit: coolmallu / photo on flickr

    Some of the information presented about the horrific gang rape described in Rolling Stone has been contradicted and the magazine is now acknowledging that there are discrepancies in the story it published.

  • The district attorney who brought the officer who killed Eric Garner in to the grand jury left off the possibility for the jury to indict the officer with reckless endangerment. They were only presented the options of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.
  • Everybody is resigning from The New Republic, unhappy with the Internet-jargon-spewing leadership that pushed out its top editors.
  • China's former security chief has been arrested for corruption and expelled from the Communist Party.
  • The Supreme Court will hear a case considering whether the content or symbols on vanity license plates are protected by the First Amendment and cannot be censored because of concerns about offensiveness.
  • Drink up! Today is the anniversary of the end of the Prohibition. Just don't smoke at the bar because it's illegal.

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