Steve Chapman: Is Hillary Too Old?


Hillary Clinton
Chatham House / Wikimedia Commons

Are there good reasons to vote against Hillary Clinton? Plenty, writes Steve Chapman.

She's an unreformed hawk, a true believer in big government and a tedious speaker. During her 2008 campaign against Barack Obama, she waffled on immigration, disparaged free trade and compared her opponent, unfavorably, to John McCain.

She made false statements about her role in the 1993 White House travel-office scandal, defended her husband as he lied about Monica Lewinsky, lost records requested by prosecutors in another scandal only to find them two years later, and managed to make $100,000 trading on cattle futures in suspicious circumstances. She has offered no discernible reason she should be president beyond her resume and her sex.

But there are also reasons not to vote against her—including that, at 67, she's too old. But that's one that Republicans seem determined to flog, according to Chapman.