Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Told Grand Jury Michael Brown Was 'Like a Demon,' Like 'Hulk Hogan'


In his testimony to the grand jury, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson described Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager he shot and killed, as an almost supernatural predator whose uncanny strength put the officer at mortal risk. Brown looked "like a demon" during their encounter, Wilson testified. "When I grabbed him the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan…that's just how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm." Officer Wilson is six feet, four inches tall, and weighs 210 pounds.

Wilson's testimony also described Brown as possessing a seeming imperviousness to bullets. After being shot "at least once because he flinched," Wilson told the grand jury, Brown "looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots, like it was making him mad that I'm shooting at him. And the face that he had was looking straight through me, like I wasn't even there, I wasn't even anything in his way." Wilson said Brown charged him at that point, prompting the final, fatal volley of shots.

Eyewitness accounts differ over what happened in the street that day. One eyewitness claims that Brown charged Wilson. Other eyewitnesses say Brown neither charged nor threatened the officer in the street. The grand jury clearly believed Wilson's version of the events. And because Michael Brown is dead by Wilson's hand, we'll never get to learn Brown's side of the story.

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  1. “Officer Wilson is six feet, four inches tall, and weighs 210 pounds.”

    But I understand he wasn’t able to stretch to his full height, being in a car and all.

  2. Hyperbole aside, the video of the strongarm robbery minutes before made me have to give Wilson the benefit of the doubt on this.

    1. Yep, the Michael-Brown-innocent-victim story fell apart pretty early on. He was a thug and he had just robbed a store. When he saw the cop I’m sure he thought he was caught.

      This story makes it sound like “we’ll never know the real truth.” What horseshit.

      Oh, and the militarization of police debate is over. People like me lost this one. Ferguson cops had to use armored vehicles to disperse the violent crowds. From now on, people like me prattling on about body armor and SWAT teams being unnecessary are just going to be laughed at.

      1. “Ferguson cops had to use armored vehicles to disperse the violent crowds.”

        Had to?

        1. Whether or not you think that, or LPW thinks that, it’s going to be the narrative.

          1. They always have a narrative.

            1. And in this case a pretty good one. It’s pretty dense to ignore the evidence of all the burning buildings, cars and gun shots last night in Ferguson.

              1. Wouldn’t that be evidence that the police did not succeed, despite the military gear?

              2. How many cops were killed last night, Watts?

                1. You aren’t going to get a majority of the public to decrease police militarization with that kind of statement. The cops are going to logically say, “See it worked, no cops were killed!”

          2. Exactly. Whether they actually had to or not, the public perception is that it was necessary to prevent loss of life and property damage.

            And whose to say the armored vehicles weren’t necessary? Just because I don’t like them and I oppose the militarization of the police does not magically make them excess.

            Sometimes, in certain situations, our own views turn to shit. That’s life without gods.

            1. It’s not that your views turned to shit. It’s just that it is difficult to explain to people that the long term cost of a militarized police is far, far more dangerous than the short term gain that they MAY have gotten from the militarization in this once-in-a-decade type affair.

              But it is still a point that we need to make. If the police tanks and body armor were so useful, then why was there so much property damage last night? It seems to me that the tanks didn’t help secure much at all.

              Of course the response will be “But it coulda been worse.” Yeah? Prove it. If we are going to lose property anyway, I’d rather have an armed citizenry that can defend its property without offering fealty to the Sheriff of Ferguson as he rides by on his armored steed.

      2. People like me lost this one. Ferguson cops had to use armored vehicles to disperse the violent crowds. From now on, people like me prattling on about body armor and SWAT teams being unnecessary are just going to be laughed at.

        Fuck. I hadn’t even thought of that.

        1. I was on twitter last night (yes, I know, stupid idea in general), but the consensus was from one side we got the “wasn’t excessive force” and “all force is deadly” and the other we got nothing about the militarization of cops but the whole prattling mob of them were talking about the corrupt justice system, racism, white privilege, all the while ignoring the elephant in the room (the warrior cop). So when we can’t even get those on the receiving end of most warrior cop wrath to focus the attention there, we’ve lost. Period.

          But Twitter is logical fallacy after logical fallacy, 140 characters at a time. Want to see the decline of Western Civilization? Read a page or two of tweets.

          Don’t bother asking any Brown supporters what looting a Toys-R-Us does to further their cause… that’s racist to even ask.

      3. That was my first thought too when I saw the Walgreens on fire and scores of people around cars knocking them over.

        All of the momentum against police militarization from seeing MRAPS and cops in military garb marching door to door after the Boston bombings have been lost.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but any argument along the lines of ‘violence begets violence’ probably isn’t going to work anymore.

        1. Anti-militarization post Boston bombing? I must have missed it.

      4. Agree with two of the three points. Not sure about the state of the question regarding the militarization of the cops, though.

        A few words of caution, LPW: Using the term thug with regard to that thug Brown can get you labeled as a racist by some of the locals hearing dog whistles where none blow. You’ve been warned!

        1. You keep on being a cunt, Tulpa. It’s all we’ve ever wanted from you.

          1. Love it when he has his sock puppets answer himself.

            1. It’s how he convinces himself that he has friends.

              1. Tulpa has lots of friends. When you slobber over as many cop dicks as he does, you’re bound to become friendly with one or two of them.

          2. Glad to see that when it comes to acting like a jack ass, you take the all in approach.

      5. Be careful about using words like “thug”, or some of our cosmo retards around here might pull the race card on you.

        1. Hey, tulip

        2. I see I’ve touched a nerve. I apologize for hearing what you were saying.

    2. “racist republican copsucker”

    3. RACIST!

      Seriously, though, you’re right. The forensics also corroborate Wilson’s testimony about how Brown was going for his gun as well as the testimony of Wilson and the black witnesses who say that Brown was charging the officer.

    4. Because Brown robbing the store means Wilson had no choice but to shoot him? No billy club, no tazer?

      No training. No balls.

      1. It’s not really his job to “have balls” though, is it? If I understand correctly, Brown had already assaulted him and gone for his gun. It’s not exactly out of the question for Wilson to decided he needed to use his gun to defend himself.

      2. I’m sure you would have handled the situation much more sensibly, and your obituary would have praised your zen-like restraint.

        1. Stay in your car after the suspect is fleeing and pursue him in vehicle while backup is coming?

      3. Stealing cigars from a local store and assaulting the owner didn’t get this thug killed.

        What got this thug killed was 1) assaulting a police officer; 2) attempting to take the officer’s pistol resulting in two close range gun shots in the police cruiser; and 3) turning around and charging the officer when being pursued.

  3. “Was ‘Like a Demon,’ Like ‘Hulk Hogan'”

    Are they really mutually exclusive?

  4. Officer Wilson is six feet, four inches tall, and weighs 210 pounds.

    Yeah, and Brown was 300 pounds.


    2. “Brown was 300 pounds”

      This must be wrong. I distinctly heard the Brown family lawyer say on tv on Monday that Michael was “a little black boy.”

      1. little black boy

        Wow. Racist much, Brown family’s lawyer?

  5. I guess Brown didn’t say his prayers and take his vitamins.

    1. He was the “heel” version of the Hulkster during that period when he was a member of the NWO and had a black beard.

  6. If the average guy shoots and kills somebody, and says he was totally justified, but multiple witnesses contradict his version of the story, I bet he gets indicted.

    1. All the cops in Ferguson are above average.

    2. Except when physical evidence corroborates the most consistent witness accounts as well as the accounts of the accused.

      1. Even then, I bet the average guy gets indicted.

  7. “He wasn’t human.”

    1. Michael Brown had a plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

      1. Yes, I’ve heard. Michael Brown kills cops by the hundreds. And if Officer Wilson hadn’t stopped him, he’d consume the entire force with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.

        1. He was about to go Super Saiyan. Officer Wilson had no choice but to put him down.

    2. He wanted to say he was strong as an ape or gorilla

      1. Strong, like bull.

  8. that’s just how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm.

    Poor little lamb.

    1. Bro, do you even lift?

      Alternatively: See! this is why cops need to get roided up!

      From the looks of the evidence pics, it didn’t appear Wilson had seen the inside of a gym in a while

    2. It’s getting to the point you can’t punch a cop and try to take his gun without consequences.

      1. Yeah, right? Like a cop should know how to deal with a physically stronger perp without killing them! It’s crazy!

  9. so what is your point. Are you saying because he is a cop he is lying? Every single incident eyewitness testimonial conflicts, why? Because human perception of what they see is tainted. People are the worst eyewitnesses.

    Grand Jury was formed, they heard the evidence none of us are privy to and they made a decision. Time to move on. Michael Brown was no innocent bystander and it is disgusting of those that try to make him out to be.

    1. “so what is your point. Are you saying because he is a cop he is lying?”

      Is there another sane way to think about cops? Darren Wilson is a cop. His mouth was moving. Ergo, he was lying. QED.

  10. Geez…. this must be about the 30th story you’ve posted crying about The Injustice Of It All. Is Reason going to be selling a Michael Brown Memorial Hanky to commemorate the occasion?

    1. Clickbait for retards.

  11. Sorry, I don’t buy this for a second. Let’s look at the facts:

    Darren Wilson: 6′ 4″ 210 lb. veteran police officer, trained in submission techniques and self-defense.

    Mike Brown: 6′ 4″ 292 lb 18 year old with no discernible fight training experience.

    I trained in Judo for many years and could easily throw and submit opponents twice my size and who out weighed me by more than 100 lbs.

    To me, his comments are nothing more than fodder for the grand jury to demonize Mike Brown as an “out of control terror”, and present himself as a frail, little officer who feared for his life.

    I call bullshit!

    1. I trained in Judo for many years and could ”

      Ok, but did the Cop train in judo for years, or was he more of a doughnut eater?

    2. Punch a cop, go for his gun, get shot dead. I don’t know why this is so hard for some of you to understand.

      You try it. Only difference will be lack of any riots or protests.

    3. It’s fine to say Wilson could have subdued Brown without the gun, or that he SHOULD have subdued him without the gun. But if you attack a cop you will be dead, more than likely. Hell, many people have died without ever raising a finger against a LEO.

      In the end most people will say that Wilson does not have to risk being injured by a 300 pound robber who attacks him. End of story.

      1. “will say that Wilson *OR ANYONE ELSE* does not have to risk being injured by a 300 pound robber who attacks him”

        fixed it for ya

    4. I trained in Judo for many years and could easily throw and submit opponents twice my size and who out weighed me by more than 100 lbs.

      Nope. And in a life-or-death streetfight, that Judo ain’t gonna be so helpful.

      1. This is my favorite way to identify people who have either trained in a fake martial art or who are kidding themselves about how easy it is. “I would just throw him!” Yeah, ok, sure you would, buddy.

        1. Just sweep the leg! That’ll beat any technique.

          1. Danielsan, use the crane technique.

        2. Whatever, my Affliction shirt totally makes me a badass.

          1. I have a black belt in Tapout! Come at me, brah!

            1. Tapout FTW!

      2. I trained in Judo for many years

        Hey, derpfee

    5. Bullshit. Cops have terrible training in grappling and this guy Wilson was a doughy blob of weak. And a fat kid growing up in the hood definitely has fighting experience.

    6. I call bullshit on your comment. I’m glad to hear you’re so tough but if you care to meet up and see how good you are you can sit in your car, I’ll sit on the outside throwing haymakers at you and we’ll see how it ends up. Also I get to have a friend there just in case you come close to getting the upper hand.

    7. Neat. I trained in jujitsu for several years, and I learned a lot about leverage, and how you don’t get that when you’re belted in to the seat of a car, for one thing. For another, I also learned that the difference between a 4th Dan black belt and a newly-minted white belt is that the black belt might–MIGHT–actually be able to handle an actual fight. You might be an Olympic-caliber judoka, but I challenge your willingness and ability to confront an enraged attacker who has close to 100 pounds on you and who isn’t going to start off by calmly grasping your lapels and sure as shit isn’t going to leave off when you tap out.

    8. Darren Wilson: 6′ 4″ 210 lb. veteran police officer, trained in submission techniques and self-defense.

      Most cops are not really that well “trained in submission techniques and self defense”. They have maybe a couple of weeks worth of training at the academy and that’s about it. I’m sure they probably have some kind of annual training requirement, but I imagine that’s probably maybe an afternoon or two of refresher training.

      With your multiple years of Judo training, sure, maybe you could “easily throw and submit opponents twice my size and who out weighed me by more than 100 lbs,” but if you only had a couple of weeks and an afternoon or two a year of training, could you?

      None of which is intended to defend Wilson, just pointing out the fallacy of the well trained hand-to-hand expert cop. They’re not.

  12. “And because Michael Brown is dead by Wilson’s hand, we’ll never get to learn Brown’s side of the story.”

    Umm yeah, that pretty much happens every time somebody is killed. But ok, thanks for pointing out the obvious for the benefit of the really slow thinkers.

    1. Oh, this was the writer’s sneaky way of saying “I don’t have any evidence that Wilson was justified, but I’m sure there is some, even if I can’t find it.”

      See, if you are against police brutality and the militarization of police, then you can NEVER say that a “victim” was a thug and the cop (in this case) was justified.

      You’ll lose your libertarian card.

      1. Keep whining, Tulpa. We love it.

        1. See, it scares me more that not all of these idiots are actually Tulpa. I’m sure a few are; I recognize the style. But a lot of these idiots follow the posts over here from Facebook. Not sure if you’ve ever seen the comments re: Reason on Facebook, but it’s a bunch of Team Red idiots who follow Reason because they hate Obama. But they love the state. Love it.

          1. Reason on Facebook, but it’s a bunch of Team Red idiots who follow Reason because they hate Obama. But they love the state. Love it.

            Thank goodness we already don’t have a bunch of those on the board.

            1. Oh, we have a bunch of statist asses on the left, but our statist right wing assholes are few and far between. ‘Murican, John when he’s in Red Tony mode… can’t think of any others.

              1. I’ll refrain from naming them. They love their prosecution complexes.

              2. Yes, we have our share of right wingers but going into the PC shrill mode when people use the word “thug” is retarded. Mike Brown was a thug and it’s independent of the fact that the police are assholes in general or in this particular case.

                1. I’m just sick of coded language. If it was just a few “thugs” here and there, that’d be one thing. But it’s not. It’s the wholesale adoption of a conversational implicature (thanks to HM for the term) that makes it so blatant.

                  But you say what you want to say and I’ll say what I want to say and we’ll see who gets all butthurt about it.

              3. “John when he’s in Red Tony mode”

                I disagree with John being characterized as “Red Tony”. John might reach conclusions I disagree with and certainly ones that most Libertarians would disagree with. But he presents a logical case for his conclusions, with evidence and a thought process that’s fairly obvious.

                Tony, at his very best, just parrots Lefty talking points. And quite often just resorts to appeals to authority, tu quoque, or just name calling. There is rarely a logical argument. Even when Tony says something I agree with, he never appears to reason his way there.

                Unless, you are calling John “Red Tony” just to yank his chain. Then I’m all for it of course.

            2. You should check out a Reason FB post though, the comments get pretty insane.

              1. Don’t do it.

                I regret it almost every single time.

      2. Fuck off, copsuckers.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you read this blog on a regular basis and you don’t assume cops are lying, you’re either Tulpa, an idiot, or otherwise willfully ignorant.

  13. Officer Wilson is six feet, four inches tall, and weighs 210 pounds.

    You seem to be under the impression that that means he’s big and strong. No way. At that height, that’s a pathetically underweight, weak man. Have you seen the pictures of him in the hospital? He looks like a snowman with stick arms and legs. He embodies the term “skinnyfat”. I have no doubt that Michael Brown could overwhelm him easily.

    I’ve long thought that cops need some real standards in strength and grappling. If you’re a fat weak guy like Darren Wilson, and you have no idea how to control someone physically, of course you’re going to have to kill him if he gets violent. Like here. The guy deserved what he got, but the cop allowed him to bash the cop’s face in by having no idea what he was doing.

    1. Here. Look at this fucking slumped-shouldered stickboy.

      1. Well, it’s completely obvious that the eye-socket fracture story is complete bullshit. Was that story ever told under oath?

        1. No, it was just a PR move by the FPD, and all the usual suspects gobbled it up.

        2. Obvious bullshit, just like Trayvon telling Zimmerman that he was going to kill him. Immaterial to the story, but it’s telling that they felt the need to throw in lies. These people are incapable of telling the truth.

      2. And those are hollowpoints? Cops are allowed to use those?

        1. I think that’s standard these days. There might be some local bans, but AFAIK you can buy them pretty much anywhere. They’re the go-to home defense round since they’ve got good stopping power and don’t penetrate walls and so forth as easily.

    2. Rog, just one look at the evidence pics of him in the hosp in a t-shirt told me all I needed to know about his physical condition.

      1. 1) Traps-small to non-existent.
        2) Shoulders-slumped and weak looking.
        3) Neck- stack of dimes.

        So yeah, pretty much what Warty said.

        1. He looks like he might have scoliosis too. What were they thinking putting this pitiful little guy out on the street? Of course he had to shoot someone.

          1. Possibly, but the shoulder tilt thing is pretty common, if not universal.
            We’re not that symmetrical

            1. I love T-Nation. Here, INDIGO! have some sound PLAZMA! training advice BIOTEST!.

              1. Yeah, gotta put your critical thinking cap on to wade in tnation, but there’s occasionally some decent nuggets in there

  14. What happens when a man who has been taught to pretend fear equals respect finds himself in a situation where neither is present? Now we know.

    1. What happens when a man punches a police officer and tries to take his gun? Now we know.

      This site has been taken over by PC retards.

      1. You’re either really new or possess the worst sense of sarcasm ever

        1. Or Tulpa is running a third sock.

          1. That’s not true! That’s impossible!

            1. Warty… I am not your father.

              1. Of course you’re not. Nobody knows how Warty was created.

        2. Been a Reason subscriber for over 20 years. It’s just a little jarring when fellow ‘libertarians’ start sounding like MSNBC-style racialists.

          1. They’re tormented by the piercing sound of dog whistles

            1. Yeah, cause not buying the officer’s take, or thinking the DA did a piss poor job, or thinking that even if this hadn’t been a good shoot there would have been no indictment is totally being a racialist.

  15. That poor, poor cop was just driving around, minding his own business, running out the clock on his shift, and that gigantic crazed monster dived through the car window and started choking him, FOR NO REASON!

    Oh, the humanity!

    1. He was attacked! Brutally attacked! Just look at his crushed orbital socket!

      1. Hell, at least Zimmerman had the sense to fabricate some injuries, ya know, with actual blood on them afterwards.

        *runs outta the room

      2. And only an Unruly Negro ™ hopped up on the goofballs (with the strength of 10 Unruly Negroes) could have done such a thing!

  16. Michael Brown was the same height, 292 lbs, and probably charging Wilson.

    1. “sluuuuuurp, slobber slobber sluuuurp.” – Tulpa

  17. I still say cops should be retired after their first kill.

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  19. WTH has happened to Reason?!? There’s little doubt about what happened now. The evidence shows, from credible eyewitness testimony, autopsy reports and other physical evidence, that 6’4″ 290lb Michael Brown assaulted the officer in his squad car and attempted to grab his gun. In the struggle the officer was punched by Brown, the officer fired his weapon several times inside the squad car striking Brown and causing non-fatal wounds. Brown then retreated, but when the office got out of the squad car Brown attacked him again. As an eyewitness said, “Dang if that kid didn’t start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down.”

    And that’s when the fatal shooting occurred. What happened with Brown was a tragedy caused by a young man full of rage, self importance, inflamed by drugs. What’s happened since then with the professional race-hustler organizers like Al Sharpton and ilk is truly criminal. They have deliberately incited people to deadly riot by using lies to emotionally manipulate people, inflame their passion and organize them for violence.

    And for Reason to essentially side with the race hustlers and agitators, to pretend that the evidence wasn’t presented fully to the Grand Jury, and to spin this in such a shameful way is absolutely disgusting. Reason is slipping into an abyss of persistent “Progressive” bias from which it may never recover…

      1. Is this the Q document they are all working from?

      2. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with EE’s characterization of the site or the event’s aftermath, but is his description of the finding of fact in the matter inaccurate? If so, how?

        1. I’m exasperated that many of the “Reason” commentors are so obviously denying the actual evidence. Apparently, when it comes to Cops, actually reason goes out the window and it’s all reactionary emotion.

          I was completely open to the idea that this was an unjustified shooting when the story originally surfaced. And I was disturbed (if not at all surprised) by the militarization of the Ferguson police force. But since then, the preponderance of the evidence seems to support the Cops story.

          Logic, how the fuck does that work?

          1. It’s called collectivism.
            It’s about a class called ‘police’ and a class called ‘blacks’. There are no individuals or specific evidence to consider. Way easier to know what’s going on that way. Keep it vague and globular, and pretend to be a libertarian.

          2. Logic, how the fuck does that work?

            I’m not sure there is any evidence that clears up the circumstances. It’s still pretty unknown. I grant that the cop probably handled the situation really badly. I grant that Brown probably was a thug, but neither of those truths explain what specifically happened. And the testimony and physical evidence won’t be released.

            So the emotional reactions – “Fuck the cops!!” or “Brown was vicious criminal!” seem to say more about the belief systems of the responder and less about the actual situation.

            1. And the testimony and physical evidence won’t be released.

              But, hasn’t a lot of it already been released? I mean, it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong. It’s entirely possible that there’s a treasure trove of evidence that exonerates Brown and indicts Wilson and that Wilson’s camp has just played the media game much more savvily than Brown’s. I’m trying to remain agnostic on that. But, if not, then I have to conclude Brown initiated violence and met an unfortunate end as a consequence.

            2. “So the emotional reactions – “Fuck the cops!!” or “Brown was vicious criminal!” seem to say more about the belief systems of the responder and less about the actual situation.”

              I understand and agree, but you don’t generally see such an emotional reaction against the preponderance of the evidence on this blog. Though it’s typical on many other ideological sites, of course.

          3. I started off pretty well convinced that Wilson shot a kid in the street for being black, essentially, just on the basis of the Ferguson PD and the state troopers reactions to the protesters and the media. I’ve come around now that I’ve seen the evidence, and especially the video of this fine young lad stealing from a convenience store and shoving the clerk around, although my opinion of SWAT cops covering unarmed protesters and reporters with sniper rifles remains very, very low. But there sure as shit does seem to be a portion of the commentariat that is either unwilling to hear anything that might exonerate a cop or is just so cosmo that they refuse to believe a young black man might actually be a bad guy.

            Hey, remember the NAP? Brown violated the shit out of it. Anybody care?

    1. It’s because Brown was, well, brown.

      Therefore it’s no different than if he were severely retarded, or an animal.

      Why else the outrage that he should be held responsible for his actions?

      Therein lies the real racism in this whole ugly affair.

      1. Fun fact, Tulpa. Reason never covers stories when cops murder white people. You’re right. It’s a giant conspiracy, you fucking toolbag.

    2. See, now this one is definitely a Tulpa sock.

      1. Instead of “sock puppet!sock puppet!” try once responding to content of posts fucking baby.

        1. When the posts basically boil down to “that n****r got uppity and the cop had to shoot him”, there isn’t much to respond to.

          I don’t give a shit right now about whether or not he was justified. All I want to tell you is how the indictment process would have gone had Darren Wilson been a non-officer in the same situation.

          Prosecutor to Grand Jury: Darren Wilson caused the death of Michael Brown. A prima facie case for murder has been met.

          Grand Jury: Okay, we’ll indict.

          Any defenses? That’s going before the judge, or the jury.

          1. And you consider assaulting a guy and trying to take his gun, “getting uppity”?

          2. Your reading comprehension is poor.

            I am accusing YOU of racism, fool.

            Making excuses for people because of their race is racist. You make excuses for people who are retarded, insane or black because they can’t be held responsible. I’m saying only the first 2 shouldn’t be.

            1. “NO, YOU’RE THE RACIST!”

              You argue like a petulant child.

              1. You obviously have low standards of behavior for certain races. What do you call it?

                1. If you break your toys in a tantrum, mommy isn’t going to buy you new ones.

                  1. No but yours will!

      2. Really? All I see is some garden variety copy pasta. Where’s the inferiority complex? Where’s the whining that he’s being picked on? Where’s the tulpaness all it all?

        1. Instead of “sock puppet!sock puppet!” try once responding to content of posts fucking baby.

          There it is.

          1. He is as constant as the North Star and more true.

            1. Wow, you’ve cracked the code! Instead of one anonymous poster, you’ve figured out I’m another anonymous poster! That’s so significant!!

                1. Still changing the subject?

                  1. If you aren’t Tulpa, what are you so angry about?

  20. Darren Wilson is such an asshole. He should’ve just let the 300 pound thug kill him, then all of this hullabaloo would never have happened.

    — Damon Root

  21. #nogoodguys

  22. What a tragedy that people like this writer don’t get as outraged about black on black violence, or take to the streets and organize over things like Darryl Green, a kid in Chicago who was executed by thugs when he refused to join their gang and his body flung into the basement of an abandoned building and only discovered when his poor body putrefied. Where were “Black Leaders” then, to comfort his mother and grandmother and to call for justice? Where was the sense of outrage that a black kid was killed for doing the right thing and standing up to the gangs plaguing the inner cities?
    Instead people like Al Sharpton with support from people in the media like this “Reason” writer inflame people’s emotions by manipulating facts and information, then organize them into riots over in support of a violent young man assaulting a police officer after having robbed a store. And in this case, how ironic that black people organized to burn down black-owned and minority-owned businesses that served the black community, provided goods and services to black people and provided jobs to black people in their community. And do they think those businesses will return? That the grocery stores and convenience stores they looted and burned will come back? And I suppose this then gives the racial politics crowd a new chant for “Food Justice!” and claim it’s racism that there are no grocery stores left in the black community?

    1. Now I think this one is ‘Murican.

      Listen, tool. You know why nobody gets quite so outraged over general street crime? Because we know that it’s going to be investigated, and that the perpetrators will be charged, and, if convicted by the evidence, punished.

      There’s no such confidence when a cop shoots someone.

  23. Stuff like this will continue to happen because of the pavlovian reaction of the media, law enforcement, politicians, and “community leaders”. All the major players are invested in the status quo and profit from it.

    lather, rinse, repeat. It’s a passion play. The outcome is known.

  24. Remember how TEAM RED morons love to complain that we don’t vote for their favorite TEAM RED politician? You’d think they’d keep that in mind the next time they come here to yell at us for not being TEAM RED morons. Oh, no, wait, my bad, you wouldn’t think that, because they’re morons.

    1. I am fairly certain that 90% of them are Tulpa and his sockpuppet army. There are a handful of the usuals on the “other” side but the chorus is Tulpa, Tulpa, and Tulpa. It’s unfair to tar an entire group of people because one idiot thinks so highly of himself.

  25. DRINK!

  26. Brown weight 300 pounds – he outweighed Wilson by almost 100 pounds, and was doped up, and some of that “differing testimony” was disproved by forensic evidence. Hopefull those liars will face purjury charges and go to jail, where they belong. Brown was scum, to be blunt and provoked Wilson, telling him that he was Pussy and wouldn’t shoot him. Now does thta sound like a man giving himself up, after trying to to grab Wilson’s gun? Get real, the evidence is conclusive. And much of it from balck witnesses. And I wouldn’t believe a word Brown said if he were alive.

    1. You know what, why don’t you go fuck yourself.

      “Doped up”

      Jesus Christ that is fucking lame.

  27. “What you gonna do when the 24-inch pythons run wild on you?” – Hulkster

    “I will shoot you multiple times.” – Darren Wilson

  28. Suppose you spend years dribbling gasoline around you house and letting is soak into the carpetting and floorboards, and then one day an arsonist comes along and throws a match through you window. It may be true that the fire is the arsonist’s fault, but focusing on the match doesn’t really explain why everything is exploding all of a sudden.

  29. The Michael-Brown-was-a-victim angle is only being accepted by protesters and liberal celebs on Twitter. Based on the grand jury testimony, Brown turned around and charged Wilson. Lack of indictment doesn’t equal defense of white supremacy. And there is no police brutality angle to this outside of what happened after the actual shooting.

    1. Yes, police brutality should be dealt with. But the solution isn’t to bash all cops as one and the same. Isn’t that just a form of collectivism?

    2. And there is no police brutality angle to this outside of what happened after the actual shooting.

      Why did the officer initiate contact with Brown to begin with? It was a dominance/submission ritual to assert his authority over the peasantry. Which doesn’t justify Brown responding by attacking the cop, but Wilson isn’t entirely innocent either.

      1. (and here I use “innocent” in the moral sense, not the legal sense)

  30. So Wilson was 100 lbs smaller than Brown then…

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