Brickbat: Stand Still, Laddie



Officials with Buile Hill High School in England are threatening to suspend Tommie Rose for being an entrepreneur. Rose buys snacks in bulk, takes them to school and sells them to classmates. He employs two friends in the business and claims to earn 60 to 70 pounds a day. But school officials say his business violates the school's ban on unhealthy foods.

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  1. If this kid has any sense, and it sounds like he does, he would be begging them to suspend him.

    Amazing. Genius TopMen have created a black market for ding-dongs.

  2. The subtext to this story is that English schools must be as crappy as U.S. schools. If the kid is making $100 a day, he’s obviously got a lot of spare time and is not being kept busy, you know, learning.

    1. Oh, he’s gettin’ a learnin’.

  3. They should be punishing the consumers as well. If there wasn’t any market, there wouldn’t be a black one.

  4. If the kid really wants to be an entrepreneur, it’s better he learn early that the powers-that-be require a slice of the action. Perhaps he could work out an arrangement whereby he pays a “transaction fee” directly to the headmaster?

  5. Cheerios in a baggie.

    Who would have thought?!

    /slaps forehead. Scouts pantry.

  6. 70 pounds a day!?! He must be huge!

  7. You gotta peddle the good stuff. I’m talking jumbo Reece’s cups, beef jerky, and Rollos.

    1. British Beef? Are you mad(cow)?

  8. But school officials say his business violates the school’s ban on unhealthy foods.

    The kid should sell a carrot stick in a baggie, with Cheerios for protective padding.

  9. When I was in middle school, I wrote a series of shitty adventure stories and sold them at school for 50 cents a copy. I got in trouble for doing so and not giving them away. So I said fuck it and stopped writing.

    1. You could have given away shitty adventure stories featuring the school administration.

    2. Had you kept it up, you too might be shilling self-published works on H&R

  10. This illustrates something especially fiendish about progressive government interventions: how they metastasize and feed off one another. We pass laws creating socialistic health insurance systems and then that becomes the basis for passing laws regulating the kinds and how much food and beverages people can make or buy, then of course that reaches into the schools (and beyond). The first intervention becomes the basis for the second, which becomes the basis for the third. It’s why libertarians rightly should draw the line at the very first, no matter how sympathetic the plight addressed might be on some emotional level.

    1. The question is not whether there is a slippery slope, it is with what precision on can predict its coefficient of friction. If slippery slopes were a physical thing, we would have discovered perpetual motion machines by now.

  11. Coming soon to a school gulag near you!

  12. How can they get any pudding if they don’t eat their meat?!

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  14. The Great Brain At The Academy by John D Fitzgerald.

    The book is still under copyright, so this kid might get sued.

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