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'When Reason Fails, Boobs Have a Chance'



Science can be boring. Luckily, boobs are here to save the day. Boobs for Science, to be precise.

This Italian Tumblr blog, Tette per la Scienza, features various women (and a few men) using their best features to remind viewers of some useful scientific information: hydrogren peroxide does not cure cancer (despite what you read on Facebook), prescription antibiotics aren't helpful against viruses, vaccines do not cause autism. There's also a defense of GMOs, and pushback on beliefs about gluten sensitivity.

And here's a bonus butt in favor of nuclear energy. You can see more at the Facebook page

The idea, obviously, is to combat sexy and exciting misinformation with even sexier and more exciting accurate information. But the real beauty is in the tagline: 

When reason fails, boobs have a chance.


I have no idea whether the double meaning works in the original Italian, but in English it's amazing.

Of course, there's a possible third meaning for readers of this site. My only regret about this campaign is that we at Reason didn't think of it first. 

Via Virginia Postrel